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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 18, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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his alleged role in the shooting. new this morning, staffers for bernie sanders accused of accessing confidential data from hillary clinton's campaign. the fallout overnight. a staffer fired. the details just in. courtse collision. lebron james bowling over fans in the stand. famous athlete's wife put on a stretcher. her condition and the late night tweet. fans out in full force. a huge turnout from coast to coast to see "the force awakens." >> explosive, sad, scary, just on edge. i cried. it was amazing. >> the wait is finally over. good morning. goodriday morning. i'm richard bacon. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with that arrest in connection with the san bernardino rampage. enrique marquez is being held
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in downtown los angeles. >> among the charges against him providing material support to terrorists. those terrorists are syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik. the couple responsible fororhis momoh nth's attack. abc's stephanie ramos with the details. >> reporter: more than two weeks after the terror attack in san bernardino, 24-year-old enrique marquez, a childhood friend of shooter syed farook is now behind bars. marquez arriving with the fbi late thursday at this federal courthouse in riverside, california, to face serious terror charges. authorities say four years ago marquez bought the two assault rifles used in the shooting. marquez himself called 911 after the shooting spree identifying farook as the killer useing his gun and the fbi raided marquez's apartment soon after the two opened fire killing 14 peoplu at the inland regional center investigators say the two
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southern california community college and wanted to target drivers in rush hour traffic on a california freeway by using pipe bombs and shooting drivers dating back to 2011 that never happeneded >> he has provided them with a a lot of detail about the weapons, about possibly other attacks planned,bout conversations in particular with farook. >> reporter: weeks before the shooting, friends say marquez dropped hints of an impending attack. >> he would just, you know, talk about how there's so many sleeper cells and when it happens it'll be big. >> reporter: president obama will make a trip to san bernardino today to meet with the victims and their families. >> we prevailed over much greater threats than this. >> i i appreciate him coming and talkinggo the families and thihi isoing to go a long way towards healing. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. a terrorism-related arrest in pennsylvania as well. the fbi arrested a 19-year-old in harrisburg on charges that he used dozens of twitter accounts to advocate violence against
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wanted to travel to fight for isis. he also allegedly posted information on u.s. military members, agents say the teen was unemployed and lived with his parents. well, breaking overnightne day before the next democratic debate there's new scrutiny on the campaign of bernie sanders. >> theres. we learned that the democratic national committee suspended its campaign access to its voter database following a software error that allowed at lea one of sanders' staff members to review hillary clinton's private campaign data. that staff member has now been fired from the sanders' campaign. >> sanders may have a chahae to xhintsz at tomorrow night's democratic debateen new hampshshe. the stage there a set. hillary clinton goes into the debate well ahead of sanders and martin o'malley in recent national polls but sanders leads clinton among granite state voters. that debate will be hosted by abc's david muir and martha raddatz tomorrow night 8 p.m. eastern, 7:00 central.
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vladimir putin is offering some praise for donald trump. the russian leader yesterday calling the republican front-runner a talented, very colorful person and the a aolut leader of the presidential race. trump saying in response it's always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond. well, drug company executivemartin shkreli is free on bond after his arrest for securities fraud, the man who sparked outrage by raising the price of a life-saving drug 4,000%. now he's sparked a criminal investigation andndinsey davis explains. >> reporter: the 32-year-old known as the bad boy of pharmaceuticals infamous for increasing the price of a fe-saving drug from $13.50 to $750 a tablet arrested on un unrelated security fraud charges. >> shkreli essentially ran his companies like a ponzi scheme.
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indictment martin shkreli started a hedge fund and got millions from investors allegedly and when he lost their money he took moneyey from new investsts to pay off old ones thenook retrophin public. it acquired old drugs and sold them for higher prices and according to investigators, he and the company's attorney, evan greebel used that company's money to pay off his hedge fund investors. >> the two could use rhett fro fin for his personal pig by bank. >> reporter: when we interviewed back in september. >> one of the headlines said you were the most hated man in america. >> reporter: he assured us he would cut the cost of daraprim. >> i'm not a greedy person. >> reporter: he cut it to the equivalent of $375 a pill, still a $2 thousand2,000% increase. he posted hours of video. >> i don't care about people hating me.
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not as apparent as he left the federal courthouse after his arraignment. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you, linsey. quite a story. yet another cabinet secretary is admitting to using a private e-mail account on the job. but a state dartment spokesman says secretary john kerry followed all the government e-mail rules and the messages are preserved. meanwhile, getting our first look at the e-mails defense secretary ash carter sent from his private account. most deal with administrative matters like waiting for someone else outside his hotel or who pays for dinner. the senate armed services committee now wants to take a look at the e-mails he sent from his personal account. well, new details about that los angeles community where methane gas has been leaking for weeks. the l.a. school board will relocate students in porter ranch, the board ao authorized its legal taff to sue the uthern california gas company for its cost. the methane has been leaking from a natural gas storage site
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be stopped until spring, 1800 families have already moved to temporary housing. beijing bracing for its secondnd red smog alert ever. it put restrictions on motor vehicles and closes schools. the pollution is expected to be more than 20 times the level considered safe. and even more than what beijing experienced earlier this month during its first ever red alert. well, the unreleptszing rain in the northwest is causing serious trouble in newport, oregon. shifting ground has damaged four homes, a sinkhole opened up in a garage and swallowed a car. firefighters responding to the landslide. evacuated. well, taking a look at the radar, you see the storms sweeping off the pacific dumping heavy rain and snow in the northwest. up to a foot of snow expected in parts of washington. still ahead, the supermodel under investigation for being questioned by authorities.
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a direct hit from lebron, the wife of a famous athlete taken away on a stretcher. plus, "star wars" fans finally getting a chance to see "the force awakens," the long
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breaking news from the vat that is sure to please catholics around the world. pope francis approved the final miracleeeeded to makak mother teresa a sainin the pope agreeing she cured a man dying from a brain infection. the beloved nun died in 1997. her canonization could happen next september. the fbi and u.s. marshals
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the teen spared jail time in a fatal drunk driving crash by his affluenza defense. his probation officer has been unable to get in touch with him. they're tracking his carsrs crcrit cards and passport. authoritits fear he may have fled the country. rival. the coating on dollar shave club's razors is too close to its own. online shaving clubs have cut into its dominance. part of procter & gamble which defends its patents. even before it opened edopenedsters "star wars: the force awakens" says it broke records. "the force awakens" had generated more than $100 million in advance sales as of midday yesterday. fandango sold tickets for 2016.
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i don't know what i'm doing in 2016. listen, when we come back, yesterday we showed you the
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a close call for a kansas highway patrol trooper and his trainee after they pulled over a car on i-70 a truck sideswipes the patrol car and smashing its side mirror and spotlight. pieces go flying. the truck stopped after nearly swiping out those troopers. and now for a look at morning road conditions, no driving hazards for most of the country. some rain all along the west coast and in the east from virginia south through to florida. a t of snow on the i-15 in t cascades and along the great lakes. if you're flying, airport delays possible in san francisco. well, oklahoma police still don't know what provok a deadly road rage rampage. jeremy hardy is accused of firing shots at other motorists alongg a 6060ile stretch of i-40. >> yeah, two of them died. there were no other injuries. when cops pulled him over, they say hardy surrender eded without a fight but he was so drunk he couldn't be booked right away. an israeli supermodel won't be going to any exotic locales
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the tax authorities said bar refaeli did not declare millions of dollars in expensive gifts she got for her work. she may havelso lied about whether she is still a resident ofsrael. she is free on baiaibut can't leavavthe country. we're hearing for the first time from the hero deputy who saved the driver of a semi. we showed you this video yesterday. it's amazing. so, sergeant todd volk crossed traffic, jumped onto that moving truck you can see there like something out of "indiana jones." its driver was having a diabetic episode because of low blood sugar. volk got into the cab and stopped it. so, why did he do it? >> been asking myself that quite a bit and i've had quite a few other people asking me that but it was just spur of the moment, knew what we needed to do, felt comfortable doing it in my head so did it. >> comfortable. paramedics arrived at the scene shortly afterwards, shortly after volk's heroic action and says the driver is
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an nba player turned delivery room nurse when his fiancee unexpectedly went into labor. iman shumpert of the cleveland cavaliers helped deliver his daughter. his mom said it only two pushes to deliver iman tayla. shumpert jr. right into daddy's hands. he was actually on the phone with an emergency operator. he used a pair of headphones to tie the umbilical cord. everyone is fine this morning. impressive. who knew? extra use of headphones. huh? >> yeah. >> shumpert's most famous teammate lebron james apologizing for a scary incident during last nights cavs game. james crushed into a woman sitting courtside. she's the wife of star golfer jason day who posted a pregame picture online. >> afterward james tweeted, "ellie day, i hope you're doing okay. my apologies. i hope you guys come back to another game soon. love l.j." day was taken out of the arena
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quite a nice touch and brought to a hospital where it's believed she stayed overnight. james said she told him she was okay while she was being treated. >> just recently gave birth to a child not too long ago. so -- >> i do think -- first of all, it's horrifying to watch just the sheer size of him eclipsing her. there's something quite charming about the applause, right, as she leaves. best wishes to her. and for last night's other spts action we get our highlights from -- >> espn. >> i don't want to take this moment away from you. >> i love these guys at espn. >> he's stan. i'm neil. we're big at murphy's on merchant street. >> we got the rams and buccaneers. it's thursday night football. rams, some questions as to whwhher or not they'll stay in st. louiui could be moving out here to los angeles. todd gurley moving into the end zone, gurley a thousand yards on the season. just fought his way in there. joins eric dickerson and jerome bettis as the third round rookie running backs with a thousand
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rams up 21-16, tavon austin on the end around. austin with a pair of touchdowns. ten on the season. done it all kinds of way. rams win it 31-23 over the bucs. this happened right across the street, and when did happened, the groundndhook. we thought there was an earthquake right there, kobe bryant, yeah, going up on a thursday. >> that's not -- >> it's not? >> no. >> that's not still going. >> let that one go. >> drake's moved on. >> james harden's beard was too much. the rockets wowo all right. that's what you need to know at least from sports.s. >> that's s l we're going to tell you. >> now back to you. >> i'm going to miss you guys. thank you. up next in "the pulse," the long wait is over, star fans -- "star wars" fans giving their first reaction to the movie.
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what else could top the friday "pulse" but "the force awakens." the excruciating wait for legions of fans is over. >> the seventh episode of the "star wars" opened last night. across the country fan ss finally getting a chance to see it. >> we've heard from the stars, we've heard from the critics and we sent out our jedi producer to talk to the super fans who couldn't wait. >> i loved it. that was great. explosive, sad, scary. just on edge. i cried. >> it was amazing. j.j. abrams kicked some butt. >> i can't even really talk because it was that good. >> it was amazing.
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and more, action, nonstop. >> best movie i've ever seen. >> it was amazing. j.j. saved us. >> it was awesome. >> seriously, it liveses up to the hype. >> i i give it ve lightsabers. >> i think technically there was a spoiler in there but i won't point out what it was. i think technically there was. if you missed it it's over. the moment passed. >> reaction to ticket sales on says nearly all of the advanced sales for this weekend, 93% were for "star wars," not surprised there. >> and if you want to say hello to adele during her north american concert touou it's going to cost you. tickets s nt on sale thursday y and they were gone in minutes. all 56 performances, nearly a million tickets. fans complained of technical glitches on >> then sikhs started showing up on resale sites for as much as $48,000. you might have better luck if you created a profile ahead of time and used the ticketmaster app on your phone
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ticket master. and maybe the most unique way we've seen so far to celebrate the holiday season, a german manufacturer programmed one of its drones with a flight plan and mounted l.e.d. lights >> on it. >> long exposure shots created this. santa and his reindeer, we also see presents being delivered to homes. >> and who needs a real tree when you can have one painted in the air and beautifully photographed. some of the images took as long as ten minutes to shoot. >> yeah. at last, some positive pr for drones. >> this is pretty good. >> yeah, look, that's pretty good. i think they've been in need of a littltlbit of a positive spin. listen, that's i i we'll have more news right after this. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots
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this. checking our top stories, enrique marquez, a fend of san bernardino gunman syed farook is in custody facing terror charges. he purchased the assault rifles used in this month's attack. bernie sanders' campaign has
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database suspended by the national democratic committee. that follows a member of sanders' staff reviewing hillary clinton's private campaign dedeils. and president obama will give his final news conference of the year this afternoon. he'll meet tonight in california with families in san bernardino re flying to hawaii to begin his family vacation. looking at today's weather, heavy rain on the west coast, flooding to the north, quite a bit of snow around the great lakes and getting colder in the south and in the northeast. and finally from us, the republican debate provided a lot of material for late night comics. >> of course, it did. good material, strong material, especially the sparring between donald trump and jeb bush, which is also my favore. it's donald trump's facial expressions. here we go. your "friday funnies." >> watching jeb trying to take on donald at the debates is trying to watch youtube videos of 15-second mma fights. >> you're never going to be
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>> let's see, i'm at 42, you're at 3. >> doesn't matter. >> but on the other hand. >> they're rapists. he's not a w w hero. u got to see this guy, oh, i don't t ow what i said, i don't remember. loser, loser, loser, loser. total incompetent jerk. nobody -- he's not a leader, a total lightweight. >> there you go. the numbers don't lie. >> you said on september 30th that isis was not -- >> am i talking or are you talking, jeb. >> i'm talking right now. >> you can go back. >> after that trump was like, are you as turned on as i am? i mean, are you u eling it? >> o o of my friends was watching trump and jeb fighting last night. he said -- he e-mailed. he said it remind eded him of a pair of guests we had fighting earlier this year. look. it's kermit and miss pig g.i. joe.
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>> you started here. you're moving over further and further, pretty soon you'll be off the end. >> and then he took his lunch money and pulled his underwear up to his neck. >> at one int jeb was so desperate,e,e tried to steal trump's face. >> and you're heading, my friend, across the pond. this was great`having you. >> thank you very much. i loved working with you, reena. also, just news here is just so sensational. >> you love it, don't you? >> it's fascinating and i love the -- >> you feel in your element with american politics for some reason. >> yeah, i'm just -- just watching trump's facial expressions. yeah, you're a tough guy. >> i have something for you. >> whatat >> i just want to say, richard, together we can never be defeated. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> wow " " scott: thanks for joining us on this friday. the satellite and radar picture is quiet with partly
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