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the 20s, and wind chills are in the teens and 20s. the planner shows areas of fog tonight and temperatures of 25 at 2 am, 25 at 6 am, and 34 at 10 am with cloudy skies. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at when to expect rain and snow chances. it's time for local news that matters! "applause" bernie sanders makes a pre- holiday stop in sioux city... and is welcomed by a packed house. an iowa school mourns the sudden and unexpected l ls of a coach andnd friend. "he ended up being one of my best friends here." "he left his mark here" (use both sots) caught by a sioux
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camera? soon, you won't be shelling out quite so much cash. jenna: thanks for joining us tonight im jenna rehnstrom tim seaman has the night off. we begin tonight with a grim discovery in pierce nebraska. the state patrol is now investigating the discovery of a body found burned in an abandoned pick-up truck. a vecle was spotted in a field about 10 miles outside of town around three this afternoon. investigators say they discovered the remains of a person in the cab of that charred pickup truck. the nebraska state patrol and the state fire marshal's office were called in to investigate. the state patrol says the vehicle was still smoldering and too hot to get inside. the state patrol along with teh state fire marshal and pierce county sheriff's office are working to identify the body and the cause of
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more details as they come into us. jenna: fire officials in spencer say flamable materials too close to a space heater caused a house fire saturday. one person was found dead inside the mobile homom after the fire was put out.the victim's name is not beingng released until a a autopsy is complete. jenna: sioux city has become the hot spot for political candidates to stump including one bernie sanders. the democrat took the stage earlier tonight at the sioux city convention center to speak to more than a thousand people abc9's deborah souverain downtown for the campaign stop and has more. deborah? borah: jenna, it was a aacked house e the sioux citytyonvention center this evening... i guess you could say the crowd was definitely feeling the bern. this was bernie sanders second visit to sioux city...and the vermont senator says.... tonight's large crowd and his growing poll numbers could indicate a close race come caucus time. " the sioux city
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was steaming monday evening ....with people who were feeling the bern' natpop -- bernie entering stage to applause over 11-hundred people packed into the convention hear from democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. and he started the town hall meeting off by reassuring his constituents of where his priorites will lie if he becomes president. natpop -- he said i welcome their hatred, because i am representing working families," said bernie sanders running on a campaign that promises "a future to believe in"... sanders told the crowd...his campaign is sending a message to the billionaire class. in a one-on-one terview...sanders told me that part t that his plan to close the income inequality gap... by gradually raising the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars. "you can't make it on 10 bucks an hour, you can't make it on 9 bucks an hour. we need to have a living wage for all americans. - 8 seconds sanders who is coming off of pivotal democratic debate in new hampshire ...where he sparred with hillary clinton over how to defeat isis...says the terrorist group isn't the only immiment threat
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threat to this country. of course it is, and we are going to do everything possible to destroy isis and protect the american people but it's not either or. we have to deal with climate change tomorrow and isis today. they are both serious threats to our country. a recent cbs news poll shows sanders just five points behind hillary clinton in iowa... and with just a few weeks away from the caucuses...the stage is setting for a heated contest. "if we can win in iowa and nehampshire i think we have a path to a national victory and i think we have a path toward pulling off one of the biggest upsets i ithe modern history of america. deborah: during the was adament finance reform. weekend his campaign affirmed big money politics.... sanders broke a record...for the most individual contributions point during a campaign. studio deborah news.
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former congressman steve king stopped by our studio this afternoon. the vermont senator running for president, outspoken personality... but doesn't agree with his socialist ideals. "bernie is a self professed socialist, well i'm the complete opposite. i'm a constitutionalist, i'm a free enterpriser so we don't see the world through the same lenses so to speak. yet, i like bernie personally. he's a fighter, he's a scrapper and he lls you what he believes. i think he's frank d that refreshing apoach he brings is why he has the support he has" said iowa representative steve king. king is endorsing texas senator ted cruz for president... a man he calls the best candidate to bring the nation together. "i want to see an america that's pulled together: that's unified where we feel like we're on a a common cause, common set of people with a common set of ideals and i think ted cruz is the best person to do that, "said iowa representative steve king.
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king also discussed his skepticism with climate change science, and why he believes we need special ground forces in syria to defeat isis. jenna: on the republican side, the presidential race is now one candidate lighter.south carolina senator lindsey graham has suspended his bid for the white house. graham says he doesn't have any regrets about running for president, but wish he could have been a stronger candidate. he also says he enjoyed his time campaigning because he got to meet quote "some of the nicest people in the world." when asked who he's going to support, graham had this to say. jenna: almost 40- thousand dollars has been raised in one day for the family of a spencer wrestler who passed away unexpectedly. a preliminary autopsy shows austin roberts likely died of natural causes. austin died at spencer hospital on saturday after collapsing during a wrestling meet. a go-fund me account set up to
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brought in over 39-thousand dollars already. if you would like to help, visit our website siouxland- matters-dot-com. jenna: a beloved iowa high school football coach passed away unexpected yesterday. and, as his students and fellow coaches in madrid (mad-rid) remember him today, they says it was off the gridiron where he may have left his biggest impact. claire powell has the story " "wanted to go to sleep wake up and realize it was a bad dream. it wasnt just a bad dream"d "we were looking for a football coach... and a teacher, he impressed us most as a teacher" j "first to chew your butt when you got it coming,but first to put his arm around you when you had that coming too" "he had that unique ability of making everybody important, makign them see they had a role" " i got the news, i was shocked and didnt know what to do. i couldnt believe it would happen to someone like him, hes
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s the type of guy that just from friendndip youre fortunate to have in your life. " whistles laughs "theres a long list of hinkelisms that we were fortunate to be a part of" "when the going gets tough, are we going to give up or nut up" hinkelism "whats it going to take to win tonight? he'll say outscore the opponent" "community as a whole is a better place because of randy hinkel" d "he was a big part of our lives outside off hte field, with our families." sp "we had a feeling hed be a great fit in madrid, he ended up being one of my best friends for a long time" jim "we'll remember him forever and he left his mark here and hes a true legend. never forget him. " ending? t
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about getting a ticket from one of the city's speed cameras on i-2-2 a bit of good news. city council members have voted to lower fines coming from those automated cameras. they passed all three reading of the ordinance change at their meeting today. fines for going 11 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit will go from $168 down to $100. the change will go into affect sometime early next year. jenna: starting today, iowa's safe at home program is taking applications to give domestic olence victims a substitute address. leutenient governor kim reynolds says it's a big step to keep victim's real address from appearing on public records, making them harder to find.
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mailor victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking and stalking by keeping their home addresses confidential when conducting official business like registering to vote. participants in the program will have their mail sent to the secretary of state's office who wil then forward the mail to their home address. the program goes into effect new years day. still to come... the seventh lment of star wars had an "out of this world" weekend. just how much did they rake in at the box office this weekend? stay tuned to find out. (fred)
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'star wars' movie has broken both all time opening
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million in north american sales and $529 million worldwide, abc's elizabeth h hur has the details. "((nat)) the force.. strong with moviegoers.. star wars the force awakens.. shattering all kinds of records in its opening weekend.. ((sot)) "it was an 11 on a 10 scale!" ((sot)) "it felt like the original trilogy all over again!" ((nat)) "woohoo!" in los angeles.. movie theaters kept adding shows to keep up with the demand.. meaning plenty of tickets were available.. but fans still waited in lines.. ((sot)) michael beaudry, burbank, ca "why wait in line? it's star wars! why not?" in new york.. this audience even got a surprise visit from the star john boyega.. as seen in this video posted on instagram.. ((nat)) john boyega instagram: "i just wanted to pop in, i was in the neighborhood laughter this star wars movie was hailed as the most anticipated prequel.. ever.. and fandango is even reporting.. a new record.. most ticket sales on their site -- even before opening
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it. so who watched? and.. strong in my family ((sot)) "it was amazing." ((sot)) "it redeemed the prequels ((sot)) "i have spent hours watching the after all that i was not prepared for it (jenna) fred, what can we expect? (fred) we have a warm day tomorrow, then a
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approach the holiday weekend. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows dreary conditions from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city. the high today was 31 and the low 26. 27 is the current temperature in sioux city. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s for most. wind chills are in the teens and 20s. the visibility is less than 10 miles across the board, with less than 1 mile
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areas of fog and freezing fog will be seen through the night, so drive with care as roads may become slick. the stormcast hd shows cloudy skies tonight, a warmup tomorrow, quiet weather wednesday, then a chance of light snow thursday. your forecast for tonight is for mostly cloudy skies and areas of fog. the low will be 21. tomorrow, expect partly cloudy skies and breezy winds, along with a warmer temperature of 48. the 7-day forecast shows a slight chance of light snow thursday, a slight chance of
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christmas, a slight chance of mixed precipitation saturday, then a slight chance of mixed precipitation on monday. there is obviously a lot of forecast, so please the winter solstice, otherwise known as the first day of winter. that means the sun's highest angle is as far away from us as it gets in the southern hemisphere. it will start moving back toward us tomorrow, which
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(jenna) thanks, fred! coming up in sports...s-b-l and south sioux city
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games tonight. we'll have the highlights up ahead. tim plus the abc9 top plays takes us to the hardwood tonight. stay tuned for the best of the best from the last week up
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chris: five games into the season, both sb-l and west have identical 2 and 3 records. but the warriors and wolverines have been heading in different directions lately. sb-l has lost three straightwhile west is on a two game win streak. would those trends continue tonight? let's head to sergeant bluff. in the first...chris kroll...late rotation on the zone defense...the warriors out to an 8-4 lead. then sbl works it
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wright...the hoop and the hack, the leadpto 6 after the freebie. but here comes west...darius moore...with the mind-boggling spin move and finish, wolverines back within four. then check out the quick release from avery brun...he connects on the rner triple. keegan savary, freed up in the corner wins it as time expires...74-72. across the river...sixth ranked south sioux hosting omaha mercy and the cards on cruise control. bricelyn comstock dishes it off to marybethrasmussen, she loses it for a second but gets it up and in for two...66-17 cardinals after 3. the starters get a couple possessions in the fourth...haley fritza splashes it home for three...that makes the lead 50. then late in the game...mckenna sims to kayla harris, back to sims...the freshman for three more...south sioux heads into the hohoday break on a
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for the first timeme this winter, the abc9 top plays tonight all come from the hardwood. from high flyers to buzzer beaters to acrobatic finishes though, there's still plenty to love about this week's countdown. we kick thinin lincoln...sunday's game for the huskers was one to forget, but this play from andrew white and shavon shields is something to remember. white, knocks the ball loose and cashes it in on the other end with the two handed flush, but takaka closer look at the steal. white, channels his inner lionel messi with the heel flip to the break. intentional? maybe, maybe not. awesome? definitely. play number four takes us to the chool ranks...homer in action last friday night. michael arnold...with the nice crossover then look at the finish...takes the shot and gets itit totoall...he's fired up and rightfully so. he takes a hard shot to the body and somehow is able to control it for the old-
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for play three we head back to the college ranks for a former south sioux city star. mikel is listed at 6'2" on the iowa roster...but that doesn't mean the hawkeye senior can't play above the rim. last weekend at the big four classic, gesell, blows past his defender and rises for the flush just like back in the glory days in the mini- dome. this dunk with 30 seconds left...sealed the game for the hawkeyes over drake. play num was sent into us...west sioux hosting woodbury central last week. we're tied up at 57 with time winding down, but there'd be no overtime. west sioux's isaac topete says, i'm pretty tired...think i'll go home now. he ends it in regution, hitting the triple at the buzzer...that sends the falcon fans home happy with the 60-57 win. but our top play comes to us from spencer...the tigers on the
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christian. james mcdermott on the receiving end of the long outlet and he lobs it up to jake kluender who slamamit home. an impressive set up on both endnd here for the tigers, who must be taking notes from chris paul and blake griffin...that's why they lock up the top spot in the abc9 top plays of the week.
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but she is not the one originally announced. the pageant's host steve harvey wound up crowning the wrong winner... then had to give a shocking and awkward apology. (nats: steve harvey/miss universe host) "columbia! (cheers)" (nats: steve harvey/miss universe host) "i have toto apologiziz the frunnnn up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines!" (nats: steve harvey/miss universe host) "this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card." miss universe 2015 host, steve rvey, misreading his cue cards and naming the wrong contestant as the winner the two women, awkwardly standing at the
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snafu. miss columbia stripped of her crown... stunned viewers, watching as miss universe 2014 placed it on the head of winner miss philippines, the show abruptly cutting to credits. (fred) your forecast for tonight is for mostly cloudy skies and areas of fog. the low will be 21. tomorrow, expect partly cloudy skies and breezy winds, along with a warmer temperature of 48. thth7-day forecast shows a slight chance of light snow thursday, a slight chance of light rain friday for christmas, a slight chance of mixed precipitation saturday, then a slight chance of mixed precipitation on monday. there is obviously a lot of uncertainty in this
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stay tuned! today is the winter solstice, otherwise known as the first day of winter. that means the sun's highest the low will be 21. tomorrow, expect partly cloloy skies and breezy winds, along with a warmer mperature of 48. the 7-day forecast shows a slight
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