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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 22, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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this morning in america. making news in america this morning, political punches. the attacks between donald trump and hillary clinton getting personal. what some are calling a vicious verbal attack from the republican front-runner, the overnight comment causing a new firestorm. we're live in washington. severe storm on this first full day of winter. heavy snow and gusty winds causing damage as millions get set to hit the road for the holiday. where it's all heading. historic landing. a big g g ards space travel, the huge accomplishment during a late night launch. and you better not cry.
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to old saint nick going viral. good tuesday morning. there is no sign of a christmas truce between the presidential front-runners. >> not at all. during a late night rally, donald trump went after hillary clinton in personal terms hours after a very blunt response from the clinton camp to his demand for an apology. >> abc's kenneth moton is covering it all for us. he's in washington live. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. yes, this is definitely not the first time clinton and trump ve been at each othehe and it certainly won't be the last. hillary clinton versus donald trump, the top contenders' war of words got downright nasty overnight. the gop front-runner used a vulgar term to describe clinton's 2008 loss to president obama. >> she was favored to win and she got [ bleep ]. she lost. i mean, she lost. >> reporter: trump at a rally in michigan called out clinton for taking a bathroom break during the abc news democratic debate. >> i know where she went. it's disgusting.
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attack sparked by this claim from clinton. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslimin order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: trump called that a lie and demanded an apology. clinton's campaign said, quote, hell no and clarified clinton's claim on msnbc. >> these comments are being aired across the middle east and isis is pointing to them on social media. known isis sympathizers are linking to the remarks donald trump has made and it's making us less safe. it's farcical to suggest from donald trump of all people that hillary clinton should apologize to him. >> reporter: instead, clinton got creative. >> together they shout with great grinchy zeal. >> reporter: she released this campaign video just in time for christmas featuring the, quote, grinches in gopville. >> we'll send them back to gopville where they all belong. >> reporter: clinton's campaign chair went on a twitter rant
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from calling out trump. also, there is one less gop contender this morning, south carolina senator lindsey graham has dropped out of the race. he says trump can't beat a democrat like clinton without me major changes. reena a d kendis. >> hillary clinton with another rally todada weweill see if she reactct kenneth, thank you. and we move on now to some new details about the deadliest against u.s. forces in afghanistan in more than three years. six americans were killed. among them was new york city police detective joseph lemm, a member of the air national guard. the suicide attack by the taliban was another setback in afghanistan for the u.s. where a key province is in danger of falling to the taliban. the woman accused of that deadly crash along the las vegas strip is in jail and on suicide watch. this morning investigators say she was feeling stress over trying to find a place to park her car and sleep befofo mowing down pedestrians. abc's kayna whitworth has more from las vegas. >> rorter: terror on the
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silver oldsmobile runs rampant over crowded sidewalks. >> at least 20 people were ran over. >> reporter: police say 24-year-old lakeisha holloway with her 3-year-old daughter in the backseat intentionally slammed her car into dozens of bystanders injuring more than 30 killing jessica valenzuela, a mother of three. police believe she was previously living in oregon. in 2012 she was featured in a videdeby a group that helps at risk youth there. >> boy, have i come a long ways. >> reporter: police believe she drove from oregon to las vegas where she had been living in her car for days. police say there was no sign of alcohol, but they do believe she was under the influence of a stimulant at the time. kayna whitworth, abc news, las vegas. >> reporter: and this morning we have some new information developing overnight in the case of a woman who died while in houston police custody. a grand jury has decided against any indictments in the death of sandra bland. she was pulled over by a state trooper last summer and later died in her cell.
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herself, but her family members say there's more to the story. the grand jury still has to consider whether to indict the state trooper in this case. and enrique marquez, the friend of san bernardino terrorist syed farook, has been denied bail. a federal judge ruled marquez was a danger to the community and should remain behind bars. marquez has been charged in connection with two abandoned terror plots that he planned with farook and for illegally buying two assault rifles used in the massacre. well, millions of americans are set to have their holiday travel plans foiled by severe weather. this is exactly what a second day of winter looks like in the denver area. at least a dozen states now under wiwier weather alerts asas the western states get slammed by feet of snow. and this winter storm is set to deliver its biggest punch to the lower elevations of western oregon and southwest oregon today. high winds and heavy rains yesterday in and around portland downed trees and power les with wind gusts approaching 60 miles an hour. and the weather radar, take
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story, the storm system essentially a solid wall, 800 miles long pushing its way into the west coast. the higher elevations in the cascades and the siea nevadas to the northern rockies will likely measure snow by the f through midweek. and looking east right now, rain stretching up the coast. behind it record warmth settling in for christmas eve from florida up to maine. >> very busy weather day, indeed. chelsea clinton, by the way, is expecting baby number two. the proud mom made the announcement on twitter with the due date sometime next summer. >> the new baby will join big sister, 15-month-old charlotte. hillary clinton tweeted that she and bill coun't be happier to be grandparents. and golf is always part of president obama's vacations. he's finishing up a round in hawaii in i would say a memorable way. >> yep. [ cheers and applause ] >> that would be the president
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feet away on the 18th green. he tipped his hat to onlookers and made sure reporters nearby saw it. we don't know what the score -- the final one that the president got. nevertheless, it was a strong finish, wouldn't you say? >> yeah, a fun time down there in hawaii. >> under windy conditions, as well. >> true. still ahead, new e. coli concerns for chipotle. plus, sky high scare. a ride malfunctions at seaworld. passengers stuck for hours. what went wrong? and caught on camera, a car chase and a crash.
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who is behind the wheel. a joyride caught by a police
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the cop gave chase as the driver sped off driving wildly. even passing other cars on the shoulder. after spinning out, two people inside took off running, an 8-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother. both were taken into custody, returned to their mother. the teen who was behind the wheel has a history of run-ins with the law. the search, in the meantime, for the so-called affluenza a en is intensifyfyg. ethan couch killed four people in a drunk driving crash but never went to jail. his defense, he was too rich to know right from wrong. the police have released a photo of his mother's pickup truck which they -- the pair may be using right now. she's missing, as well. tips are pouring in. officials say they're checking phone credit card and passport records but no solid leads yet. more troubles for the reviled executive who boosted the price of that life-saving drug. martin shkreli has now been fired as the head of a pharmaceutical company
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fraud charges. he resigned as ceo of another company turing pharmaceuticals. more trouble for the chipotle restaurant chain. five more e. coli cases have been linked to chipotle in north dakota, kansas and oklahoma but it's unclear if they're linked to a larger outbreak that was in october. in all almost 500 people have been sickened after eating at chipotle in recent months. sales have fallen, and its stock lost another 3% yesterday. last-minute shopping is still going strong but not the christmas card. we're only sending out half as many cards as in 2002 from 2.9 billion then to 1.4 billion last year. it works out to just four rds per person. >> okay. >> all right. >> send an e-card maybe. >> yeah. i think a lot have moved on to that one. >> okay. i need to do that. when we come back, an experienced skier lost on a mountain in heavy snow. the desperate search right now.
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have been severely burned and can no longer absorb rainfall. that can lead to severe runoff and possible debris flows. a look at morning road conditions. roads will be wet up and down the west coast and heavy snows have closed many mountain passes in the west. the eastern half of the country will again be wet with flooding conditions throughout the ohio valley and into the south. if you're flying, airport delays possible in l.a., dallas, new orleans and atlanta. well, a leisurely vacationon day turned to high drama for 50 seaworld guests in orlando. >> yeah, they were stuck on the 400-foot sky tower elevator for nearly three hours. parents trying to calm their anxious children during the agonizing wait. more than a dozen firefighters assisted staff. and the rescue. a technician was able to get things moving again. >> he eventually -- the technician was able to jerk the ride free, which did cause some people a little bit of panic as we jumped a little bit. >> it's unclear what caused the ride to malfunction but no injuries reported and those families are back to enjoying their vacations. the danger of an avalanche
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missing skier in washington state. 43-year-old monty busbee disappeared over the weekend near snoqualmie. police have located his truck with his cell phone inside but despite the setback rescuers are optimistic. >> he could be in a snow cave. he could be under a tarp just waiting for us maybe, you know, who knows. he's just waiting for us to get there. experienced back country skier with a solid knowledge of cold weather survival. he's also known to carry a backpack with gear and an avalanche beacon. we have a health alert this morning for people who work the night shift underscoring the dangers of driving drowsy. harvard researchers have found that driving after working a night shift can make you up to six times more likely to crash your car. research shows a driver who's been awake for 24 hours compares to a drunken driver with a 0.10
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drunk in many states. a utah couple miles s om the hospital but baby couldn't wait. kristen allred delivered her baby in the family truck but the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck and she wasn't breathing and a 911 operator still in training told the couple to tie a shoelace around the cord. who knew? 30 seconds later the baby was breathing. >> tipped her back and she just gasped her first breath. it was like, oh. thank goodness. >> what a relief. and after police and paramedics arrived the scene, baby and mom were taken to the hospital. baby anne is now at home with her new family. she's actually the couple's fourth child and what a story. >> absolutely. congratulations to them. new york giants receiver odell beckhajr. has already appealed a one-game suspension from the nfl. that penalty follows beckham's game-long battle with carolina panths defensive back josh norman on sunday. their skirmishes led to beckham's drawing three personal foul penalties.
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particularly a blindside head-to-head hit there, that one, an unnecessary risk of injury. well, detroit over new orleans last night on monday night football, the lions beating the saints, 35-27. as for last nighin the nba, highlights from our friends at espn. >> welcome into "sportscenter." i'm lisa kerney. he's john anderson. >> look, i can do this with my paper. so, the warriors didn't play. everybody loves the warriors in the nba. you know who is right there and great and has five championships is the spurs. it's not that hard. they were taking on the pacers, kawhi leonard, he was the best plpler on the floor. a flipsy over the shoulder. that went in, the spurs up three then they took charge in the fourth quarter. they have 24 wins now against five losses. 21 of those wins by double digits. oh, that is tony parker. take another look. george and hill forced leonard to lose the ball and somehow he still makes a play.
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>> other western conference contenders, these guys pretty good too, kevin durant, his team visiting l.a. fourth quarter, 14 seconds to go. thunder inbounding, up one, chris paul stetes the ball,lys it in, so clippers take a one-point lead. next thunder possession, kevin durant doing what he does, mvp style, pulls up just long of the elbow. okc takes a one-point lead. so, last chance for the clippers here. paul, the shot for the win. durant defense to okc wins it by one. they've won 11 o of 14 and that'll do it for us. >> yes, america, y y have three more shopping days till christmas. >> okay. thanks. >> i like getting my sports from a woman too. >> exactly. up next in "the pulse," a significant step forward in space travel with the late night landing of a rocket. and going viral, slow motion
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you know, i like you! i like you too! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and talk to a real person. it is time to check "the pulse" starting with history being made in florida. >> the falcon 9 rocket blasted off last night from cape canaveral. this launch successfully deployed 11 small communications satellites. >> it was the first spacex launch since june when another falcon 9 exploded destroying two tons of nasa cargo. but the second triumph of last night, this is really cool, came when the first stage rocket flew back to the launch site and landed upright. you hear all those guys cheering. it landed upright. a first for any rocket that has
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>> so to kind of explain why this is such a feat, a space-x spokesperson says it's like launching a pencil over the empire state building and having that pencil land right in a shoe box on the other side during a windstorm. you can see their excitement. >> yeah, you can understand it for sure and, man, that's actually incredible. >> it is pretty remarkable. right? >> good job, fellows and ladies. if you had a little trouble accessing the apple app store yesterday, you can blame it on kim kardashian. >> her new app broke the store and produces kimojis as they're called. those are emojis with a distinctly kardashian flavor. there's a manicure, a hair dryer, and, of course, a selfie. the demand for the $2 app was so great that many cldn't get it to work right away. >> did you mention the booty? >> there is a booty. >> we should mention this isn't her first successful app. her hit mobile game, you remember that, kendis, the million that it brought in last
4:53 am
i bet this is going to be equally as successful. >> some props to them. and it's not going to charity. it's going to the kardashians with the west household but good. and some people say it's not christmas until you've seen kids crying on santa's lap. so, nice. so here goes. whether the kids like it or not i guess it's no surprise that some are a little scarred and scared given the old man with the beard and that odd hat. crowd, the adorable kids, oh, they're not scared of santa claus. they're so happy to see what st. nick puts under the tree and to give them a little reminder of what they really want under the tree. >> but where are the ones th are like completely scarred for life that are in tears? i'm sure there are many of those. >> those are probably -- >> oh, there we go. >> there we go, see. >> there we go. fun moments for parents to watch
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checking our top stories, donald trump getting personal against hillary clinton last night calling her debate -- bathroom break, quote, disgusting and using a vulgar term when mentioning her defeat against president obama in 2008. six american service members were killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan including a new york city police detective serving with the air national guard. severe weather in the northwest is set to foil plans this week for millions of holiday travelers. at least a dozen states are under winter weather alerts as the westertes get slammed by feet of snow. looking at today's weather, elsewhere, dry and mild in the midwest. but wet for the easterthird of the nation with severe storms in the south and rain all the way through new england. >> he's sorry. something that steve harvey has
4:57 am
again after announcing the wrong miss universe winner. >> he's sort of quong justin bieber a lot these days. a report says harvey actually skipped some of the pageant's rehearsals including the part about announcing the winner. abc's david wright breaks it down. >> miss universe, 2015 is -- >> reporter: in the history of beauty pageants -- >> -- colombia. >> reporter: -- this was the shortest reign ever. two minutes in the tiara before a sheepish steve harvey slunked back onstage. >> i have to apologize. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: one of the most awkward moments ever on live tv. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. still a great night. >> reporter: a great night for one of them. afterwards harvey attempted to
4:58 am
>> when i said the winner of miss universe 2015, instead of saying first runner-up i read the name on the card. >> reporter: and miss universe, both of them, did what beauty contestants do. >> well, everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: they made a bid for world peace. >> it's a very nontraditional crowning, isn't it? >> yeah, very, very 2015. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> say 2015 because then you have social media to rehash it the next couple days, right? >> yes, and with all the memes that have taken place. i should point out that harvey apologized and apologized on twitter all throughout the day after these moments and he felt bad. >> i give it to these ladies because miss philippines really handled it with such dignity and grace and so did miss colombia. give her some credit to for giving up the crown because let me tell you, if you put that crown on my head, i ain't giving that one back. >> you would have walked away with it. >> never. >> burger king saying they will never take your crown away. >> that's what's making news in
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