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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  December 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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" " 2 line cg: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) (fred) good evening! the satellite and radar shows light to moderate snow over most of siouxland. a winter storm warning remains in effect tonight for the east. a winter weather advisory will be in effect central and west, including the metro. temperatures are in the teens to 20 degrees. the planner shows light snow conitnuing overnight. the temperature will be 20 at 2 am, 18 at 6 am, and 19 at 10 am under cloudy skies but the snow will be done. i'll be back with a look at how much more snow to expect in just a few mintues. it's time for local news that matters! "stay home on days like this" the winter storm is causing tricky travel... safety tips for when you head out tomorrow. "snow scares people."
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snow removal companies look foward to weather like this. "nats " and siouxland kids on break from school... get a fun way to get moving. jenna: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im jenna rehnstrom, tim haas the night off. winter storm warnings have been peeled away from today's storm. but low visibilities and snow-covered roads may still make travel difficult tonight. our abc9 meteorologist elisa raffa went on a ride along with sioux city police, monitoring road conditions. she's live outside right now. jenna: elisa, what's it like out there now. elisa live jenna, it is still snowing a bit out here, winds are blustery and it's cold. roads are still slick. the good news in all of this? it seems that people heeded both meteorologists' and police
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another one for the books....a winter storm warning was in effect all day monday as another storm sweeped through siouxland. low visibility and slick roads hampered travel, but luckily not many major accidents were reported. on an average winter day, around eleven accidents are reported. but our last fews storms have produced double that number... which is why police sergeant jeremy mcclure says the best thing to do if you can... is stay home. "stay home on days like this, but make sure people know when you're leaving, when you should be getting somewhere. keep your cell phone charged up, and just keep an emergency kit in the car in case you do get stranded" says srgt jeremy mcclure, sioux city police. if you do have to drive... be defensive. make sure to use
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seconds before going once the light is green. "the reaction time is going to be slowed down, people aren't going to be able to stop as fast and so it's important that you signal to that other driver what your intention is so they can start preparing to slow down or change lanes, or whatver they need to do" "give it a second before you go on the green light. make sure that intersection is going to be clear because we have a lot of hills and sometimes people can't get stopped in time" says srgt jeremy mcclure, sioux city police. if you do get into a fender bender... hopefully it's not a bad one. sioux city police are usually busy responding to serious accidents with injuries on winter storm days. "if you have a minor accidents, you know someone just bumps into another person, real minor dent... call that into records, make a report over the phone, or just exchange information" says srgt jeremy mcclure, sioux city police. elisa live you'll need those safety tips tonight and early records, make a report over the phone, or just exchange information" says srgt jeremy mcclure, sioux city police. elisa live you'll need those safety tips tonight and early tomorrow morning as we are still expecting morning as we are still expecting snowfall and light accumulations. fred will have updates on how much more snow to expect in just a few minutes.
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city... meteorologist elisa raffa... abc9 news. jenna: thank you elisa. jenna: if you're headed out tonight or in the morning, make sure to be careful around snow plows. their visiblity is limited, so don't follow too close. dakin schulz who is the district 3 planner for iowa d-o-t, also wants drivers to know that if you crowd a snow plow, that can cause a snow whiteout... limiting your visibility. " parking right behind the plow is not a good situation. you want to give them plenty of distance. the snow plow operator is concentrating on everything in front of them," said schultz. for more information on the conditions of highways, you could always call 511 or visit iowa information on the conditions of highways, you could always call 511 or visit iowa d-o-t dot gov for traffic
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live time photos of road conditions. jenna: and while the police and d-o-t are keeping us safe during the winter weather ... there also many private companies out there ... plowing parking lots, cleaning sidewalks for businesses and apartments .... lukas voss met with some of them today to talk about their jobs in lukas: thanks jenna ... these companies generally do lawn care during the summer and then transition to snow removal when it gets colder outside. they are especially important for businesses and apartment complexes that might not have the man power themselves to clean all of their property. but they are also challenges ... sot: "two storms we have had about 16 inches so far maybe 17 after today, that's not bad." nats: snow blowing vo: what might be bad for us ... is not bad for them ... snow removal companies are as busy as ever with the second wave of winter weather hitting siouxland today. especially because we are still early in the season. sot: "it's a better start. usually we get our bigger snows in march and feurary and we had decent
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guess that's a good thing." it's important for companies like c and c lawn care and sharp lawn care because their major off seasonncome comes from snow removal and they are doing the best they can to make th wheather a little bit more enjoable. sot: "we don't want anybody to slip and fall, salt is key ... just doing a nice clean job getting everything clean. and while the snow is danger enough for some ... snow plow drivers face a different kind of challenge. sot: "vehicles, especially here, vehicles leaving in and out we have garages and parking spaces as well." "look out for the yellow flashy lights and if you see something respect that because they have probably been working for a long time and are not going to notice you. because they have been going back and forth without anybody behind them and then next thing you know somebody is behind them and they probably run into you. nats: snow shuffling vo: chade had around 7 guys working today in dakota dunes ... they clean around 50 acres of sw on the average day and with the winter season only starting ... this is like a practice run. tag lukas: and speaking to a lot of the guys today ... while the snow blowing machines that you can pretty much
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shoveling is still the way to go ... simply because of precision ... reporting in ...abc9 news. jenna: two people have been killed after accident in thurston county . according to the nebraska state patrol, the accident happened yesterday afternoon about of macy on authorities say brianna wolfe from macy and 30 year old britney mccauley of wahill were thrown from their car after it rolled down an embankment. both were pronounced dead at the scene. jenna: a sioux center man has been sentenced to two years in prison for making sexual advances on a 14- year-old girl. 43-year-old danny barnes pleaded guilty to assault with intent to commit sex abuse. this stems back to july of 2014 when police say he started contacting a girl
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family's. barnes was sentenced on this lesser charge after originally being charged with felony sexual abuse. jenna: a new line of fire from gop presidential contender donald trump--- jenna: the repubican frontrunner is now taking aim at both hillary clinton and her husband. trump calling into question bill inton's record with women, tweeting "if hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women's card on me, she's wrong!" analysts say trump's harsh attacks on the democrats aren't likely to hurt him... at least for now. the big question is how he fares iowa, now five weeks out from the caucus. " if he finishes second in the iowa caucus to ted cruz, we don't know what happens if he loses for the first time. that's something that we haven't seen donald trump face." the most recent polling out of iowa show the texas senator neck and neck
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jenna: presidential usually talk politics. republican bush focused on during a speech in florida, he offered some advice. question: "how has changed the candidacy/" " the selfie is now the 11-th amendment of the bill of rights. it's inspired by the framers and founders apparently, it is a requirement that you take one and i do that with a great joy in my heart. in the same speech, bush also challenged republican frontrunner donald trump to a republican frontrunner donald trump to a one-on-one debate. jenna: if you bought milk for your kids in the weeks leading up to christmas... you may have also helped other iowa kids without knowing it. dean foods partnered wth hy-vee and fareway stores in iowa, nebraska and south dakota for a two day community campaign. dean foods donated 1 dollar for every carton of land o lakes, and dairy pure milk sold on december 18th and 19th.
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thousand dollard children's chairity of iowa. siouxland kids on from school had a moving today. sunnybrook community church is putting on a "ninja warrior camp" today and tomorrow at morningside college's hper (hyper) center. the idea is to get kids off the couch and get some active while they're not in school. they go through 10 different stations in 10 minute intervals. the kids also learned about good nutricion. "it is grueling, like you said it's something where they're getting great exercise, they're learning about healthy nutrition, and they're having fun doing it at the same time. and yet the feedback i've gotten from the kids is they've enjoyed it." says coordinator matt holmes around 350 kids are taking part in ninja warrior camp. jenna: still to come... can movie technology help children who suffer from disabilities? well have more coming up after the break
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there is more snow coming tonight, and more cold weather is in the forecast. find out about new year's day after the break! " " jenna:
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hollywood -- from raptors in "jurassic world" to aliens in "star wars" -- is thanks to motion-capture technology. and now, it's gaining traction elsewhere too. c-n-n's anna stewart met a young girl suffering from cerebral palsy, who hopes the technology can help her walk. " " " can you lift this leg up in the air for me? like that. rachael is 8 years- old, she suffers from cerebral palsy. "and again, big lift" a disorder which affects muscle control, making it increasing hard to walk. (alison dewdney, mother) " we are here to assess her walking position, and to see if her current splints are doing the job that they should be doing" (mos) "are you ready? and go." these small sticky bolts will help measure exactly how rachael is walking, using cutting edge motion capture technology. (mos) "they come out on the computer screen, they show the pattern of where are bones form when she is walking" (rachael, has cerebral palsy) "slightly fun" motion capture actually started here in life sciences, but it wasn't long before the movie industry caught on. driving the
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making it cheaper and more accessible for healthcare and many other industries. they all look very real, and that's because behind every monster, there is a real life actor. today, that's me. (anna stewart, cnn) "nick i'm all suited up, i'm ready to go, i don't look how i thought i would for my first hollywood performance. what's going on? (nick bolton, ceo, oxford metrics group) "oh i'm sorry about that first of all, but so what you've got on a series of reflective markers all around your body, front and back, heads and feet, and we are filming those movements of those markers from multiple angles. as you can see on the screen here, here is your character, when you move your left arm, it moves, you move your right arm it moves and so forth. this isn't exactly blockbuster stuff, the next step is to match the motion capture to a graphic character, be it a beast, or maybe a warrior princess. (nick bolton, ceo, oxford metrics group)"well motion capture is already in people's living rooms, they connect sensor from the microsoft on the xbox right, that's a motion capture system, we see motion capture, not dramatically, you know, exploding into the marketplace, but actually almost creeping into our lives in a much more subtle way." (mos) "steady and go" and as it finds more uses, the technology will get better and cheaper. perfect for life sciences where it all began. so hopefully more kids like rachael will reap the benefits. anna stewart, cnn, oxford. (jenna)
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expect tonight? 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) a reminder that we have a winter storm warning in the yellow shaded areas
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including the metro, have a winter weather advisory tonight. the heaviest snow will be in the yellow. the hd radar shows widespread light to moderate snow. snowvision shows that the heaviest snow has fallen in the southeast. snow totals range from 7.0" in carroll, ia to 6.5" in graettinger, ia. schaller, ia saw 6.0", with denison, ia at 5.3". wayne, ne saw 5.1" and downtown sioux city had 4.6". roads are snow covered locally, but worse in eastern iowa where extensive snow and ice are seen in the scene is evident on the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. 22 was the high and 10 the low. local temperatures are in the teens to lower 20s. winds are north at 10 to 20 miles per hour, producing wind chills in the single digits above zero. visibility is quite low in spots, especially in the east where it is less than 2 miles from blowing snow. zooming out, we can see this huge storm tracking up through illinois. that's about 200 miles more to the east than what was expected yesterday...which in turn pushed the heavy snow east by that many miles. winter storm warnings are in effect all the way
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bay, davenport, and chicago, where ice and winds were a big threat tonight. the stormcast shows snow tonight and possibly again wednesday. we'll see 1-2" of additional accumulation tonight, except in eastern nebraska where little to no additional snow is expected. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 13 with 1-2" of additional snow and blowing snow. tomorrow, look for mostly cloudy skies and a high of 25. the 7-day shows highs in the 20s and 30s with a chance of light snow wednesday. new year's day will be mostly sunny with a high of 27. (jenna) thanks, fred. (fred)
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jenna: a note for you if you're watching on cable one. unfortunately, we have yet to secure a new agreement for continued carriage of kcau by cable one. we have reached agreements with all major carriers with the exception of cable one. we are requesting that cable one pay fair market value for the abc and local programming we provide viewers. if cable one declines our agreement, subscribers would lose access to kcau starting at midnight on thursday. for information on other providers in our community, please visit siouxland matters dot com.
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after the break - south dakota battled florida gulf coast in sioux falls. catch the action when we come back. tim plus...we have the final plays of the week countdown of 2015. alex joins
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countdown of 2015. this year was something special and this evening's highlights are no exception. as always, these e made by local athletes for local viewers...... play five takes us to fargo for some hockey....the musketeers up 2-1 on the road...looking to close out their
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do... cj dodero intercepts the pass and bangs one home...sealing the 3-1 win. near the bottom of the western conference standings, every win is vital for sioux city....cj dodero understands...he's a closer...the mariano rivera of the ice rink. play number four takes us to iowa city....the hawkeyes taking on tennesse tech and alert the orities! mike gesell is a thief! the steal and the flush on the other end....get up, kid! the south sioux city grad is only 6-2....but man can he elevate! such a vital part of this veteran hawkeye group, it will be fun to watch what mike gesell can do during his final season in iowa city. watch out big ten! time for play number three! west taking on sb-lin some metro hoops action..... darius moore must like to do launday because he puts the warrior defense in a spin cycle! the handles.....the razzle dazzle and the finish at the
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moore is putting the rest of the metro on notice! come to play, or you will get burned by that filthy spin move. that reminds me, i need to do my laundry tonight. play number two takes us back to fargo for some musketeers action...... sioux city has struggled to score this season, but dont tell that to jacob wilson! he finds a seam and buries a firecracker from the point..... he sets himself up in a grea spot....rears back and puts that puck right where momma hides the good stuff! top shelf! the muskeeters are back on the winning track thanks to the play of that guy. play number one takes us back to the hardwood.......hinon in action up highway 75.... jay small is a jack of all trades. quarterback for the football team.....stud for the baseball team and he can do stuff like this! stuff it young man! small creates the turnover with his length.....and when air traffic control gives him the go-ahead...he takes off and puts himself on a poster....for our top play of the week.
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two years ago, florida gulf coast captivated college basketball in the nc-double a tournament. we called this team "dunk city." tonight, the eagles made the trip to sioux face south dakota. the yotes have fought through a brutal non- conference schedule this month.....that challenge continued up 1-29. from the tip, casey kasperbuer comes out red out. he's solo on the left wing and you know he true! he scored the yotes first nine points.. more form the yotes. d.j. davis rolls around the defesne, drives to the rack and scoops it in. he lead by six.. more from the iowa native kasperbauer a bit later. this time he spots up from the right wing bang bang. he had a career high 31 including 7 triples... dunk city would keep it close...but usd keeps pushing. tre norris with a nice dish to tre brunette, and '2' finishes from there as this one would go to overtime, and the yotes pull it out, 89-81 it's officially rose bowl week. four days from now, iowa versus the stanford defense in the grandaddy of them all. playing in the high-octane pac- 12, stanford's defense held opponents to just 16.4 points per
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country. when asked about the cardinal, iowa offensive coordinator greg davis said they reminded him of a big ten foe. "they would probably remind me of wisconsin because they are a 3-4 team, they base eveything out of a 3-4, one thing that you start noticing when you look at stanford, is the number of linebackers and athletes they have." "they are a great team and they have been playing in big games. they are the pac-12 champs and that speaks for itself. its a great league, they are extremely well- coached on defense and they play their system really well and they have really great athletes." that they do. we will be airing a 30-minute rose bowl special on new years eve called dream season. new years eve called dream season.
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