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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  December 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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bria: jenna, fifteen people were affected in today's fire at praire apartments in sloan iowa. emercency crews received a call just before 10 am stating that a second half of the building was in flames. "we saw flames coming out of the second story...," said astor moore. fire and emergency crews were called to the 300 block of buckley street in sloan iowa after a reported fire at an apartment complex. first responders witnessed two women jumping from the top story of the building in an attempt to escape the flames. "law enforcement was on scene, we had sherrif debuties and iowa state troopers here on scene and they had females that had to jumpmput of the secononstory window to get away from the fire. they were loaded and sent right away to be treated for smoke inhalation," saidsloan fire chief blanchard. residents were able to evacuate the building and besides the two women, no one was injured. seven different fire crews and emerceny services were present as they tried to maintain the fire, but weather conditions made it even more difficult. "obviously the [temperature is] below put water on everything and it makes ice for everybody. other than that we're just
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fully. it's going to take u uawhile, we have to pull the ceiling through out the entire second floor," said blanchard. the evangelical covenant church which is located right across the street from the apartment complex, opened it's doors to both residents and crews. red cross and a local casey's gas station provided and served pizza. "we've got the church open...blankets there, coffee there for both residents and the emergency crews," said moore. bria: wowobury county sheriff's office says one side of the apartment building appears to be a total loss. an investigation as to what started the fire is still ongoing. a fund has been set up for residents at king's closet courtesy of sloan state bank. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: a cherokee, iowa woman is being
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attempted murder after police say she intentionally drove into the path of an oncoming vehicle. the crash happened in plymouth county back in september. melissa ebert was driving on county road c-38 with a car, when she collided head-on with an oncoming ebert, her passenger and the driver of the were all ebert is charged with twowoounts of attempt to commit murder and 2nd offense o-w-i. jenna: a federal appeals court is upholding lengthy prison terms for sioux city brothers convicted in the armed robbery of two drug dealers. the court upheld a life sentence issued to 24- year-old jamal dean and a 30-year term for his older brother, levon. in a separate case, jamal dean also received a 25-year sentence when he plead guilty to attempted murder for shooting a sioux city police officer. authorities says the brothers conspired to rob locadrug dealers on two occasions in 2013. jenna: with the iowa caucuses just over a month away...
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really hitting iowa hard. marco rubio has some ground to make up in the state as he trails trump and cruz. rubio is in towntonight and our lukas voss is live at his event ... lukas thanks jenna ... yes ... rubio was on quite a trip today starting off in clinton this morning than making his way to waterloo and now about to start his event here at the holiday inn in sioux city. with him ... is republican congressman from south carolina, trey gowdy who just recently announced d s endorsement for rubio. he has stretched d e importance of national security and that's why he's made his decsion. "national security , public safety, are the most important issues to me and there is nobody better on these two issues than marco rubio." and rubio is about 10 minutes out from getting on stage here ... this is going to be a townhall style event so people
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the candidate some questions. we'll catch up with voters and have much more on the event coming up at 10 ... reporting live in sioux city ... lukas voss ... abc9 news ... back to you jenna jenna: the texas teenager famous for the "affluenza" defense at his drunk-driving trial has been captured in mexico. ethan couch and his mother have been detained in puerto vallarta. they changed their hairstyles during nearly three weeks on the run, but were caught in a popular tourist area. authorities in texas said today they are in the process wf transfering couch's case from juvenile to adult court.. " " to be honest with you, we're going to breathe a lot easier when they're back in this country and we have them locked up here in tarrant county and that's the ultimate goal. the 18-year-old was wanted on a possible parole violatn after he was seen on this twitter video partying. two years ago couch was convicted and given probation for causing a drunk-driving crash that killed
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time after his lawyers claimed his upbringing in a wealthy family made him unable to distinguish right from wrong. couch's mother will be charged with hindering apprehension jenna: severe weather across the country has led to the deaths of more than 45 pepele over the papa week. and ththextreme weather continues. record rain and flooding in the midwest has w claimed more lives--- as the mississippi river breaches its banks causing mass evacuations and closing major roads. the river is expected to crest higher than it has in 22 years. we've got a lot more water coming. we try to stay out in front of it as best as we can. today's tuesday and as i said before, we're looking at thursday night or friday morning for that creststo we have 36 to 48 hours to get ready for the top. in missouri four visiting soldiers swept away in a car on this roadway and killed.....and in illinois tschool bush - carrying a girls highschool
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skidded off the road into floodwaters. all this--- while the first major snowful of the season hitting the northeast. sleet and freezing rain delaying departures for dozens of planes at boston logan and other airports. jenna: mercy hospital in des moines got some gifts today. four iowa wild players were at the mercy hospital pediatric unit downtown, the team spent the afternoon donating toys and stuffed animals to the children staying there. the kids were excited to see some of their favorite players up close and personal. jenna: pasadena police are getting assisiance from the l-a county sheriff's department for security during the rose parade and the rose bowl game. a caravan of more than a dozen sheriffs vehles arved from whittier in pasadena this morning. concerns about terrorism are certainly fresh in everyone's minds. expect to see a lot more security this year... from undercover officers, to surveillance in the sky and more than a dozen rapid response teams
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is also reminding the public there are restrictions and no drones will be allowed. coming up later in the show we'll check in with alex giaimo whos in california now! still to come tonight, for a lot of folks it can be hard to stay motivated to get in shape, and sometimes for difficult, well way to keep moving. (fred) light snow is coming tonight and tomorrow morning. the cold weather will continue e r now, but by the weekend, we'll warm up. it's time for local news that matters! " " tim/jenna/fred (fred) there's more snow on the way! fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows snow in and around yankton. in the past
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heaviest snow w s fallen in the north. here are some snow totals! 9.0" in rock rapids and milford, 7.3" in akron, 7.0" in vermillion, 6.0" wynot, and 4.6" sioux city. road conditions are much better today. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. the high today was 26 and the low 20. sioux city has 24 degrees. local temps are in the 20s. winds are northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. wind chills are in the teens. there's nothing but cold air to the north and west, so you can expect our chilly weather to continue. the stormcast hd shows light snow tonight and early tomorrow. around 0.5" will be common for snow over the next 2424 hours. your forecast for tonight is for light snow and a low of 16. tomorrow, look for light snow in the morning and a high of 25. the-day forecast shows 20s this week, then 30s for the weekend and next week. new year's eve will be cold, with a low of 6. tonight's ask fred prize is 4 muskies tickets! to enter, send a weather question to fhexom@kcautv.c om or enter on our abc9 news facebook
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abc9 news at 10! jenna/tim/fred (jenna) thanks, fred!
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coming up after seniors who to stay take a look at a fun way to stay in shape. jenna:
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to exercise can maybe especially so for senior citizens. but, there are group fitness classes that
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adults. dianne gallagher has the details in today's health minute. " " "to me this is fun this is not just working out. we have a community in this class, we care about each other" for nearly 40 years, bobbie elzey has taught fitness classes like this one... aimed at helping seniors stay active inside... and outside the gym. "'re working on your balance, you're coordinanaon and you're wororng on your statana. students who health issues have especialty beneficial. "... i have high blood helps me to manage my high blood pressure. it stays very, very controllable that way by exercising, keeping balance, helping me with my focus. i was diagnosed with a lymphoma this spring and i had a surgery around the chemotherapy. and i was really healthy and it really helped me get through that." bobbie says the key to sucucss is keeping it simple, and changing up the routine. "when they first come in it's like oh i don't think i can get this, and it's like yes you can. i'm just going to be calling out the steps and eventually you'll get it, and they do." it also keeps her students motivated! "i would say find something fun, get
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come out and do something." for today's health minute, i'm dianne gallagher jenna: the rose bowl is just days away and the iowa hawkeyes are just days away and the iowa hawkeyes are ready for the challenge. with all the glamor of the high profile bowl game, the players are trying to stay focused on the game. we go to alex giaimo is in california with more.
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coming up in sports...we head out to wisner for the shootout on the elkhorn. stay tuned for highlights from four cornhusker state teams. plus...morningside battled waldorf in a doubleheader at the b-c-u- holiday classic. alex has the highlights when
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emerged as the team to beat in the gpac. ranked second in the country, the mustangs have stormed out to an 11-1 record. morningside hasn't played in 10 days, but the stangs returned to action against waldorf at today's briar cliff holiday classic. third quarter...thats brandan tie.....for three! stangs up 72-34....
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getting after it...10 points off the bench for the sophomome from dakota city.... a few minutes later.....hean grad tristan bull-you spots up and connects from three point land...stangs in complete control... to the fourth we go....lexi ackerman tickles the twine from the wing...morningside eclipses the 100- mark....they clobber waldorf 100-55. same matchup on the men's side...morningside looking to snap its four-game losing streak. in t t early going.....bryce cook....a man possessed.....grea t footwork on the baseline to finish for two.....stangs up 6-4.... back to cook......he crashes the glass.....bodies his way inside....and goes up strong.....he was morningside's main source of offense with 23 points... then two minutes later...adebayo baba-lola attacks the rack and gets the tough, off- balance runner to fall... but waldorf was the better team today...michael morgan the fadeaway smooth.....warrior s win it 80-74. alex
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elkhorn, making today the official start. the ladies bracket featured eight area teams and we start with battle creek and ponca. the indians 4-2 this season.......the braves off to a 3-3 start looking to get back over .500. picking things up third quarter.....abagail van dyke finds some space down low for the easy bucket...indians within three..... then its cassidy gillespie answering for the bravettes with the offensive board....battle creek ties it t 40..... ponca hangngg touhg.....mamaenzie boyle sweet seline drive with the little kiss......this one went down to the wire... and it was battle creek coming out on top.....kiana bolling with the runner in the lane....that gets the job done...bravettes hold on 54-51. over to the boys bracket......wakefi eld squaring off with eighth- ranked pierce.... early in the first.....taggart bailey finds braydan waldner for the easy deuce......jays take the lead...... and they would get hot from deep....bailey spots up at the top of the key...bang! pierce rolling right along.g.. this would turn into the taggart bailey show.....the steal......and man
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look silly....the dime for two.....jays out to a 7-0 lead.... possession......bra steal....and one! dy starkel the steal....and one! jays roll x-------x. alex ready or not, its time for big ten as for iowa, the hawks face the the bat. in just under two up its conference top-ranked michigan state. the spartans will be without their superstar denzel valentine, but michigan state is still the heavy looking at recent history in this series, the hawkyes have lost seven straight to sparty.....howeve r, three of those losses came by three points or less. with upset on their mind, the hawkeyes ready to kick things off with a bang. "it's going to be a great matchup. the big ten season is getting started. we are playing for a championship now. michigan state is the number one team in the country its going to b ba great matchuhufor us. we are hungry and we want to gegea win against them." "we all excited toto play michigan statat number one team in the nation. you don't get that many chances to play the number one team in the nation so we all looking forward to
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tonight's tip is set for 8:00 in iowa city. tune in at 10 for highlights from carver- hawkeye arena.
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today's picture comes from... the south sioux city public library. library director dave mixdorf celebrated his birthday this week, so his staff transformed his office into one big present! if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred)
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snow and a low of 16. tomorrow, look for light snow in the morning and a high of 25. the 7-day forecast shows 20s this week, then 30s for the weekend and next week. new year's eve will be cold, with a low of 6. " " jenna: now before
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