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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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"terrorism is right next to us ... " a siouxland next to us ... " a siouxland community in shock after what happened to their historic church ... why they say this was more than just damaging a building. "i would never declare that all republicans are my enemies, republicans aren't our enemies. we need to learn how to talk to one another r ain," democratic presidential hopeful martin o'malley stumping in sioux city... we sat down with underdog candidate. "oh yeah, some security measures still had to be taken." a sign of hope following the devastating out break of avian flu...tonight we'll explain. deborah: good evening and
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us... i'm deborah uverain. a siouxlanan community is outraged..after their church was targeted by vandals. and tonight church members are speaking out about the crime. our lukas voss brings us more. in: thank you deborah ... just before christmas last year ... over 100-year old ingemann church ... around four miles from moorehead, iowa was badly vandalized ... the quiete building on a beautyful hill is now a mere mirror image of what it once was. and even if it's not being used for regular worship ... this building means so much to its community. nats sot: "stainglass which was in the same shape as that but the framing was all rotted out." vo: roger hansen is sort of the handyman of ingemann church ... a semi retired cabinet maker as he calls himself ... he is trying to keep the historic building up ... especially because of his special connection to the building. sot: "my fathers family and four generations of my
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cemetary" and he is hardly the only one ... built in 1884 the church is on the national register of historical places. while not a regular place of worship it still belongs to bethesda lutherara moorehead "this church was interview process. it's part of the congregation that's tied to the one in town and the longer special it becomes. ... the more angry it makes her what before christmas destroying the sot: "the baptism fountain where i baptized a baby just smashed to pieces. and now the face of jesus is cut apart ... what the heck ... i mean seriously ... and her congragation them have had family who either worshipped at the at the cemetary ... sot: hearwrenching to
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younger generations who have their kids buried there." " they don't realize how many people this does affect." grandparents that are all buried at that church and a lot of aunts anduncles.this is beyond d comprehension that people would do this. " it's a tight knit community that helps eachother ... and so they"ll help to restore that white building that is much more than its four walls. and talking to the you have any information on who might have can give them a call or contact them facebook ... all of that information can be found on our website ... simply click on this story on m deborah: we are less than four weeks out from the iowa caucuses and one democratic candidate, is hoping he can shift the tide in time for the "first in the nation" race. martin o'malley was stumping in sioux city earlier discuss his plans for the
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o'malley's visit comes after news that he did not secure enough signatures to make it onto ohio's primary ballot. the former maryland governor fell short of the one thousandnd signatures says he's not too concerned. interview..the former maryland governor..told abc9...that he's keeping his focus on gaining momentum in early key voting iowa. "but the people of iowa always have a way of lifting the new leader and always looking for that new leader...unlike people in other states, they have an opportunity to meet each of us two, or three, or four, or five times before they make up their mind," said o'malley o'malley says he knows that he is the underdog in this race...but says he's ready for whateverobstacles may come his way. o'malley says he's ready to change the dynamics of the race here in iowa. and he's not the only candidate looking to make a mark on sioux city in the new year. deborah: republican rand paul is scheduled to make a stop in sioux city this week.
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...january 7th.....paul plans to hold a meet and greet at the sioux city public library. the event starts at 4 p-m at the main branch located on pierce street. paul also has stops planned in carrol and council bluffs. deborah:still holding a commanding l ld in the polls nationally is republican front-runner donald trump.. and it appears trump's campaign is already looking beyond the primaries...taking aim at hillary clinton. abc's mary bruce has more from the white house. " forget his republican rivals... tonight donald trump is going full hillary clinton. saying as secretary of state she spread terror not diplomacy. sot trump/biloxi: hillary clinton obama. trump is also shrugging off his appearance in a recruiting video from the al qaeda affiliate al-shabaab, which shows hihi calling g r a ban on muslims entering the us. tonight the republican frontrunner says it comes with the territory sot trump/cbs: i mean what am i gonna do? i have to say what i have to say he's pointing a finger back at clinton... and her husband.
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friends: everybody knows anybody is going to be in the propaganda. her husband is in a propaganda. i think it's isis, and they really put him down as a degenerate. citing this isis video nat video calling clinton a "fornicator" in new hampshire today, clinton laughed off trump's latest charge sot clinton/nh: republicans seem to have a fixation on blaming president obama and me for everything that hahaens in the world (laugh) she did not mention trump by name, but her message to him was clear sot clinton/nh: when you hear all of this rhetoric attacking muslims americans it's not only shameful and offensive, it is counter productive and dangerous as her husband gets ready to hit the trail tomorrow, a from trump anybody remember 2008, worked long hillary? she lost! now bill is at it again. just watch. reporter tag: clinton has long called her husband her "secret weapon" ananher campaign totoght is confident the popular former president will give his wife a big boost out on t trail tomorrow " deborah: the current
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chief's new year's resolution...appea rs to be taking another shot at gun control. this thursday, president obama will join c-n-n's anderson cooper....for a one-hour, live town hall event on the issue. it's called "guns in america"....and will take place at 7 p-m central during the hour long special...obama will also answer questions from the audience. deborah: 20-15 was a tough year for iowa poultry producers. but this friday, some normalcy will return to the state, as a near 10 month poultry ban will be lifted. reporter claire powell takes a removal of the ban..which prohibited public poultry exhibits at state and county affectg one iowa farmer. " from large turkey confinements to small scale flocks- 2015's avian flu wawaunprecdented. killing millions of birds and spending millioio of dollars to clean up. but nono hope as public poultry exhibits are allowed again beginning january first. " kids can show poultry at fairs, auctions and swap meets and poultry business to reoccur" theres no doubt the
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business owners, to consumers to farmers. big or small. "even those that never ended up with teh disease were nervous so they changed what they were doing " "oh yeah, some security measures still had to be taken. you introduce one and itll take the entire flock so" in tony castelline's backyard, there are only 10 chickens... or "girls" as he calls them... "she'll be right here in this corner... even though neither urban farmer lost a bird- yep there she is" castelline says he's breathing a sigh of relief. "i know as a family in general we were sad there was no poultry displays at all, chickens turkey or anything else" but there is still a hint of skepticism and worry there too. "as a matter of fact we werent willign to get any stock unless it was from absolutely from somebody we knew" because while everyone is more than ready to turn the page into 2016... it's uncertain what fate is written for the industry's future. "but everybodys timisitc the rerelency to get back into business, iowans its certanly good to be around folks like that... deborah: while optimism is
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reminding anyone with any kind of poultry- that this isn't the time to back off on bibi efforts.... as the exact cause of the outbreak is still unknown...and potential to re- occur in the spring. deborah: when we come back... a group of armed anti-government protestors in oregon have seized control of a federal building. more when we return. elisa (fred) it will remain cold for now, but there is a mid-week warmup in sight. we also have some rain and snow chances to talk
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off to an unsettling start. armed protesters -- angry at the federal government-- have seized control of a national wildlife refuge. their rage runs deep -- and they say they're determined to make their stand. abc's kendis gibson has more.
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(nats up protestors) with grievances -- and with guns -- dozens of armed militia members have taken over a federal building in the oregon back- country. sot ammon bundy militia leader "this refuge here is rightfully owned by the people. we intend to use it." they moved in on the building after this rally saturday -- carrying flags and scattering pennies to symbolize citizens buying back their government. sot ammon bundy militia leader "it is the duty of the people to put that vernment back in its place." the leader, ammon bundy ? posted this rallying cry on new year's eve: all patriots its time to stand up not stand down!!! ?.,. come prepared one of their grievances? the
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arson who are in a dispute with the federal government over land rights. sot ammon bundy militia leader "the principles that we are here are based upon the constitution of the united states." bundy, along with his father, nevada rancher s cliven bundy were involved in a standoff with the government over grazing rights two years ago. nats from april 5, 2014 - confrontation with law enforcement bundy says they have come with generators and other supplies -- apparently preparing for siege-like conditions. he says the protesters will stay put until the local government gives the two ranchers safe haven from the federal government. local schools have closed for the week, and local law enforcement is urging people to stay away gfx: they also issued a statement accusing the militias of an "attempt to overthrow the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the united states." tensions are running high. sot brian bowman burns, or, pastor "bringing in a militant view, saying we're going to rise up, that's just not right." those two ranchers say they will turn themselves in peacefully monday. kendis gibson, abc news, new york . " deborah/ fred: (deborah) fred, what can we expect as we head back to work tomorrow? (fred)d) cold weather! it will warm up later in the week, , t we'll also see a chance of rain and snow. fred: (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a cold looking scene from the ho chunk centre in sioux city.
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city's current temperature is 20, but the dew point is 16 and falling, showing dry air that will lead to a chilly night. local temperatures are i the teens and 20s. winds are northwest at 5 miles per hour where we have wind. elsewhere, winds
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overnight. w wd chills are in the single digits and teens. visibility is very low in the southeastern south dakota and northwestern iowa. this fog will thicken overnight, making for difficult travel. roads and bridges may become icy due to freezing fog.
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has been issued for central and northern siouxland until 9 am tomorrow morning. this includes the sioux city metro. the stormcast hd shows high pressure slidiing through tonight. that will keep skies mostly clear and temperatures cool. tomorrow, skieiewill be partly cloudy. winds will pick up from the south on tuesday. that will warm us up. clouds will increase on wednesday, and we may also have some flurries. the forecast for tonight is for mostly clear skies and areas of fog. the low will be 12. there may be some slick roads due to freezing fog. tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies and areas of fog in the morning. the high will be 22. the 7-day forecast shows a warmup to 29 tuesday, then 35 wednesday and 37 thursday. we could see some flurries wednesday, then we have a chance of rain and snow thursday and friday, possibly lasting into saturday. it's still too early to tell how much snow we could get, but at this time it does not look like a major storm. also, we're looking at another round of cold weather next sunday--the gh will only reach 19. deborah fred: (deborah) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet.
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who found out his dog has terminal helping his best friend check-off a doggy-bucket list. todd burcha- now-ski reached out to friends to create the bucket list for his poodle-beagle mix..named reyes. the pair are now working on completing 80 activities.. so, far reyes has dined out at mc- donalds....went sleddingng.taken swimming lessons..and even helped forecast the weather. todd says...reyes' bucket list has inspired him to live a more positive life and hopes it makes others smile, too. " made me focus on
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bring out from it...and live my life a little differently...and live for the day. i hope tht during this process that she can put a smile on someone else's face just like she has put on mine for the past eight years." deborah todd says their buckck list journey has become about more.than just checking items off a list. he says helping reyes live a fuller life..has inspired him to improve his day-to-day routine. deborah: coming up in sports...the musketeers were in search of their fourth straight win. find out if they could get it against conference
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were dead last in the western conference. but a win today against conference leading lincoln wouldn't just give them a four game
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them in playoff position. cam gornet making his fourth start in net in the last eight games. his offense trying to help him out...teemu deep looks near post but peyton jones slams the door shut to keep it scoreless. not long later though...ian schied...a defenseman trying to do his best patrick ne...he skates a long way before snapping off the wrister...sweet move makes it 1-0. ey continue to pressure...the takeaway on the forecheck frees up eeli tolvanen for a shot but jones makes the was 1-0 after one.just 30 seconds into the second though...tolvanen rips one and mitch fossier shows good things happen when you get to the blue paint...2-0 good guys. six minutes later, the stars get on the board...ethen frank, gets the feed in front of the stopping that as the lead gets cut in half. but that's the only hiccup for gornet...24 saves for him today and the muskies win again, 6-1 the final. jay varady--"i think a lot of fundamentals are adding up. if you look at how we've
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few outings that we've had, we've been doing a great job of shooting the puck, we've been doing a great job of attacking the net, we've been connecting the dots coming out of our own zone. so i think it's a lot of fundamentals we see adding up as we progress through the ice." the muskies hit the road to cedar rapids and madison thursday and friday. chris: the e yne state women wewe picked to finish second i ithe northern sun this season, but so far the cats have struggled to a 6-6 mark heading into today's game. their opponent this afternoon at rice auditorium? 12 and 1 sioux falls coach chris kielsmeier's wildcats...strugg led out of the gate in this one. late in the first quarter...taylor varsho left open in front of the wayne state bench, she hits the three and it was 26-10 cougars after the first. but here come the cats...kacie o'connor...with the crossover, she connects on the triple to cut the lead to 14. they'd trail by as many as 18, but o'connor, stops the run with another three...she had 11 off the bench. and that sparks a
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schulte...gets the friendly roll...she knew it...she had a game high 22. then former pender star paige ballinger...the hoop and the harm...wayne state comes all the way back for a huge home win, 83-73. and in the men's game, matt thomas scored a team high 15 points for wayne state, but the wildcats shot just 22 percent om deep as they dropped a 79-70 decision to the cougars. wayne state falls to 3-10 on the season, 1 and 7 in the northern sun after the loss. chris: today was a big day for former heelan, iowa, and morningside star brandon wegher. the panther rookie suited up in carolina's finale for the first time in his career. unfortunately he didn't get a touch in his debut, a 38-10 win by the panthers over tampa bay. to some more nfl action...charles woodson in his final game taking on the chiefs who are alive to win the afc west. scoreless in the first...alex smith finds jeremy maclin who splits the defense for the score...7-0
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now...david amerson...steps in front of the pass from smith and he has green grass in front of him...pick six cuts the lead to four. but smith seals it...with some help from demetrius harris...great catch for the score...chiefs win it 23-17. and they could win the division if the broncos lose...peyton manning back in uniform today. but it's brock osweiler under center and he flips it to demaryius thomas who does the rest...72 yards for the score...7-0 denver early. ahead to the third...stop me if you've seen this before, philip rivers to antonio gates for the lead. after five broncos turnovers, they call on manning...not much through the air for peyton, but he leads them down the field and ronnie hillman scores the game
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facebook fan photo of the day. today's picture comes from... lindsey. she snapped this moment....which shows brandon wegher as mentioned earlier in the show, right before his first regular season game in the n-f-l and his son brodie watching from the sidelines. congratulations brandon! we're proud to see a siouxland athlete making their dreams come
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(fred) dense fog is spreading through siouxland. the forecast for toninit is for mostly clear skies and areas of dense fog. the low will be 12. there may be some slick roads due to freezing fog. tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies and areas of fog in the morning. the high will be 22. the 7-day forecast
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wedndnday and 37 thursday. we could see some fluies wednesday, then we have a chance of rain and snow thursday and friday, possibly lasting into
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>> a christian missionary murdered in her apartment. the perpetrator left little evidence behind but a new computer program found clues on a bloody s set and the case made forensic history. kirkland, washington, an upscale
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