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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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bria: jenna, questions are still left un- answered as to what happened to the small aircraft that was discovered crashed and it's pilot found dead according to the national transportation safety board, there will be alot of work ahead to determine what happened. wayne county sherrif's office was notified around 8 pm on sunday concering the plane's where abouts after sioux gateway airport had not been notified if the plane had landed wasn't until search teams found the plane around 1:30 this morning near highway 16 and road 851. the pilot was found dead at the scene. "well we have very limited information right now about the circumstances of the flight and the accident. we have dispatched an investigator to the scene and that's one of the areas that he'll be looking at," said knudson. investigators are planned to preform a 72 hour background check on the pilot as well as look to see if there were any witnesses to the
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bria: we'll keep you updated as we find out more information. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: a sioux city man was arrested after leading police on a chase that ended in downtown yesterday morning when he crashed into the chesterfield. authorities say 32 year old jesse brubaker of sioux city led police on a pursuit that began near 28th street and highway 75. while pursuing the suspect's vehicle, iowa state patrol used a pit mauver to stop the car. the car spun out, hit a light pole and then the front of the business. brubaker was tased before he was apprehended. no word yet on the damages sustained to the building. jenna: the names of the two women who jumped from a burning building to safety in sloan last week have been released according to the sheriff's office, 19 year old alanna gotto of sloan, was the first woman to jump to safety during the the second was 19 boggs of anthon. women spent new year's eve in the
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released new year's day. jenna: recently re- elected officials were sworn in to office today. family, friends, and co-workers gathered at council chambers this afternoon as mayor bob scott and council member rhonda capron were sworn into office for another term. mayor scott also appointed dan moore as mayor pro tem. " i am honored that the mayor shows trust and confidence in my ability to fill in when i need to fill in for the mayor's job, and i'm looking forward to serving the citizens of sioux city and so i'm up for the challenge and looking forward to it." says newly appointed mayor pro tem dan moore. duties of pro tem are to fill in for the mayor if he is not able to make certain events due to scheduling conflicts. his term as pro tem will run for two years. jenna: president obama is taking action on gun control this new year. instead of waiting on congress to take action, he plans to use his executive powers to make changes to the way we vett potential gun owners. that decision has seen a mixed bag of reactions.
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from new york. " president obama meeting with attorney general loretta lynch at the white house.. this on the eve of his big announcement.. bypassing congress to take action on what he calls an "epidemic of gun violence" in america.. sot - president obama "...." on tuesday.. the president is expected to take executive actions that his administration believes will make it more difficult for the mentally ill.. criminals and terrorists to get guns.. president obama said he is making sure.. his measures will not violate the the white house wants to tighten background checks and prevent those on the no fly list the divisive issue.. debate has presidential candidates already weighing in. (r) presidential "we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. we using our guns." sot - sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate "criminals or people with mental issues, should not guns. i president is trying to do and i think that will be the right elizabeth hur oncam
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are promising to take legal action.. and white house officials maintain.. the president's orders will stand up to a court challenge. eh, abc news, new york. " jenna: just 27 days out from the iowa caucuses republican candidate ted cruz was in the state today speaking to voters, and while in boone today one big topic cruz spoke on was gun rights in the light of the president's recent announcement. cruz says president obama is abusing his power... and he promises to protect constitutional rights. president obama is committed to continuing to abuse his executive power in every way shape and form. and,
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after our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. a former spokeswoman for mike huckabee's presidential campaign is now working for ted cruz. alice stewart left as huckabee's communications director less than a month ago -- over differing views on the direction of the campaign. stewart says she finalized a deal to join cruz as national spokeswoman and senior adviser last week. hillary clinton also spending some time in the hawkeye state in the new year. she held a campaign rally in davenport this morning. while there, she defended the current president, saying she wants to build upon what president obama has done for the nation. i am absolutely determined that we are going to make sure that we have a democrat to succeed president obama so that we don't let the republicans rip away the progress that we have made together." hillary clinton has a town hall
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that's set to take place at 2:45 in the afternoon at the orpheum theatre located on pierce street. jenna: if you still need to get registered before the iowa caucuses, the secretary of state's office says it's making it easier to do so. they've launched a new website where you can register to vote online. all you need is a driver's license or state i-d card, and internet access. "this is a great resource. we're stepping up to well over 93% of the eligible voters in iowa having direct access to online voter registration and updating so it's going to be a great tool. " iowans with state-issued identification card can register to vote online. just go to the secretary of state's website and click on register to vote to get started. jenna: the f-b-i is now getting involved in the armed occupation at a federal building in oregon. a group of ranchers and anti-government militia men have taken over a
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refuge there. the group set up a roadblock.. and are manning a guard tower. claiming the land doesn't belong to the federal government but to the people. the standoff started on saturday after a rally supporting two ranchers facing prison time for setting fires on that land. ammon bundy / rancher "we have tried and tried and tried prudent methods to get government to at least look at this and say hey, there's something wrong here. the rest of america can see that there's something wrong." the hammonds claim they set the fires to prevent an invasive plant species from growing on their land. they do not support the siege. jenna: if you like how gas prices ended last year, you'll like what's being forecasted in 2016. triple-a says the price at the pump will stay relatively low this year. it estimates an average price between 2-25 and 2-45 a gallon. last year's average was two dollars, 40 cents per gallon.
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january could push prices even lower - perhaps another 10 cents in coming weeks. jenna: the ugly christmas sweater trend is doing some real good in siouxland. for a past couple months, classique closet on morningside avenue has been selling hand-made ugly christmas sweaters. they sold more than 150 and today donated all the proceeds to the crossroads homeless shelter for women. only in its second year, this fundraiser more than quadrupled with sales reaching three thousand dollars. " the money is very much needed at our shelter this time of year with high heating costs and all the other expenses that go along with running the shelter so this money comes in very handy." mollet says diapers, formula, food and trasnportation needs are a big part of the daily expenses at the shelter. the shelter helps women in siouxland get back on their feet and into apartments of their own. still to come... the science world is getting a new
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details on the new elements coming to the table. more when we return. fred: (fred) we have a gradual warmup, plus rain and snow chances in the 7-day forecast. next week will be cold again! details after the break. stay with us!
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jenna: tim: (jenna) fred, will it ever warm up? (fred) yes, but rain and snow are also on the way. fred: (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a cold downtown sioux city from the ho chunk centre. our high today has been 25 and the low 18. in sioux city, we have 22 degrees with a dew point of 17. that means the relative humidity is a high 81 percent, one
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humidity ranges from 70 to 100 percent.. so, we have fog. in fact, there is dense fog in storm lake and getting toward dense in spencer. some slick roads will be possible due to freezing fog, so drive with care. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. winds are southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills are in the single digits to lower teens. could you use some good news? i sure could. and we have it! look to the west! warmer temperatures! these will start moving our way tomorrow, and continue through the rest of the workweek. the satellite and radar shows mostly cloudy skies that will likely remain overnight. the stormcast hd shows clouds tonight, and
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freezing drizzle for the evening commute tomorrow. there could be drizzle and flurries wednesday, then a chance of rain and snow later thursday. tonight, look for freezing fog. otherwise skies are mostly cloudy and the low will be 17. tomorrow, expect mostly
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freezing drizzle in the evening. the 7- day forecast is busy. we have flurries and drizzle on wednesday. we have snow thursday, then a good chance of snow friday. cold air weekend and last fred prize for the chicago game on friday, february 5. email your weather questions to fhexom@kcautv.c om or post on our abc9 news facebook page. fred: tim: jenna: (jenna) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. jenna:
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officially out of date, that's because four new elements will soon be added to the periodic table. elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 have been formally recognized by the international union of pure and applied chemistry. they're considered the world authority on chemistry. the organization's announcement means the seventh row of the periodic table is finally complete. the table was last updated in 20-11. still to come. getting out is important, but impact on maintaining a healthy lifestyle? find out when we
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our actual life abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson has more. "celebrating with family... friends? and close work colleagues. we've known for year that being connected to other people - what researchers call having a high degree of social integration - in linked to a lower risk of dying early. why this is true has been more of a mystery? until now. researchers at unc-chapel hill, collaborating with researchers in china, looked at data from four large,
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databases to compare levels of social connectedness and support with various measures of health. what they found - having high levels of socially integration was linked to lower levels of mation earlier and later in life. we know inflammation is linked to a variety of chronic health issues. and what's more? they also found that in older adults, social isolation appears to have a more detrimental effect on health than diabetes does. " jenna: if you're buying medical insurance through the health insurance marketplace, you need to get that done in the next month. and, we want to help get your questions answered. coming up tomorow, from 4- 7pm, abc9 is hosting a phone bank. we'll have experts in house to answer your
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the affordable care act. all you have to do is dial 712-277-2345. a local college is using thier january term to jump start the new year and give back to the community
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back in session... and for students at briar cliff university, it's a chance for a unique learning opportunity. alicia harper from briar cliff joins me today. kick-off to j-term, a time when bcu puts an emphasis on service and learning. over jterm we are sending out 200 chargers to 20 agencies to give 2,000 hours of service. the term's events will
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goodwill donations drive. appropriate questions for alicia include: how can people donate? where will collections will? what will be done with thw items? why is bcu partnering with goodwill? jenna: fred's back next
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tonight at six for "get going with jessica rae" an alarming number of americans either have or will have osteoporosis... jessica goes over what exercises you can start early, in an effort to prevent this from happening to you! that full story in get "going with jessica rae" tonight at six (fred) visibility is low across parts of
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look for freezing fog. otherwise skies are mostly cloudy and the low will be 17. tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies and freezing drizzle in the evening. the 7- day forecast is busy. we have flurries and wednesday. we have a chance of rain and a good chance of
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