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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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tim: n-t-s-b investigators are releasing more details surrounding sunday nights deadly plane crash in ne nebraska. tim: investigators have deteremined the single engine plane found near pender nebraska, crashed around 6:30 sunday evening. scheduled to land at sioux gateway airport the plane was diverted to wayne airfield but never arrived... nose-diving and crashing "inverted" into an open farm field. investigators say there was no post crash fire. weather and air traffic reports are still being looked at to better understand why the plane crashed. we will have those details as they become available. jenna: a construction worker in altoona died this morning, after a trench collapsed at a housing development there. it happened around 8 this morning as a four man excavatiing crew had just begun working to dig a 12 foot deep trench. the walls suddenly collapsed on one of the men working inside. police said they havent found any shoring, or
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they don't believe the crew was using the safety measure when the accident happened. tim: legislators in washington are ringing in the new year today, working to send a bill to the presidents desk, repealing the affordable care act. it's something congressional republicans have previously tried to do more than 60 times but unlike those past failed efforts, republuicans are using a parlimentary maneuver disallowing senate democrats to block the bill. meaning for the first time a bill to repeal the aca will make it to the oval office. this same bill also has measures to defund planned parenthood written in. we are confronting the president with the hard, honest truth. obamacare doesn't work. higher premiums and fewer choices and restricted access, these are not signs of success. obamacare is not successful. they are signs of failure and the american people deserve better president obama has already expressed his
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the legislation. pointing out 16 million people now have insurance because of the affordable care act, setting new record highs for participation in the last enrollment period. speaker paul ryan plans to schedule a vote to override the president's veto later this month. jenna: mike huckabee's wife is in northwest iowa campaigning for the former governor. she hosted a meet and greet at a local indoor shooting range and expressed her reaction to president's obama's executive action gun plan. abc 9's bria bell was there and brings us more in studio. bria: jenna, janet huckabee was in sioux city brushing up on her shooting skills. it's something she says is important to her as a concealed carry license holder. the former governor's wife held a meet and greet at yards indoor shooting range and says that she and her husband make efforts to reach voters in person, not just through campaign ads and social media. janet huckabee also expressed her opinions on president obama's
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for gun control. "i just really don't see anything that he did with those executive orders really has a baring on the existing gun owners, it made them mad. i think all he really did was increase gun sales and ammo sales...we already have background check. everytime i buy a gun, they check," huckabee. janet huckabee says mental health should be a main focus, not making gun laws harder for law abiding citizens. bria: she plans to visit council bluff, storm lake, and pocahontas to wrap up her visit in northwest iowa. and says people want the president to be someone with experience and her husband mike huckabee has a track record to prove he's the right one for the job. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: texas senator ted cruz continues to campaign in siouxland ahead of the iowa caucuses. (now 26 days out) and he plans to hit all 99 counties.
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senators 3rd day in the state.....the "cruzing" to caucus bus tour stopped in rock rapids, sibley and spencer iowa today, speaking to supporters cruz says it's time to take the power washington. "the administration of justice should be blind to partier ideology. the only fidelity of the justice should be the laws and the constitution of the united states." as of recent, cruz has been consistently finishing second in the major g-o-p polls, just this week he garnered 18% of an nbc news/survey monkey poll. jenna: leaders worldwide have shown some concern when it comes to a recent claim made by north korean officials that they recently tested a hydrogen bomb. while world leaders look into the matter, but some candidates on the campaign trail in iowa today commented on the subject. jenna: marco rubio was in marshalltown today. he had some strong words
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north korea, kim jong un calling the communist leader a quote "lunatic" and blaming the current administration for not dealing with the threat abroad. he says the best way to deal with it is to build up our military branches. it is reckless, what has happened in this administration and what happened under hillary clinton's watch at the state dept. and in the face of all of these dangers, this president is destroying the u.s. military." rubio wrapped up his three day stop in iowa today. tim: republican hopeful ben carson was in des moines today, talking about north korea, as well. carson says it's not military that america should be focused on... but space. saying if we build up our aeronautical programs it could lead to a safer america. " one of the things that we have neglected is our space program. and in the future he who controls space controls the earth. we have to have sophisticated satelite monitoring systems that will blow their devices up virtually as soon as they're launched and this kind of
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we'll have more coverage on north korea's claims later on in the newscast. jenna: today is the last chance to register for the iowa democratic party's "tele- caucus" this february. the tele-caucus is open to democrats seriving in the military outside of iowa and iowans living abroad. the idea is to make sure all iowans' opinions can be considered during the caucus. the deadline to sign-up is tonight at midnight... so if you have a friend or family member who might be interested... they can go to iowa democrats dot org tim: soh dakota attorney general marty jackley announced his legeslative package for 20-16. focused primarily at strengthening human trafficking laws. according to a release, measures pushed by jackley's office will pertain to punishing those convicted of specific human
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sex crimes, forcing those lawbreakers to forfeit profits and assets associated with their crimes. jackley's seco push is to improve the state's sex offender registry. the legislative proposal will make access to the sex offenger registry and information more accessible for tribes in south dakota. jenna: some folks who might not have otherwised stopped into a gas station or convenienc store today, turned out in the hopes of hitting it big. nats "whhh hoo you're a winner" contineued vo... that's because today, the powerball jackpot was announced to be half a billion dollars, overshooting the original estimates by 50 million. passer-bys at gas stations in town thought twice about buying a lotto ticket. but some ultimately succumbed to the 500 million dollar payout. elizabeth smith -- sioux city resident "i don't think i would, busince the power ball is high right now i think that's the reason i bought it but i don't really buy tickets." jenna:
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fourth largest payout on record and has been growing since early november. you have until tonight at nine to buy a ticket. jenna: still to come... if you've purchased a so called "brain game" app on your phone recently, you might want to hear what the federal trade commission has to say about it. details when we return. fred: (fred) we have more rain and snow in the forecast, and this time, it will be accumulating snow. the weekend arctic blast is still on schedule, too. details after the break! " " fred: jenna: tim: (tim) fred, what's headed our way? (fred) dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water!
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the weekend! fred: (fred) the hd radar shows scattered light snow showers. the port neal lding company skycam hd shows the scene from downtown sioux city. 36 has been the high today and 30 the low. 34 is the temperature in sioux city. the humidity is as high as 100 percent, so we are seeing fog again. visibility is less than
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of siouxland. local temperatures are in the 30s. winds are southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills are in the teens. the satellite and radar shows most of the snow to our east, but a few snow showers in siouxland. the stormcast hd shows that while we could see some light rain, snow, or sleet tonight and early tomorrow, the main threat of measurable rain and snow will be tomorrow afternoon and evening. while southern and eastern siouxland could see rain, most of us will see snow. snow will linger into friday, but will
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northwest winds will usher in an arctic blast of cold air. the snow forecast shows that by saturday morning, many of us will see 1-2" of snow. tonight, expect scattered rain, sleet, and snow showers. the low will be 29. tomorrow, expect rain and snow, especially in the afternoon and evening. the high
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friday, then cold air arriving saturday, when the wind chill will be below zero much of the day due to breezy winds. sunday looks even colder, with a high of just 10. we will slowly warm next week, reaching the middle 20s by wednesday.
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tim: jenna: (jenna) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. tim: a california
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to pay a two- million dollar fine for claiming it can improve your brain function. the lumosity app was also billed as a tool to fire up academic performance and fight disease like dementia. but the federal trade commission says the claims mislead consumers, because there's no science to back it up.. the company has not admitted to any wrongdoing and says the settlement doesn't pertain to the rigor of its research or quality of its products. still to come. the details surrounding north korea's claim of firing of a hydrogen bomb. what we know so far.
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underway to determine if north korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. that's after the nation made the claim on their state run television. abc's marci gonzalez has more on a united nations' emergency meeting where the security council is deciding how to address the potential threat. " today - north korea's alarming claim nat announcement that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb for the first time. sparking concern and condemnation from- around the world. ban ki-moon i demand the dprk seize any further nuclear activities the un security council holding an emergency meeting- today- after the televised claims- that a 5.1 magnitude earthquake near north korea's
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facilty- was cause d by a hydrogen bomb- ? a weapon- that can be about 10-thousand times more powerful than atomic bombs - like those dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki in world war ii. nat the u-s immediately launched so-called "nuclear sniffer" planes to determine - whether the claims are true... josh earnest - the initial analysis is not consistent with nk claim of a successful hydrogen bomb test if the claim is later confirmed- this would be the north korea's fourth time testing a nuclear weapon since 2006 - but the first time testing a thermo- but experts- are explosive results were too small to be from even a failed hydrogyen bomb test? expert they are bragging and puffing themselves up.. they don't actually have the capability to obliterate koran peninsular.. the bad news is that they are trying? tag- with north korea already heavily sanctioned, the un security council hasn't haven't specified what else they will do in response- but after today's meeting- they vowed significant measures"
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an update on the man who helped the san bernardino shooters get guns. what charges he's
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soldiers returned today from missouri, where they were assisting in a water transportation mission. the troop of 45 soldiers and 20 military vehicles were deployed after missouri residents suffered extensive flood damages to their homes and cities. the group aided in water purification and transportation operations in the high ridge, missouri area. jenna: this year marks one century of service provided by the american red cross to iowans red cross locations across the hawkeye state are commemorating the centennial anniversary by hosting a year long series of events and campaigns throughout 20-16 highlighted by several events including the annual heroes of the heartland events being held
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city on april 14th. for more information head to the red cross' website. redcross dot org. tim: an update now from san bernardino, with the friend of the two shooting suspects in court today answering to several federal charges including conspiracy to support terrorists. abc's brandi hitt brings us the latest. "((file photos)) enrique marquez -- smiling in past photos... ((sketches)) appeared before a federal judge... shackled in a white jumpsuit... ((reveal text over sketches -- "not pleading "not guilty" including lying when purchasing two were later used by his friend -- syed farook -- and tashfeen malik... in the san bernardino terrorist attack... killing 14 people. marquez is also charged with conspiracy to support terrorists... for allegedly planning other attacks with farook? at southern california schools and on highways... as early as 2011. those plots -- were never carried out. nats -- (camera flash/walk up) on tuesday... the f-b-i also turned to the public... pleading for help. they've traced the killers' whereabouts the day of the massacre...
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detected by traffic cameras or witnesses. sot -- david bowdich, fbi assistant director in charge investigators believe that's when the killer couple may have ditched a computer hard drive... that remains missing. they've searched this nearby lake...but did not find any evidence. ((on camera tag)) the f-b-i insists this appears to be an "inspired terrorist act"... with no indication it was directed by anyone overseas. enrique marquez's trial is scheduled to start next month. brandi hitt -- abc news -- los angeles. " tim: fred's back next with a final check of our forecast.
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bria bell takes a look into police pursuits and what our local law enforcements are doing to help keep us safe during these high speed chases. plus. folks in vermillion got to enjoy the area's premeire farm expo, the dakota farm show we'll take you there tonight at six (fred)
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scattered snow showers. tonight, expect scattered rain, sleet, and snow showers. the low will be 29. tomorrow, expect rain and snow, especially in the afternoon and evening. the high will be 34. the 7-day shows more snow friday, then cold air arriving saturday, when the wind chill will be below zero much of the day due to breezy winds. sunday looks even colder, with a high of just 10. we will slowly warm next week, reaching the middle 20s by wednesday.
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