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a sioux city woman is found alive after going missing in the freezing cold. "it was amazing how quickly he started healing" a local man finds success and healing... with the help of an exciting tool. and... the numbers are in! "alright!" will you, be the big powerball winner? tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight
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and im jenna rehnstrom tonight we are learning more about sioux city woman who disappeared on sunday and was found alive in rural moville yesterday. tim: with freezing temperatures..... police and family are calling it a miracle that (shah-knee-kwa) shaniqwa hayes is still alive ... here's lukas voss with more. thanks tim and jenna ... what we know so far is not much. hayes had left work on sunday feeling dizzy with flu like syptoms according to a co worker ... that's when we are losing her track. the next thing we know is officials finding her unconsiouss on a moville property ... why she drove there ... or what made her leave the car in the freezing cold ... we don't know. know. snow ... shaniqwa hayes had left her car running on a moville out of it and walked east ... she than turned however ... back west ... walked around a grain bin where she eventually collapsed and was found tuesday. all of this just about 50 yards from where her running
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kit stood. temparatures were brutal from disappeared on finding her on tuesday hovering just at one degree and with windchilles of -13 sunday night and -17 on tuesday morning. why she went that way is still not however worried lost contact. "if you are not on can't get through your phone is not like her character just not to tell her according to family she had two phones on her ... only one however was recovered at the car. that's how they pinging her cell phone to tower and looking in the vicinity. the car she was driving was found in drive ... stuck in the snow driving off the property's driveway towards a field. ... with clear marks indicating she was trying to move it. she had texted friends for help sunday ... but when they replied ... she never responded ... family and friends suspect something else might have played a role. "she mentioned tueday and wednesday that she had problems with her ears and she was feeling light headed and naucious." "she was defintaly not herself when she left ... the only thing i can assume is that where she was tag: that she at least
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outside with it being very likely that it was longer. and as of today shaniqwa remains in intensive care at mercy medical center and we'll have to wait until she can hopefully tell us what happened. stay tuned to abc9 news and look for updates on this story on our website m ... reporting in studio ... lukas voss abc9 news. jenna: ten u-s sailors are now back at a bahrain, their destination. less than 24 hours. u-s officials say sailors' two boats broke down yesterday and drifted into iranian waters. iranian state television aired today dramatic images of the moment the revolutionary guard forces boarded the american vessels and captured the sailors they were released this morning and escorted to a u-s navy cruiser.
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said the situation would have likely ended very differently just a few years ago. kerry: "also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are always situations which, as everybody here knows, have an ability if not properly guided to get out of control." the navy says all ten sailors are unharmed. tim: president obama says he wants to focus on the economy in his final year in office. just one day after his state of the union address he stopped in omaha today... it marked his first official speech ever in the state of nebaska. while at the univ of neb-omaha.... the president talked about his plan to help working americans and small businesses. (president obama) "in this new economy, i believe, workers, start ups, small business - they need more of a voice -
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should work for working americans" president obama also reiterated a message from his state of the union address, urging americans to not be alarmed by negative campaign ads about the economic state of the u-s. tim-jenna on cam for 11 weeks people in in 44 states, washington d.c., puerto rico, and the us virgin islands have been trying to crack the powerball. jenna- 1.5 billion dollars on the line tongiht.... and the numebs are..? 08 - 27 34 04 19 and the powerball is 10 tim- if there's no winner tongiht... the jackpot is expected to be 2 billion dollars with a 1.24 billion cash payout on saturday... "can i get five powerball tickets?" don't be shocked if the jackpot is won... a lottery official in texas said today that 85.8 percent of the possible number combinations
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as for the chances of winning.... we asked a briar cliff university mathematics professor to add things up for us. chuck shaffer, briar ciff mathamatics professor says, "you have five white balls to pick out of currently 69, so you have to figure out how many ways there are to select 5 out of 69 - that gets you the white balls. then, in addition, you have one ball out of 26 for the red ball that you have to get right. so, you figure all those out together and it comes out like 292 million, roughly, to 1. so, you have one chance in that many." we should know by morning if there's a powerball winner. jenna: the drawing for this jackpot has created a mad frenzy across the nation, but buying a lottery ticket isn't on the list of things to do for everyone. for some, the lottery is a reminder of a gambling addiction, something that can be difficult to overcome - especially when betting, or buying a lottery ticket - is all that anyone can talk about in the past week. "if you want to go out and spend 2
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great it's fun you know why wouldn't you do it the big part is knowing it is just a chance it's a very slim chance but you do it for fun ans you always have that big dream of what you would potentially do with that money if you have a gambling problem or know someone who does, we want to pass along this number 1-800-bets off. jenna: a billion dollar merger could mean big business here in iowa. in december, dow chemical company and dupont announced they would be merging. the ag giant will finalize the merger by late this year. after, they plan to separate into three companies focusing on specific agricultural needs. however they haven't decided where those companies will be. the city of johnston is hoping dupont pioneer's headquarters will be considered. the city is working with state officials in hopes to be a top choice. "we hope their decison is this is where they want their headquarters to be. we're ready to show them why that should be their decision."
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releasing which cities are in mind for company headquarters. those decisions will come within the next 18-24 months. tim: the government oversight committee is watching the developments of two proposed energy lines the bakken oil pipeline and and overhead transmition line called the rock island clean line that would take energy from iowa and transfer it to illinois and farther east. the top concern of many legislators is property rights of iowa land- owners. 21:42 it affects 1500 farmers in iowa and it's a decision that affets 10,000 acres of iowa farmland. it's a huge decision that has bipartisan interest." tim: it's up to the iowa utilities board to make a decision on both projects. they are reviewing evidience and public input, but have not given a timeline for when they will approve or disapprove of the projects. jenna: it's a problem that can be embarassing, frustrating, not to mention a health concern. an open wound that's taking more
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to heal... is a cronic problem. but, a specially trained team at mercy medical center is bring hope to people with seemingly no other option. more, in tonight's your health matters. michael says, "and you're just generally washing it, no more bandages?" jeffrey says, "no more bandages." jeffrey burkhart of salix has come a long way in the last few months. michael says, "that looks great, i'm really happy with that. how 'bout you? are you happy with that?" jeffrey says, "real happy." just this fall, he had a complication after kidney surgery... a bad infection and an open wound more than 13 cm wide and almost 7 cm deep. michael says, "and my two fists would fit completely inside his wound." jeffrey burkhart of salix, says, "it was more scary to look that, ya know?" jeffrey ended up at mercy medical center's wound care center under the care of physican michael garrett. they started an agressive course of treatment - at its peak - meeting here three times a week while using this device. in its simpliest sence, the wound vac speeds up healing. michael garrett,
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wound center says, "it slowly stimulates the wound, 24-hours a day to heal, so it never lets the cells fall asleep; it keeps them moving and activiated." jeffrey says, "you could see the progress; within a couple days you could see it was healing, so it give you know, a good attitude, toward the whole healing process, which, you know, you gotta go into it with a good attitude." in just 11 weeks, jeffrey's wound was healed. some equally serious cases can take up to 20 weeks. "bell ring" the bell ring signifies success in the wound center... and for jeffrey, a chance to move on with life as normal. jeffrey says, "get on with life, ya know?" jenna: michael says they see patients with a wide range of wounds... but he reiterates that if a would is taking more than one to three months to heal... you need a professional to look at it, because they can help you. most patients only go to the wound center for treatment once a week and they're not admitted to
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overnight. tim: a senior at morningside college is asking for a special gift for graduation a gift, many might take for granted... paul johnson is an international student from nigeria who has only been home once during his time in college due to costly airfare tickets. he says he wants his parents to fly to iowa to see him walk the stage in may so that they know their sacrifices paid off in the long run. "i think what makes it special for me is, it goes all the way back to the beginning, like seeing the sacrifices my parents have made and i just feel like they deserve to see it getting paid off. it's not for me, it's mostly for them. i feel like they deserve to see the fruits of their labor," said johnson. so far the page has reached have of its intended goal. a link to the go fund me page can be found on our website at siouxland matters dot com. coming up after the break.. a local veteran's house in ankeny was broken into, but what was stolen is something you wouldn't expect. more on that story, still to
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it will be warm again tomorrow, but a major arctic blast awaits for the weekend. meanwhile, it looks like we could see snow tuesday. your forecast is after the break!
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but whats missing of sense. and now, one man is hoping to get it questions asked. davidson has more. (nat) to an entirely different state can be a headache... 20:42:04 we knew i'd have to commute for a while for work so we left a couple things, i was gonna pick up and bring back. but for army veteran matt stolze... (nat) what happened this weekend just adds to the fusteration... 20:42:15 when i came home i found the door open from the garage into the kitchen and i started noticing some things were missing. whoever broke in left a big mess.. but it's what's not in any of these piles that's left him in shock (shoving into bag) 20:44:16 it didn't make much sense... why someone would have taken those things.
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street -- but priceless to this man. stolze was in the army for four years... and served a tour in iraq... when he got back hejoined the polk city american legion 20:41:30 i'm part of the american legion riders, we give charity rides for veterans and the community to raise money and for every single one of those rides... he was wearing this vest. 20:44:57 it's important to me personally, the patches on the vest are from my uniform when i served. ... its just the american legion the brotherhood... what it stands for. but it was taken in the break in, along with a few other things ... like a few old laptops...and his daughters christmas presents... stolze can't get his mind around why someone would purposely take something so personal... he's not interested in filing charges... he just wants it back. 20:47:15 the vest could be put together again, its just this vest meant a lot to me personally. (jenna) fred, the weekend
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very cold! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a nice scene from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city. the high today was 38 and the low 12. today's high of 38 is the warmest temperature sioux city has seen since december 23, when the high was 39. 26 is our current temperature in sio city. local temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. winds are generally south at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills range from the teens to the 20s for most. over the upper midwest, we see warm temperatures south and west, so you can be assured of another warmer day tomorrow. the satellite and radar shows clouds over the upper midwest. these will thin out again later tonight. the stormcast hd shows warm
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arctic cold front drops in friday. that means falling temperatures and breezy winds. the weekend will be very cold. your forecast for tonight is for decreasing clouds and a low of 18. tomorrow, expect a high of 37 and mostly sunny skies. the 7- day shows a drop to 21 friday with breezy winds, then only 14 saturday. single digit highs will be seen sunday and monday, with lows as cold as -10! gradual warming will be seen toward midweek, with a chance of snow tuesday. stay tuned. coming up in sports...morningsi de made the trip to mitchell and the corn palace tonight for a
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de made the trip to mitchell and the corn palace tonight for a double-header. we'll have the highlights up ahead. tim plus the briar cliff men and women both have winning streaks alive against dordt. find out if the chargers could keep it rolling or if the defenders could turn the
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their second game, falling to 4-2 on the young season. since then, they've been unstoppable. the chargers have won 13 straight and looked to make it 14 against a dordt team that's receiving votes in the latest poll. briar cliff, looking for their third straight win over the defenders. early on it's nathan rindels...with some space on the wing...he takes advantage and it's a 4 point dordt lead. back comes bcu...bryan forbes rips down the board and kicks it to clay on the 3 and the chargers have their first lead. the defenders, keep it tight...dalton franken...with the strong take to the rack keeps the deficit at one. but then forbes, goes coast to coast...hoop and the hack...he had a game high 20, and the chargers make it 14 straight, 106-83
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game, the defenders haven't won at the nfc since 2008. tied up at 27 in the third though...alex fuller left alone in the corner...she won't miss that...chargers go up 3. then fuller starts the break, and lexi henschke finishes it off...basket and the bonus, i think she's happier than winning free potato oles! defenders, trying to get it back...mycah hulst, gets blocked but recovers to cut the deficit to three. then the pass into the paint gets deflected right to abby chapman...2 of her team-high 12. but briar cliff outscored dordt 36-13 in the second half...the chargers snap a 3 game skid, 53-38. looked like a good one up in mitchell, number 1 and number 6...but morningside, well they were dominant. in the third, they take it around the outside and then go inside to jessica tietz...she had a game-high 22 to go with 11 boards. the defense was stellar...madison braun with the theft and the
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also in double stangs up 51-26. later on, tietz...with the rare miss inside, but tristan beaulieu kicks it out to brandan tighe...still the best soundbite of my career...she hits the triple. then it's beaulieu...stretchi ng the floor herself...the stangs shot 44 percent from deep...they rout dakota wleyan, 86-48. in the mens game, the mustangs looking for the upset over number 15 dakota wesleyan. tigers, in those great unis, strike first...trae bergh release on the inbounds...he had 34 points tonight. stangs looking for the answer...ryan tegtmeier comes off the screen, and morningside takes the two point lead. then it's tegtmeier hesitates and gets to the rack for two more...he had 16 tonightor the mustangs. but terrell newton and the tigers, just a little too much at home tonight. the tigers eke out a win, 82-80. northwestern also in action tonight and it was a good night to be a red raider. in the women's game,
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on a 16-0 run and katy kuiper had a career high 21 points as they improved to 11-6 with a 97-87 win in yankton. in the men's game, northwestern bounced back from saturday's loss to concordia with a dominant 81-54 win over mount marty. colton kooima led the way with 25 points and 6 assists to get the raiders above 500 on the year. chris: south dakota has had an up and down season in coach craig smith's second season on the sidelines. the coyotes headed into tonights conference game at ndsu with a 9-9 record. the yotes, looking to leave fargo with a win over the bison. casey kasperbauer, the pride of carroll iowa, knocks down the triple here...he led usd with 19 points tonight. he gets some help from shy mcclelland...the strong drive and finish in tons of traffic... the yotes struggled throughout the game, trailing by as many as 16 in the second half, as khy kabellis hits the triple. but they get it down to one...mcclelland for the win at the and out...usd drops a heart-breaker, 66-65. chris: former nebraska
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who was facing murder charges in california, was found unresponsive in his prison cell early this morning and was later pronounced dead at aocal hospital. his death is being investigated as a suspected suicide. phillips was one of the best running backs in nebraska history, helping lead to huskers to national championships in
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