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wind chills are in the single digits above and below zero for most. the planner shows cloudy skies tonight and 18 at 2 am, 17 at 6 am, and 18 at 10 am. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at a quiet day tomorrow and the possibility of more snow thursday. it's time for local news that matters! is it okay to drink while you're breastfeeding? a local incident is starting a while you're breastfeeding? a local incident is discussion on the topic... and who's if it's safe. "there's a difference pregnant mother and a breastfeeding mother." "are you ready for a radical idea ? " the one to beat... but could bernie be hitting his
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right time to win iowa? "nats " and, we'll give you a sneak peek at the newest spot to enterain... and teach... your kids. tim: good evening and thank yor joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom. breastfeeding... especially when you're talking about doing it in public... tends to elicit emotional reactions. tim: a recent incident at a local restaurant started a heated converstation on social media... after a nursing mother was refused a glass of wine. jenna: but, two local educators say it's an opportunity to clear up information on the subject. deborah souverain has more. "they said that the breastfeeding woman put the woman in a moral quandary," said when local mom, caroline johannes... heard about a nursing mother being refused a drink at a local bar. she knew she had to say something. "i read the story my heart was so broken
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compelled to respond. over the weekend, a sioux city woman says she was refused a glass of wine at diving elk because she nursed her baby at the restaurant prior to ordering. because of the negative backlash online, she didn't feel comfortable sharing her story on camera... but, caroline, who's a certified breastfeeding educator, says one or two drinks... wouldn't have caused any harm. the amount of alcohol that's trasnfered to baby is miminal. the amount that alcohol will effect your blood alcohol content is minimal if you are sober enough to drive you're sober enough to breastfeed your baby," caroline johannes. nancy, a certified lactation consultant with unitypoint health- st. luke's agrees.... "not a lot goes through that milk, so they'd have to keep drinking and have a high level to affect the baby, " said nancy rentel, nicu rn unitypoint st. luke's. while recommenentions on the subject vary... most experts agree an occassional drink or two won't hurt your baby.
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should be aware that a small percentage of what you drink, will appear in your breastmilk. caroline thinks this all comes down to a lack of understanding about breastfeeding in general... especially when it happens out in the open. "educating people would avoid the sort of situation the bartender at the diving elk found himself in," said caroline . "there are currently no laws that prevent a nursing woman from consuming alcohol jenna-tim on cam with the gap in iowa between himself and hillary clinton now nearly gone... democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders brought his campaign back to sioux city tongiht... tim: judgdgg from what he had to say to more than 1,000 people at the orpheum theatre, sanders seems convinced caucus night in iowa could be a big night. take pkg tim seaman " despite cold january
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was on tuesday night at the orpheum in an obviously younger crowd lining up to hear presidential sanders. when the 74 year old career. kelly law, usd student "ya know i didnt know much about him i knew he was a sen from v vmont, but i like whate he's said so far and i respect how he hasnt changed his politics since 1980 , 1970 whenever he first entered so hes someone that i look more about," said d sophomore kelly law. tim seaman back of hillary clinton in iowa according to the latest des moines register poll, the opportunity to about getting an education. "100 years ago a high decent job, got you class. by in large that is not the case today a college degree is the equivilant of what a high school degree used to be 50 years ago," bernie sanders. tim seaman last week the vermont senator released his health care plan that provides medicaid for all. it's still unclear how the single payer system would change u-s health care but sanders says
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way they do buisiones bernie sanders "the function of private insurnace companies is not to provide qualioty affordable health care its to make as much money as they can," said sanders. tim seaman the event was not a dem's only rally.... self professed republican bob morresy of sioux city told me sanders' focus on the middle class rather than the upper class, as he has accused clininn of doing, is tting home. bob morrisey, sioux city " my income isn't that high, i'm a middle of the roader personally i'd be very well off with what bernie is talking about. countrywise i dont know but personally, yea," said bob morrisey of sioux city. tim on cam the orpehum event wrapped up a 4-city swing in western iowa for sanders but he'll be back beginning friday when he has 3 full days of campaigning set for iowa. jenna: elsewhere on the campaign trail, donald trump got an endororment from someone familiar with running for office. (fmr gov. sarah palin/(r) alaska) things are going to change under president trump palin and trump were in ames and will be campaigning together later on in the week.
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endorsement may prove pivital for trump in iowa where texas senator ted cruz is gaining ground on him. tim: and speaking of cruz iowa governor terry branstad was critical of runner up in the polls in iowa, today at the renewable fuel summit in altoona, branstad expressed why he feels cruz's interest don't align with iowans. he is the biggest opponent of renewable fuels and he actually introduced a bill in 2013 to immediately eliminate the renewable fuel standard. he is heavily financed by big oil. so we think once iowans realize that fact they might find other things attractive but i think it would be very damaging to our state branstad went on to say the only polls that matter are the ones on caucus night, which is less than two weeks out jenna: a volunteer with ben carson's campaign in iowa died in a car accident this morning near atlantic. carson cancelled his campaign events today to fly to omaha.
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braden joplin was killed when the van he was riding in lost control on an icey road and crossed the median. they were hit by an oncoming car. two other campaign workers along with three minors in the other car wewe transporteteto hospitals for their injuries. carson was campaigning in south carolina when he heard the news. jenna: school got out early for one school in iowa city, after a bombthreat was made this morning authorities say at 8:40 a-m a call warning there was an explosive was received by police. the school was evacuated immediately bussing students out of the area. no arrests have been made, and no indication on whether this threat was connected to other made across the nation recently. tim: south sioux city police chiefefcot ford has announced he'll l be retiring from the force after 42 years of service. a ceremony will be held at the dakota county law enforcemtn center on friday jenna: a one of a kind tribute today (tueday) in sioxu city. tim:
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celebrated the life of a coworker who recently lost a battle to cancer. pat conway of sioux city, made u-p-s deliveries for 25 years ... so this morning the "men in brown" delivered a messagagof thier own..... forming a tribute processional with thier trucks. u-p-s drivers based in the sioux city lined up one after another making the drive from lewis blvd all the way to outer drive. "as an employee, pat was great.. he would do whatever it was take to help service the packages and take care of the a person, pat was better. pat's smile was contagious. you couldn't go a day without getting a little bit of a laugh hanging out with pat. it was a way last fairwell for pat, in memory of him and his legacy he left behind," said babor. services for pat were held this morning at blessed sacrament catholic church. tim: pat was 57 years old... and i'm proud to say a fellow classmate of mine from emmetsburg. jenna: ragbrai organizers have a big announcement coming up this saturday they'll be revealing the
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for the 44th ride across iowa. the live announcement can be seen on their website, ragbrai-dot-com or tune in to abc9 for more ragbrai updates. tim: a siouxlander has come full circle at the sioux city public museum matt anderson grew up in lawton and atnded morningside college, shortly after that he was an intern for the museum .now 15 years later, he's been named the curator of history matt says he's fortunate " it was pure luck is what it was...right place at the right time. it does show why internships and things like that are important because you start to create connections and like in alot of things, sometimes good ings can happen," said anderson. tim: matt is in charge of storing sioux city artifacts and information, while developing each display that the museum holds. jenna: the countdown to the opening of the launch pad children's museum is on. in just under a month kiddos will be able to view and play with all of the exhibits in
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regionally themed. intended to teach children about agriculture, wind, water, and physics. "we are bringing something that's very needed to this community and i think something that will be enjoyed by the community and well-recieved. we have a lot of people that are so excited for it to open, and we just...we can't wait!" says valerie petersen, outreach director, launch pad. the exhibits will teach children how their food goes from the farm to the table by lettting them do the growing, buying and selling... and even cooking of the crops themselves. the grand opening is set for thursday, feburary 11th. 8 dollars admission for anyone 65 and under anan6 dollars for active miliary.and the elderly infants and teachers are always free. still to come... some good news from the salvation army. how they've exceeded their goals over the holidays. details when we return. (fred) tonight's ask fred
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you forecast snow?" the answer, and a look at snow returning to siouxland on thursday, after the break.
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and beyond their goals when it comes to their red kettle campaign, raising more than 200 thousand dollars this year's donations exceeded the goal of 180 thousand by 12 per-cent. the fundraiser spanning from right before thanksgiving until christmas eve. mroe than 200 volunteers rang bells at 15 locations around siouxland. jenna: workers at the tyson events center were working hard making preparations for the rawhide bull rididng challenge the rodeo will be in town this saturday and sunday, as the toughest cowboys in the midwast battle the bulls. there's fun for everyone, including a petting zoo and a mutton-busting.
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tyson events center box office. jenna: a sioux city based website has released their latest poll of best eateries in the metro tim: the restaurant in the top spot overall? rebo's soho kitchen came runner up the poll was taken by sioux city now-dot-com who asked their readers to rate the best food places in town. jenna: jim's burger took home top burger spot. best mexican food d went to la juanitas, and best asian food was da kao restaurant. but they didn't stop there. jenna: to find a complete list of sioxu city's "bests" just head to our website, siouxland matter dot com for a link to their poll. (jenna) fred, is the snow done? (fred) yes, but we could see more thursday. 2 line super:
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fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows that the snow has now moved away from us. snowvision shows that the heaviest snow totals were across the south, as expected. omaha, ne had 4.0", norfolk, ne and vermillion, sd received 2.0", sioux city had 1.3", and sioux center, ia received 1.0". cherokee, ia clocked in with 0.8". road conditions show partial snow and ice cover mainly along the southern part of iowa. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows the scene in downtown sioux city from the ho chunk centre. the almanac shows a high of 20 and a low of 11 today. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. winds are southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills are in the single digits and above and below zeroor most. the satellite and radar shows our snow system moving away. the stormcast hd shows quiet weather tonight and tomororw, and then our next chance for light snow thursday. the snow forecast shows that on thursday, we may pick up a half inch to an inch of snow. yoyo forecast tonight t for mostly cloudy skies
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partly cloudy skies and a typical january day. the high will be 27. the 7-day forecast shows a 40% chance of snow thursday, then a cooldown to 19 friday. winds will be breezy saturday, and we'll warm to above freezing (finally) on sunday! tonight's ask fred question is "how do you forecast snow?" snow is one of the most challenging things to accurately forecast. there are two main steps. the first t e is to determine how much moisture (the liquid equivalent) is expected. the second step is to determine the snow to liquid ratio. in other words, how much snow will a given amount of moisture produce? a normal snow in siouxland would have about a 13:1 ratio. that means that 1" of moisture would produce 13" of snow. a warm system would bring about an 8:1 ratio, and a cold system would bring about a 20:1 ratio. so as you can see, a slight ratio change can result in a major change to the ount of snow we gege mike kaufman from sioux city is our winner tonight! our prize tonight is 4
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winnavegas on january 30! we'll have a final 4 tickets to give away next week! (tim) thanks, fred! (fred) you bet!
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welcomed wayne to town tonight in a battle of top ten teams. find out who earned a statement win up ahead. tim plus it's been a long time since west beat east on the hardwood. would that change tonight? we'll have highlights from the east side
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decade, east has owned their crosstown rivals from west. the black raiders are undefeated against the wolverines over the past ten seasons. uld they keep that run alive tonight or would west snap the skid? well this will help p the wolverines' cause...avery brun...he was on fire from range tonight...3 of his 20 here and west up 15-12. on the other end, connor murrell...with the three pointer of his own...he had a team-high 19 but east down 3. west would lead by 9 at the
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wickey...connects on the triple. but the halftime speech from ras did the the steal...ty benson gets it ahead to tyler danke for the lay in...east wins a tight one, 65-61. let's head out to nebraska, 10-4 ponca taking on undefeated winnebago. in the first...hunter schweers lobs it down to logan kingsbury...he gets the hoop and the hack and ponca gets within 1. but time winding down in the quarter...david wingett...rattles home the triple...bago led it 17-16 after one. that lead didn't last long...kingsbury... goes coast to coast and gets the acrobatic finish to fall...t.t guests retake the lead. winnebago would get a cushion though...drake gorrin, uses the scree and gets to the rack...winnebago goes on to win it, 62-53. and to the rushmore state...vermillion off to a great start, taking on
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quarter....paul schwasinger hits the hole hard for the tanagers...and makes ep-j pay...4-0 home team.... and they would heat up from distance....jeremia h johnson with a hop in his step! three ball makes it 7-0 vermilllln... dab on 'em tanagers... to the second quarter we go...huskies down big and its preston kollbaum hitting their first field goal of the wasn't enough....vermillio n wins.....52-38 the final. chris: the 57 game winning streak might be over, but the crofton girls are still one of the teams to beat in nebraska. tonight they hosted a top-ten battle. the second- ranked warriors welcoming number 7 wayne to town tonight. opening quarter...kylie hammer sets up from deep and connects f f three! blue devils cut the lead to seven..... on the other end.....katie petersen shows her strength on the block.....and one! crofton takes the 13-3 lead..... but danica schaefer had something to say about that.....she goes up and in for the deuce.....deficit stays at seven.....
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warriors.....she is so powerful down low....crofton crushes wayne....69=27 the final. third d nked wynot trying to bounceceack from a loss to emerson hubbard, taking on allen. late in the first quarter.....maddy gartner picks off the pass.......and finishes through contact for the and one! devils take the 10-7 lead.... how about danielle active on the court she is hitting the long ball....15-7 wynot... tough night for allen....lexi oswald knocks down the little runner and the lead is down to 12...... but wynot would run away with things in a hurry......after some great passing.....cortney arkfeld finishes for devils win big 60- 18. up i-29 in vermillion.....the tanager girls hosting elk-point jefferson..... midway through the fourth....madisen martinez orchestrates the backdoor cut......haleigh melstad misses the chippie...but follows up her miss...tanagers down 41-39....
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the floor for the huskies....elsie, calm and collected for the pretty bucket....ep-j back up four.... and they would hold off the tanagers....karlie shatswell ices it at t line....the home team wins it 46-43. finally tonight, some wrestling action...heelan hosting south sioux in the pit. we'll start at 160...caleb rhea greer would say, he flips him like a pancake...the fall late in the first ties up the dual. up to 170 now...shyler to sink it in for the pin as well...the third period fall puts the crusaders up on the scoreboard. at 182...jesse lease...with the brace on the knee it doesn't matter...he e rns six points for his team with the fall in the second. period. at 195 the cardinals get some back...tyson merchant...gets the takedown for two...he'd win it on but heelan 220 diego samaniego...anoth er fall for seven on the night, they win it, 51-26.
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your forecast tonight is for mostly cloudy skies and a low of 17. tomorrow, expect partly cloudy skies
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27. the 7-day forecast shows a 40% chance of snow thursday, then a cooldown to o friday. winds will be breezy saturday, and we'll warm to above freezing (finally) on sunday!
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