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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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the hospital with a foot injury. it's believed a shotgun accidentially discharged while the three were trying to get people to leave a housparty. tim: just as another state gives the go ahead to the bakken oil pipeline... a group of iowans gathered inside the state capitol building today saying that they want iowa to be the last line of defense against the project. the decision from the iowa utilities board could decide if the project gets built. yesterday the north dakota public service commission approved the project. the pipeline would carry crude oil from north dakota through south dakota and iowa into a refinery in illinois. the iowa utilities board is still decidingthey're holding another set of public meetings next month. jenna: and turning to political news, democratic presidentail candidate hillary clinton's supporters were stumping for her in sioux city this afternoon. jenna: president of emily's list stephanie schriock (shree- ock) made her third trip back to iowa today and first stop in sioux city to campaign on behalf of hillary clinton.
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supporters and volunteers to talk about hillary's commitment to fighting for equal pay, paid family leave, and protecting women's right to health care. emily's list, the largest resource politics, endorsed clinton the day she announced her candidacy. "when i think about hillary and how much she has done families in this country and how she's advancing causes like additional funding to plan parenthood. it's not about a candidate who holds the line on women anymore, it's about a to advance women clinton." says stephanie schriock, president of emily's list. schriock also made stops in le mars and spirit lake. tim: and on the republican side, former arkansas govenor mike huckabee was in sioux city this morning campaigning at the siouxland center for active generations. he took time to meet and greet with the audience and also took questions. huckabee was the surprise winner of the 2008 republican caucus in iowa ... but thinks this year is very different ... mainly
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is also i think a deeper level of rage and anger from the frustrated they that they lost their drop, their pension funds depleeted by stupid decisions." trailing both major republican frontrunners, donald trump and ted cruz ... but will continue to campaignthroughout second stop today being le mars. jenna: another republican candidate is planning on stumping in the hawkeye state this week. marco rubio has campaign stops scheduled in indianola and ames coming up saturday. he will be at isu in ames at 12-30 in the afternoon for a townhall meeting and the he will be at the kent campus center in indianola for a town hall meeting that evening starting at 6 pm. tim: republican presidential candidate john kasich is gaining some momentum in new hampshire. the ohio governor snagged a highly coveted endorsement from former new hampshire g-o-p chairman fergus cullen. cullen says he thinks kasich has the best chance of winning new
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says he appreciates kasich's positive and consistent tone during his campaign. a new cnn/wmur poll of new hampshire voters shows kasich tied with new jersey governor chris christie and senator rand paul at 6-percent. jenna: a parent is accusing carly fiorina of 'ambushing' a group of iowa children on a field trip. according to the british newspaper-- the guardian-- the republican presidential candidate directed 15- children to the stage for an-anti abortion rally... but the kids were on a field trip at the greater des moines botanical garden. a parent complained to the paper that fiorina "ambushed the field trip." fiorina's campaign manager told the guardian that the preschoolers along with the parents and teachers followed fiorina at botanical nothing was inappropriate. the obama administration is expected to visa requirements today designed to terrorists from entering the nation. the requirements
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travelers who are dual nationals of iran, iraq, sudan or syria, or who have visited any of those countries in the last five years. the move is designed to make it harder for europeans who have fought for the islamic state group to enter the united states. jenna: your last trip to the pump may have left you pleasantly surprised with the drop in gas prices. the national average of gas has dropped to $1.86 a gallon. that is the lowest its been since 2009, according to aaa. in the sioux city metro, is right around one-70 for regular. folks we talked to, who fill up every couple of days, are very happy with how much they're saving. "i'm always getting gas, so i know when i'm saving some money." says robert taybmore. "i't helps the common person be able to get and do what they need to do with lower gas prices." says katherine stepp. it's hard to say how long the low gas prices will be around. people in siouxland are just enjoying it while
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tim: the turkey death toll continues to rise in indiana as a new strain of the deadly avian flu hits more poultry farms. so far the outbreak has been isolated to just one county. the first outbreak hit a turkey farm on the 14th, since then...10 more farms have been infected. officials say more than four hundred thousand birds have been killed to stop it from spreading. there have been no new cases since saturday. jenna: it was a close call for an elderly woman as a quick- thinking taxi driver saved her from a car fire now, a look at the dramatic video. reid lamberty has more. nats windshield blowing out. listen again. nats explosions john mcdonald heard and captured on his cell man stood on his balcony, just 50 feet inferno. witness) i really thought someone was grinding their gears. that's how mcdonald describes the noise he heard prior to (john mcdonald/ pops. within seconds the entire inside of the cab was in flames. by the time he
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and passenger were safely out. but mcdonald says not a safe distance away. this is gonna blow you've got to get her into the apartment building. with the taxi's horn blowing incessantly - nats and choking black smoke spewing above, mcdonald's next fear was the more than dozen cars parked within feet of the out of control blaze. (john mcdonald/ witness) could it get to the fuel line, would it get there that quickly? it didn't. response time from quincy fire was within minutes. and it took seconds to drown the flames. and mcdonald's elderly neighbor, the passenger in the cab, who uses two canes to walk, made sure to give credit to her driver. (john mcdonald/ witness) he literally moved her away from the situation and got nats (john mcdonald/ witness) and she was quite thankful for that. jenna: both the driver and the 80 year old passenger
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car safely tim: astronauts caught a unique view of the northern lights last night aboard the international space station. astronauts scott kelly and tim peake shared this video online from space. the light show happens when a solar wind hits the earth's atmosphere. jenna: still to come... folks on the east coast are preparing for a potentially record breaking snow storm, we'll have more after the break. fred: (fred) we'll get a dusting to 1/2" of snow tonight, then we're looking forward to a warmer weekend. there could be more snow monday! your forecast is next. " "
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breaking. meteorologists say some areas around washington, d.c. could end up buried under two feet of snow. dianne gallagher brings us more " " from the north... (mayor william de blasio, new york city ) it is crucial for people to stay off the streets. to the south... (gov. pat mccrory, north carolina) winter has finally arrived in north carolina. millions are prepping for a wicked winter weekend. in washington d.c. it
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less than an inch of snow, turned highways into parking lots wednesday. you don't know how long this will take. one hour, two hour, six hours? even the commander-in-chief couldn't escape the d.c. disaster. his presidential motorcade -- stuck in the snow with everybody else. i would have hoped they would have anticipated this little better and treated the roads the city, admitting this morning, it messed up, (mayor muriel bowser, washington, dc) we are very sorry for inadequate response. mayor muriel bowser says, despite the failure overnight, her city will be ready for the big one this weekend. (mayor muriel bowser, washington, dc) we will treat this event as a homeland security and emergency management event in the district of columbia. the nation's capital is expected to get the worst of it. a staggering 30 inches of snow possible. virgina has the national guard on standby and maryland is bracing for the worst, (governor larry hogan, maryland) we anticipate the heavy wet snow could result in downed trees and disrupted power lines with the potential for considerable power outages. but the reach of this storm is massive.
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southeast to new england could be spending the weekend snowed in. in washington, dianne gallagher reporting. jenna: there is a quirky new trend in outdoor winter art in minnesota. people are freezing their jeans and other clothing and putting them in their yards as ice sculptures. it's their way of adding a little comedy to the cold temperatures. it all started with one minneapolis resident placing frozen pants across the neighborhood to lighten the mood. now neighbors are joining in on the fun and posting the photos on social media. but some neighbors say the trend is a little strange. one man says he saw some frozen pants while walking his dog and the dog got scared. fred: jenna:
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fred, how much snow tonight? (fred) a dusting to a half inch. fred: (fred) the hd radar shows a band of snow moving through southeastern south dakota, and headed our way. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows cloudy skies. the high today was 30 and the low 24. 27 is our current temperature. local temperatures are in the 20s. wind chills are in the teens and 20s. winds are north around 10 miles per hour. visibility is lowered due to fog in many spots. looking north, we can see cooler weather in north dakota which will arrive in siouxland tomorrow on northerly wind. the satellite and radar shows that our snow band is on the northern edge of a big weather system that will bring big snow to the east central u.s. a tornado watch is in effect for southern louisiana and mississippi, while winter storm warnings are shown in yellow...that's a lot of counties. meanwhile, washington, d.c. is under a blizzard warning. the stormcast shows snow showers tonight, then quiet weather with a warming trend on southerly winds over the weekend. the snow forecast shows a dusting to a half inch tonight. your forecast for tonight is for a dusting to 1/2" of snow. the low will be 13. mostly cloudy skies will be seen tomorrow. the high will be 22. the 7-day shows highs in the 20s and 30s, with another chance of light snow monday. new extended range forecasts were issued by the national weather service today for february, march, and
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temperatures for siouxland (no surprise in our el nino pattern) and equal chances for above and below normal precipitation (also no surprise in an el nino pattern). fred: tim: jenna: (jenna)
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tim: think eating in that little bistro is healthier than a chain restaurant? think again. calories coming up in today's health minute. tim:
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into stores.
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cinnamon-bun flavored cookies officially hit the market. buzz about the flavor's release has been circulating for three months. fans rejoiced on social media when the cookies were spotted in stores. the company also says it will be re- releasing red velvet oreos in time for valentine's day. tim: the average american gets a meal or snack from a restaurant nearly six-times- a-week. if you aren't eating at a chain restaurant that posts calorie counts on the menu, you might not know how healthy your meal is. jennifer whalen ( way-lin) has the health minute " " eat out. many chain restaurants are posting the calorie counts on their menus, before it becomes a federal w this year. but if you think that eating at a non-chain is healthier... that may not always be the case. researchers sampled dishes in restaurants in boston, san francisco and little rock. they found that the
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as calorie-laden as chain restaurants. however, you might not know that because the calories aren't always on the menu. according to their research, the average dinner at a non-chain restaurant had about 12-hundred calories. while that may be comparable to a chain restaurant, it's still about half the recommended amount of calories for an adult. the worst offenders, american, italian and chinese restaurants tended to pile on the calories... while greek, vietnamese and mexican tended to have the least amount. the study's authors recommend eating in moderation, and making healthy choices like ordering for half- portions or getting dressing on the side. the results were publhed this week in the journal of nutrition and dietetics. for today's health minute, i'm jennifer whalen. tim: after the break... we'll take a look at an event for women and student leaders of siouxland stay with us jenna:
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chance to chleadership conference that came to town last
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luck, it's coming back. dianramsey from iowa women lead change of siouxland joins me today. iwlc (iowa women lead change) siouxland conference background a premier women's organization, known as iwlc, will hold its second annual siouxland leadership conference for women and student leaders on february 16, 2016 from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the marina inn in south sioux city. four major of them authors, lessons of major sessions and a networking lunch. college student scholarships for them. iwlc, which stands for iowa women lead change, is a 5013c develops conferences in four major iowa sponsor support businesses. register now businesses are encouraged to send employees and
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website. the conference cost just $150 per person for those in by jan. 6 and there is a group rate for 10. last year's first conference was well received . it's a cost effective investment in motivating employees in a full day that ends at 3 p.m. sponsors and speakers the siouxland conference is sponsored by mercy, ho-chunk, klinger, regina roth, briar cliff, wit, great west casualty and others. sponsorship opportunities are still available. speaker topics will address workplace communication, the power of negotiation, multi- generational workplaces, activism on national issues and more. 712-253-3825 jenna: fred's back nextxt with a final check of our forecast.
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