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tv   Your Local Election Headquarters Presents The Iowa Caucuses  ABC  February 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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welcome back to local election headquarters a lot going on right now the 2016 iowa caucuses we want to get to the numbers right aw because since we told you last both sides of the race have tightened up just a little bit which means are getting really tight but start on the republican s side now. where we have 67 percent of the precincts reporting ted cruz coming back to the field a little bit dropping from 29 to 28 percent donald trump still at 25 percent marco rubio gets
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lost so look at the big thre there now etty close. then carson 10 rand paul for jejebush three the rest of the field pretty much plays out the way it has been l night long. as we transition to the rest of those candidates case it fiorina huckabee all it two percent and holding no big moves hahappening here christie to santorum one gilmore rounding down to zero. let's take a look at the numbers on the demoatic side at 76 percent of precincts reporting hillary clinton lee dropped down to 51 perct to 50 percent now bernie sanders coming up a little bit there to 49 so trailing hillary by not very much martin o'malley way behind at one percent and along the slides we have d word into our newsroom that at nine 30 p.m. will announcement from the o'malley campaign that he is in facdropping out tonight out of this race dismal numbers here tonight will keep wallowing that for you and progresses.
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capitol square idowntown moyne with our election team to see what the reactitis are to these changes d numbers. >> i i mean that is a huge piece of information to get so early on only 76 percent of people reporting bubut of course is not possible for martin o'malley to even come close to winning the state even to really have a good showings were goioing to be joined now by stefan schmidt with iowa state university what your reaction to martin o'malley droppingut a and b what is it mean for supporters? what it's a little unusual to drop out of this particular moment usually wait until people have id thank you for voting for me and then you kind of bow out so jumping off the ship. while it's still not import is kind of strange. his supporters i guess after listening to this and they're planning to vote i don't notice too late for them or not. but they don't have a candidate anymore they're going to leave the corner and went over somewhere else and join hillary or bernie sanders.
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o'malley's been a four percent to five percent he got have a percent tonight. those people have gone elsewhere. what's the best guess. bernie sanders section doing remarkably well. very very close i think right now at least this whole hillary clinton should be barrassed about the results. it's too close but she was 70 percent ahead you know in popularity and acceptability and so on that not good. is that partly the emails are focud on late at all. they didservice again here in a big way. i think it is maybe drip drip drip even when peoeoe say they don't make a dierencen the back of the mind they're going what else is no ione of the ship is going to drop i think that didn't help her at all. but again let's go back to she didn't have a theme bernie sanders at a theme you knew exactly what he was going to talk a about at every event and that was a brand and you know
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didn't have a brand and so you know i think that hurt her as well. >> martin o'malley is the one who's dropping out at this point of the evening being one of three democrats now 12 republicans arguably many of whom were drop out tonight i think you said they ne to drop out at some point but this digging in there. we can tell whicones should drop out becae there dropping down not out but you know they're almost off the chart there at the bottom and i think some of them are going to leave.i mean they just can't continue this s is an embarrassment it makes no sense they're alieting the republican party by staying in their th might help one of the establishment ndidates will tell you the big winner right now at this whole rubio. rubio unbelievable high percentage of course the percentage is very good top three of five. only five percent high behehind ted cruz in first place.
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going to be very happy right now. what you make of the cruise momentum. maybe not surprising because he had the organization you know from texas and put them up in a dorm and then deploy them all over the state everybody said he's got fabulous ground forces it's actually not that great. i mean is perceage should be higher for all the effort he put in there and for the fact that really had his back and stevking is very influential should been able to turn out withore evangelicals for him and apparently you know that it wasn't as big as we thought. you mentioned the two people just looking at sue county here up the numbers to the rubio this is what about 60 percent and sue county 3percrcent of peace without rubio neck and neck. gotta be a little embarrassed
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that's the brightest red spot ther i in iowa. and marco rubio right now w is got him tied. that is a huge numr. that's big surprise i would've never guessed an effort to talk about betting i would never bet on that. 11 of the 16 precinct reporting and trump only has 11.8 percent. that cruz of the 1.2 percent in your county. that's really interesting there's one other sabrina and i would just like me thatand paul is almo doubled jeb bush tonight. i will list here the biggest loser is jeb bush really because this is the end of jeb bush. i mean think that he just cannot make a case after this coming in down there with people that we reallyly didn't think would ever get anything that's got to be very hard for him. and look at how much money he spent. that's right i'm looking here whspent the most money it
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is so impoant sometimes it isn't. sometimes it isn't you just can't buy popularity support connecti you know any office he spent a lot of money but didn't get it. also received a lot of money from the super pacs does this at all kind of comment bernie sanders claim that campaign financing can be reformed. not necessarily becausi think there is too much money in it sloshing all over the place and one reason we have all these candidates is because a loof them still have some super packer or somebody writing checks for them and they should've run out of money a while ago. same people backing multiple --. it sort of their betting on the horse that's not likely to win but it if it wins well you know you really cashin. it's kind of a gambling situtuation there. i think we need less money in litics it's gogoing to be tough to do it with the supreme court ruling but it alalso showshat you can't buy elections.
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tonight just as much a story for not doing well we got chris christie the establishment candidates that are performing so poorly in tonight's caucuses which echoes the ntiment that we've been talking about the full election c cycle of this antiestablishment feeling that people have. and it also shows with marco rubio that a lot of establishment republicans seem to be focusing on him as the best horse to bet on to become the establishment candidate and maybe take on you know the renegades of the top. that's interesting too. you thinink that'swhy ted cruz is all of a sudden puttinup his negative ads against marco rubio? when really he wasn't doing so well in the polls? i think so. they do a lot of internal polling private polling we don't know about and they may have had some numbebers there that said to them we better turn on him because you know trump we've artie tried but this guy couould tch up with us. and d they wermaybe right. and he is. >> top three now we've got
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sort of the outlier. that's interesting because he was attackedor taking a soft position on immigration being the gang of nine and all the stuff that shows that the immigration issue did not set repupublicans higher the way we thought because otherwise it would've walked away from him. so u know later as i was go to the state's actually help them a lot. the fact that he's a lile bit more nuanced about that issue you know and i think he probably planet that way new hampshire is a good possibility for him. i think new hampshire is a good possibility because some of the others are not doing very wewell there. and he fits the new portrait. new hampshire is a seven least religious state in the coununtry i don't know if you knew that or not they are not evangelical and d so if yotook a position that ito stop some of the
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religion and so on that doesn't sell a new hampshire really at all. so you know let's see how he does there. what do you think goes on to win new hampshire from here? i think it still trumps is way ahead there is made all kinds of connections and ted cruz realally doesn't have a constituency their suite is not going to do very well. and what if it becomes trump versus cruz and that would be e fabulous we would be up to then have another sessiolike this and talk about the new hampshire primary and it would be really realally interesting. you said earlier that hillary clinton has to be ry disappointed. you could almostp that with these numbers in iowa and what's going to happen in new hampshire, that's just embarrassed may not be a strong enough word i guess. you' right the story tomorrow is going to be perhaps the clinton one. you know that's not good in august the bernie sandeders is where i headed new hampshire he's neighbor and so
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quite we can lose a new hampshire and then she's got to really wo on south carolina and so ofhe other states and i think she can do that i mean this isn't er yet hillary clinton has a a lot of money and a lot of these establishment behind or so we'll see her in the news for many many months perhaps. i do tnk she will have a a rong showing in south carolina. just because of the african-amererican votes. now i still though ashocked that martin o'malley at 9:30 p. is playing to announce that he's going to drop out of the race so let's head back into thetudio in des moines to get another check of the numbers. >> we do have some new numbers and here let's go ahead and start on the republican side more movement here now with 7 percent of precinct reporting ted cr holding ontoto his lead but he's at 20 percent now followed by donald trump at 25 percent marco rubio bumped up is now two percentage points
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then carson at nine percent rand paul five perct jeb bush three percent. again was 75 percent recent reporting john kasich carly fiorina mike huckabee all at two peent right now. and chris christie also at two rick santorum at one and jim gilmore at zero. democratic side we have 81 percenof the precinct reporting now hillary clinton still technically leading bernie sanders but by the narrowest of margins s st a o percentage point and martin o'malley as we found out is going to announce probably in about 15 minutes but it's going to be dropping out of the race right here ithe middle of caucus night let's go to our instant results center with lucas casey to give us more information about numbers martin o'malley. where the confirm from our friendnds at abc news a f minutes ago martin o'malley will suspend his campaign tonight we actually have a message from the campaign's counications rector that
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year o'malley spent morore time in iowa than any othe candidate remain most accessible even in energetic and norable campaign leading the field with the most bold progressive policy proposals and he successfully pushed the other caidates on gun safety immigration and climate popolicy according to this announcement he's gog to announce is gog to suspend his campaign later tonight about 9:30 p.m.. if we look athe map we can drill down and see how o'malley has performed arouound the state these darker pink areas he came in third yowould assume that he had to come in third to get any sort of delicate support. lighter area he came in fourth behind uncommitted voters so far the only six delegates democratic candididate is going to win the iowa caucuses tonight needs 704 1406 state delegates on the table 740 when ght now hillary clinton n beie sanders of fastly approachching that putting 550
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to be a race to the finish. >> statewide coverage all across iowa of the 2016 i will caucuses underway some ways is starting to get a little late because we have a lot of precinct very high percentage ofof preccts reportining on the democratic side and let's take a look at the late numbebers as they stand we've got hillary clinton n still on top 82 percent of the precincts reporting but you got to believe that hillary clinton and her supporters are real happy with such a n narrow lead right now. over bernie sanders just one percentage point martin o'malley is reported earlier is going to around 9:30 p.m. just dip out of the present a race altogether. on the republican side e interesting story he ted cruz leading with 75 percent of the precinct in at 20 percent
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we've seen marco rubio kind of surge the evening is reay closed at third place gap down to 23 percent in the big dip t to the rest of the candidates here ben carson at nine percent rand paul five percent jeb bush at three percent. john kasich carly fiorina mike huckabee all at two percent was 75 percent of prisonsreporting this christie in the group to it two percent ck santorum one percent and jim gilmore with zero. i had back down to capital square have a guest who can talk to us a little more about this republican race is tightening up right now. >> we are joined now by craig robinson w with the iowa republican. thank you for being with us tonight. i mean this is kind of shaping out a little bit differently than me recent polls thought. crews with 27.7 percent trump with 24.4. huge turnout the only thing i was able to experience it was my own caucus and they blew ththe doors out of it.
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registering their on-site marco rubio carried it going away he actually came in very late to speak took so long for us to get gog. he was there. i mean yeah he spoke it in o'clock able to still make it so it is a bigigurnout noonly is ted creally strong i mean last night check is over 30,000 votes were going have a record turnout here but rubio over0 percent big for him. crews with 42,000 votes to put that in perspective mike huckabee was a previous weakest winter a only had d that's gger than his. we still have a lot of results coming in. live look now at the donald trump precinct location this is where excusee campaign locationthis is where he will be expected to speak of is a huge crowd there but if he wins iowa how do you think will react. i meanf he loses iowa. we might be here some colorful things from hihim you know -it
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the perfecbalance of a state r him. but he'she type who always wants to win. you know, so if he loses, i'm sure he'll question what on earth we were thinking but is still going to do well tonight regardless. >> if he doesn't win iowa though i mean what does that mean for the future of his campaign? he's thehe one whs based at all on you know you got it when everything are in so look is still varies dong position in new hampshire what this will d is it wiwill say it'll condenense it dowto these are the three legitimate candates moving forward is one of them. what you to ask to go back t the rubio story tonight because ted cruz winning will be a big story but ththe ground that marco rubio has made up tonight from whatat those poll numbers were that's ataggering increase. it's significant. you know in my precinct it's newer lot of younger families you been there lot tailor-made
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but yes i mean across the state if he can hold above 20 percent, i think it's one of the main stories of this conference caucus. i think that your ability to understand kind of what's been going on around iowa ate university did you feel like marco rubio had as mu of a ance as he showing tonight? >> he had big crowds lots of enthusiasm a mixed bunch of people some students but alsoso other people who are not young peopleut liked the idea of a fresh base and somebody were to the future. he was when i talk ababout the future he was not gloom and doom candidate i think that helped him quite a bit. also haven't seen too many younger candidates from the republican party is a fresh base also could be attractive to a lot of younger voters. the fact that he is an immigrant cuban-american hispanic could also help
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really needs to build back into that base you know george w. bush really well and one election because he got 41 percent or so of hispanic votes. and i think that he could perhaps do that and that might be attractive to a lot of people that he could reach out to the roots. marco rubio in your opinion safe though for middle of the line republicans not to parts? yes they been looking for someone and they sought jeb bush would do that in case it is you know not really ththe guy so i think now they have probably found the person that they may turn to to help that the establishment part of the party really ramp up and get some real competition to cruise into trunk. i would like to ask rbc jeb bushsh really was nowhere to be found throughout the process and the mbers at least the polling of tonight 2.8 percent right now he's got 4000 people that voted for him. let me tell y what happens
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calls with republican donors were going to say abandon ship we tried it's over were going to move our ships over to marco rubio and they will pull us behind. that's w it's a huge even if he finishes third tonight i think those calls are already happening he's in posion. do you think that marco rubio was going to win your precinct before he showed up >> is iowa state chairman lives in my precinct so i figured jack worked pretty hard bui'll tell you all the new people who were there registerinto vote i i thought maybe trump had a you know a chance here but i mean once rubio came in late and spoke i think lot of people say hey took the effort to get here he almost got 300 both of my precinct donaldrump was the second highest in a short with 11volts. >> he smoked them. so that ney call comes in tomomorrow push backs down he cannot compete. it's hard for him to create a narrative to say no you gotta
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after result like this. >> thanks so much for being he. really interesting now stephanie that the numbers are republican side of tightened even a little more. even more here. just giving you the computer with 83 pepercent ted cruz at 20 perct trump though dropping down to 24 percent look at this marco rubio now in third place with just one percentage point behind donald trump there so he's been movingp up up throughout the night as tight as it's been all night long the two o and the spot let's go to ted cruz " is at the state fairgrounds where clear powell is now with the latest. >> is a crowd keeps growing here at the cruise headquarters so does the noise is extremely loud right now every time that that screen pops up showining
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the crowd jujust burstnto plause there a lot of crews rseys s out there right now with that quiet lead over trump i wod say at least the crowd is doubled inside right now all about turnout d d worsening record number of gop numbers at the caucus right now. we just know that abc right now predicting ted cruz to win in crews to show up here at 9:00 p.m. another saying 10:00 p.m. we really not sure when he will show up but i can tell you one thing that this crowd is ready for him to show up right now. they are absolutely ready if you can hear them every time they showed up 20 they just burst into applause. with that will be giving you uptes as a result keep coming in tonight with that send it back to you guys. >> thank you aire. again the projected winner for the republican side of the iowa caucuses 2016 is ted cruz cncnews is calling that right
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will continue to bring you the numbers as they come in we have 84 percent on both sides of precinct reporting getting close to the end. a lot of intrigue though as one percentage point right now separates news for your caucus coverage. new just this hour... former
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expected to evening to break down the action of the night. jeff taylor is a professor of weather later tonight. fred, how quick high wind. whiteout conditions are likely. do not travel. night coverage from across the state. the campaign
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caucuses. ted cruz declared the winner of the iowa caucuses by y abews just a short time ago and your local election headquarters is now followed suit we are declaring teted cruz the winner on the republican side of the iowa caucuses at 28 percent right now and that 28 and 29 peent all night long we've lost another candidate on martin o'malley campaign announcing that he was going to end his campgn noe
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i am officially suspending my campaign thank you for all of your loyal support. that from mike huckabee. we have had word in from the iowa gop that there was record turnout tonight. so interesting to see withthout defended how those numbers fall throughout the evening let's head back to cleapowell she's the iowa state fairgrounds right now can't uise very happy place in des moines. more morpeopleoming in precinct or could be any room on the floor step on the way give you a look here everyone is crowding to the fronand you just missed we love ted chant as cnn offers a predicted that d cruz is going to be the winner of the iowa caucuses. as his numbers keep rolling in leading donald trump and marco rubio at this s moment in time cruise derbies are out and about crowded keeps explain you how many people are really just
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drov of peoplele. again this crowd is a rowdy one every single time that they show those polling numbers up there and show that cruz is ahead in the polls that showing that he's predicted to w may erupt right now. right now the focused on what donald might say but with that were going to the ba to you guys. he's going to hold out to really until the numbers probably settle down a little bit more even maybe the difference between cond and third as a result. ted cruz a projected winner local going ahead and calling m the projected winner tonight with 20 peent following behind in second place right now with 87 percent of precinct reporting is donald trump at 24 percent let's check in with elias johnson piece of the truck set up which is at the sheraton west des moines. >> good evening and t right
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monitors behind me unexpectedly adding that second-place and not so much even the second-place it's the fact that marco rubio is so close to him and second-place so as soon as th called multiple boeing it's been kind of an odd atmosphere people just stonefaced as a been watching these returns not knowing what to make of it hoping for that last surge as we get to 50 percent d then 75 percent as we kept getting those returns and people just kind of mulling around hoping that they would get some sort of a relief as far as the polls go and that's not how thesese caucus are returning soe do expect donald trump some point take the stage whether his wife are family joints and we do expect him to address this crowd and find out what is his plan what is a plan to do with the primary coming just in eight days now over new hampshire not a lot of time to try to rebound and write try to overtake ted
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by weight for nald talk trump but the crowd understandably very unenthusiastic right now a lot different than what you're seeing at this ted cruz campaign right now. definitely different emotions ofof the difrent camps right now in fact let's take a live look at marco rubio's lotion he's at the marriott desoines downtown ballroom that's where campaign headquarters are you gonna believe e that his supporters are pretty excited with tonight's results because really got a pretty clearly top three shippingtogether eve though ted cruz is officially beenen declared the winner by your local election adquarters l let's take a look at those numbers. here is where we are right now in the republican side with the numbers at 87 maybe 89 it is 87
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reporting again we've declared ted cruz the winner but look at at the very dramatic posioning there between donald trump who was probably five or six percentage ints ahead of marco rubio maybe an hour or an hour and ha ago and now they're extremely cl so some of the donald trump camp a little you know disappointed by this marco rubio supporters have to be pretty excited. 'll go to the st of the candidates here although there are really far behind in carson nine perct rand paul five percent job bush three percent case it fiorina hockey be all the two percent mark and huckabee saying will suspend his campaiaign now athe end of the eveng chris christie rick santorum a and jim gilmore bringing up the rear end. for the democrats here let's take a look at the numbers with 86 percent i bebelieve reporting that's the number that i have 87 pernt now reporting larry inton holding a 50 percent but he stated that 49 percent
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that martin o'malley has officiallyly said hewill suspend his campaign he came at one percent were going to head down to marco rubio's headquarters because he is preparing to give a speech. >> harry comes obviously the mood is ptty excited there is got his whole faly with them is taking the microphone so let's listen in. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. so this is the moment they said would never happen.applalause mafor months they told us we had nono twins. from what they told us because we offer too much optimism in a time of anger we had no chance. from what they told us because we didn't have the right endorsements on e right political connections we had no chance.
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chance because my hair was a great enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn. but i needed to wait inin line. but tonight, tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state absent a very clear message after seven years of barack obama we are not waiting back! applause this is not a time for waiting for everything that makes this nation great now hangs in the balance. this is a time where we need president that will tru preserve and protect and defend the constitution of the united states not one that undermines
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constituon of the united states. this is the timeor a president who will defend our second amendment rights. not a president who undermines them. this is a time for president that will rebuild the us military because the world is a safer and better place. when the united states s a most powerful military in the world. this is no ordinary election. 2016 is not just choice between two political parties. 2016 is a referendum. is a referendum on identity as a nation and as a people. america there are only two ways forward for us now w we can either be greater than we've ever been, or we can be a great nation and decline. if berninie sanders or hillary clinton get elected, if they were to win, we will be great
9:34 pm
if they went obamacare becomes permanent. if they win these unconstitutiononal executive orders from this present become permanent. if they win our military continues to decline. and if they win, the balance of our supreme court will be controlled by liberal justices for over a decade or longer. they cannot win. hiary clinton is disqualified from being the president of the united states. because she stored classified and sensitive information on the email server because she think she's above the law. and hillary clinton can ever become mandarin chief. because anyone who lies for the families of people or lost theilives in the service of this country can never be
9:35 pm
unit states. so tonight i thank you here in iowa i think you because tonight have t taken the first step butut an important step towards winning this eltion. if i am our nominee and i will our nominee fixed what you have done this great state, when i am our nominee we are going to unify this party we are going to unify the conservative movement. when i'm our nominee will going to gw the conservative movement we're going to take our message to the people who are struggling paycheck to paycheck. to the students under the burden of student loans. to the families struggling to raise the children with the right values. we will take our message to them and we will bring them to our side. when i am our nominee to
9:36 pm
party and we will defeat hillary clinton bernie sanders or whoever they nominate. i want to all think how powerful mighty y god fofor the chance that he has given us to be a part of this endeavor here in iowa it's been a phenomenal experience. i want to thank my wife and my family. i want to congratulate my friend senator ted cruz we worked really hard here iiowa in your district each night. want to thank another good friend of mine governor mike huckabee for his service to our country to the state of
9:37 pm
that he suspending his campaign we have tremendous admiration for governor huckabee and we thank him for all he's done. two centuries ago an extraordinary generation in one place at one time here in america in english lony declared their independence on the most powerful empire in the world. they did it with a powful words in principle that our rights comerom our creator. they do o not come from our government. and thee rest is a two century history of the most extraordinary tion in history of mankind. i know america is special. because i was raised by people that knew what life was like outside of america.i was raised by people who came to this country with nothing. they babarely spo english at the time. ey had no money my father stopped going to school when he was nine years old. d to go work.
9:38 pm
school he would workrk for the ne 70 years of his life. when i'm when my parents s they struggled. they were disuraged. but they persevered. less than a decade after they arrived herewith nothing, my father a bartender on miami beach,hey owned a home, not a mansion, but a safe and stable home. in a safe and stable neighborhood.. decades later they would retire with unity and security.the most important thing of all for them, they left all for their children with a life better than their own. this is the purpe of my parents life. to gi t kids us the chance to do all the things they never could. that's not just my story, that's our story. that's america's story. that's a story of your parents you knowthe story. of your parents who sacrificed and gave upo much so you could be what t they cou not.
9:39 pm
today who are doing the same for the children. it is this that makes america special. and it is this what we fight now to preserve. this is a kind of cotry that it wants for me for my the kind of country your children deserve to inherit as well. and this is what we must now decide whether we will remain that kind of country or whether wewill be the first generation to lose it. it's an important choice and one that each geration before us has had to make. for america is not a special country by accident america is a great nation as each generation before us did their r part each generation before us sacrificed they coconfrontedhe challenges they embraced their opportunities and for r over two centuries, each generation left the next better off than themselves. now the time has come for us to do the same.
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is generation of americans to rise up to the callings of our heritage now the time is come for us to take our place and do what we must and when i am elected president of these great unitedtates, we will do our part. we don't have all of the precincts and ballistic a look at the numbers that we do have on the republican side going to gi you your top six here for the republicans. and with 91 percent of precincts now reporting, your local election headquters is competent to project ted cruz as the winner of the 2016 i will caucus republican nomination 20 percent donald trump at 24 percent marco rubio you just heard from pretty happy with that third-place showing so far one percentage point off of donald trump there 23 percent ben carson at nine rara paul four percent and jeb bush at three percent.
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democrats real quick with 89 percent of the precincts reporting hillary clinton this is so close look at that is 625 delegates to 620 delegates to train her and bernie sanders. sot's really got to be less than one percentage point that is incredibly tight race right now. let's get some analysis on that bike heading d down to our experts at capital square. >> we do want to remember the are projected numbers because of crse projected winner is ted cruz because the party has to actually make the announcement for. projected numbers pretty incredible greg robinson with the iowa republican what are your thoughts on that. >> the numbers are staggering that you have really haveve three candidates all within just a few thousand votes i mean cruz has a 6000 vote lead over trump and then trump and d rubio are
9:42 pm
this is a massive turnout and really beats conventional wiwisdom everyone thought big turnout meant donald trump and big turnout trump did fine but rubio i mean really surprised and cruz a huge number to p put up in the state so big numbers all around. question is twofold with ted cruz heading the stage for new hampshire pulling in second place in new hampshire three horse race one-act aspect how to screws probably this into a win in new hampshire needs to what about the whole now trumps campaign his big crowds just to see ththe show really not want to come out vote for him i'm fascinated to see what this means the race moving on as we focus our attention onto three candidates how does he withstand it think is benefited from a big wide field now we're going to have really a three horse race f forward i think the going to look athat
9:43 pm
and will new hampshire vors just completely reassess this race now that there's rubio is a more viable c candidatethan anyone ever thought he would be. we're hearing that donald trump may take to e podium at his campaign headquarters tonight is a live shot at that venue going to be there in two or three minutes so will definitely keep an eye on this of bringing the speech live what happens once again from iowa state university y you think that speech ruo sound like a victory speech because it did to me. it was not only a victory speech but he launched the early it was a speech for the entire country as craig said i think is not just for iowans and i thinthat this is going to really get the attention of a lot of people who needed to decide where to put the money i mean he is really the wininner tonight. think that he is the winner because he so outdid expectations for all surprised. before we continue we want to
9:44 pm
going to believe thank you so much for your help in our statewide political coverage today. led a discussion last couple of days about mark omentum.mark omentum maybe just roll through state of iowa. >> great results to watch tonight see what happens. until we do go to trump live for s speech campaign site talk to me a little bit about what we can expect from trump now that we do know that cruz is a protected winner. we're going to see how he handles a loss. i think this is really important looking toward new hampshire he hasas to speak to what's going to happen next. so is actually about to walk up areas were going to see him in just a second that is donald trump going to the podium living to the crowd big smile
9:45 pm
behind take a listen to what he has to say. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. i love you people. i love you people. thank you. unbelievevable i have to start by saying i absolutely love the people of iowa. unbelievable. unbelievable. son june 16, when we starte this journey, there were 17 candidates. i was told by everybody not go to iowa you could never finish even in the top 10. and i said but i have runs in iowa i know a lot of people in iowa i think you really like me let's give it a shot. they said don't do what i saidid i have to do it. and we finished second and i want to tell you something i'm
9:46 pm
and i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible ndidates including mike huckabee who's become a really good friend of mine. so congratulations to everybody. congratulations. i want to thank all of the folks that worked with us we had a great team we will continue to have a great team and we're just so hahay with the way everything worked out. and most importantly, i have to thank my wifefe, and laura and eric and vanessa and don they went out and they were doing speeches in fact don and eric i think did about six speeches today so i just wanto thank myamily th have been so amazing and so supportive. we've had every indicaon going now we have a right 28 points ahead okay new hampshire
9:47 pm
uth carolina and we're leaving tonight and tomorrow afternoon will be in new hampshire that will be something special is going to be a great week will going to be up here next week and i think we're going to be proclaiming victory i hope. i wi say thi i don't know who's going to win between bernie and hillary, i don't know what's going to happen with hillary scott other problems may be gger than the problems she got in terms of minations, but we've had so many different indicationand poles that we beat her and we beat her easily and we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the health they throw up their iowa we love you we thank you for your special will be back many many times in f fact i think i might come here and buy a farm i love it.
9:48 pm
take everybody. thank you. thank you very much. there you go donald trump thank you i was may come back and buy a farm here. you never know. i mean he's done a lot of things that people didn't expect them to do. and a strong showing for him maybe not exactly the showing he was looking for tonight i'm sure he anticipated to win tonight but let's take a look at the numbers where they stand right now this is the latest and we're going to stt on that republican side with 92 percent of the precincts reporting crews the protected winner by your local election headquarters with 28 percent of the vote and then that very close finish between second place donald trump for right now that could still change before all the precincts report or before the final numbers are counted byhe state parties. and then on the second page we've got ben carson at ninene percent rand paul it or present
9:49 pm
let's take a look at the numbers on the democratic side. and with 90 percent of precinct reporting we have a tie now between hillary clinton and bernie sanders you can see the number below represents delegates there are only four delegates difference betwe the twthere. martin o'malley at one percent but we have been told by him his campaign that he is in fact suspending his campaign. that's fourelates that parate hillary clinton bernie nders right now so this is an incredibly c close race on the democratic side probably little bit of a disappointment for hillary clinton and a lot of her supporters. we understand tt martin o'malley is speaking we know is going to be ending his campaign and let's listen in. >> she came up to me and she said governor, when all of you candidates on stage togetr, i want you to please t tell the other candidates not to refer
9:50 pm
the ground. she said my son is an american soldier and he is my son. we're going to have to break away from martin o'malley we have to take a required break now you're watching live statewide
9:51 pm
headquarters on. . do not coverage with china by pat reiner with iowa starting line democratic blog get some final thoughts and some of the was going on right now be for the 10 olock news starts. come right down to the wire and the question of whher or not bernie sanders could tu out all of these new ople. if it's enough to go ahead hillary clinton very well may be the precincts that i'm sitting there still out in some
9:52 pm
precincts elsewhere might be good for santos coming in to the very end showing about 90 percent of precinct reporting at this point do you anticipate it w will thiclose between clinton and sanders at this point within just less than half of a percent of be close but this i is gonna be one of the most exciting and soon i will caucus ever. kind of the story the republicans throughout the ght time to turn attention to democrats for something what you think. i think .especially look at some of those different democrat changes from the breakouts fascinating to how the race goes for. we are going to end our coverage here for this special covege a number start at 10 o'clock news and just famous they to everyone so much for joining us for the special coverage it's been fun. exciting stuff.
9:53 pm
hillary clinton side. final precinct come in for her but even if they don't still a great night. don't matter at th >> after months of campaigning and endorsements, the time has come for iowa to help pick the president. both the democratic and republican parties have turned out in large numbers, and at this point we know at least the republican winner. good evening, and thanks so much for joining us on this caucus night. i'm jenna renstrom. this was record turnout across the race, and the results are close. first of all, abc news is declaring texas senator ted
9:54 pm
of iowa.
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