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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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of iowa. he has spent a lot of time and money in iowa and has been polling well with the coveted evangelical voter. here is a look at the rest of the numbers, donald trump coming in second with 24 percent. this is with 90 percent of the precincts reporting, and marco rubio is in third with 3423%. we would like to go -- with 23%. we would like to go -- there is ted cruz's event there in des moines, the election-night watch party. cruz did come on the stage and address his supporters at the iowa state fair elwell center in des moines. an excited crowd there has abc news has picked ted cruz as a winner tonight. the iowa caucuses have their first casualty.
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just this past hour that he's pulling out of the race. we'll look at the democratic numbers. the latest results, this is, continues to be a close race, as we knew it would be, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, just a handful of delegates separating the two, with 90% of precincts reporting in iowa. martin o'malley announced just after 9:00 that he would be suspending his campaign. he failed to get even 1% of the vote tonight in iowa. all of these numbers are coming in to us from the caucus media headquarters at capital square in downtown des moines, and that's where we find our own tim seaman. he has been covering all the races for us.
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numbers start to come in? [ . >> thanks, tim. we knew it would be a big night. the latest poll numbers, as tim mentioned, such a close rate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, hillary clinton in sioux city just last night talking about what a close race this has been, and she was looking for her supporters to turn out. bernie sanders nipping at her heels there tonight. lukas voss spent the evening at west middle school, where three of the democratic precincts were meeting tonight. that's all wrapped up. we'll check in with him.
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tonight at west middle? what can you tell us now that this is all wrapped up for those folks? marco rubio came out on top. more than 500 people came out to east high school tonight to cast their vote in the first in the nation caucus.
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rubio won this precinct. he received 165 votes, beating out frontrunner donald trump who came in second place with 101 votes. in third place was ted cruz, who won 88 votes. now, while marco rubio's win came as a surprise to some people here, non-rubio supporters say regardless of what happened tonight, they remain confident. reporting from east high school, deborah souverain. >> thank you, deborah. i'm joined by jeff taylor, professor of political science in dordt college, who was a delegate to the national convention.
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with corbett, anderson, corbett vellinga and irvin in sioux city. kyle is an adjunct professor in political science for brier cliff university. tells us what this means for marco rubio since he made such a strong showing tonight. >> i don't think it was really a surprise. cruz spent a huge amount of time and energy and money, had a lot of high-profile endorsements, congressman king, bob vander plots, so i don't think it's a surprise, but it's certainly going to boost his campaign, and i think new hampshire -- he wasn't ranked 1 or 2 last few weeks, i think this is going to give him a boost going into new hampshire. >> kyle, talk about marco rubio. he was on tv basically
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coming in third, but this could be a boost for him going forward? >> yes, it will be interesting to see how finished third, and you look at new hampshire and what the polls have been there recently, trump is ahead in the polls in new hampshire, but then rubio and cruz and kasich are bunched at around 10 percent. it will be interestio see if cruz and rubio, what kind of bump they take in the polls in new hampshire, and then maybe trump comes back to the pack after the per fomance tonight. >> trump could probably stand to lose iowa and be okay, and he gave his excuse that he ducked out of the last debate, and got the loss here tonight. >> he said he was hoping, of course, for a victory, and he said i'm not going to play politics and pretend i don't want to come in first, but i can withstand a second-place showing, and there are several bunched up together closely.
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we knew this would be an interesting race, we knew it would be close, but it's closer than close at this point. kyle, we'll start with you, you've been following this race. what are some interesting notes you have? >> the things that are still kind of left yet tonight, there's still some precincts reporting in black hawk county which is waterloo, cedar falls, a college town, davenport, so you still have pretty large counties out there with a lot of population. and how those swing, if the college students kind of came out to vote for bernie sanders, it might get even more tight, but it's certainly a very close race. >> similar feelings, he needed them to be motivated, and it seems like they have been, jeff. >> yes, and i agree that if you look at other sizable counties like ames and iowa state, sanders is ahead there, there are still votes
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woodbury county, sanders was ahead here. polk county, the biggest of all, clinton has a fairly comfortable lead. so that's her advantage, but there's four or five counties where sanders is ahead, and so we're just not quite sure. >> thank you, gentlemen. checking in with you in just a little bit, but we want to take a break, and check in with fred.
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winter storm. >> welcome back, everybody. a blizzard warning is in effect for much of siouxland. that does include sioux city. for most of us that starts at 3:00 a.m. the snow won't wait that long, but it will take a while to get the wind. you can expect whiteout conditions for maybe 24
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in the yellow, that's a winter storm warning where we'll have heavy snow, but probably not as much wind. whiteout conditions are likely. it can be hard to remember how bad conditions can be. do not travel in this blizzard warning. if you have to travel in an emergency, take a survival kit, and if you get stranded, stay with your vehicle. take a fully-charged cell phone as well. there are some flakes. the heavy snow is still to the southwest with the heart of the low pressure system now rolling through kansas. as we take you to the storm hd, the light snow will be pushing through late this evening. the heavy snow will move in around normally morning commute time. but i hope you don't travel tomorrow. it's going to be that bad out there. even inside metro area, let
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the wide-open spots. heavy snow through the morning, strong winds, too. so the heaviest snow should fall between 7:00 a.m. to noon, then moderate to heavy snow through the afternoon with strong winds producing near zero visibility at times. through the evening, more scattered light snow showers, but the wind stays with us right into wednesday. there could be blowing snow long after the snow ends. here is your snow forecast. i'm expecting nine to 12 inches of snow in a band from spencer to cherokee, sioux city, wayne, and norfolk, and 6 to 9 in the lavender shaded spots for the rest of siouxland. once you get over six inches with this type of wind, it's all pretty bad. no matter where you are here on this map, remember tomorrow is not a day to travel until its a true emergency.
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starts late this evening, and then the snow and the wind will pick up after midnight, with winds gusting to 35. wind gusts reach 40 miles per hour tomorrow with heavy snow and strong winds. whiteout conditions. high temperature, if that's what you're creeping track of, 21 degrees. for thursday, 28 degrees. once we get this system out of here, things will calm down quite a bit. this is the strongest storm we've seen in quite a while. i urge everyone to take it very seriously. lots of closings and cancellations. get that at it's on the right side. >> those closings coming in as steadily as the election results. thanks. the third mefb our team, tim, live this des moines, but first, a look at the numbers on the democratic side. the two frontrunners, hillary clinton looking to
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little bit with just over 50%. this is with 1500 of the precincts reporting in iowa, bernie sanders with 49 percent. tim is live at caucus headquarters in downtown des moines. tim, what do you have for us, this race on the democratic side keeps getting closer, it seems like. >> reporter: jenna, coming into the evening, there was a lot of talk about perhaps record numbers of turnout, and first-time registrations for this caucus tonight. when you talk about those new voters, two people come do mind: bernie sanders and donald trump. with bernie sanders, youthful votes show up, apparently so. that race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton remains at about a percentage point at the very most. it's been there most of the night. on the other side, donald
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the folks that at one point, 70 percent of his voters said they were locked in, there was no way they were changing their mind. apparently that didn't happen. some folks who were on the bandwagon got off before tonight's caucuses were completed. that is another story line we will follow tonight. marco rubio is a big wen -- big winner. the gains he made in iowa set the stage for fruitful months ahead perhaps as he has taken wind here tonight. in sioux county, one of those real indicators. as red as it is, you can see that ted cruz was not able to blow the doors off there, winning only by a couple of percentage points, and you would think with all the campaigning he did that that would be a no-brainer for ted cruz. it was not. he looks like he will still finish at the top, but plenty of questions going on
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we'll keep you posted throughout the evening. tim seaman, abc 9 news. >> plenty of interesting story lines from these races tonight. ted cruz, the projected winner, and he's about to take the stage live in des moines to accept that iowa win. again, we've seen ted cruz plenty, bob vander plots you see behind him on stage. those three have chris-crossed the state. on this week in siouxland, cruz about to make his acceptance speech. it's been a huge night for him, he's spent a lot of time and money in the state. but going back and forth with donald trump as this race started earlier in the evening, they've been
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have gone by. >> god bless the great state of iowa! >> [cheering and applause] >> let me first of all say to god be the glory. >> [cheering and applause] tonight is a victory for the grassroots. >> [cheering and applause] >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across
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>> [ applause ]. >> tonight the state of iowa has spoken. >> [cheering and applause] >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be frozen by the media. >> [cheering and applause] >> will not be chosen by the washington establishment. >> [cheering and applause] >> will not be chosen by the lobbyists. >> [ applause ] >> but will be chosen by the most incredible, powerful
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resides in our nation: by we the people, the american people. tonight, thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here, of courageous conservatives across the state, we together earn the votes of 48,608 iowans. >> [ applause ] >> to put it in perspective, your incredible victory that you have won tonight, that is the most votes ever cast for any republican primary
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>> [ applause ]. >> tonight is a victory for millions of americans who have shoulders seven years of washington deals run amok. tonight is a victory for every american who has watched in dismay as career politicians in washington in both parties refuse to listen and too often fail to keep their commitments to the people. tonight is a victory for every american who understands that after we survive eight long years of the obama presidency, that no one personality can right the wrongs done by washington. the millions who understand that it is a commitment to the constitution, to our shared insistence that we rise and return to a higher
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that gave birth to the greatest nation that the world has ever known. to the revolutionary understanding that all men and all women are created equal. >> [ applause ]. >> that our rights do not come from the democratic party or the republican party or even from the tea party; our rights come from our creator. >> [ applause ] >> and the federal government's role, the federal government's responsibility is to defend the fundamental rights, to defend us. and while americans will continue to suffer under a president who has set an agenda that is causing
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country, i want to remind you of the promise of scripture: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. >> [ applause ] >> ted cruz's acceptance speech, live from des moines for you tonight. abc projecting him as the winner of the iowa caucuses, abc also announcing trump came in second place, rubio in third. we'll be back in just a bit
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latest numbers. >> welcome back. checking with our team in the field in just a little bit, but first let's look at this very close democratic rate.
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taken the stage at drake university in des moines. >>... the united states of america! >> [cheering and applause] >> there is so much at stake in this election, i don't need to tell you. every single one of you who came out for me, who worked so many hours, from my young organizers with energy -- >> [cheering and applause] >> -- to the family and friends across this state. >> we lovov you! >> w wl, i love you! but here's what i want you to know. it is rare, it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now, to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about
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stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a a progressive who gets things done for people. >> [cheering and applause] i am honored to stand in the long line of american reformers who make up our blindz minds that the status quo is not good enough, that standing still is not an option, and that brings people together to find ways forward that will improve the lives of americans. i look back over the years of my involvement from that very first job i had at the childrens defense fund -- >> [cheering and applause] >> -- and i know -- i know what we are capable of doing. i know we can create more good-paying jobs and raise incomes for hard-working americans again.
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the job of universal healthcare coverage for every single man, woman, and child! >> [cheering and applause] >> i know -- >> hillary clinton speaking to her supporters at drake university in des moines tonight. this race is still too close to call. take a look at the numbers. hillary clinton and bernie sanders with 93 percent of iowa precincts reporting, incredibly close, 50 percent to 49 percent. night. we're just waiting for those report. this race just too close to call, maybe even tonight. we'll wait and see. we want to check in with abc 9 reporter lukas voss. he has been with the democrats at west middle school. who won tonight in those
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>> reporter:caucusing as a participant is hard enough .....ut doing it at as somebody responsible for orgagazing voters to sway them toward their candidate ... even harder ... that's what cristobal ancisquez is doing for bernie sanders as precinct capatin. sot: "today we are making sure we have everyone on our side as far as who is pro bernie and we also want to make sure we also want to make sure that people who are undecided to come to us ... to see if we can win this thing. first time caucus involved with the that this year is "this is bigger. i presidential election to this date. every head count every count is crucial to him winning. nats: picture explaining .... during the process he tries to identify with voters trying to connect with them on a personal level to get them to caucus for bernie sanders. "what matters to you personall not what you see on tv ... what issue matter to you most personally. if we can win iowa there is a big chance that we can win newhampshire and win in the other
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lukas and as for today that certainly seemed to be a succes as his precinct took 5 delegates for bernie against the 3 to hillary, seemed to be a succes as his precinct took 5 delegates for bernie against the 3 to hillary, jenna .. jenna: thank you lukas when we return we'll have the latest, as results pour in from precincts. don't go anywhere. and let's take a look at things in the republican race. here is a look at the top three leaders at this point. jenna: caucuses are designed to be a community oriented e eort, for folks to come together with their neighbors and make decision on who to support for president,
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sioux city caucus night. deborah? deborah: jenna, this was a record breaking turnout for gop caucuses..across the state... and we saw some of that here tonight. close to 500 people came out to east high school to cacaus tonight... some alreadycommitted to a candidate...and some on the fence.. all said and senator marc on top . first votein the have been cast. and while ted cruz appears to be the state wide winner.... at east high school.....florida senator marco rubio came out on top, 463 people cast their votes here the largest republican precinct in woodbury county.y. many of whom...switched their party affliation right before casting their votes. natpop -- however....voters like tim johnston....who
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already committed.
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