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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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this is abc9 news this midday.... " " "announcer: "now live from kcau-tv in sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news this midday.... " " lukas good morning and thanks for joining us this midday. i'm lukas voss
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democratic candidates is heating up. -- hillary clinton and bernie sanders shifting their focus to new hampshire -- after the associated press ofcially declared clinton the winner in iowa. abc's cecilia vega is in manchester with the latest " " overnight... bernie sanders hitting the trail on his own turf in new hampshire... 18:22:54 / 1815 sanders claremont nh fs61 81 man: [yells] we believe in you! sanders: more importantly i believe in you! drawing supporters out in full force .. now less than a week from the first primary vote here ... the vermont senator amping up his ground game...enjoying a double digit lead in the polls...but also looking ahead to tough fight against hillary clinton... 16:32:47 sanders gaggle / t t 1 bernie sanders team gaggle : secretary clinton won here in 2008 hillary clinton trying to avoid an upset sot hrc 19:58:20 1900 clinton hampton nh fs4 79 i am in a contest with your neighbor i have the highest respect for him...we are in his backyard lukas earlier today, republican presidential earlier today, republican
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candidate rand paul announced that he is also dropping out of the race today. he made the announcement two days after finishing with less than 5 percent in the iowa caucuses. lukas: barack obama is about to make his first visit to an americananosque -- as prprident. obama is scheduled to visitit the islamic society of baltimore today. he is expected to hold a roundtable with community members and deliver remarks. a senior administration official said the president will
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contributions to the nation. he will also quote... "reaffirm the importance of religious freedom life." overseas, but never one during the united states. the snow prompted kent countryman from davenport iowa, to drive seven hours to sioux city to offer his snow removal local landscaping up sioux city driveways. kent says the dry spell of snow storms in eastern iowa pushed him to bring his company to siouxland. "it's a blizzard. i've been through...i've been in the snow business myself for 35 years so i've been through a few blizzards before and it's one of things that you just have to continually, continually, contiually go at," said countryman. kent says his crews worked hard all day yesterday... and it feels as if they haven't even put a dent into the snow. lukas:
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hit siouxland the much recovering. scscols and many businesses remained closed today and the winter storm also left it's mark on traffic. part of interstate 29 in south dakota was closed yesterday... with officials citing dangerous driivng conditions. abc9 news reporter jess plue got to speak to truck drivers who had to make an impromptu stop during their delivery. "i've never run into a road closure before," says craig vine craig vine along with many other drivers were quite literally stuck when the state departments of transportation andnd public safety clcled down interstate 29 from exit 72 souththo iowa's border...all due to the blizzard. but when you're in the business of transportation, what happens when your means of transportation are cut off? "what're you doing to wait out the snow? sitting. just sitting? yeah pretty much." said vine. just like craig, phil halverson, said that beyond waiting out the storm, there's not much else they can do. "it's been a long time since i've seen weather like this. i grew up in weather like this in the praries in canada but haven't seen stuff like this in twenty years," says halverson. phil has a live deliliry that he already has to pay speciaiaattention to, now even more so when he can't move and the temperatures are below freezing. "we're here picking up baby turkies and they got to get
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items like mail that are also time sensitive, have a get moving again soon, but mail driver james eubanks says can do against mother nature. "we run a tight that's what the post office requires us to do but when the adverse weather hits like this, we deal with it." lukas: we've gotten a lot closings called into the station but none as from a private "duchense is gonna have a snow day on february 2. you can stay in your pj's all cookies, binge-watch netflix, too..."
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duchense (do- shane) academy.... an all-girls school in omaha. the clip is going viral now. you can listen to the whole song on our abc9 news facebook page. lukas the snow has also claimed a life. one person was killed in a car accident just outside of macy, nebraska according to nebraska state patrol... a trooper responded to the crash just before 9:30 yesterday morning on highway 75. the male driver was the only person in the car at the time of the accident. so please be safe on the roads today. lukas norfolk collected about 642,000 dollars of in january. about dollars less than the previous january,aul huges has this story and more city of norfolk citizens to stay off the streets. city snow plow operators are working on the task of clearing city than 14 inches of snow that the wind in some places has whipped into four- feet drifts. a snow
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fufuther notice. all vehicles should be parked on the sides of the streets with even-numbered houses and off the main thoroughfares completely. the city of norfolk collected about $642,000 of sales-tax revenue in january, about $50,000 less than the previous january. during his report to the mayor and city council monday, city finance officer randy gates said the smaller number was expected. gates explained that because of the 2014 hailstorm, storm victims spent large amounts of money to make needed repairs. sen. deb fischererill host a series of community coffees throughout eastern nebraska later this month including a date in norfolk. fischer will be at norfolk's black cow, fat pig monday evening, february 15th from 5:30 to 6:30. those and more on news talk wjag, kix. " lukas the big game is now just four days away. and for those who were lucky enough to dodge this weather and make it to sunny there's plenty to
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players hit the field there to battle for the lombardi trophy. reporter ken brown has more from the sunny west coast. "so we're going to do the big game a little bit different if you haven't caught on by now... i'm going to take you around san francisco and show you all the touristy things to do from the tourist perspective for the big games 50th edition.... here you get to experience what it's like being a quarterback in the show... putting you in the game at levi stadium... with a quarterback rating lockdown. it might be right before the big game but jacksonville and san francisco are host city... as you see they have the bikes racing behind us... first lights to the top are the winner as these two compete in the light challenge.. i got this... cleveland wins... you don't here that often. in downtown san francisco you can act like whoever you want... . day we're pretetding to be the broncos but there is something for everyone here leading up to the 50th edition of the big game... for e big game countdown... i'm ken brown . " lukas: still to come... it's a very special day
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favorite orange vevetable ... i'll carrot you not ... after the break
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welding company skycam hd and the storm lake skycam exiting the map, but drive safely! temperatures are
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chill and reduced visibility. a winter weather advisory lasts until noon. drive cautiously as area roads are still being impacted by compromised conditions. the next couple of days will be quiet as we catch onto a warming trend. let's'set a look at your extended forecast. lukas scott: lukas: after the break...
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game ... mr food is up next.
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seen it recentlyon your local
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and when not being used as somebody's very orange nose ... you might have it ... as cake ... today is national carrot cake day. during the middle ages, carrots were often used to sweeten cakes and desserts because actual sweeteners were rare or too pricey. so if you feel like a slice of carrot cake today grab one from your local bakery or make your own ... just don't steal the snowman's nose. lukas: and while carrot cake is a great option too ... with the big game coming up we will need some hearty food to please that party crowd ... howard is in the mr. fest test kitchen with a great chicken wing recipe that will get everybody excited .... " " lukas:
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se us a self addressed stamped envelope here to a-b-c 9 news. our address is 625 douglas street. the zip...51101. be sure to write "lemon pepper chicken wings" on your request. or you can visit our website...siouxlan d matters dot com. and click on the mr. food logo.... lukas: and coming we'll
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go to support the siouxland discovery chorus. it's the biggest fundraiser of the year for them. singing valentines are for everyone. there is no more romantic way to show your special someone your love. suprise your sweetheart with a singing valentine this year. $40 for a song delivered by a barbershop quartet members of siouxland discovery barbershop chorus also includes the delivery of a card, lukas: now let's check in
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what's coming up on the show today.
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again that's coming up p day on dr. oz at 4 o'clock right here on abc9. lukas scott:the next couple of days will be quiet as we catch onto a warming trend. let's get a look at your extended forecast.
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