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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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"announcer: "now live from kcau-tv in sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news this midday.... " " lukas good morning and thanks for joining i'm lukas voss the latest now on zika virus -- spreading to florida -- where the governor has of emergency in four counties -- and ground zero for the virus -- brazil -- is struggling to outbreak -- with prominent voices now calling for this summer's rio olympics to be
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besser is on the right now nats carnival with millions of tourists in rio for the start of brazil's carnival tomorrow drone video of rio stadium and millions more expected this summer for the olympic games, controlling the zika crisis here is more urgent than ever. nats brazil president president saying the virus has gone from a "distant nightmare" (keyable) to a "real threat." (keyable).the government, scrambling to start developing a vaccine ready, she says, mosquito prevention is their best course of action. ts fumigation now this morning- some doubting whether brazil can get zika under control by this summer are calling for the rio olympics to be cancelled. sot art caplan director of medical ethics, nyu langone medical center 132653 (gfx) the us olympic committee tells abc news it is keeping a close eye on the situation and that team usa participants will be made "aware of the cdc's recommendations regarding travel to brazil." (end gfx) nats phelps especially for olympic athletes like michael phelps- whose pregnant fianc? is among the most at risk population. zika has been linked to the a severe birth defect, microcephaly, when pregnant women get infected. nat womens us soccer team while the u.s. women's soccer team is focusing on
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rio olympics, head coach jill ellis tells the dallas morning news the zika outbreak is "concerning." (keyable) sot adeline gray 22 44 58 there were mosquitos in the arena there were mosquitos on the mat, we did as much as we could as far as wearing long pants trk = 11 seconds three time world champ-- us wrestler adeline gray --returning from rio just days ago-- winning gold in an olypmic test event ...not letting the outbreak hold her back from competing this summer. sot adeline gray 22 42 02 i have a couple mosquito bites and the olympic training center is monitoring them. we're just hoping those mosquitos are not the ones infected lukas a trial date has been set for an akron man accused of killing his mother nearly two years ago. johnathan neunaber's court date is scheduled for may 10th. just last month, a plymouth county judge ruled neunaber was mentally competent to stand trial for the killing of esther neunaber, back in july of 20- 14. lukas: also set for court is a storm lake man facing kidnapping
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the trial for scott banks has been set to begin on may 17th. he's accused of keeping the iowa human services department from taking custody of his children. he entered a plea of not guilty monday, court documents indicate banks kept his two children from the department in december and lied under oath the same day. lukas: after a year long lotto mystery that ended up bringing down one person for lottery fraud ... a new lawsuit has been filed in polk county. eddie tipton manipulated the hot lotto system so he would win... another person however, from webster city, says he was deprived of a very big jackpot. here's his story. "just last year, eddie tipton, former security security director at the multi state lottery association was convicted of fraud for rigging the hot lotto jackpot. tipton tried claiming the 16 million prize for himself back in december of 2010. the main evidence - this quik trip video surveillance showing tipton buying the ticket himself. "he was caught, if that video didn't exsist, who knows if
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still going on" now the crawford mauro lawfirm has filed a landmark lawsuit- stating by allowing tipton to rig the jackpot- the iowa lottery and multi state association deprived the legitmate hot lotto winner millions of dollars. "the odds arent exactly great,if you actually win you should get your prize" attorneys are asking the courts to award their client - larry dawson, of webster city- 10 million dollars, plus interset. they say, after tipton's rigging in december of 2010, the lottery reset to 1 million. meaning when, dawson won on may 7th 2011, he won significantly less. then in december of 2011, tipton's unclaimed 10 million was returned to state lotteries... shorting dawson millions. "on may 7, 2011 our client won 6 million dollar cash value jackpot, but for the rigging of t lottery by the executive, he wouldve won 16 million in total" according to the lottery rules published, the jackpot is to carry over, until a legitmate winner is drawn. thats larry dawson" attorneys are also questioning the iowa lottery and multi state associations security and surveillance protocols. they're unsure if mr. dawson's is the only case rigged by eddie tipton. "this was a theft. this was a rigged game. there was no prize as lottery rules. shouldnt have gone back and should go back now, should be reverted" j- ending " lukas: the lawsuit says dawson is owed 10
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requests a jury trial for proceedings nebraska state identified the man who died after a rollover accident yesterday near macy. authorities say 21-year old noah parker was thrown from his vehicle after it crashed tuesday morning on highway 75 just outside of macy. parker was alone in the vehicle. authorities are still investigating the cause. lukas: siouxland has been hit hard by mother nature this week... and there is still plenty of snow on the ound outside. now that the blizzard is over... the metro area is dealing with the aftermath. people in the downtown area were trying to make it through the snowy streets all day yesterday... lukas clean up continues all over siouxland ... in correctioville ... loud engines and beeping horns from construction vehicles echoed
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with neighbors helping each other dig themselves out of the snow. "i mean it just comes to a screeching hault. there's no deliveries, people can't get out to go to work and if they do get out they can't get anywhere anyways," says carla mathers, deputy clerk at correctionville city hall. to help remove the massive piles of snow, city hall contracted some of the local construction companies to help dig out the city... the deputy clerk at correctionville city hall thinks most of the excess snow will be cleared out by noon today. lukas softball players and fans may have to park a little farther from the tahazouka park fields this spring paul huges has more " " passenger cars license plate drive legally with advanced by nebraska lawmakers. senators gave first-round approval to the measure on senator jim scheer is the bill's sponsor. softball players and fans may have to park a little farther from the tahazouka park fields this spring. the norfolk city council voted on monday to restrict parking on the south side of mckinely ave. public works director dennis smith recommended the that allowing narrow traveling parkg in other
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students areapplying now for norfolk senior high's new career academies, and more information on the academies will be available during next week's parent- teacher conferences. career academy coordinator dr. jeff hoffman says he will be in the high school lunchroom from 4 until 7 wednesday and from 1 until 4 thursday. lukas still to come... a twist on every ones favorite big game food.
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company skycam hd in sioux city and the storm lake skycam hd in storm lake. conditions are pretty calm today with temperatures in the 20s and winds from the west and northwest under 15 mph. there's a few flurries falling across northern siouxland.we still have some ice and snow on the roads, so drive cautiously as you head to your destinations. on the stormcast hd, a quiet pattern is going to be taking hold with a couple of very light snow
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on friday and also sunday. otherwise, we'll be focused on warmer temperatures as highs plant themselves in the mid to upper 30s! it should be pretty nice before colder temperatures come back next week. today's high is 30 with mostly sunny skies. it'll be cool, but pleasant. the overnight low is 10 with increasing clouds. tomorrow's high is 33. mostly oudy with a few snow showers. here's the 7 day forecast. jessica rae scott: lukas after the break...
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recipe for you ... when we come
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something just a little bit different? howard is here for a unique blend of pizza... and dip. "whether you're hosting a game day bash or bringing something to one, it's always a challenge to come up with something that everyone'll love. that's why we created an appetizer that takes all the ingredients of our favorite pizza and combines them to make an ooey-gooey dip that is touchdown worthy. we start by sauting some sausage and onions until they're well browned. and feel free to use a sausage that's either mild or super-hot depending what your gang likes. while that's finishing up, we add some pizza or spaghetti sauce to a slow cooker along with some chopped up green pepper, a bit of fresh garlic
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now we add in the sausage -- give it a good stir and cover it before letting it cook for about 4 hours. right before game time, when it's bubbly hot, we stir in a good amount of mozzarella cheese which'll make it ooey gooey delicious. that's it. and when you serve this with wedges of pizza crust or italian bread that you've toasted, are you ever in for a treat. i do hope you'll go online and get the recipe for what we call, "slow cooker pizza dip," so you can win "mvpd" of the pre-game. that stands for most valuable pizza dip. i'm howard, with kly, in ther. food test kitchen, where today we found an "easy cheesy w" for you to say . "ooh it's so good!!" " jessica rae: if you would like a
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send us a self addressed stamped envelope here to a-b-c 9 news. our address is 625 douglas street. the zip...51101. be sure to write "slow cooker pizza dip" on your request. or you can visit our website...siouxlan d matters dot com. and click on the mr. food logo.... lukas coming up after the break... we take a look at how our local blood banks are in need of help
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babies than anyone else will be getting the same technology. a sioux city couple wants to make sure unitypoint health -st. luke's has a cuddlecot... and a lasting memory of their daughter's impact on the community. with more on this... here's jenna rehnstrom with this week's your health matters.
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beautiful family. two girls and a boy... including little evelynne, who's not quite a year old. but, there's another member of this family who's just as important, although you can't hear her tiny voice or see her take those first toddling steps. jeremy cotter says, "we were expecting twins last year, and we would to go all the appointments, eager to see their development... [one appointment] they couldn't find elizabeth's heartbeat." evelynne and elizabeth cotter was delievered at unitypoint health - st. luke's last february 23rd at just shy of 35 weeks. there are happy memories of celebrating evelynne's birth, but the cotters say it was also like a bad dream as they struggled to make sense of elizabeth's death. jeremy says, "i feel like we had to grieve on someone else's schedule, because we would have to ask our nurses to bring her body to the room so we could spend time with her and we would have to wait and after awhile, send her back." that's because the natural process of death makes the body change quickly, especially with babies, so when a child is stillborn, their body is taken back and forth from the hospital's morgue for preservation. but, the cuddlecot, a medical tool gaining popularity in the u.s., would've lessened the trauma for the cotter family. labor and delivery nurse, suzie gosch, explains how it works. suzie gosch, r.n., unitypoint health - st. luke's birth center says, "what this does is preserve
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like a cooling blanket and it lowers the body temperature to a nice cool temperature and just sort of haults the changes that are taking place." lisa cotter says, "we were looking for ways to honor elizabeth and her birthday is coming up. we know it was something we would've benefitted from, so we wanted to help other famlies." the cotters have been raising money to donate a cuddlecot to st. luke's - and the community response has been overwhelming. jeremy knows that's because so many families experience this same heartbreak. maybe, in the future, that can be eased just a little bit. jeremy says, "it was the worst day of my life, but if this cuddlecot can help someone else on their worst day, make their day just that much less worse, then we achieved what we want to do." suzie says, "no parent should have to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in the same moment, so this just gives them time, and that's priceless." lukas jeremy and lisa have n only
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goal of raising four thousand dollars for the cuddlecot... their gofundme page is now at over 56-hundred dollars. they're going to donate the extra money to the n-i- c-u at unitypoint health - st. luke's ... and hope to make the cuddlecot donation officially on the girls' birthday. lukas: one local blood center is at critically low levels. representatives from lifeserve blood center in
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recent winter storm has impacted their supply tremendously. one main issue? the snow caused the blood center to have to postpone donations. "this week's blizzard caused us to shut some of our donor centers down for a few days, we had to cancel dozens of mobile blood drives and over the past few days we have lost 900 units of blood. so that's a really frightening time for us and our hospital partners." lukas the blood center will be open for extended hours thursday through saturday. those able to make it out and give blood will receive a free t- shirt jessica rae: scott's up next with a final check of our forecast. stay with us.
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on the show today. "remember jamie-lynn sigler from the sopranos? we all fell in love with her. well she steps out of the shadow of secrecy like she never has before. i want you to find out why jamie is only now coming forward after suffering in silence about her 15-year battle with ms. she'll also reveal the experimental treatment she's been exploring. and later, we're taking weightloss to a whole new level with transformations you have to see to believe. you're going to meet women who have lost half their bodyweight, and they're going to share their secrets on keeping it off. plus, my daughter daphne is coming by,
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half-calorie desserts you've been craving. and, she's going to introduce you to the newest member of my family. my grandson's here! stick around." jessica rae: again that's coming up today on dr. oz at 4 o'clock right here on abc9. o'clock right here on abc9. lukas: one of the oldest waitresses in the country got the surprise of a lifetime this week. every weekday for the last 13- years, waitress katherine walsh arrived at work without any but tuesday was walsh's co- workers at applebee's in new jersey gathered to celebrate her 90-th birthday. grandmother says days a week partly to, but mostly wants to. who call her "miss thrilled to have her around. scott:
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