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caucus system? modern lifestyles at." these small towncaucus- goers want to see changes... after mass confusion. "we are not looking for a call out .. " times have changed... and so is the intense training siouxland's swat team goes through to be ready for anything. "i'm confident in what our officers do." police body cameras are now a second set of eyes on the streets of storm lake. "there maybe some places where things weren't recorded quite accurately and maybe some numbers weren't recorded quite accurately and maybe some numbers were accidentaly flipped and things like that. we just want to make sure everything is
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about two tenths of a percentage point." bernie sanders campaign in iowa is continuing to raise questions about e fina results. the group is vowing to go through precint double check t following descrepencies from several caucus locatns. good evening and joining us, im the candidates may have moved on from iowa, but some questions remain for those citing problem during monday's process. that includes at least two democratic precints in woodbury county. tim seaman joins us with more on some people who say their precint delegate wrongly went to the clinton campaign, and they aren't sure why. tim is it time for a new approach for iowa's caucuses? a group of first- time caucus volunteers in rural woodbury county says there was more confusion than campaigning at their precinct monday night. we sat down with them in anthon today, here's
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said is outdated we need to change it," said patrick west. on monday, patrick west served as a county precinct #40 held in correctionville. like some others in iowa, he's questioning the way democratic caucus results are posted. "our precinct went precinct, the paper work was filled out for sanders and yet somehow the democratic party is reporting it for clinton," said patrick west. keane schwarz served as captain for that oto 43. he was the only and aligned with bernie sanders, but the state party results show the precinct being won by hillary clinton. "one person, i'm the only one on a sheet of paper very clearly filled out for this candidate with no oppisition and it's you become a hillary delegate," said keane schwartz. precints 40 and 43 were 2 of 6 held at the river valley high school. schwartz, west and fellow precinct co-captain stephen eitzen all say caucus night was a night of disorganization.
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of discussion. at the end there was, but during the process we were just sitting there. in hindsight i would have gone over and said what are you guys doing," said eitzen. that "afteteards" eitzen mentioned..... mass confusion concerning a potential 9-9 tie between clinton and sanders. "we went in there it was just a basic cafateria. lots of tables no direction just have a seat whereever you want," said west. the men say the precinct's lone o'malley supporter offered to switch ort to clinton forcing a deadlock, but that person left the caucus prematurly. " you can't have votes that way it's just not resonable. i wanted her to have her opinion i wanted her to have her votre, but if she's already left the building and we can't confirm it, it can't be counted," said west. "never was there an announcement that some candidates were unviable and that there was a realignment period that they could realine to other groups," said eitzen. in the end, the captains signed off on a 9-8 win for sanders but the state democratic
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precinct 40 awarded to clinton by that total. monday marked all three men's first caucus experience. they told us they in the iowa system but plan to participate again. more people step question and make available," said when it was just a bunch of old men smoking cigars arguing all night. it modern lifesytles at," said west. ts abc 9 news. ts local 5 news we are iowa tim now we have been in touch with the iowa democratic party about this matter. originally, we were told to refer to the final results that were released. tim: tonight, in an email, sam lau, communications director for the iowa democratic party said: "we have been made aware of these concerns, we are working to get to the bottom of these cases, and we are reaching out to all parties involved to clear up any confusion." tim there is a link to the final results that were released by the
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on out website. you can find that at siouxland matters dot com. jenna: it seems that tightly contested race in iowa on the democrat's side has been broken wide open by sanders in new hampshire. according to a new cnn poll conducted after the iowa caucuses, the vermont senator holds a two-to- one lead over hillary clinton among likely new hampshire democratic primary voters. sanders stands at 61 percent support, is up by 4 per-cent from january jenna: circumstances extraordinary measures. tim: when it comes to local law woodbury county's special tactics team when things get jenna: but, just as times are changing, so is how the siouxland swat team trains. abc9's lukas voss has that story. in: tim and jenna ... woodbury county established their tactical unit in 1984 ... first in conuunction with the sioux city police department and then a couple of years later as a stand alone unit ... and today it seems
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impopoant than ever ... nats: get on the ground ... do it now ... sot: "it used to be just guns and knives and now it's ied's and explosives." vo: the threat has changed .... and so has the way law enforcement is responding . they are increasingly relying on specialized tactics units like woodbury county's swat team to be ready when that call comes in ... sot: "we like to believe that we are never going to be used but reality is that there are bad people everywhere so we e epare for the worst." prepardness is key ... that's why the team executes trainings like this one ... house entry ... an everyday situation that could occur any day ... there are 12 deputies on the team ... ready for anything ... sot: "we are limited by our imigination ... from car take downs, bus take downs we even got a plane entry ... if we can get a hand on something we practice on it." the team? highly trained and effective ... basic swat school ... than years of training within the department. sot:
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well rounded most of the guys on our team have had that or a little bit more." but it's not just about being a good shot ... it's about sot: "if there is a personality conflict to be on the team. because it's a team in every sense of the word ... we are not about scoring touchdowns we are about saving eachothers lives." nats: explplning .... sot: "there is live links we can get t tough the tv's'shere is live feed from robots that we can get." vo: this is their mobile command vehicle ... deploable anywhere at a moments notice with state of the art technology. their recent exercice involving multiple agencies including the iowa state patrol ... the job has changed become more versatile ... quicker dangerous ... with one important turning sot: "columbine changed enforcement looked at those kind of situations. back than what did thehedo. the patrol man stood outside the building
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the carnage continued while they waited for swat. that is not a swat call out ... we have evolved to a swat team handling it to a swat team to a first man on scene ... that going after the guy that's doing the killing." as for actually being called on and doing their job ... sot: "anybody that is in law enforcement wants to help and the most dangerous thing you can do is have a need for swat that means things have gone bad." tag: and as just heard ... bad can happen anywhere ... even in the counties sourrounding sioux city ... they might be small but departments pool together officers from different counties. they get extensive training to form a tactical unit if needed even in those rural areas ... it only speaks to the importance of pridinsafety through extraordinary measure .... reporting in studio ... lukas voss ... abc9 news ...
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department is latching on to among police forces nationwide. officers with body cameras. police department is utilizing body cameras for all of its uniformed they say the cameras can be used for a range of things, from court room to useful training police officers. "it provides us that capture information, during incidents, during investigations and to also maintain a demanors." storm lake p-d say help them maintain a high level of transparency, however, in order to protect privacy, public safety will not make the footage available to the general public without a court order. jenna: a reprsentative from sioux city has introduced legistation to the iowa house pushing to make a big difference for parents of children who have autism. iowansns supporting expanded insurance coverage for
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including a delegation from siouxland. blue-shirts and puzzle pieces were set up in the capitol rotunda to catch the eye of lawmakers. a bill introduced by republican ron jorgensen of sioux city would require insurance companies to cover autism treatment. as it stands now, often that treatment isn't covered - even for doctor recommended care. "a lot of our families do have to relocate at times or they go without services. so that's a pretty desperate place to be in. as s ll as all of our surrounding states and 42 other states in the country have passed similar legislation. so really iowa is a curve when it comes to serving this type of population." josh cobbs from sioux city is the year-old with autism. he's been working on this bill for 10 years and hopes year it actually gets passed. tim: this past rosebowl is one many hawkeye fans would like to forget, but one iowa lawmaker has that is putting the the minds of capitol senator markrk
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angry with stanford because of the halftime the cardinal took the field iowa... complete with a larger- than-life cow running around, and band members poking fun at farmers. the repuan senator wants to pass a law requiring stanford to make a formal apology. what it says - future collarboaration and regents universities whould that apology's m me publicly." tim: he's a hawkeye fan, but he's not a sore loser - he about the performance was in poor taste. lawmakers don't antipate the bill getting very far at all. still to come... one cat seems to be in the know when it comes to picking a winner for sunday's big game. just who this tiger chose to take home the lombardi, after theis. (fred) nice temperatures but there are two snow chances to
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cold, either! your forecast is next!
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game and it seems everyone think's they can predict the winner of the game. even a four year old berian tiger named misha from the blank park zoo. "sniffed them boththen decided that the carolina panthers will win on sunday! " misha is sticking with her fellow felines! the des moines zoo's ananals are now 4 for 6 in the picking big game winners. (tim) fred, how long before the next (fred) light snow tomorrow. 2 line super: fhexom@kcautv.c (fred) much improved on we do still have some patchy snow and ice cover in the northeast, however. here's the port neal skycam hd from the sioux city. we saw
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late today, but they will fill back in tonight. 31 was the high today and 10 the low. we can see plenty of snow cover on the storm lake skycam hd. 13 is our sioux city temperature. local temperatures are in the single digits and teens. wind chills range from the single digits to the teens, with a few spots below zero. winds are light. the satellite and radar shows this morning's clipper system clipping northeastern siouxland. a clipper is bdefinition a fast moving system that moves from northwest to southeast and usually produces light snow. another clipper is coming tomorrow. we can see that to the west. the stormcast hd shows that clipper tomorrow, then a saturday before yet
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snow sunday. the snow forecast shows the potential for tomorrow's snow to accumulate to a couple tenths of an inch, mainly in the east. your forecast for tonight is for increasing clouds and a low of 9. tomorrow, look for a chance of light snow a mosy cloudy skies otherwise. the high will be 32. the 7-day forecast shows another chance of snow sunday. windy conditions will be seen early next week. a cooldown will be seen monday and tuesday before we return to the 30s wednesday and thursday. do you think this winter has been snowy? well, it has been snowier than normal so far, but we're nowhere near a record season yet. that honor belongs to 1916-17, when a whopping 72.8" fell. (jenna)
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jenna: coming up in sports...national signing day turned into days this week. we'll head to sioux center, hinton, and heelan and find out who's heading where next year. tim plus s-b-l broke into the rankings today for the first time this season. find out if the warriors could avoid an upset against north up
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luton girls hit the court as a ranked team. the warriors are 15th in the latest 3a poll and tonight they hosted north in an mrac show down. the lady warriors beat the stars by just two the last time they met. early on it's jayda graham peterson...she rattles home the short jumper and the stars trail by just one. but next time down, late rotation sets up abby nissen for the open triple...warriors stretch the lead to four. then defense leads to offense...merrin van velzen with the theivery...she's out on the break and finds anna lucas for the layup, sb-l up seven. north hung tough all night...graham peterson strong move to the basket...but the stars come up just short ekes out a 61-60 win into the pit, west looking for a season sweep of the crusaders. we pick it up in the second quarter...ellie cropley scoops up the loose ball, she'll take it all the way for the lay in, but west leads it by 18.
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splashes home the triple...the crusaders trying to chip away piece by piece. but west was closing in on an undefeated mrac slate...brianna on the three as the lead balloons to 22. then maddy casillas with the spin move...eventually madi jensen ends up with it for the jumper...west wraps up the conference season unbeaten, 71-40. chris: yesterday's snow forced several siouxland seniors to delay their signing day today. one of those was sioux center's ko kieft who's heading to for the golden gophers. this past season kieft threw for yards and 19 added 11 more ground. defensively he led the warriors with 50 and a half tackles, including three sacks. the gophers project kieft as a tight end/h-back and he's excited to play big time college football. ko kieft--"i think it's
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play fbs football, to play in the big ten has always been a dream of mine. to pl schools like iowa and ohio state, thats just a chance you really can't pass up. it's really nice to get it done and i really love the coaches and the place." congratulations to ko. seven heelan crusaders also signed national letters of intent today. branden hohenstein passed up scholarship offers to d-2 and fcs schools to accept a walk-on spot at nebraska. the 6-4, 200 pounder had receiving yards touchdowns for the crusaders this year and he says its an opportunity he couldn't pass up. branden hohenstein--"i've been a lifetime fan of nebraska and it's just been one of my dreams to play for nebraska. so i decided why not give it a shot. it's awesome just to finally get a chance to show them what i can do." he's not the only crusader heading to a division 1 school... lauren bleeker will head down highway 20 to continue her soccer career at the university of northern iowa. bleeker had a hand in both goals in heelan's
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championship last spring and even with a coaching change at uni, she says its a good fit. lauren bleeker--"i'm very excited. i decided about a year ago that i--that it would be the best fit for me. i felt like because i've had family members go there, that it was familiar to me." five other crusaders also committed to division two schools today. bleeker's crusaders also committed to division two schools today. bleeker's teammate jensen froehlich (fray- lick) is heading to sioux falls to play for augustana. in football, odessa clark will head across the river and suit up for wayne state next season. elsewhere in the nsic, will karrer will head to the university of mary to play football and baseball. jake noel will suit up for the defending national champs from northwest missouri state. and john oakley football career with southwest minnesota football. congratulations again to all. up the road at hinton, standout offensive lineman accepted a on spot with iowa. over the past couple of years other siouxland stars like cole croston from s- b-l and brandon snyder from west lyon have also taken this route. and for prins, it's
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and gold. really great feeling. growing up, i always watched the hawkeyes and now i get to go and play for them now, so it's a really great experience." terrill henrich also signed a letter of intent with juco powerhouse iowa western this afternoon. congratulations to both. chris: one of the most important attributes for an offensive lineman is good feet, the ability to be nimble and move. former siouxlanders cole croston and levi and landan paulsen...they showed that off last night. at halftime of the hawkeye's basketball game against penn state, the current iowa linemen joined some of their teammates and the hawkeye dance team to put on quite a show. you can see cole wearing number 64, levi wearing 66 and landan wearing number 68 out there and then check out the show stopping finish. yes...that's a pair of 6 foot 5, 290 pound men doing the of the most incredible things
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and a low of 9. tomorrow, look for a chance of light snow and mostly cloudy skies otherwise. the high will be 32. the 7-day forecast shows another chance of snow sunday. windy conditions will be seen early next week. a cooldown will be seen monday and tuesday before we return to the 30s wednesday and
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