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tv   ABC World News  ABC  February 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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word to the voters. >> just three days until new hampshire, voters weigh in, and the resultsould send some packing. thergent new warning about one ofhe biggest scams in america. fake phone calls demanding back taxes, threatening arrest. why you're more vulnerarable now than ever. and tonight, the health alert for women. do notot drink alcohol. now, the growing backlash and the apology. >> and the other big showdownwn per bowl 5 the game plan, the security preps and who is the new name added to the halftime show? good evening from new hampshirend thank you for joining us on o of the mos important nights of the presidential race so far. tonight's republican debate could be a cplete game-changer.. the debate field now witled down to seven candidates. donald trump, right there in the
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debate. latest poll numbers just coming in showiwi he is still the clear front-runnerer. marco rubio and ted cruz, right there, tied for second place. and this is a live look at the debate hall, right now. the energy buildining across this state, but especially right here, where the candidates will soon f face each other a and the nation. our team is covering it all and abc's tom llamas starts us off. >> reporter: tonight, the ste is set. and candidates like senators ted cruz and marco rubio getting a feel for the stage that could change the direction of this ce. rubio expected to take on the most fire tonit. his poll numbers rising, and so are the attacks against him. like, fromcruz, who is reminding voters who really won in iowa. >> what did you think about the really impressive third-place finish of marco rubio? that's an odd collection of words, impressive, third place finish. >> reporter: rubio calling out cr after suggegesting dr. ben
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race, which was not true. >> if you get a call on tuesdayay night saying that i dropped out, it isn't true, it's a lie. >> reporter: and donald trump, leadinin the polls here, but the race is tightening, starting the fight earlrly, tweeting today, "wow, jeb bush, whose campaign is a total disaster, had to bring manyommy to take a slap at me. not nice." >> vote for jeb. >> reporter: but that tweet's not stopping 90-year-old bbara bush. >> he doesn't give many answers to how he would solve problems. he sorort of makes faces and says insulting thingsgs. >> reporter: jeb, bringing in his famous mother to help lift his campaign off life support. today, a an encouraging sign. a crowd of more than 600. bush says he's his own man, but won't run from his famous last name. >> people are just going to have to get over it, all right? i amho i am, you know? it's -- i'm in the establishment. >> reporter: bush, part of the pool of governors, hoping for a
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today, kasich getting a boost from another notable republican governor, arnold schwarzenegger, who compared him t to that blet proof robot that make him famous. >> it sluldly would not stop. ever. never give up. so, this is you. you are the terminator. >> and tom is right here with me inside the debate hall. tom, you're hearing one of the biggest fights tonight might actually be a rematch? >> reporter: cecilia, that's right. get ready for jebush versus marco rubio, part two. all ek, bush has been hammering rubio. he's been relentless, saying rubio has no accomplishments. a top bush aide calling rubio a no-show lobbiest. the rubio campapaignays that bush is desperate. and sl see ya, up on that stage, they will be standing right next to each other. >> anything could happen. tom llamas covering the republican race every stetep of the way. tom, t thank u. tonight's debate could shape
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nearly half of all republican voters in new hampshire haven't yet made up their minds. so, what are they waiting to hear? here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: as the candidates make the final push in new hampshire -- >> show time is over it's game time. >> reporter: -- the republican race is tightening. donald trump still leads all the polls, but marco r rubio is rising. and cruz, kasich and bush not far behind. it's just three days to go before the primary, and at the chez vachon dinene we found folks ready to pick a president. well, almost. clearly you've made up your mind now, right? >> well, we haven't. >> reporter: you haven't made up your mind? >> we haven't made up our mind. >> reporter: he's not one. amazingly, more than 40% of likely republican vors in w hampshire say they still haven't made up their minds. he's narrowed it down to trump, rubio or c cruz. >> think we're stuck on -- will we actually have the nerve to vote for trump? i mean, that's really where
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>> reporter: so, when you gon there, are you able to pull the lever for donald trump, is the question. >> a year ago, i couldn't imagine voting for trump. >> reporter: but there are two groups who seem totally decided. those o like the frontrunner -- >> donald trump. >> reporter: no matter what? >> no matter what. i heard d him. i liked what he had to say. i'm voting for him 1 100%. no changg my mind. >> reporter: and those who don't. >> i definitely know i would n vote for trump. that's all i really know. >> reporter: but newew hampshire voters h have a long history of making up their minds late, and surprising everybody. after barack obama won the iowa caucuses eight yeaears ago, he was way ahead in the polls here in new hampshire, but ended up losing to hillary clinton. this time, it's the republicans who seem most undecided. so, when will you make up your mind up, finally, totally make your mind up? >> i'd say really after this last debate. >> and so my people still waiting to make up their mindnd. jon joins me now inside the debabate hall too. jon, donald trump not at that last debate he will be here tonight.
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campgns about his strategy? >> reporter: well, cecilia, his campaign manager says if trump is attacked tonight, he will respond times ten. but the real question here is, which donald trump is going to show up tonight? over the past few days, we have seen him go nuclear on ted cruz, saying that he cheated in iowa, and we've also seen him show incredible restraint and say that he is really focused on his message. we'll see which one shows up. >> we shall see. jon, thank you. and abc political analyst matt dowd is here with me, too. you have called this a ctical debate. who wins, who has theost to lose tonight? >> it's a pivot moment f all seven up there. i would focus on t three of them. first, john kasich has put all of his chips on the table here and he has to figure out a way to get in second and third. this is the only place he can do that from. jeb bush is anotr one who has the most to gain. he's snt more money than any other candide in this race. if he doesn't get in the top
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and finally, donald trump has theost to lose. donald trump comes into this race with double-digit lead. he has l led 70 straight polls since august in this state. and as we know, new hampshire votersre -- there's aon of late deciders. he has to do well here to keep that lead going. >> all right, the wle team here following it all. that countdown is on for the democratcandidate, too. bernie sanders, the favorite son here. hillary clinton, the understood dog. she was ouou gng dr to door herself today. he will have a national audience later tonight. abc's david wrht on the trail. > it's a beautiful day in manchester! >> reporter: hillary clinton may be down in the polls here in new hampshire, but don't count her out yet. >> well, i need your help on tuesday, convince some others to me along. >> reporter: today, she's been out pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, trying to make up ground against bernie sanders. >> i feel li a rock and roll
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clinton of being wall street's favorite democrat, not progressive enough. >> i have spent my entntire adult life trying to knock down barriers.. >> reporter: today, madeleine albright joined clinton, appealing to women, in particular. >> just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> reporter: but some of the people attding clinton's own ent agree with sanders. >> probably for berniesanders. >> i'm actuall a bernie supporter. >> reporter: you ar but are you here at this event? >> i am. >> reporter: do you feel like you areehind enemy lines? >> kind of. >> reporter: today at a town hall at new england college, the first questioner made a freudian clip. >> secretary sanders -- >> repter: calling her by her oppont opponent's name -- >> young people support bernie sanders, but i support you even if you don't support me. >> reporter: tonight, >> reporter: the sanders surge here is clearly a nuisasance for
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but it will be interesting to see how seriously the republicans take him. cecilia? >> i thihink that's safe to say. david, thank you. d, of course, the debate, you do not want to miss it. just moments away. david muir and martha raddatz moderating at 8:00 p.m. eastern, right here. but we do now move on to other news. that deadly crane aident in new york city. the move that went out of control, and the crane's sudden collapse, caught on camera. the cab of that crane landing upside down, its arm smashing onto cars below. one man killed, three others injured. and abc's phillip mena on the latest in the investigation tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a massive job. moving this collapsed crane, all 565 feet of it. crews forced to use blow torches to tear it apart, after i i came crashing down friday morng in new york city. killing one and injuring three, crushing cars and sending this counterweight into a building. you can see all that debris
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some of it came from theop of that damaged building, where part of the crane still lies. the unanswered question tonight, what triggered the collapse? officials looooking closely at the wind and snow conditions. how long do you think before we can figure out exactly what happened? > you ow, i think you're going to have to give us a cocouple of weeks at least while we do some e calculatns, go through the metal and how it failed. >> reporter: officials say the operator tested negative for drugs and alcohol, andas been cooperating with the investigation. this crane is so big, that workers are having to cut it into 35 pieces just to clear it from the street. cecilia? >> phillip, thank you. to a health alert now. the cdc apologizing tonight after a controversial recommendation to women. it says women should refrain from drinking alcohol, saying e risk to babies is too high. the reacon has been fierce, many women saying that advice
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here's abc's gloria riviera. >> r reporter:omen across the country, sounding off against the cd c's new alcohol guidelines. >> makeses no sense to me. >> are you serious? is this really what you feel comfortable t tling your wife, your sister, your daughter? >> reporter: while man women support the cd c's long-standing warning about the dangers of drinking while pregnant, the new guidelines hit a nerve, because they go further, telling health professionals to advis a woman to stop drinking if she is trying to get pregnant or not using birth conontrol with sex. outrage exploding on social media. calling the advice patronizing and sexist. the women we spoke to,elling they can be trusted to make smart, saf choices. >> i really do feel they are overstepping their boundary in termss of what a woman can do with their o body. >>his is, perhaps, the right intention, with a very wrong execution. >> reporter: the cdc pointnts out, half of all pregnancies in the
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many women don't know they are pregnant for several weeks. possibly unintentionally putting their child at risk. today, the cdc telling abc news, "we were sorry some people took offense at our communications the cdc is standing by its advice, which, it says, w w only intended to clearly explain the risk drinking may have on an unborn child. cecicilia? >> gloria, thank you. and the debateet to take plplace here in this hall is not the only showdown this weekend. the super bowl not l than 24 hours away. more than 100 million people will be watching. the stage is set in san francisco. and abc's ryan smh has the big ticket. >> reporter: super bowl frenzy in full effect. just 24 hours before super bowl 50, and fans are fired up. a clash of football's titans. all-time great peyton manning and the dazzling, dynamic cam newton -- >> you don't go o 17-1 as a
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being awesome. >> peyton manning will always be about all-time great. >> reporter: and to set the bar even higher, bruno mars nfirng he will be apart of the highly anticipated super bowl halftime show. joining cold play anand beyonce. security, not taking a backseat. we're standing here in one of the security operations centers for the super bowl. there are multiple oneso they can back each other up. and whatt are they looking for? well, they are lookingng on the streets, the stadium,m, the air space, to make sure that ser bowl sunday is a safe one. safety is paramount. for players and fans alike, hoping the 50th super bowowl is one for the ages. so, who will win the super bowl here at levi's stadium? las vegas odds makers have the carolina panthers at 5.5-point favorites. most people here have the broncos as the sentimental choice, they are picking the panthers to win it all. cecilia? >> ryan smith right there on the
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and still aheadn this special edition of "world news tonight", the threatening phone calls totoatch out for. >> don't disregard this msage and do return the call before we take any action ainst you. >> a tax scam warning. why you mayay soon be more at risk than evebefore. and, later, the president of a fraternity at an ivy league university u under arrest. the allegations rking that campus tonight.
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and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it.. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me whether we like it or not, tax season is here tonight, a warning. scammers working the phones to t their hands on your money. and those suspicious calls and threats cost americans millions. here's abc's ron ciborne. >> within the next hour, they
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you have you and put you behind bars. >> reporter: the government is warning americans to be on high alert for a phone scam that is bilking americans out of millions. this chicago area woman got a call like thatn december, from someonone claimi to be from the irs, demanding she pay thousands of dollars in back taxes. >> and if we don'n't, there's a warrant out for our arrest. >> reporter: scared, she wired $10,000 to an account in seattle. it was all a scam. the irs says, since october 2 2013, 5,000 victims, losing more than $26 million, to people tre tending to be irs officials. so, how do you protect yourself? for years, the government has had this simple message. >> the real irs will generally first make contact by letter and will never demand immediate payment o threaeaten force. >> reporter: but starting next month, a new law requires th irs to hire clection agencies to help collect taxes. and those agencies may call taxpayers.
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collectors are actually calling on behalf of the irs, people will be more likely to fall foror that scam. reporter: paying taxes they don't owe. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. and when we come ck, held hostage during thatonnie and clyde describe spree, how the dangerous couple held one family for hours. what they're saying tonight. and fading out? why some of our favorite candies might soon look a bit fferent. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. i am everyday ople. farxiga may help in that fight every day. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower bld sugarin adults with type 2 diabetes. one pill a day helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a a weight-loss or blood-pressurdrug,
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seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't play ...quite like i used to. but i'm still bringing my best. and going for eliquis. reducecerisk of stroke pl less major bleeding. ask yourur doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. and to the index now. tonight, an i vie league university rocked by rape
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the president of cornell's psi upsilon fraterny is facing attempted rape charges. 21-year-old wolfgang ballinger was arrested after turning himself in. the fraternity now placed on suspension. out of that bonnie and clyde crime spree. this woman's husband spotted the dangerousouple right in their backyard. > he saw aa man standing there with a gun, pointed at him, saying, open your door and, what do you d >> the floridaamily heleld hostage for three hours. suspect blake fitzgerald was later killed in a police shootout. brittany harper is? custody. and, a candy giant making some healthy changes. m&ms and skittles are getting a makeover. mars is vowing to remove all artificial coloring from its products. the plan is to come up with healthier ingredients to create those vibrant colors or the next three years. still ahead, it is almost time here.
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i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. and finally toght, it is almost showti. we got to go behind the scenes today, behind this stage here, behind me. the tricky part? keeping all these candidates from passing each other in the hallway before they come out, right here. the stage i is set, the finishing touches complete. you knew all that. here's wt you don't know. underneath those podiums -- we are in the athletic center. the candidates won't cross paths until they're ready to take the
5:57 pm
this is one of the candidates' dressing rooms. maybe he wants to ride an exercise bike long hallways. arrows telling the candidates where to go. this is a racket ball court, candidates will be this there. no candidates in there. here we go. the long walk to that stage. >> guys ready? >> reportete and then,ll those rivals standing there, waiting side-by-side until their name is called. >> donald trump. >> reporter: it's rehearsal time today. the fill-ins, students playing the role of a lifetime. as you can see, this is not the real jeb bush. i mean -- maybe. >> i'm -- >> you have a good one-liner? >> the kneeldown. i got it perfectly. i'm always staring at marco when he says something, too. >> reporter: you totally hav it done. best chrishristie face? the whole gang is here. >> oh, hi, david andmartha. ready to go. and it all starts - -- >> applause, applause. city applause.
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>> and here we go, in just a matter of moments. you can see all the people gathering rightere behind me, getting ready for this big owdown. it will be a must-watch tonight. i am cecilia v vega heree in new hampshire. thank you for watching. we'll see you back here soon.blizzard watch for northern iowa sunday. wind advisory for sioux nebraska, se south dakota... gusts to 45 mph, blowing snow possible. a nice night tonight, increasing clouds... gusts pick up by the morning. details on possible blizzard conditions in just a few minutes but first here's jess
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news! " " deborah: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm jess plue. siouxlanders are out enoying today's weather and freshly plowed roads. today's temperatures made it warm enough to walk your dog yet still cold enough to go ice fishing all in one day. after tuesday's blizzard, businesses, roads were maintenance crews plowed streets on friday evening. some folks made their this sunny saturday. abc 9 was able to speak to those who were happy enjoy their weekend at bacon creek park. "for a feburary day...get out with the old man do some ice fishing. we had a blizzard this past week so it's nice just to get out and stop scoopin snow and catch som efish hopefully...we just got here, so far it's been pretty slow,


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