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2 line cg: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) a winter weather advisory remains in effect until 12 am for the eastern siouxland counties shaded in light blue. blowing snow is a threat. visibility is lowered in the northeast, especially around spencer and estherville. wind chills are below zero in the northeast. your planner for tonight is for areas of blowing snow, especially early on, then breezy and partly cloudy. the temperature will be 15 at 2 am, 11 at 6 am, and 13 at 10 am. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at when to expect our next chance of snow. it's time for local news that matters! " he's off the street", says doug young, sioux city police chief" new information surrounding the man charged in connection with a weekend police shooting in sioux city. " i think sooner or later, mt organizations are going to have to purchase it " are you
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the newest tool in protecting your on-line information. what are you getting your valentine? "rose rose rose. " cuipid's helpers offer some valentines tips. could you let mercy know my eta,i have an injury to the left fhigh 10-4 they've been advised tim: that's the voice of sioux city police officer ryan moritz... calling in his injuries after taking a bullet to the leg after apprehending a suspect. tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and i'm jenna rehnstrom. a sioux city teen is now charged with attempted murder after shooting a police officer. tim: that happened during an arrest yesterday... today... sioux city police are sharing the frightening details surrounding how it all happened... while the suspect was handcuffed. jenna: jess plue joins us with more on this story. jess: sioux city's police
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light on what happened over the weekend that led to a suspect shooting an officer. this comes after a lengthy burglery investigation... and multiple run- ins with the suspect. sioux city police arrested 18-year-old isaiah mothershed and several others early sunday morning in connection with a string of robberies in sioux city. but while officers rounded up the suspects and a large amount of stolen property found at valley park apartments... things took a turn. "due to a lack of vehicles to transport, he was allowed to come back into the apartment and we accomodated him by allowing him to sit on a couch," says doug young, sioux during a press conference at police headquarters mothershed was was able to pull a hidden 40 calibur handgun from in between the couch cushions and shoot at police. ryan moritz, a 13- force, has hit in the leg. "he was still cuffed, which allowed him to
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couch and when officer moritz went to remove him, he turned sideways and had the gun in his hand and fired from the seated position, says young. in the scuffle that followed, mothershed also shot himself in the leg. no officers fired shots during the incident. "there's a lack of respect, attitudes out there, and i think law enforcement is paying the price now for it," says young. officer moritz is okay - chief young says he was treated and released from a local hospital. jess: mothershed was also taken to the hospital, but no more information is being released. this isn't the first time he's had a run-in with police. in july, he was arrested for kidnapping and assaulting two men over a drug debt. those charges were eventually dropped due to "lack of evidence." reporting live in the studio, jess plue, abc9 news. jenna: many companies are looking to protect themselves from cyber hackers, as online attacks can cost businesses dollars in tim: recent reports, its second about 800 data alone and a sioux city law firm has tools put in place to combat cyber criminals. abc 9's bria bell is in studio with moreetails... tim and jenna, health sectors are the most affected by data
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says all companies need to take precaution in protecting confidential information because hackers are always on the lookout for weak security systems or networks. across the globe, cyber hackers are hard at work trying to defeat computer systems and networks to steal confidential information from corporations, mom and pop shops, and consumers. the protection of our data, the protection of our identity and the protection of these storage devices that keeps all of this infomration," says berman. but numerous companies have either taken intiative by investing in cyber insurance or looking to do so as security breaching is on the rise. "we're going to see a great demand for it after we saw the hacks where target's customers where it affected 40 million customers, we saw it in the office of personnel management. i think sooner or later, most organizations are going to have to purchase it because their customers are demanding that they purchase it," says berman. sioux city's goosmann law firm offers cyber law
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helps businesses nationwide take preventitive steps to protect data on the front end. "there've been several local instances of cyber liablity crimes and cyber issues tha have been occuring and different businesses and individuals have been victimized...certain things that we would be looking at in particular would be their banking agreements and who's authorized on their accounts to make certain transactions," says goosmann. businesses are making changes to help defeat cyber crime and it doesn't stop there. consumers can protect themselves too by upgrading their debit or credit card to a chip card which increases security while making in-person transactions. "it's a lot safer, the data's more encrypted," says goosmann. bria: as cyber security becomes more of a demand, goosmann says that companies and consumers should be vigilant in monitoring bank statements to ensure that you haven't become a victim of cyber crime. reporting live in studio, bria bell
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jenna: several firearms groups working together are looking to push for the legalization of gun suppressors in iowa. representive of the groups say it's all about protecting gun owner's hearing devices. " a 308 hun ting rifle will be around 165 170 as far as a decibal the bill has seen some pushback though. some law enforcement agencies say the new bill could make work more difficult. police in des moines say they rely heavily on citizen reports of gunfire in the city, and supressors would make it more difficult for police to hear about gunfire in city limits. the bill's already passed through a sub committee, and now it's on its way to the house floor. tim: another issue seeing opinons from both sides of theisle at the state capitol, privatized medicaid. house
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the timeline of implementing the state's new medicaid system. while many democrats say they're done waiting to see if the plan will bring fourth benefits to iowans. iowa governor terry branstad defended the changes that already in process "i don't threaten vetos, i've never done that, i really reserve judgement. but, i would point out, the state of iowa has worked very hard, and we have put together a thoughtful, systematic system, to phase in this new managed care system." jenna: but that's not the only topic governor branstad tackled today he also stood by remarks he made previously concerning presidential candidate ted cruz, saying he's not the right choice for iowa due to his stance on renewable fuel standards. "terry branstad : what i wanted to do was inform voters on issues that are important to this state. and i think the vast majority of both republicans and democrats recognize the importance of renewable energy for iowa: ethanol, biodiesel, wind
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branad reiterated the importance and impact the election will have on iowa's agricultural economy. tim: tomorrow, voters from new hampshire will get the chance to make their voice heard in the presidential nominating process. jenna: allison warrenen takes a look at how one of thehe presidential hopefuls spent his day leading up to the primary. " allison warren, reporting a local sports bar in concord, new hampshire isn't quiet after last nights super bowl. thats because the state of new hampshire is preparing for its own super bowl of sorts, of course the new hampshire primary, the first in the nation primary. earlier today presidential candidate marco rubio was in this very sports bar and the people of new hampshire say they're used to getting to see candidates up close and personal. howard kirchner warner nh "everyone's really interested and it's a very, very important election, an incredibly important election." jordan reiley from ny travelled to nh "i'm 22 years old so i've actually never experienced this before so i can't really speak from a historical perspective on that but in my opinion this is a very historical
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lot going on and people that just want to witness it for themselves." karen nunes wilmot nh "people in nh take the responsibility seriously of vetting the candidates. we may not have the demographics of the rest of the country, but we definitely have educated voters. allison warren, reporting the people i've spoken with here are very excited for tomorrow. ing that iowa caucus- goers already had their chance to have their voices heard, everyone in nh says now it's their turn to have their part in the political process. reporting in concord nh allison warren " jenna: if you're thinking ahead to valentine's day... you might not want to put off getting that gift. local businesses predict because the holiday falls on a sunday... many folks will put shopping off until the weekend. so, here are some ideas. 40 bucks and this quartet from the siouxland discovery chorus will greet your valentine at work with a song, roses, candy, and
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or you can win valentine's heart with the traditional flowers and chocolates. roses, roses, roses.. gerberdaisys and the star gazer lilies" says kathy bogenriet, owner, a step in thyme florals. " the truffle case will be incredible, i've got about 3,000 truffles ready to go." says jon sadler, retail manager, palmer's candy. jenna: business owners say it doesn't matter how many promotions or remidners they put out.. valentine's day is a last minute holiday because the men tend to wait for the last three days, still to come... a unique bargain has a different kind of senior living at one senior citizen facility. details on this story when we return. (fred) breezy winds are areas of blowing snow will be seen tonight. and, it looks like a cold week ahead, with more snow possible wednesday. details are coming up after the break. stay with
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competative for retirement communities. tim: but one senior center facility may have come up with an idea that unites a different kind of senior that may attract some new tennants all while keeping them young at heart. elias johnson has more on the unique opportunity. ""nats piano music" going around inside the deerfield retirement community glennis nunn - deerfield resident think there's a lot of excitement. marlys schulte - deerfield resident oh yes, certainly. tom mckenna - we heard about it about two weeks ago. nat elevator the fuss is all about the newest senior to move in glennis nunn - deerfield resident in fact i think when she walks in everyone is gonna say, 'oh, come eat with me." so i hope i
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with her once in a while. shouldn't expect her for bridge at 10 am on tuesday and thursdays - because thats when haley jenkins has haley jenkins - drake university senior as my friends and fami know i'm a bit of an old soul. the 21-year-old drake senior is officially the youngest person to ever call deerfield home thanks to a newly formed partnership haley jenkins - drake university senior i got an email from clarence badilla, the head of the
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drake and he asked upper classman music majors at drake about this opportunity the opportunity was unique - play two music performances each month for residents at the retirement community in exchange for free room and board forthe next year nat - music james robinson - director we know of on iowa relationship between a prprtigious university and an community. james robinson explains - there's much more haley offers to her new james robinson - and that's the haley will build with impact of that is glennis nunn - deerfield resident
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different outlook on life to be with someone young haley jenkins - drake university senior i really enjoy the older generation because they have a lot to teach and hopefully i can teach them wh this experience as well." nat - playing pool including, how to run the table nat - cheers while haley keeps her new neighbors young at heart - they're also filling a void she's'seen living wititut for most of her life haley jenkins - drake university senior i only knew one of my grandmothers and she was very special to me because of that youngrelationship with me getting out of preschool, getting to spend time with grandma, baking and playing games with her and going out on wawas - but she died when i was really young. tom mcmcnna - deerfield resident a lot of us already think of her as granddaughter and shes a lovely young lady and a talented young lady and this relationship is going to be terrific and that's music to everyone's ears in urbandale elias johnson nat - end clapping " (jenna) fred, what can we expect tonight? (fred) more blowing snow, especially during the evening. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows that most of the snow showers have moved east, but blowing snow will remain this evening. a winter weather advisory will remain in effect through 12 am for the light blue shaded areas in the east. road conditions are poor across the north and east. travel is not advised on
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seeing blowing snow and are slick.interstate 35 is closed in the yellow and orange shaded areas. the port neal welding company
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chunk centre in sioux city. 30 was the high and 25 the low today. the storm lake skycam hd shows a cold looking scene in eastern siouxland. 25 is our current sioux city temperature. the wind is sustained at
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local temperatures are in the single digits and teens northeast and 20s elsewhere. wind chills are below zero northeast, with single digits and teens elsewhere. here's a look at the wind that would not quit today!. current wind gusts are still clocking in between 15 and 35 mph. winds will become slightly less mighty tonight, but will remai breezy through tomorrow. we can still see evidence of some blowing snow in the northeast, especially spencer and estherville. the satellite and radar shows that the snow is pushing east. the jet stream has taken a big dip over the eastern half of the us. as you can see, not a lot of change is expected the next couple of days. that means that below- normal temperatures will continue. the stormcast hd shows breezy winds remaining in place tonight and tomorrow. on wednesday, our next chance of snow moves in, especially in the morning. the snow forecast shows the potential for 1.0" to 1.5" of snow wednesday over western iowa. eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota shows lighter amounts of generally a half inch or less. tonight, look for breezy winds and a cold low of 7. there will be areas of blowing snow. tomorrow, skies will be partly cloudy. it will be eezy and cold, with a high of 20. the 7-day forecast shows a chance of light snow on wednesday. it will be cold all week, with highs in the teens and 20s through saturday. then we'll finally warm to the 30s sunday and the 40s monday. won't that be nice? (tim) it sure will. thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. jenna: coming up in sports...the lewis and clark conference tournament titles were on the line tonight. we'll head to laurel for a pair of ranked matchups.
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today though, we're back at it with the best of the best from the past two weeks. as always these are made by local
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local viewers...we kick things off with levi and landan p plsen over the past few years we saw these two bulldoze opponents for woodbury they're busting a move for the hawkeyes. that's right, that's a pair of 6 foot 5, 290 pound offensive linemen in full splits. incredible flexibility out of the big men. our fourth play features sioux city's newest team, the hornets. at their home opener, alvin gunter...he playeded his college ball up in the rushmore state...gets the feed and elevates for the flush. of his 28 points for hornets as they won the game 104-102 to improve to 3-0 on the season. our pivotal play number three takes us to the mats...sectional wrestling meetlast weekend and this is mvao's bryce kafton at 106. going up against from west monona h hgets the flip....nd the fallll. that win h hps him move on the moving on to next
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after finishing second on saturday. we head to the ice for play number the musketeers on the road at des moines. mitch fossier, leading the break he flips it over to alex steeves who lights the lamp and then crashes hard into the end boards. he would get up on his own power and contitie to play through the weekend. but back to the play, what a feed from fossier...right on the tape to steeves for the easy goal. our top play this week was sent into us and features a kid who's becoming a into us and features a kid who's becoming a regular here on the countdown. kobe smith of walthill, gets the oop from grayden hallowell...finishe s and draws the foul as well. frankly, i'm running out of words to descbe smith and the blu jays so just get out there and see em for yourself. kobe smith, the top spot in the abc9 top plays of the week. chris: since winnebago head coach jeff berridge took over last season, his indians have
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unbeatable. not only did they win a state crown last year, but they're 49-1 over all and in search of a second straight lewis and clark conference crown. sixth ranked randolph though, coming into the me at 14-3 overerl. and d e cardinals mama a statement on the first possession.conn or bloomquist...knoc ks down the triple for the early lead. but right away, aspen lapointe...from steph curry range...are you kidding me?! bago ties things up. the cardinals...not backing nordhues, keeps the hot shooting alive, as they open up an 11-7 lead. bago...david wingett no, but drake gorrin, gets the board and the tough finish to tie thingsup at 13. en with just seconds left in beats the buzzer...winnebag o wins a tight one...58-53...that's 43 straight wins for the indians. on the girls side...number 3 wynot and number
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good one too. we pick it up in the third...carissa kuchta (cook- tah)...gets the dish in the corner...she buries it, wynot leads it 29-25. then danielle wieseler...gets cut off by three defenders and takes it to the corner herself for three devils up five. but late in the period...abby dieling...gets to the rack with seconds left...e-h cuts it to four after the fourth...payton blanke with the quick release off the feed...lady pirates take a 43-41 lead. late in the game, drieling seals it with the drive through traffic. emerson hubbard your conference tourney champs, 54-51. in other
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cold low of 7. there will be areas of blowing snow. tomorrow, skies will be partly cloudy. it will be breezy and cold, with a high of 20. the 7-day forecast shows a chance of light snow on wednesday. it will be cold all
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through saturday. then we'll finally warm to the 30s sunday and the 40s monday. won't that be nice? dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: h h. dad: the culligan man.
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culligan man: the problem is your water!
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