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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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you do?" " 2 line cg: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) good evening! temperatures are in the teens and 20s. wind chills are in the single digits, teens,and 20s. the planner for tonight shows mostst cloudy skies early on. the temperature will be 19 at 2 am. skies will be cloudy at 6 am as the snow chance begins with a temperature of 18. we have a chance of snow at 10 am with a temperature of 19. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at a chance of light snow tomorrow. it's time for local news that matters! as farmers work to keep iowa's water clean... a new study says it may nobe enough. "the key is everyone has to do their part" progress... or a big problem? frustrated morningside residents speak out about a cell phone tower they don't want in their backyard. "right smackckab in the middle of a neighborhood is not the place for a solution to that problem." " " and... new hampshire makes its picks for president... putting sanders
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" how many more billions can we spend, without seeing any real progreithout changing the approach? tim: controversy over how to regulate agricultural practices to protect water quality in iowa is again taking center stage. tim: good evening and thank you for agricultural practices to protect water quality in iowa is again taking center stage. tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom water quality in iowa has been a hot topic as of late. now, authors of a new study say what's being done by farmers to protect our streams and rivers... isn't enough. tim: experts on the matter in northwest iowa say their biggest challengngis getting producers informed about their options. abc9's jess plue tells us more. jess: the environmental working group conducted a water study in iowa saying voluntary water conservation methods are overall not working... and aren't worth the money.
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project coordinator for buena vista and pocahontas counties about how she views the future of this issue. "i think everybody sees degraded water quality but we are hoping to make enprovements and by giving the farmers educating, and providing tools for implementing, it'd help with improving water quality," says anita patrick, watershed project coordinator for the wqi project in the headwaters of the north raccoon. watershed project coordinator, anita patrick, said theres a variety of tools farmers can use when trying to improve water conservation. while many of the tools and practices are readily available, patrick says the biggest challenge is getting those informed..and united. "we do recognize that farmers can do their part and we are focusing on equipting local farmers and producers and landowners with tools that help them make environmentally sound decisions," says patrick from choosing to implement cover crops like winter hardy cereal rye or perenial grasses to utilizing nitrogen sensing technology, patrick assures landowners that there's a conservation method for every situation, it's just a matter of choosing the right one. "with the watershed management plan, we hope to prioritize
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conservation practices and match them up to different locations," says patrick. patrick doesn't believe that making mandatory laws governing farming practices would be effective since all farm lands are different and require a different set of standards. "we recognize that every oporation is different and there's no one single practice that's going to fit the issues. it's going to take a whole suit of practices, it's going to take cooperation, everybody to make it work," says patrick. jess: we also spoke to iowa secretary of state, bill the study. here is what he had to say about the state's voluntary efforts. "we certainly are no need to end up. it's not going to happen are certainly making increased
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moving ahead as opposed to treading water." jess: if you would like to read the study for yourself, we have a link tohe report in this story on our website. that is siouxland matters dot com. reporting live in studio, jess plue, abc9 news. jenna: thanks jess. that study is not associated with an ongoing legal battle between dew moines water works and several siouxland water districts.. but it does cover some of the same issues. des moines water works is sueing the upstream counties, seeking reimbursement for more than a million dollars worth of nitrate removal from water taken from the raccoon river. supervisors from buena vista, sac and calhoun counties are all named in the lawsuit. the lawsuit says farmers should follow regulations in the clean water act. the case is still tied up in litigation. tim: a proposed cell phone tor in one sioux city neighborhood is causing an uproar. several folks living in the morningside area gathered at city hall today to
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of adjustments meeeting. they are speaking out against the proposed tower. the board of adjustment was asked by city council to take another look at a recent vote by city planning and zoning approving a conditional construction permit for the cell tower. concerned citizens say they viewed the meeting as a chance to present evidence opposing the project. but today (tuesday) they were denied. this wouldve been their last opportunity to presend eveidence, however the board did not allow them another hearing , their previous decision was final. tim: the decision however did not sit well with neighbors attending the meeting. residents say there is a long list of reasons they don't want the towers in their backyard. all of us live right around the area all of us will see decreases in our property value, all of us will have to put up with that eyesore and many of us are concerned about possible health effects that under federal law the board can't use, but they are still real
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neighbors would be to file suit in district court. they will have 30 days to come to that decision. jenna: donald trump and bernie sanders are on thier way to their first wins in the presidental nominating process. the two were projected as winners early in the night after voters went to the polls in new hampshire. on the republican side, donald trump broke open a lead in the primary garnering the biggest pool of the votes in the granite state. (34-point-5 per- cent) coming in second for the g-o-p's john kaisich, getting (16-point-3 per-cent) who finished in the bottom half of the iowa caucuses. donald trump was grateful as he took the stage in manchester new hampshire we want to thank you we love you and remember you started it you started it. with about 70 percent of the vote counted, trump had about a 20 point lead. trump says he's looking forward to nevada and south carolina who'll be heading to their primaries in the next coming weeks.
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and on the democratic side of the race, as expected, folks in new hampshire sided with vermont senator bernie sanders... who has been leading democratic rival hillary clinton in the state by wide margins. over 20 per-cent voters in the granite state followed through with their support, sanders also had about a 20 point lead with 3/4th of the vote counted. sanders took the opportunity to reiterate his stance on campaign finance reform. (sen. bernie sanders, (d) presidential candidate) together we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california and that is-- that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their superpacs. sanders says, clinton called h h and congratulated him. jenna: according to political analysts, the new hampshire primary is important to the electoral process, not just because it's the first primary in the nation. new hampshire pollster frank lunts says
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from the iowa caucuses because the iowa caucus- goers are much different voters. so new hampshire is really something athat gets a lot of focus from the media frank luntz new hampshire sets the tone for the rest of the country. if you can win in nh you probably can win in other places if you can't win in nh, an awful lot of campaigns just close up shop. nh does a better job of picking eventual nominees than any other state in the country." luntz went on to say he predicts more than one candidate will be dropping out of the race, much as we saw in the iowa caucuses after the results are complete here tonight, within n the next 48 hourur jenna: still to come...sportszone has 12 games in store for you, including a pair with conference championships on the line. stay tuned for all the action. (fred) tonight's ask fred question is "what is the most snow we have ever received on valentine's day?" the answer, and a look at light snow coming to parts of siouxland tomorrow, after the break. " "
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fred, what's this talk
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but the accumulating snow won't arrive until around sunrise. road conditions have improved a lot in the past 24 hours. the main roads are now in good conditions. here is s the port neal l welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. 25 was the high today and 11 the low. here's a look at the storm lake skycam hd! 23 is the sioux city temperature. winds are calm. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. that puts wind chills anywhere between the single digits and 20s. it's been another breezy day, with sustained winds of 10-20 miles per hour in the afternoon, but we have seen winds drop dramatically this evening. we can see the beginning of tomorrow's snow chances in north dakota. that disturbance will move closer to siouxland overnight. we've been keeping a close watch on the jet stream. we're stuck in a cold pattern, and as you can n e, it's not gogog to change anytime soon. the stororast hd shows a chance of light snow tomorrow. the greatest totals will be found over western iowa. quiet weather will return thursday. the snow forecast shows that east of i-29 will see 0.5" to 1.0" of snow, while less than 0.5" will be seen west of i-29. tonight, look for a low of 10 and
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as the wind backs off. tomorrow, a chance of light snow will be seen with the highest totols east. the high will be 21. the 7-day shows cold weather until valentine's day, when we'll get above freezing for the first time in days. and, 40s are expected monday and tuesday. tonight's ask fred question is "what is the most snow we have ever seen on valentine's day?" the answer is 5.0" on february 14, 1918. tonight's winner is connie sponder! connie wins 2 tickets to see alan jackson on april 30 at the tyson events center! we'll have two more tickets next week, so keep the questions coming! (jenna) thanks, fred! (fred) you bet!
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everybody and welcome into the abc9 sportszone, i'm chris palmquist. alex walker is on the disabled list tonight, but no worries... we'll check out 11 basketball games and a wrestling meet tonight with stops in sioux city, norfolk, rock valley, battle creek and others, but we'll begin with a pair de facto conference championship games. fourth ranked cherokee and number one western christian are both 12-1 in lakes conference play and the winner of tonight's regular season finale, also claims the conference crown. the wolfpack won the first meeting between these two 82-56 just three weeks ago. second quarter.....paityn hagberg drills the three for the braves....with a payton manning jersey in the about that!! then itstsshytn veerbeekekor glass and good...wolfpack up 36-25.....
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feenstra buries the big-time three......western christian up six at the break.... third quarter now....kaely hummel wide open at the the top of the money! braves down just one.... but veerbeek was a monster on the low block for the 'pack......she gets that one to wallll.w-c wins it 79793. okoboji, a win away from their first siouxland conference title in nearly a decade taking on sioux center. in the third...sioux center up 9...alexis toering, gets the board goes coast to coast and then finds jessica harald at the last second for the chance at a 3 point play. boji answers back...brenna mccabe knocks down the long two. but sioux center stayed hot...shayla post drains the three to up the lead to 12. then post again...this time with a little kiss off the glass... but boji kept chipping away...emilyintz off the screen, gets it to
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outscored sioux center 21-9 in the fourth to rally for the 54-49 win. center 21-9 in the fourth to rally for the 54-49 win. chris: despite a 14-3 mark--and two of those lossss coming to number five abe lincoln--the east boys have been hovering outside the top ten in class 4a most of the season. tonight, they had a chance for a statement win taking on the second-ranked team in south dakota's class double a. the black raiders making the trip up 29 to take on washington. a quick start for east...van rees, one of the best rebounders in the state...gets the board and the put back here as they jump on top.p. but then washington foundnd their stroke fro outside...carter keller knocks down a three three pointer for the warriors. then late in the quarter, sam siganos...son of former north star stan siganos...helps his team get the win...washington
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elsewhere in the rushmore state, dakota valley looking for its 10th win in 11 games taking on vermillion. in the first...sara bohan dishesest ahead to halal hoffman, she stops and pops, but it the tanagers who lead it by 6 after the first. this will add to it...haleigh melstad to shantel french, back to melstad for the triple...make it 20- 11 vermillion. next time down the court, french...the toe on the line for this one, but she knocks down the long two...tanagers doubling up the panthers. dv rallies though...hoffman, knocks down another midrangejumper as they get within six. but kyleigh melstad and vermillion...they do enough for the road win, they take it 51-44. heelan edged north by two the last time they played, would we have another nailbiter tonight? first possession...nort h's trap works to perfection...jayda graham peterson...gets the steal and takes it all the way for the lay in to get on the
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right away though...the extra papa from taylor ferguson to lelee stolen...sheheits the triple and the usaders take the lead. but thenaycean schueth, hesitates and blows rough three defenders...stars would lead it 11-3. heelan though, they found their rhythm...megan beaulieu connects on the corner three to cut into the lead. then late in the quarter...grace hanno, the hoop and the hack...crusaders rally for the win, 63-40. chris: time for a quick timeout, but don't gogonywhere. we still have six games to get to plus w wll check out regional dual wrestling action
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wrestling tournament is just 8 days away and tonight, ten siouxland schools in classes 1a and 2a competed for three spots in des moines. down in sergeant bluff...the warriors looking for their second trip in 3 years taking on spirit lake park. at 106...dominique
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squad with the first period fall...warriors up 15-0 at this point. at 113, slp gets some back...nate cornwall, down 2-0 late, finishes the match h f with a flurry...he rallies for the 3-2 2 win. up to 12..rhyker sims....howing why he's ranked 6th in the state...he has no trouble with the 15-0 tech fall. an incredibly entertaining match at 126...brayden curry, turns a two point lead with 13 seconds left into a 7 point win, 14-7 for sbl. slp makes a run at the middle weights...john tuttle...gets the pin in just 52 seconds...he's fired up. but sbl, just too deep...preston dunn gets the fall and they move on to des moines...they'll be joined by westwood and sibley-ocheyedan in 1a. chris: back to basketball action...the western valley conference race was as tight and entertaining as possible. lawton-bronson, kingsley pierson, and westwood all went 8-1, sharing the championship.
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off in their regular season finales. the panthers...lookingng for the seasonsweep againsnsthe lady rebelel anits k-p out to a hot start....abby sitzman sets up in the corner and cans the triple..panthers up 5-0.... but mykenzie whitney was on a mission for the rebs...she cleans up the miss for the deuce....lead down to three... then off the missed three...its whitney again on the glass.....the junior finished with a team-high 28 points... but the rebs were no match for k- p......marina keck making it look easy in the paint.....panthers wiwiby 15.....70-55. the third and fourth place teams in the siouxland also in action, west lyon and moc-floyd valley. lady dutch get things started quickly.....after the tip-off they get the ball into morgan dejong for the bucket. next possession down, dejong this time dishes it off to hailey korver and she goes up between two defenders and gets it go to...moc-fv up four early... but the wildcats wowod start
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van been g gs nothing but net for the three....west lyon within one.... then a missed shot is rebounded by maddie meyers and she'll still get the put back..... the wildcats gon on a 17-2 run to end the first quarter and win it 61-47. over to the boys side...western christian looking for their 14th straight win taking on cherokee. wolfpack asserting their dominance early.....taylor miedempump fake....hard to the rack.....4-0 western christian.... how about josh van lingen...such pretty footwork....and the reverse finish......w-c out to an 8-0 lead.... cherokee gets on the board a few minutes later.....trey valentine....up and under.......braves cut the deficit to six..... but western was dialed on......van lingen to dustin marra....the bigs doing work! wolfpack win in a rout.....90-37. central lyon, just outside the top ten this week, king on rock lley. rock valley's
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to go, but 6'10'' teammate jason taylor is there to get the board and put back... after a few lions free threws....rockvall ey's kendrick van kekerix drives into a forest of defenders...but spins and knocks down the jumper... central lyon looks to respond...nash knobloch.....passe s it out to riley van whye.....and he hits the jumper to tie it back uip.p... then its van maanenhis time muscling his way into the paint....and gets the shot off glass to go.... back and forth battle at the beginning but the rockets win 65-49. in nebraska, creighton and l- h-n-e...cody ronnfeldt & josh spanjer from our sportszone partners at necc shot this game for us. first quarter...nice ball movement for the eagles...eventualy caleb gebhardt gets possession and the layup to get lhne on the board. he was the man early for the eagles...riley berner gets it between defenders to gebhardt for another pair. then he can stretch the floor too...he knocks down the triple...lutheran high takes it at home, 70-62. and down in
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bravettes hosting neligh oakdale...cody and josh also shot this game for us. in the second quarter...the bravettes pass it around...abigail westerman with the drop step and the layup...battle creek in full command. later on...cassidy gillespie with the steal...she goes all the way with it. kiana bolling steal coast to coast.
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tonight, look for a low of 10 and mostly cloudy skies as the wind backs off. tomorrow, a chance of light snow will be seen with the highest totals east. the high will be 21. the 7-day shows cold weather until valentine's day, when we'll get above freezing for the first time in days. and, 40s are expected monday and tuesday. tonight's ask fred prize will be 2 tickets to alan jackson at the tyson on april 30! email or facebook your weather questions!
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