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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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boulavard hyvee store, where zenvenbergen worked as a teller. during the robbery perez went up to zevenbergen's window and demanded cash. zevenbergen then pretended to faint to buy some time for perez to get away. both were eventually caught and pleaded guilty to 2nd degree theft in connection to the crime. today, a representative of the bank said today that employees were rattled after the incident. " within one week the bank lost two employees. others asked to be relocated to other branches and bankwide a common theme that emerged in the coming days was that tellers no longer felt safe" lawyers for the two teens argued that they would both benefit from probation and that neither had a criminal record prior to the robbery. judge jeff neary said that he'd never had a case like this during his 13 years on the bench " i hope you understand i just
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make a bit of sense to me whatsoever. i can't imagine what the motivation whould have been. there are kids in this world who would love to have half of what you have going for them what you have going for you." the judge said that while he considered suspending the two teen's prison sentences, he wanted to send a message that this type of crime could result in probation. both teens were also ordered to pay back the nearly 10 thousand dollars that was stolen, and will have to serve at least half of their 5 year sentences. jenna: a man accused of shooting a sioux city police officer before also shooting himself has now been moved from the hospital to the jail. 18-year-old isaiah mothershed was arrested on sunday after a string of burglaries and robberies police believe he's connected to. police say while mothershed was sitting on the handcuffed on a couch, he was able to get to a hidden gun and shoot at officer ryan moritz. mothershed was booked on two counts of attempted murder and five counts of
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robbery. jenna: the law enforcement center in sioux city is a step closer to expanding after today's woodbury county supervisors meeting. tim: abc 9's christina gri-hall-va has more on that. christina that's right tim and jenna-- the board of supervisors is taking steps forward to expand the-- 16- year-old-- building. right now-- it's all about deciding who is best for the job. three architects were interviewed for the project earlier this afternoon. with limited space at the jail-- this expansion would allow the county to house about 50 more inmates. some upgrades for the building would also include-- a new electrical system, new boilers, a hot water system and a-c. woodbury county supervisor jeremy taylor says, "over the next week, the five different entities, including the sheriffs office, the taxpayers research council, the board of supervisors, our building services and the baker group, our consultants, will work together on scoring this request for qualification and then we'll come back with a recommendation for the board of supervisors for ultimate approval."
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comes as the county makes plans to close the prairie hills facility. that's being used to house over- flow prisoners-- with non-violent offenses-- on weekends. it also serves as the kitchen where food is made for the jail inmates. christina taylor hopes they can lock down an architect soon -- and stick to a budget under 1.2 million dollars for the project. reporting live in studio-- christina grijalva-- abc 9 news tim: medical marijuana is once again a hot topic at the statehouse. new legislation would make it easier for iowans to get it. and this bill has support from both democrats and republicans. amanda krenz brings us more from des moines "amanda intro 1:07:01 the law iowa passed to give families premission to have medical cannabis is not the same as giving families access and that's what they say they need. erin 1:01:53 we're going 8 months without having a seizure which is amazing. erin miller's three year old son, abrahm, has a rare gene mutation that causes seizures. he started taking hemp oil 8 months ago, shipped from colorado. erin 1:03:51 once you have the card, you don't have access to
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cross state lines or you order help oil which is working for him. she says the help oil is making a world of difference for her child. 1:02:45 he went from not being able to use fine motor grasp to doing a 9 peice puzzle. hemp oil also helps abrahm sleep through the night, interact with people, and generally make healthy progress. a new study bill in the statehouse will allow for growing and distributing medical marijuana in iowa. it already has bipartisan support. one of the iowa's highest profile christian conservatives speaks in favor of it. vanderplaats: his last bite at the podium family's who've benifitted from medical cannibis this law passes it would give them the access they need. erin 1:04:01 i want a broader cannabis bill because the only other family lost their child at 11 to a seizure. amanda tag 1:07:25 this bill isn't going to be debated on the floor anytime soon. still a study bill, it will be followed closely, at the statehouse, amanda krenz, local 5 news, we are iowa." jenna: if you're looking
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if you're looking for something to do this valentines day, we have the perfect thing for you, the pete goede memorial als benefit concert, is this sunday the 14th from 2 to 8 pm. the concert will feature four of siouxland's best local bands live in the anthem at the hard rock hotel and casino. and in addition to the concert, there will be a silent aucti. 100% of the money raised at the event will help fund services for siouxlanders with als. tim: one of siouxland's oldest non-profit organizations is celebrating a special anniversary. the ymca of siouxland... known now as the norm waitt sr. ymca, has been a staple in the siouxland community for 130 years. since 1886, the y has been running programs to help promote youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. the y's south sioux city building is its third location. chris deroin says, "228,000 visits that is come through the doors annually so to know that 130 years worth of that
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former board members, current members that say "i grew up in the y, my parents were y members since they were kids, since they moved to sioux city." to know that so many people have so many memories and connotations is fantastic to see and continue on ando more and future generations will kids will end up at the y too." one member of the siouxland y has been taking part in it's activities since childhood. siouxland y has been taking part in it's activities since childhood. a former board member for the y during its move from sioux city, steve avery has seen the y go through many changes but says the sence of community has remained. " most of the time i was involved we were running and racketball and doing sports activities and i was going to other places too and this place always felt different, it wasn't just a place to work out. in general, what it is is it's a feeling of community. it's not just me working out, it's us. and it's not just us working out, its us finding a way to live with each other." a-b-c 9 news is a proud partner of the y and helps support a number of its programs.
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the y and helps support a number of its programs. jenna: for the third year in a row, farm sector profitablility is set to decline. net cash farm income is set to decline about 2 point 5 percent from last years forecast levels. and net farm income is forecast to also be down 3%. if in fact the decline happens, this year's net farm income would be the lowest since 2002, and would be a drop of 56 percent from its recent high in 2013. jenna: and here to talk with me further about the farm forecast is chris benson , the director of applied agriculture and food studies at morningside college. so chris, what does this mean
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to happen to have another rise, similar to the one in 2013 how do you turn this into a teaching moment for your students? teaching moment for your students? chris benson, director of applied agriculture & food studies at morningside college will be
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interview at 5pm. we can have him in the a block. below is the link that shows the usda farm forecast. if the outlook is correct, this will be the third year in a row that farm profit dropped in the us. this could be good for the web and shows. http: below that is a link to agriculture secretary tom vilsack's response to the give our brains a workout, stay with us. fred: (fred) a cold pattern is going to continue, and we have more snow chances to tell you about. but, it still looks warmer next week. your forecast is coming up after the break!
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fred: (fred) the hd radar shows quiet weather. earlier today, we had light snow across eastern siouxland. peterson, ia had 1.0", worthington, mn had 1.0", sioux falls, sd saw 0.9", sheldon, ia saw 0.7", everly, ia had 0.5", rock valley, ia saw 0.5". road conditions are still partially snow covered in the north and east. here is the port neal welding company skycam hd in storm lake. 31 was the high today and 16 the low. here is the storm lake skycam hd. in sioux city, we have 23 degrees. do you think it's been a cold february? actually, it hasn't really been that cold. we've had periods of cold and warm weather, but there has been a lot of wind, making things feel colder. local temperatures range from the teens east to the 30s west. wind chills are below zero in parts of the northeast, with better conditions in the
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today, with winds of greater than 10 mph throughout. the satellite and radar shows this morning's snow moving away. the jet stream has us stuck in a cold pattern, and that will not change anytime soon. the stomrcast hd shows a chance of snow late tomorrow and tomorrow night, especially in the east. we could pick up 0.5" to 1.0" in the northeast, with less than 0.5" elsewhere. tonight, look for a low of 8 and cloudy skies. tomorrow's high will be 23 with cloudy skies and a chance of snow in the late afternoon and evening. the 7- day forecast shows another chance of light snow late saturday and early sunday. it's going to stay cold for a while. wind chills could be as cold as -20 friday night, and saturday's high will be only 13! but we'll get to 31 sunday, and then warming to 45 by wednesday.
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tim: jenna: (tim) thanks, fred (fred) you bet.
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and when we come back we'll take a look at some ways to give our brains a workout.
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our bodies but what about work outs that target our organs-like our brains? while you can't really grow your brain, it as sharp as possible as you age with some simple steps. holly firfer has more in today's health minute. " "should we shell out time and money for games that we are told will make our brain work better? (dr. david loring/ professor of neurology and pediatric, emory university) brain dev starts in utero and the is a long period of time in which the brain matures just as the rest of the body matures and after that it's downward slide (dr. david loring/ professor of neurology and pediatric, emory university) after it's fully developed its like the rest of the body nothing works as well ten years down the line. that's where brain games come into the equation with promises of less forgetfulness, sharper and quicker problem solving- basically better thinking power. (dr. david loring/ professor of neurology and pediatric, emory university) the question that then pops up is to what degree do these cognitive tasks that you've practiced on will generalise and help maintain cognitive skills in a variety of real world tasks we do know there are some things we can all do to make our brains function better. healthy living and a fair amount of exercise will help keep your brain strong (dr. david loring/ professor of neurology and pediatric, emory university) both social interaction that you have and some of the more broad type of activities in which you engage are related to maintaining a level
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so if you want to play a few brain games now and then, it's probably not the worst thing you can do-but don't forget to get outside, see people and try something new, because those brain boosters areree. holly firfer, cnn jenna: after the break... more about a favorite siouxland event where you get to after the break... more about a favorite siouxland event where you get to spend some time with the sioux city musketeers.
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skinner from face off for charity. its that time of year for the sioux
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day charity event, charity. the event place thurdsay the 20th. calendars for the musketeers' signature three y charity event, charity", scheduled for thursday, february 18 through saturday, february 20 on the ice at the tyson events center and on the center's south concourse. you'll have the opportunity to have a meal served by one of your sioux city musketeers and bid on a variety of specially chosen
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from some of your favorite nhl, mlb, or nfl teams; college programs including nebraska, iowa state, south dakota and iowa; local restaurants; theaters; the symphony; nationally recognized hockey camps or golf courses; hotels and much, much more. with help from major sponsors applebee's, kcau- tv channel 9, 102.3 fm, y101.3, coors light, wrenn's plumbing , foulk bros. plumbing & heating, stabe realty and auction, wheelock bursick jensen dentistry and the sioux city journal; sioux city musketeers players, staff and fans raised a record $72,000 last year, all for the benefit of traumatized children and families seeking care through boys and girls home and family services, inc. and even more record-setting, this pushed the total amount raised over the past 17 years to just under $600,000. as an organization, the musketeers are as proud of this record. this highly anticipated event is a fun way for
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back to the community, while interacting with faithful fans, sponsors and supporters. if you're interested in sponsoring the event, donating auction items, reserving a table or ticket or if you want more information regarding face off for charity 2016 contact the development office of boys and girls home at 712- 293-4700 or the musketeers office at 712-252-2116. join the sioux city
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