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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  February 22, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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scott: thanks for advisory will soon is starting to get foggy morning. wind up at between 5 and temperatures are the lower 40s under your complete forecast is coming up - your news starts now. "announcer: "now live from kcau-tv in sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news this midday.... " " lukas good morning and
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i'm lukas voss we begin with the race for the white hoe ... donald trump's big win in south carolina making him the clear frontrunner -- as the republican field shrinks from 17 -- to five still standing with the nevada caucus just a day away. abc's tom llamas has the latest. " " this morning donald trump on a victory lap following a big win in south carolina-saying he's attracting gop voters in all shapes and sizes. sot-trump "we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, just won." in atlanta the lights went out on trump but it couldn't stop his power over the crowd. sot-trump "they didn't pay the electric bill, oh i like that much better. trump on a roll after his back to e whole trump family on the victory stage...even wife melania leading the charge for the next contest. sot-melania sc (extend this sot a bit don't have log) "we love you. and we are going ahead to
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hoping to limit those trump celebrations- senator marco rubio who barely won second place in south carolina. rubio hit 3 states on sunday speaking to some of his biggest crowds and unveiling a new message. sot-rubio "america is a nation in which in our veins flows the blood of people who refuse to accept the limits placed upon them by a stale and outdated society." but senator ted cruz is telling rubio not fast-mockingrubio's appearance on this week with george. sot- cruz "...he was asked what state will you win? all three candidates hoping to to gain supporters from jeb bush who dropped out of the race - following a weak showing in south carolina. sot trump-sc "a number of the pundits said, well, if other candidates dropped out -- if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trump! what? these geniuses. they're geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes don't just add them together." lukas and on the democratic side... clinton took nevada and it looks like she could leave her
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and on the democratic side... clinton took nevada and it looks like she could leave her close rival bernie sanders behind ... clinton flew to houston right after the victy and held a big rally at texas southern university. she emphasized how important this moment was for her presidential campaign and took time to thank her team. (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate) "it was hard fought and i just can't say enough about the team on the ground who'd been there for months and the thousands and thousands of volunteers who really got to work. we saw so much great activity the last week and it turned out to be more than enough and i'm really happy about that." next up-- the mocrats head to south carolina
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primary ... next saturday. lukas authorities say two men were taken to the hospital sunday afternoon after a stabbing incident in sioux city. the sioux city police department was called out to the 1500 block of pierce street around 1:45 sunday afternoon after a caller reported a stabbing. when they arrived, they found two adult males suffering from stab wounds to their abdomens. both were taken to mercy medical center in sioux city with non life injuries. the sioux department says were brothers and they don't believe charges are being filed at this time. the names of the two men have not yet been released remains under investigation. thousands gathered in washington to pay supreme court justice antonin scalia. were held at a washington d.c. scalia's longtime clarence thomas-- service. the late justice's ... delivered mass for his father.
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with a love for his family. we have been thrilled to read and hear the many words of praise and admiration for him, for his intellect, his writings, his speeches, his influence and so on. but more important to us and to him, is he was dad." scalia died in his sleep on february 13th during a visit to texas. he was 79 years old. lukas: iowa legislators are working on several alcohol- related bills. one in particular has gained traction and is known as the growler freedom bill ... abc9 news reporter bria bell has more. "it's the government hurting small businesses is what it is," says martin. iowa's senate committe passed a growler freedom bill which will allow brew pubs to sell up to 32 ounce jugs to consumers. breweries like jackson street would not be affected as it already legal to purchase growlers on demand. the bill will still need approval from the house of representatives, but brew pub owners like eric say it's about time.
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steins and vines festival at the convention center this weekend. the event is one of the many attractions siouxlanders look forward to during this time of year. its the area's largest beer and wine festival with food and coffee displays and live entertainment. stein and vines drew large crowds again benefitting not only the convention center but vendors as well ... "i'd say most of our sales and leads come through events like this. so far there's been tons of people through and sampling and buying some," says sickelka. "i like it. this is our second year here. my husband won vip's this year. i like those better than the general admission. lot og good wines and good beers, lot of diffrent varitetiesand i 'm pretty good at drinking beer," says ryan. the event was 3
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lukas took center strong encounter center in sioux city this weekend. fisheries stukel presented photograghy journey of capturing the throughout the the exhibit titled ... "a year on the highly anticipated photographer displayed his most captivating works for each season ... he does have a preference. "i am a big fan of less people more elbow room. if the goal is showing people the river in a new way, maybe something that haven't seen before, winter is the best time to do that becasue typically we look at the river through the windshield or window of our cars from a distance durring that time of year and there are a lot of really unique features that come out durtring the coldest months." stukel said he spent several
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river resevoir ...and in these studies, he found his passion for taking pictures of landscapes. he has been on the 100 days each year decade. officals are still investigating a stabbing that happened in oniell huges brings us more now. "an o'neill woman is injured in an incident that remains under investigation. according to holt county attorney brent kelly, a 37- year-old hispanic woman was pronounced dead at avera st. anthony's hospital in o'neill. the apparent cause of her death was multiple stab wounds caused by a knife. kelly says a 37-year-old hispanic in the incident that occurred about 9 p.m. saturday at an o'neill home. whether a measure before the nebraska legislature would expand gambling in nebraska or enforce regulations on gambling is being debated. sen. tyson larson of o'neill sponsors the bill and told colleagues it would regulate an industry now unregulated in the state but sen. david schnoor of scribner sees it more as expanding than regulating gambling. the bill would regulate online fantasy sports such as draft kings and fan duel, but would also touch on pickle cards and keno. businesses in the norfolk area are advised to watch closely for possible counterfeit money that is circulating in the area. police capt. mike bauer says the police division has received reports of $50 and $100 bills being passed in norfolk in the past few weeks. bauer says anyone who suspects that a bill might be counterfeit should call the police division. those and more
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on news talk wjag, kix." still to come... well see what howard has the test kitchen, stay with us! scott:
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after the break... howard has a
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so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. tonight? well howard has a special recipe that will become a staple of your dinner table. check it out. "if you've ever had a chance to grab a bite to eat in north carolina, then you've probably had sweet potato biscuits. for those of you who've never had the pleasure, let me share how you can make these babies right at home. all you have to do is mix together some mashed sweet potatoes, and those can be canned or freshly cooked, along with some milk, sugar, eggs and a bit of melted butter. ok, we set that aside for a sec while we mix together some self-rising flour, baking powder and salt. now we cut in
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cutter or you can use a couple of butter knives. once the mixture is pebbly, we stir in our sweet potato mixture. all that's left to do is drop heaping spoonfuls of this on a few baking sheets and into the oven they go. and in about 15 minutes, once they rise and the tops get golden, we have the most incredible biscuits we've ever tasted. maybe brush on some warm maple syrup, or drizzle them with honey and get ready for some good old-fashioned southern eating. so go online and get the recipe for our southern, "sweet potato biscuits," so you can experience the best of the best without leaving your house. i'm howard, with kelly in the mr. food test kitchen, where today home way" for you to say . "ooh it's so good!!" lukas: if you would like a copy of that recipe you can send us a self addressed stamped envelope
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douglas street. the zip...51101. "sweet potato biscuits" on your or you can visit our website...siouxlan d matters dot com. mr. food logo.... lukas coming up after the break...well take a look at ways to keep your heart safe and after a cardiac event ....
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important it is to keep it safe and healthy ... especially after a cardiac event such as a stroke or heart attack. a local program at mercy medical center is doing just that ... but it's much more than just working out and giving advice ... it's also a place to come together ... take a look nats: instruction: "shall we go ahead and get started" vo: getting started isn't always easy ... especially if it involves exercise ... if you are then talking about physical acitivity after you have beealing with a serious heart condition ... it almost seems impossible. sot: "i was very hesitant, terrified ... i thought exercising would cause me another heart attack." nats: explaining walking ... well ... jerry found out that that's not the case ... he is part of mercy medical center's cardiac
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designed to integrate patients back into their regular level of fitness after a significant cardiac event ... it's a three phase program ... starting often times when patients are still in the hospital. sot: "you have to set expectations for the patients so that they know they won't be getting right out of the hospital to get back to what they were doing before they had their cardiac event." vo: with phase two ... the all monitored and cardiovescular fitness including adjust their lifestyles. the third fitness and going promoting one thing ... prevention... sot: "this training that we are putting them trhough, the exercise that we are doing is actually reduce the risk of reoocuing events. the education and the exercise part as well work hand in glove." vo: jerry has been part of the program for 20 years .... he has integrated his workout routine into his daily life simply because it helps him to be and stay active. sot: "if i didn't come here i wouldn't do i wouldn't do it at home ... it's such a part of my life now it's just automatic that i come here." vo: 18 sessions or six weeks ... that's how long the program runs ... typically because that's the timeframe the heart needs to heal ... patricia has been a nurse involved in cardiac care for the past 20 years ... she runs part of the program that sets itself apart because patients are constantly monitored ... the most important part however? sot: "i talk about what a difference exercise makes i can see it in our clients ... there are some that are 90 years old still coming and exercising 3 times a week." lukas: scott's up next
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lukas sct:we have a high temperature today of 41 with mostly cloudy skies and some fog and mist. the low tonight is 32 and cool. tomorrow's high is
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the low tonight is 32 and it'll be cloudy and cool. tomorrow's high is 44 with a light mix of precipitation early followed by mostly cloudy and breezy conditions. here's a check of your 7 day forecast. " "
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if you think some dishes deserve a standing ovation, then join us because we're about to inductur favorites into "the chew's" hall of fame. it's "chewer challenge week," and today i'm being put to the test. clinton is joined by one of our favorite viewers to create a fame-worthy cheesy creation. plus, michael's in the kitchen with the hilarious anthony anderson and they're stirring things up with a hearty soup that'll keep you warm all winter long. we're going for the gold right


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