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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  November 2, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. >> the driver got out of the vehicle and took off. kevin: chase, crash, and arrest. a good samaritan helps police catch a fort dodge teen. how the teen's mom got involved , and that got arrested too. , stacey: shocking video of uber violence goes viral. the safety concerns drivers here in the metro are voicing tonight. kevin: and another win or go home night for high school football. highlights and scores from all the big central iowa games . stacey: first at 10:00 a routine , traffic stop escalates into a high-speed police chase in fort dodge. kevin: the teenager behind the we'll of that car is facing child endangerment charges. stacey: kcci's ryan smith explains how officers were able to track down the suspect. ryan: that police pursuit came
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dodge as the suspect slammed his vehicle into the foundation right behind me. and we've learned tonight the only reason officers were able to track down the suspect is because of a good samaritan who saw the crime unfold and immediately alerted officers. what was supposed to be a simple stop and citation at 7th and hawkeye avenue turned into a high speed chase. one mile into the pursuit, the 17-year-old behind the wheel crashed into this city-owned property. tire tracks and damage to the foundation still visible tonight. take a look at pictures taken this morning just moments after the collision. the vehicle sits dangling over the edge inside an 18 and 12-year-old passenger. >> the driver got out of the vehicle and took off. ryan: but before police could see where the suspect fled to he --
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was hot footin it. ryan: shawn george was there. at the right place. at the right time. george showed the responding officer exactly which house the driver darted inside. >> encountered the young man's mother. and she pushed to the officer wasn't going to let him in the , home. ryan: his mother, 38-year-old tajuana gully, now faces charges of assault and interference with official acts. police did arrest the 17-year-old who was found hiding in the basement. >> this is a job that we can not do without their help. we need their eyes, their ears. giving credit to this volunteer ryan: firefighter for helping nab their suspect. >> if i was a cop, i'd like the they don't get the help they extra help. need. ryan: the 17-year-old driver facing multiple charges tonight including traffic offenses, child endangerment, and eluding law enforcement. in fort dodge, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: it's the assault caught on camera, raising safety concerns for uber drivers nationwide.
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des moines to explain why drivers here say they wish uber would do more to protect them. laura: we talked with 3 local uber drivers tonight and they all told us the same thing, uber does not do enough to keep its drivers safe. the video has gone viral. a drunk passenger starts violently hitting an uber driver in california after the driver asks him to get out of his car. the whole thing captured on the driver's go pro camera. >> seeing that video definitely opens your eyes and makes you realize that it's possible and it does happen. laura: we talked with 3 des moines uber drivers, all say they have never been assaulted, but fear it could happen. brett markey says he tries to use common sense to stay safe. >> if the person is too drunk to give you directions to where they are going, i wouldn't even give them a ride.
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laura: the driver in california says he got a dash camera after several similar instances. des moines driver larry viers tells us he is also considering installing one. >> oh yes, i am definitely going to check them out. laura: kcci has learned uber does not allow its drivers to carry firearms. >> i would feel more safe if i could carry one. laura: drivers also say uber offers no training or guidelines on how to deal with unruly passengers. >> it would be nice to know what kind of protections we have. in case something like that were to happen. laura: i sent several emails to uber representatives asking what -- asking about safety measures. they didn't answer any specific questions but did say we take -- did say they take safety extremely seriously and are constantly thinking of ways to better the uber experience. kevin: des moines police continue to investigate how
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over and killed by a car she had than riding and saturday nights. it happened at hull and delaware on des moines' east side. authorities say hols either fell or jumped from the vehicle she was in and was then run over by the same vehicle. the driver was her boyfriend sam archer. he's in custody on charges unrelated to what happened saturday night. kevin: hols leaves behind a 6 month old daughter that she shares with archer and a 5-year-old son. stacey: eminent domain is the center of a big debate in iowa right now. an out-of-state developer wants to use it to acquire land to build the bakken oil pipeline. stacey: governor branstad spoke about the idea of taking private property today. the governor did not say if he would support allowing dakota access to use eminent domain to take property along the 348 mile route through iowa, but said there are situations where it can be used. >> they're not taking the land, they're only using the land to put a pipeline through and we've had thousands of miles of pipeline put through this state.
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has signed easements with well over half the landowners on the pipeline route. kevin: a grinnell para-educator is going to be back at work tomorrow. grinnell-newburg school administrators tell kcci they looked into allegations that an employee made racist comments in front of students. after a thorough investigation they say they found no , violations of any kind. the para-educator, who has been with the district for 15 years, had been on paid administrative leave during the investigation. taking a live look outside of our downtown skycam. unseasonably warm tonight. kurtis: i was at one of the area football games, fantastic. another nice one tomorrow. i think we will see a few clouds early and that will slow the temperature rise a little bit. we will move sunshine and amsouth when will get a little
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gusty. high of 75. there is another 70 degrees day plus. a text color thursday and then we get knocked down thursday. 78 degrees. 1938, we had 79. there is a rain chance moving in. stacey: next act 10:00 debate , demands. what republican candidates are insisting on for the future. e-coli concerns. the health scare at chipotle sickening dozens of people. which stores are contaminated. kevin: plus, it is football monday night. scott reister and the sports department working to bring in the latest images and information. working hard.
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leader. this is easy and news -- this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. stacey: republican presidential candidates are demanding greater control over the debate process. kevin: representatives from most of the campaigns met behind closed doors last night in washington dc. stacey: steve karlin joins us with commitment 2016 coverage tonight. steve: campaigns have drafted a letter to send to the media outlets that are hosting the upcoming debates. they say if their requests are not met they may not show up. the draft letter spells out a list of demands, from mandatory opening and closing statements, to the temperature of the debate hall. the candidates say no more lightning round questions and no hand-raising allowed dr. carson: we may not get everything in one big bite but we're making progress. that's the important thing. steve: the republican national committee is making its own changes.
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we've got better support with the campaigns to help them negotiate with the networks. steve: but at least one candidate is distancing himself from the controversy. gov. christie: do not count me in the group that's doing this moaning and complaining about this. we went to the meeting yesterday to listen. steve: meanwhile jeb bush kicked , off a campaign reset in florida. he says he has been getting a lot of advice following his widely panned debate performances. mr. bush: nail that zinger, be angrier, hide your inner wonk. but i've learned two important things during my time as your governor. one, i can't be something i'm not. steve: while bush's poll numbers have dropped and fundraising has slowed, political analysts say a reset is not out of the question. it's not too late if you have >>it's not too late if you have $120 million in your super pack which you can spend. but i think the most important thing jeb and his campaign can do is quit being defensive. steve: republican debates remain
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three before the iowa caucuses on the next one is scheduled for february 1. november 10 in milwaukee. the democrats are holding their 2nd debate right here in des moines. kcci is co-sponsoring the event. it's planned for saturday, november 14 at drake university. ohio governor john kasich spoke out about the debate controversy today while campaigning in des moines. he says he wasn't asked any questions that were "below the belt" during the cbnc debate, but he doesn't like the quick 30-second response format. kasich was at nationwide insurance as part of the company's civic action program, to emphasize political participation. democratic front-runner hillary clinton is back in iowa tomorrow. she's holding a town hall meeting at grinnell college . that starts tuesday evening at 6:45. kcci chief political reporter cynthia fodor will have complete coverage. stacey?
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stacey: right now an e-coli , outbreak at chiptole. the company temporarily shut down 43 restaurants in washington state and oregon after 22 cases were reported. officials say 8 people have been hospitalized. today, chipotle stock fell 5% as soon as the market opened. no word from the company on when those stores will reopen. a health alert tonight about heroin use. the cdc says use of the drug has skyrocketed, increasing 63% between 2002 and 2013. a johnston mom is hoping to change those statistics. carla richard's daughter anna died of a heroin overdose in april of 2014. you can find a memorial for anna along a clive greenbelt trail bench. richards hopes it will help spread anna's story. >> my hopes and dreams for anna is that she will be able to save lives, just by spreading the word.
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stacey: carla has since formed anna's warriors to spread awareness of heroin's impact on the suburbs. she says several of anna's high school friends have come to her about getting into rehab for the drug. kevin: the gershwin song "a foggy day in london town" says the town had me low and had me down. that wasn't just a song today. in foggy london town where conditions causing tons of flight delays and cancellations. visibility fell to just about 300 feet near heathrow airport where more than 100 flights were canceled. the ripple effect being felt all across europe today. here in central iowa record high , temperatures. and if someone would've suggested you could walk around say, grays lake in shirtsleeves and shorts in november, you might've gotten some strange looks but that's what many des , moines-iacs were doin tonight. they'll probably be doing it tomorrow and tomorrow night? kurtis: normal highs 55. it is after 10:00 at night.
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well about our normal high late at night. 6:00 a.m. temperature, 53. a little better chance of that to the south. the record high tomorrow is 76. if those morning clouds don't stick around, i think clouds will slowly break free and pushes up to 75 degrees. 79 in 2015. 77 degrees back in 2005. we did have a few clouds earlier in the day.
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it is starting to get fairly active out west. some systems bringing some much-needed snow to the higher terrain's. another mild one across the midwest. st. louis, 76. there will be some dense fog down in missouri. keep that in mind if you're traveling south. breezy south winds warm us up again. here are those morning clouds trying to spread in. tuesday night, there is your timeline. wednesday morning, same scenario with some low clouds. they sent out in the afternoon and then we see some sunshine.
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around a quarter inch northwest, a half-inch metro. doesn't like a good chance for some rain on thursday. tomorrow, here we go again. 75, just a few morning clouds, and then that they warm up on the way. wednesday in the 70's again. november -- it will be since november of 1973 when we have any string of 70 degrees like that in the month of november. in this for now, the weekend says dry. stacey: party in crown town. how fans welcomed the royals home to kansas city, next. and a reminder about toys for tots. businesses can pick up boxes tomorrow for the upcoming program.
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if you're interested in collecting toys this holiday season, stop by the kcci studios for a box between 8:30 a.m. and
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des moines. on average, women need to work an extra two hours each day, to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers. join the fight for equal pay. join the fight for sara and women everywhere.
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kevin: there is, the commissioners trophy to the , in kansas city for the first time in 30 years. the team coming back from new york to huge crowds at the airport this afternoon. stacey: the royals beat the new york mets 7 to 2 in the 12th york. kevin: the players say they are glad to be back home and glad to be celebrating with the fans. incredible. seeing the fans here cheering for suge knight. -- cheering for us each night. can't wait to get started and see everyone. we expect the whole city to be there. kevin: somewhere there is ryan smith. thousands of fans celebrating in
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the power of light district including our producer of the 10:00 news. stacey: school districts across the kansas city metro have canceled classes for tomorrow. one district tweeted out a message saying, "no school, so families and employees can attend the historic event."
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going on tonight scott: monda announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: monday night football. the high schoolers got to play under the lights tonight, round two. winners moving on to the quarterfinals and the losers are getting ready for basketball season. we start in ankeny where tony seeman has both schools covered. tony: it is all quiet here at ankeny stadium but what a night for postseason football. gorgeous weather across the
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two games to get too. let's start with the one that just wrapped up. ankeny centennial taking on johnston. after ankeny centennial scored on the opening drive, johnston would go to work. that knocks things up at seven a piece. jared bacon let's it fly to t bo ye white. johnston turns on the jets. johnston goes on to win this one 28-10 over centennial. to start things off today at ankeny stadium, it was the hawks taking on lewis central.
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the interception would lead to a field goal. next to the in piles in from short yardage. they fall 17-7. congrats to lewis central and johnston. i know it is a sad night here in ankeny but let's take -- let's pay credit where credit is due. dark ankeny stadium. scott: thank you very much. southeast polk coming off a big win. dowling trying to defend their state championship. dowling goes up. jt brown goes for the air.
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read it like a book. the rams are hanging tough until they weren't. zachary motors in. 50-21, the final damage. waukee beat valley last year. the warriors would have to do it again. but valley would strike first. javan mason like a hot knife through butter. keeps on churning. second quarter, ben ferkin to fellow senior adam rose. that ties the game but it was really all valley. rocky lombardi takes the handoff. valley turned this one into a rout. the tigers get some payback 42-7. , dcg was one of may teams missing their quarterback. touchdown machine austin klayver is out the rest of the year with
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a concussion so the mustangs had , to win without him. ballard would dial up the trcik -- a lot of rent out there. a forced fumble right there. anthony jacobson. dcg wins easily 31-7. , a couple of 9-1 teams squared off in gilbert. norwalk in town. scoreless game, gilbert's cody dvorak is on the move. check out the defense by norwalk's alan moore. slides in and strips it. recovered by the warriors. justin south is running north. norwalk winds 27-11. second quarter. they punt from deep in own end,
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man paul hawbaker. mad scramble, healthy a -- that scramble albia ends up with it. it up the middle to carter isley. one. had a great season but so has gladbrook reinbeck. 2nd half, pleasantville down 14-0 to gladbrook-reinbeck. jake shuman going to lob one deep. gladbrook gets ball back, hands it to colton dinsdale. gladbrook right back takes the victory.
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