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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  November 5, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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of sprinkles close to the jefferson area dripping off to the northeast. nothing that should slow you down for your morning commute, but later on this afternoon we are expecting more widespread thunderstorm activity. it's going to be mild again with highs near 68, but then temperatures take a big tumble tomorrow. eric: we have new information in a human trafficking bust. elizabeth: more than 20 officers operated out of a hotel using high-tech surveillance to track their target. ryan smith has the story. ryan: this criminal complaints from the clark county courthouse chill was three men, two women who now face prostitution charges. this after police in oc all of -- in ocl a -- in a schola -- in osceola -- these officer started planning the staying in june. >> and allow us -- it allows us
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and send a message of we don't want your activity here. ryan: the bust netted six arrests, five for prostitution. four of them are from des moines and west des moines. >> we wondered if this was something you -- we needed to get ahead of. ryan: the police chief said officers spotted local ads for sex acts popping up on local sites like craigslist. >> any crime like this, any sexual crime, is a concern for a chief in any town. ryan: investigators created their own ads which drew solicitors from the metro to small-town osceola. >> high-volume traffic areas, i-35 between des moines in kansas city, and we are right on that route. ryan: and addition to police arresting those individuals on prostitution charges, they
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arrested another woman from des moines for prevention of drug paraphernalia -- for drug paraphernalia. eric: this start of the noon of june 9, that is when ryan bolinger started his car after a short chase with police. he got out and walked toward officer present -- vanessa miller. fearing for her safety, officer miller shot bollinger threw her car. mark tauscheck explains. >> the police admit that the dashcam shows a young man acting out of the ordinary in the minutes or the approaches officer nesson miller's squad car -- vanessa miller's squad car. >> he was not read his rights, he was shot and killed. >> brett beattie's gathering
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more information, but he says ryan bolinger did not present himself as a threat. >> he did not brandish weapons or throw anything. he did not speak threats. to hold or state that he posed a threat of killing another person is, in my view, ridiculous. >> the police chief defended his officers -- his officer's decision, saying she. for her safety. >> she was not able to make that assessment whether or not he was a threat. we now know she -- that that was the case, but she reacted based on what she knew in that moment. >> an internal investigation found officer miller did not violate any police department policy. >> i don't care what the police department says. i could turn it around and say
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>> the iowa code addressing use of force by officers is the center of this case. it says deadly force can be used when the person cannot be captured any other way and has threatened the use of deadly force, or the the officer believes the person would use deadly force against anybody unless immediately apprehended. elizabeth: i rasp -- a rash of burglaries in ames. vanessa: these shells used to be home to a few tvs and the next box. this man was sleeping when three others entered his apartment. >> one of the men that was in our house came down into our room and turned our light on. vanessa: david tells us he and his girlfriend woke up. >> the first thing i thought was
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vanessa: the men got spooked and ran off. the girlfriend got up and noticed some things were missing. their apartment was one of a homes targeted in a rash of burglaries that happened over the early morning hours of saturday and sunday morning holiday weekend. >> these people were out on welch avenue or the bars, so they would not have been home at the time. vanessa: none of the victims locked their doors. >> it's a crime of opportunity where they go through apartment buildings and check doors that are unlocked. vanessa: police say this is a reminder to lock your doors. >> i guess we need to learn to keep our doors locked. vanessa: police say one other victim woke up during a burglary and spotted five men's takeoff in a white van -- five men's takeoff in a white van. they do not know if these crimes
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we will show you at 10:00 how easy it is to break into a home. you can watch a live break-in and get tips to make your home less of a target. eric: heck of a day with some transitions. metinka: we will need a jacket by tomorrow and umbrellas by this afternoon. 58 degrees this morning, even some 60's off to the west but some moisture returning to the state. we have a couple of showers out there, especially up near algona and pocahontas. most of this activity is going to be dissipating but more showers will be developing by noon time or shortly after, lasting right through the evening. that is the signal unchained -- of things to change because tomorrow, temperatures fall back to seasonal november temperatures. elizabeth: the decision to move a veterans memorial out of a knoxville park may have cost two city council members their job. marcus mcintosh went to talk to
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those involved. marcus: it is likely -- would ring loud and the years of elected officials but two councilmembers who voted to move the memorial, or not elected tuesday night. -- were not elected, tuesday night. >> they need to listen to the constituents and the rallies. people put out 200th out -- 2000 crosses all around town. people wanted to be heard, and they were not listen to. marcus: -- not everyone uses the memorial as a yardstick to measure a candidate's worth. john let's just outside knoxville but his unabashed about his support for another newly elected council member. his reasoning, the council needs new voices.
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marcus: -- meals the heat of the memorial controversy and hopes the entire council can regain the voters trust -- can regain the voter's trust. >> people have a lot of emotions flowing, and it's time for knoxville to move on. marcus: -- hoping for the same because he knows his stay in office is dependent on the works -- the work he does for those who cast their vote. >> i expect to be gone if i do the wrong thing. elizabeth: a third incumbent council person decided not to run for reelection. we did speak with the outgoing council members on the phone and both politely declined the request for an interview. eric: he's the center of attention on comedy central. how one iowa and -- how one iowan headed up the but of a joke. elizabeth: why so many new
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth quinn, kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: it's another warm start, already the eight degrees in des moines, low 60's across the western part of the state. we are tracking a couple sprinkles across the state, but these will not amount to much, at all. a few showers approaching the
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jefferson and west of creston. more rain is likely, this afternoon, developing in the afternoon time. nice highs near 68. today is the day of change, we have thundershowers rolling in during the evening that will signal a big cool down. it will feel a lot more like november toward friday. elizabeth: commitment 2016. the iowa republican party is now the focus of a recurring national joke on comedy central. eric: cynthia fodor tells us what's so funny. cynthia: the event attracted 10 candidates and 200 reporters daily show. >> i only made it to the state wall. cynthia: trevor noah quoted jeff kaufmann, saying we were afraid they would make fun of iowa. what would you expect the
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>> i have no beef with iowa, a know it existed. they are worried we will call them pepper logs with gravy going through their veins. them, it would be type 2 diabetes. >> every state has its stereotypes. a lot of people don't have a we are. it's too bad that they don't talk about the healthy state initiative and things like that because my friend and i are on a walk. >> it was a personal attack that was mean and classless. cynthia: eric woolson says keeping up the daily show played right into their hands. >> even though just heart was in the right place, i think the outcome was little. -- was predictable.
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jeff kaufmann, you georgia stands at newman hybrid. this is not over. elizabeth: coffman released this statement, he said he yet a good laugh at the clip and it made him a rock star with his students. we always take a role as the first in the nation seriously and look forward to the final sprint store the film or a first caucuses -- final sprint toward the first caucuses. elizabeth: you are waking up to a pretty warm morning already, 58 degrees in the metro and
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day >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci eight news, this morning. metinka: it starting up really nice today, but it's going to end up a little on the foggy side. temperatures above average, already warmer than anticipated highs for today. we will have showers and thundershowers developing afternoon -- this afternoon. we have a couple of sprinkle showing up on radar in the algona area. these are expected to dissipate today. the system off to the west of us and it's producing quite a bit
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it will be tracking to the east and we expect showers and thundershowers to develop right along behind the front, then some quiet weather for the weekend. we get back to feeling more like november with highs only in the 50's. futurecast shows by 1:00 this afternoon, thunder showers begin to develop right across the central part of the state and we have pretty quick movers, racing up to the east of i-35 by 5:00 p.m. it could be soggy if you are coming in from the east or southeastern part of the state. buy back clock p.m., all the rain is gone and we are left with about a half-inch of rain. highs near 70 if we can break free of those clouds. highs fall back into the 50's tomorrow and some 40's across parts of the state. right now feels good, 58 degrees with some clouds moving in. thundershowers developed early
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afternoon, and they signal be colder air moving in. friday highs back where they should be, 54 degrees in des moines and over the weekend, we have a little bit of frosty conditions by sunday morning. next week looks ok temperature wise with highs at 60 degrees. elizabeth: nothing to complain about. eric: it seems like new construction is popping up everywhere in west des moines. it's the sign of a booming economy. elizabeth: kim st. onge th tells us more. kim: west des moines is certainly booming. city officials approved over $200 million in building permits, this year alone. >> there has been a lot of new commercial development, office development, and very prominent intersections within community. kim: including this construction
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site and an empty lot sitting right next to it. about a half-mile west of here, big-name businesses have recently set up shop, including rush market, einstein bagels, caribou coffee and rei. >> national retailers have found this is a good market for them. when you get whole foods coming in here, and they have some of their best sales ever for the quarter or the year. word gets around. kim: wyatt evans is the head of development and says a robust job market coupled with a good location in the metro helped west des moines recently added 1500 people to its population per year. it's part of the reason new homes and apartment buildings seem to be popping up everywhere. increased demand means higher prices. >> home sales and resale of homes, that market is very
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if a house stays on the market longer, it is usually way overpriced. kim: evan says he believes it's possible to continue this rate of growth, says -- saying the key is staying ahead. eric: she drove 60 miles a day for four years.
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metinka: could be just a couple of stray sprinkles, followed by a better chance for rain as we head into the afternoon hours. starts out warm, 58 degrees already in des moines with a gusty south wind. we will have some thunder shower activity with highs near 68 degrees. cooler air is going to move in tomorrow and it's going to feel more like november. not extremely cold, but where it should be for this time of year. 54 on friday and over the weekend, sunshine is in the forecast. comfortably cool 50's, still nice for outdoor plans. we get back above average next week. elizabeth: camryn somers competing at the swim meet is one of her dreams. quarter years ago, she decided the matter what, she would earn a college scholarship for swimming.
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lived in reston -- creston. >> we don't have many swimmers in creston, so we did not have a team. scott: this school has a program, even if it is 60 miles away. >> you can't really get looked at by anyone just by doing ymca, swimming. scott: five to six days a week, cameron and her mom have logged some miles. >> freshman year was difficult, just getting used to it and then jr. year when i drove myself, i was really tired, i had all this homework, how my going to keep doing this, but it gets easier. >> it takes a special kind of athlete and a special kind of commitment to come all the way from creston. scott: all those car rides and lapse have allowed her to make quite a splash. >> she has been to state four
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she is going to two individual events and then the relay and then she's on her other relays. she is fast. scott: just last week, the kid who had nowhere to swim accepted a scholarship offer from nebraska omaha. >> if you stay dedicated, you will be successful in the end. i feel great about everything, just from being dedicated. elizabeth: she says her teammates always made her feel welcome, and even said they owed her a visit, so the whole team drove to creston to spend the night. >> we are a big family and one big band of brothers and we are a tightknit group. eric: you might call this a secret weapon on the high school football field. it's no secret to the fence of the linville sally football team, we have more on the brotherly love that is helping the team into a big winning season. the football teams evening
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here is some advice, keep an eye on the last names. >> under their helmets and blue jerseys, there is nothing to distinctive about the members of the hawks. until you find out that out of 45 players, 13 are brothers. eric: these two are twins. these two rt managers -- our team managers -- are team managers. >> we are fortunate to have a tightknit family. eric: the coach says he has never seen anything like it like -- in iowa high school football, and he loves it. >> everybody has a family and it's fun that you can stand next to your brothers on the field.
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>> yes, i get to beat up on my little brother a little bit. >> he tries to pick me up whenever i'm down, so it's good. >> when he's not doing well, i give him advice because i want him to do the best that he. dan -- that he can. >> family first, football second. eric: brothers or not, the band of brothers is doing a lot. >> we are still playing, so you have to be happy about that. eric: the hawks will find out how well they do when they play in the state quarterfinal games this friday. still ahead on kcci, a lawsuit filed, family of a man killed by des moines police officers want justice from the city. dump truck is what they are saying, the pressure building
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