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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  November 13, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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spasm of shootings and explosions in paris. attacks that france's president is condemning as terrorism. terrorists launched a series of bloody attacks throughout paris on friday. the worst carnage was at a concert hall, where gunmen held hostages and more than 100 were killed. police stormed in, killing three of the attackers. a heavy metal band from palm desert, california was performing at the time of the attack. at least one band member escaped and said the terrorists flooded in through multiple doors. the attackers threw explosives at the crowd inside. police say it was pure carnage. gunmen also opened fire on diners inside a french restaurant, killing at least 11 people. two explosions rocked north paris near the soccer stadium, where france was playing germany. stephen: when i looked up to the sky after i heard the loud bang, there were no fireworks.
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and i knew it had to be something pretty serious. steve: president francois hollande was quickly evacuated from the stadium. he went on television to declare a state of emergency and took the unprecedented step of closing the country's borders. president obama pledged his support. president obama: this is not just an attack on the people of france. this is an attack on all humanity. kevin: so far, french authorities have not identified the suspects. but at least two of the attacks were in the same general neighborhood as the offices of "charlie hebdo," where terrorists killed a dozen people back in january. the paris prosecutor says, in total, five terrorists have been, quote "neutralized." the u.s. department of homeland security says there is no known or credible threat against the u.s. but police departments in several large cities are now beefing up security, out of an abundance of caution. kevin? kevin: thank you, steve. the terror attack will certainly
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in des moines. right now, we're just hours away from the event. kcci's mark tauscheck is live at drake university where , preparations continue for tomorrow night's debate. that certainly will now focus on america's role in the war on terror. mark? mark: what has happened today in paris will certainly change the tone of tomorrow night's debate, pushing the conversation into an area hillary clinton considers a strong suit. >> we've come to the end of the first hour of our debate. mark: the dry run for the debate was wrapping up, as word started coming in of the horrible news out of paris. this latest attack, that changes everything for the french, will course around the world and change everything saturday night in des moines. drake political science professor rachel caufield. rachel: there's probably some rewriting of questions going on right now. >> i guarantee you, whatever dinner plans they had have been scrubbed. they are going to relook at all
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this. and recalibrate the number and direction of those questions. major garrett, chief white house correspondant for cbs, says there will be a much more subdued atmosphere around the debate. and that hillary clinton, as former secretary of state, will be able to speak to the topics of foreign policy and national security from a position of greater credibility than bernie sanders or martin o'malley. major garrett: in this debate, even before these attacks, hillary clinton was going to refer quite naturally to her resume. now, in a way, that will be more starkly drawn. i'm not neccsareily saying it would be an advantage. she would never want to take advantage of a situation like this, but it does become part of her story. >> i think one of the things she has to be careful of -- she needs to be aware of the fact of nobody wants to see her take advantave of the situation. so i think she needs to play it fairly carefully. mark: while some pundits may see this as a chance for clinton to
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candidates, major garrett told me here at drake university that he thinks o'malley and sanders now have an opportunity to say something new and relevant on national security and foreign policy. live at drake, mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: thank you, mark. each of the candidates in tomorrow's debate reacting to the paris attack on twitter tonight. hillary clinton says "the reports from paris are harrowing. praying for the city and families of the victims." sentor bernie sanders saying "horrified by the attacks in paris. my thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones." and governor martin o'malley also offering "prayers for the country and its people." stacey: and the stage is set for the big debate. as you can see by this timelapse video, crews have been working hard all week. kcci is a proud co-sponsor of the event, moderated by the host of "face the nation," john dickerson. our own kevin cooney, congressional correspondent nancy cordes, and the des moines register's kathie obradovich are on the panel. it beings at 8:00 here on kcci. now we have all your pre- and
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post-debate coverage. it all starts saturday at 6:30, following our regular evening newscast. then following the debate, kcci 8 news at 10:00 will be an hour long to bring you the best post-debate analysis. and sunday morning, we have exclusive extended debate coverage. following "face the nation" at 10:30, kcci 8 news "close up" will be live with post-debate reaction. kevin: and we continue to follow the breaking news out of paris, at least 140 people died in a series of terror attacks on the city. that death toll is expected to paris police say all the attackers were killed. officials say there is not a threat to the u.s. at this time. also developing tonight, a serious crash in san francisco has injured dozens of people. officials say at least 30 people open-air bus when it crashed into a construction site. at least six people in critical condition tonight. the cause is still under
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kurtis: i have your forecast. stacey: also ahead, the battle for west des moines turns into a battle for a spot in the state championship. live team coverage of the
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$68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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kevin: taking you back out live to paris right now, where authorities say more than 150 people are dead after several terror attacks on the city. the exact number goes from 140 to 150. steve karlin monitoring this story for us tonight. steve? steve: tonight, we know most of the victims were inside a concert hall, where a heavy metal rock band from california was preforming. more than 100 people were held hostage there. officials say the attackers blew themselves up with suicide vests. the sites attacked include a restaurant and a soccer stadium, where france and germany were competing. the head of paris police says it is believed all the attackers are dead. kevin? kevin: steve, thank you again. our coverage of this story continues on and our kcci mobile app.
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story continues to develop. stacey: a big night for high school sports all across the state, including the battle for west des moines at the unidome. team 8 coverage tonight begins with sports director andy garman. andy: it does not matter, hopscotch, wind valley and dowling go head-to-head, it will be a spicy affair. locking a great game, the winner moves on to the championship next week in. right now, ryan smith's live in the unidome. or the fans have been lined up for hours. hi, ryan. ryan: dowling leading the valley tigers 17-6. for this dowling team, they feel right at home playing here in the dome.
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crosstown rivals valley tigers know it is win or go home tonight. moments before kickoff, predictions are made. >> who's gonna win? >> dowling! ryan: some fans are more confident than others. matt: and we're going to probably win, i think. ryan: i think? there's no room for doubt under the dome. >> it's do or die tonight. >> it's intense, it's intense. >> i'm a senior, and this is the first time i've ever been to the dome. ryan: each team counts on the crowd as its 12th man. competition above the field who can out-cheer their opponent. valley students take pride in their tiger print. but one dowling grandma may have them beat for most eye-catching swag. audrey: i have a lot of little kids that go "look mom, look!" ryan: audrey scigliano severly damaged the nerves in her right eye. her custom-made patch says it all. audrey: what else can i do but support dowling? ryan: tonight, dowling marks its
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third straight appearance in cedar falls. maroons feel at home under the dome. grant: it's huge. i mean, valley's going to come up and support them. we have to come up and support dowling. it's everything for us right now. ryan: dowling fans have a lot to be cheering for, in the third order, they are up 17-6. currently, on the 30 yard line -- they are about to score right now. coming up later, scott reister will joins join us. he will have all of the highlights from cedar falls coming up later in sports. ryan smith, kcci 8 news. kevin: warm this time of year there. stacey: a lot of events tomorrow happening outside, some wrestling in football. kurtis: both those things, we had gorgeous sunshine today -- in the 50's.
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drifting in, wind chill early on. upper 20's, 9:00 a.m. it is 42, and with the southwest wind at noon, 57 degrees. headed to 67 degrees, another above normal november day out there. 6 p.m. temperature is 50 33 it if you are traveling across the state, everybody is bathed in sunshine. then as you head off to the northeast of the metro, temperatures in the 50's. but everybody across the state and across most of the midwest above normal this time of year. ames, a gorgeous day, sunny skies in south winds at 10-50. if you are tailgating, should be in the 50's. kickoff is 59, but as the game goes long late, you lose the sunshine. fourth quarter is around 49.
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the evening hour, kickoff is 48. fourth quarter is 44 with the southwest wind. look across the midwest, it is pretty tranquil out there. a few snow showers, these are the high clouds coming into the state right now. not going to have a big impact. they will be gone tomorrow, when we expect the sunshine. high pressure down to the south, system to the north, we get the winds to the southwest. that means things warming up for the weekend, the big climate in temperatures. here is futurecast, your timeline. not going to see much for the weekend, but we like to show you if you are traveling, sunshine and clear skies. it has been very nice for stargazing the last couple of nights, if you like doing that. clouds moving in some a late, here comes one wave of rain on monday. that pushes out, quiet through the afternoon, then another round of rain as we head into tuesday.
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catch up on, as will be your weekend with temperatures in the 60's. wet weather coming next week. low of 34 tonight, clear skies but cool. south winds 5-10. tomorrow's high is 62, southwest wind 10-50. maybe gusting at 18 miles per hour. wrestling outdoors in november, it is not bad, 49 at 11 a.m. 54 at noon. a little bit of a southwest wind, warming up. we do not know how the weight class stacks up, but if you are one of the later wrestlers, you will enjoy a bit more. these clouds arrive late, monday has a chance of morning rain. more rain on tuesday, wednesday is 57, look what happens i think by next weekend. we have some very cold temperatures. kevin: thank you very much. coming up next at 10:00, football friday night! playoff edition. we're live in cedar falls with
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andy: on the busiest day of the local sports year, we begin with high school football.
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the state semifinals, valley and dowling always an entertaining game. the maroons took game one. valley looking for revenge. dowling looking to get back to the title game. down. scott: we had to wait another hour and a half to get it started. the kickoff around 8:30. dowling was meeting archrivals, things got heavy lady on. good luck, good luck, good luck. now let's go crush each other. first quarter, peyton long can't handle the low snap. and here comes dowling. jacob hummell finishes him off. gives the maroons great field position but they have to settle , for a field goal. 3-0, dowling. first quarter, lombardi to javan mason. he finds some space and picks up the big gainer. that led to a game-tying field goal. late first, valley had a chance to take the lead. but rocky lombardi gets ko'd.
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it's not apollo creed. it's brawntae wells. lombardi would stay in the game. but valley missed the field goal and it stayed 3-3. valley's d was just as punishing. second quarter, dowling went for it on 4th and 1. deep in valley territory, no sir. jacob zachary gets caught by three tiger tacklers. dowling finally got a drive going late in the second quarter. jacob's brother michael zacahry runs through the first tackler. you can't arm tackle this guy. moments later, jt brown to stevie sarcone. in a field goal. and it was a dowling lead, 10-6 at the break. one right out of the gate. goal line. they would score right after the play.
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certainly looks like dowling has all the momentum, barring any unforeseen swing of the momentum, this could be over. andy, looks like dowling will be on to another state title appearance, where they can punch their ticket to a third straight title. simply incredible what they're able to do. able to keep it going tonight. andy? andy: earlier today,? todd: mount ayr has never made it to a title game. to do that, they would have to get through akron-westfield. mount is over three hours from cedar falls. but rader nation was in the house. this is when things get interesting. game is tied when connor anderson keeps moving his feet, he hits paydirt. mount down by a touchdown.
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the pass was for jake taylor, and he does the rest. that ties the game up. how about this man? that highlight grab give them the lead with three minutes remaining. but akron is not done. that makes it a one-point game with a minute left. akron goes for two. and it pays off. mount can't respond, they fall in a one-point heartbreaker. they come up short, but what a ride it has been. tony seeman, kcci. andy: tony, thank you very much. at 1:00, van meter bulldogs playing western christian. the afternoon and evening session includes albia putting their perfect record on the line against mount vernon of their in
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also today, handing of the big trophies in state volleyball. championship day here the state. you can make it 2-2 for ankeny centennial. the jaguars defend their crown today. ari winters with the kill. she's just a freshman. she had 18 kills. on match point, haley matter finishing it off. centennial wins back to back titles. 3 games to 1. the title game goes the way of the cubs. katy cassabaum match-winning kill. nevada wins, 3-1./ harlan has had heck of a run. delaware ends up taking the 4a
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championship, 31/ .overall , west delaware defeated harlan. 3a, nevada beat west liberty. 2a, western christian beat sumner-fredericksburg. 1a, janesville over sidney. a lot of college basketball the talk after the break. but first? congratulations to this week's athlete of the week. here are next week's nominees. to vote for one of these three nominees, or nominate another deserving student athlete this
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: and welcome to the start of the college basketball season. iowa state with the highest ranking they are never had, opening up at number 7 on the road.
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the sight for tehe floor, iowa state was challenged. but they pull a way to win, 1-0. the hawkeyes in action tonight against gardner-webb. first half action, jared utah, what a pretty finish. iowa in a tight one at the break. second half, pulling it away. peter jok, back-to-back threes. iowa currently up big, 71 -- excuse me, 71-58. the drake men open the season against simpson with a 97-52 win. women's college basketball also starting tonight. the iowa hawkeyes ranked number 23. ahead of the men's game, ally disterhoft drive. 2 of her 20 points, a team-high.
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kali peschel inside. she had a double-double in the first half. iowa wins, 83-61. iowa state women opening against hampton. making me uncomfortable to say that. no worries for the cyclones tonight, that is kidd blaskowsky, 3. bridget carleton, 3 of her game-high 28. no cyclone has done that before. isu wins comfortably. tomorrow is a full slate of action. iowa and oklahoma state wrestling at kinnick stadium. more than 30,000 tickets have been sold. northern iowa opens their basketball season. grandview visits william penn. cyclones and oklahoma state in football. at 7:00, iowa and minnesota battle.
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unless you think these games are all tuneups, illinois played north florida today and got beat to start the season. wisconsin on their final four banner and got beat by western illinois. you have to be ready to go from the start. all three iowa teams were.
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daystacey: back to paris, where officials say more than 140 dan. we know most of the victims were inside a concert hall, where a band from california was performing. the officials say the attackers blew himself up the suicide vests. the site attacks include a restaurant and a soccer stadium. the head of paris police says it is believed all the attackers are dead. kevin: our coverage continues throughout the night. you can have their for updates
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don't forget, you can trust kcci 8 news starting at 5:00 tomorrow
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