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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  November 25, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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fog to slow you down. temperatures today stay above freezing. 53 degrees, the high temp today. her thanksgiving is looking more interesting. mother nature is mixing up a wintry slop. eric: a kcci exclusive. >> brandon ellingson didn't have a chance the moment he got on that boat. eric: a sergeant with the missouri highway patrol says the agency's negligence killed brandon ellingson. back in may 2014 the 20-year-old clive native was in handcuffs in police custody when he went overboard on a patrol boat and drowned. ellingson's family members are still searching for justice. elizabeth: the former water patrol supervisor tells kcci the highway patrol is at fault but the agency has been trying to silence him. kcci's ryan smith traveled to the lake of the ozarks for the exclusive.
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family that we killed their son. ryan s.: brandon ellingson's death on missouri's lake of the ozarks was ruled an accidental drowning. but nearly a year and a half later a former water patrol , supervisor is speaking out. >> as soon as brandon ellingson got onto tony piercy's boat, i believe it was a death march. ryan s.: sgt. randy henry of the missouri highway patrol was working that night and interviewed trooper anthony piercy immediately after the accident. >> this happened on our watch. it shouldn't have happened. it was totally preventable, and it was a cover up. ryan s.: may 2014 trooper piercy arrests ellingson for boating while intoxicated. those critical moments after on the highway patrol boat have been criticized by brandon's family and spurred legislative hearings. trooper piercy admits he placed the wrong life jacket on ellingson who was handcuffed when he went overboard. >> he was totally defenseless in that boat. ryan s.: sgt. henry says the highway patrol hid key evidence during a coroner's inquest that
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ultimately cleared piercy of facing criminal charges. >> the video re-enactment of the . myself were not called in to testify. i was told the reason why i wasn't going to be there because i would muddy the waters. ryan s.: we traveled to the ozarks. in an exclusive interview this week sgt. henry tells kcci piercy should be held accountable for negligence on the water. should someone have faced criminal charges for what happened on the lake that day? >> yes i believe so. ryan s.: what charges? >> manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter. ryan s.: kcci has repeatedly asked for comment from both trooper piercy and the mhp but no one's talking. henry officially retires next month. now the officer who spent three decades loyal to the badge says he is partly to blame for ellingson's drowning. >> i was part of the system. i signed off on tony piercy to work the water. ryan s.: you regret that now.
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>> yes i regret it 100%. it's something i'm going to have to live with for the rest of my life. elizabeth: that was ryan smith reporting. he also spoke to brandon's father about sgt. henry's actions as a whistle blower. he hopes sgt. henry's account of what happened will help spur action. >> i'm just glad there's people in the patrol that are willing to step forward and do the right thing. by him stepping forward telling the truth, it should renew the interest and hopefully we'll get some answers. -- hopefully we will get some result out of this. -- get some resolve out of this. elizabeth: ellingson says the family's pursuit of charges in federal court is moving forward. representatives of the missouri highway patrol will be in iowa next month for depositions. eric: charges against the driver involved in a deadly des moines car crash monday. police arrested 24-year-old troy lee mure jr. today just after he was released from the hospital. 22-year-old scalicity perez, a mother of 4 was killed in the crash. officials say mure was drunk when he crashed his car into a utility pole in the 600 block of 35th street.
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perez was a passenger in the car. perez's family tells kcci she and mure were dating and perez had just broken up with mure the day before. mure is at the polk county jail charged with vehicular homicide by reckless driving, vehicular homicide by operating while intoxicated and owi. elizabeth: a colfax family is desperate to get its therapy horse back. kcci's laura terrell explains why they suspect the animal was stolen right from their yard. laura: as the mother of nine adopted children and 3 foster children, denise carroll's home is often chaotic. but the one thing the family can always count on to keep them calm is horses. >> this area right here is where they are normally in. laura: carroll uses therapy horses to help her foster children with special needs. >> to be able to have an animal they can have a trust with and
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is so good for them. laura: but the family's newest horse buddy recently disappeared overnight. >> we drove around and looked for two hours and we couldn't find him anywhere. i hate to think that somebody would actually steal him but he is an amazing horse. laura: buddy seen here in these photos was donated to the family by a woman in arkansas and is a specially trained therapy horse. >> one of our kids it helped so much with his anxiety. we want him home. he is so beneficial for the kids in our home. laura: the carroll's say a horse like buddy would normally go for $5,000 or $6,000, something the family would never be able to afford on its own. the jasper county sheriff even posted a picture of buddy on its facebook page which has now been shared more than 400 times. >> we have prayers and so many people praying to bring him home to us. laura: laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. elizabeth: buddy was last seen
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colfax south of interstate 80. please call the jasper county sheriff's office if you have any information at 641-792-5912. ." metinka, it feels great -- eric: metinka, it feels great. metinka: no rain, no fog to worry about this morning. temps holding in the 50's. everything like it today -- everything liquid today. tomorrow, everything turns interesting. it is going to change over to wintry mix. you can see i speculation across portions of western iowa. that is going to be followed by cold air. the weather is getting very active.
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capitol tuesday supporting all refugees. this comes on the heels of governor branstad's request for state agencies to stop work on resettling any syrian refugees into iowa. eric: the u.n. secretary general is urging european countries to be more compassionate towards refugees from the middle east. a group in des moines is urging iowa to do the same. kcci's mark tauscheck was there. mark: like minds gathered on the capitol steps in des moines. >> the atrocities that are happening in syria, it feels like we need to be reaching out. mark: all brought together after governor branstad's comments last week concerning the syrian refugee crisis. >> it's a very delicate and dangerous situation. we don't want to become like europe where they let all these refugees in. >> it was really disheartening to see one group persecuted simply out of fear in this state. mark: in the crowd was shan abbasi, a drake student whose family emigrated here from pakistan. he believes the u.s. has a duty to address the crisis that has led to 12 million syrians fleeing their homeland. >> if america did not
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destabilize iraq and remove saddam hussein without justification, isis would not have gain power. that's where we have a direct responsibility to this issue more so than the european countries do. mark: abbasi says his grandfather was a refugee during the indian civil war and it's not just the u.s. and all states like iowa that needs to step up. >> i want america to take in refugees. i think other countries need to step up also. i'm very disappointed that the muslim countries have failed to take in refugees. eric: the rally was organized by a local group called global arts therapy. after the event they dropped off a letter at governor branstad's office asking him to speak out in favor of welcoming syrian refugees to iowa. millions of americans are already traveling for thanksgiving. but this year's holiday comes with a warning. elizabeth: the state department is issuing that alert to travelers all the way through february. kcci's rose heaphy explains what the security measures will look like here in iowa. rose: it's the start of the thanksgiving travel rush. >> so far so good.
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rose: the meyers family of johnston is doing their best to beat the crowds. their next stop? going through airport security. >> i'm not worried about it. i'm thinking it might take a little more time. rose: federal authorities say they're increasing travel security measures and with bigger crowds for the holidays that means longer lines. >> be patient throughout the process. the security officers will do their best to give them a good customer service experience while being thorough and effective in their screening processes. rose: among those processes could include more random screening. officials are also asking people to report any suspicious activity. >> folks should also be vigilant because passengers themselves are a layer of security and we've seen that in the past so passengers should always be alert. rose: des moines airport leaders say wednesday morning will see the biggest rush. they expect to screen about 1500 people from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. >> show up early. we always say a hour and a half before the flight. you may want to add a little extra time. parking may be a little bit of a challenge tomorrow.
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rose: a challenge for many travelers that's worth the wait. >> my mom is just like get here as soon as possible so i can see her. elizabeth: officials are asking everyone to familiarize themselves with what's allowed in carry on bags. you can find a link on our website for those rules. still ahead this wednesday morning new poll shows new leaders in the republican race for president in iowa. what pulled ben carson down and ted cruz up. eric: plus this restaurant has been cooking a free turkey dinner for people in need in des
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why this may be chuck's biggest >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. you are waking up to a really warm start. already 50 degrees. some 40's to the north. everybody is waking up to above freezing temperatures. this is going to be a day of change. later, some drizzle will be developing. temperatures remain very mild. headed for a high of 53 degrees. things begin to change as we head toward tomorrow. we have a winter storm watch that is already been issued. digital for -- potential for ice accumulation. elizabeth: there's been a shift
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in iowa when it comes to the republican front runners for president. eric: the latest quinnipiac poll shows 25% of likely caucus-goers support donald trump. ted cruz has now moved into second place with 23%. ben carson who used to be neck and neck with trump now sits in third with 18%. marco rubio rounds out the top 4. so what pushed up cruz's numbers? and caused carson to slide? elizabeth: kcci chief political reporter cynthia fodor shows us. cynthia: at friday's family forum ted cruz wowed the christian conservative crowd with his unwavering commitment to his convictions. >> we need somebody who won't back down and do what they say they will do. not make promises and not keep them. cynthia: the texas senator has had a strategy in iowa to be the last man standing with a strong ground organization. >> cruz has been trailing along the 2 leaders the way a pilot fish trails waiting to gobble up what he leaves behind. >> ted cruz has been like a fox in weeds waiting for carson to
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cynthia: many blame dr. ben carson slide is based on his lack of foreign policy knowledge after the paris attacks. >> i wouldn't hire him to be president. doesn't have level of experience in a dangerous world to keep us safe. >> one of the cbs polls over the weekend showed iowa voters choose ted cruz to be commander in chief by a large margin. cynthia: when it comes to foreign policy, 24% of likely caucusgoers like cruz best. 18% for trump, 15% rubio. on terrorism they choose trump with 30%, cruz 20%, rubio 10%. >> trump's got my vote. i just think he'll do a good job running the country. cynthia: but the most important issue to islands, -- issue two iowans, the economy. trump is way on top, 49%. cruz way below, 11%. carson, rubio and fiorina, 6%.
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in iowa this weekend in des morning, -- des moines newton , and tama on sunday. marco rubio was also in town at the airport holiday inn at the iowa pastors policy briefing at 6:30 last night. eric: 53 by the end of the day. thanks start to change over the
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metinka's full a >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8
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news this morning. metinka: good morning. it is a warm start. it is going to be a great day for travel. temperatures are all above freezing. puddles here and there from all of the freezing. 45 and fort dodge. really a mild start. the clouds have moved in across the state. so far, no precipitation with these clouds. that will change. the system is off to the west. as it does so, we will have the low-level moisture increasing. that will happen by mid to late afternoon. tomorrow, a winter storm watch in effect for these little shaded counties. -- for these blue shaded counties. let's time and out with futurecast. this morning, we'll watch for drizzle.
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we have a chance for wintry precipitation as well. today, it doesn't want to play for us. i want to try former time. -- i would to try it one more time. we expect drizzle today. everything liquid or this evening. as we head toward tomorrow, we are going to start out with the rains. it is going to be heavy at times. notice the wintry mix on the backside. that is going to cause some headaches on the roadways. this is coming after we pick up significant rainfall. one to two inches of rain across the state on your thinks giving day, followed by a .1 inch of ice. none of that to worry about today. just a little bit of giselle this afternoon.
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headed for a high of 53. that winter makes changing over. friday, the chilly. -- friday, pretty chilly. eric: preparations are well underway for des moines biggest free thanksgiving dinner. elizabeth: kcci's emmy victor visited chuck's restaurant in des moines where volunteers are cooking free meals for those in need. >> i tell people how many gallons of gravy and how many turkeys. who do you cook for? emmy: if you ever thought cooking for ten people was hard. meet the volunteers preparing free meals for 4000. >> when you think of the numbers, you think how are we going to get this done? emmy: this overwhelming amount of food will go to families that are less fortunate. a thanksgiving dinner this large requires concentration and dedication. >> i think i've cooked over 30,000 pounds of turkey in the past 20 us years, so no, i don't
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eat turkey anymore. emmy: making these meals is a labor of love. it's a plus if you have skills in the kitchen. but there is a job for everyone with passion. it's sort of like an assembly line. volunteers get together and spend hours working different stations and preparing the meals. this annual tradition started over three decades ago. many volunteers request time off from work to do this. or sacrifice their thanksgiving day to deliver or hand out meals. >> when you can help others it can really make you feel good. emmy: emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader -- news leader. elizabeth: anyone in need can go to chuck's restaurant from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. advance requests to reserve a meal, pickup or delivery, can be made at (515) 262-4605. eric: we wanted to tell you about the new record at this year's new combat hunger. iowans donated more than 270,000 pounds of food for the food bank of iowa. it's the 25th year for the event. the previous record was 255,000
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vanessa: more and more iowans are opting out of this when it comes to holiday shopping.
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you what they're doing instead metinka: good morning. we are waking up to a warm start. five minutes before 5:00 a.m. temps today will not be changing
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temperatures today stay above freezing. overnight, lows remain. light rain will be developing after midnight. today's travel is ok. tomorrow is kind of iffy by the afternoon. falling temperatures in the afternoon. we will pick up some locally heavy rainfall early in the day. it changes over to a wintry mix. 11 inch of issa chelation is's -- .1 inch of ice accumulation is possible. >> they don't order 10,000 of them. they order 10 of them. elizabeth: a new shopping tradition is gaining traction. black friday once was the go to time for holiday shopping. now an alternative is gaining popularity. eric: kcci's vanessa peng shows us why shoppers are becoming more into unique gifts and
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communities than cheap deals. vanessa: move over black friday a new shopping tradition is gaining momentum. >> i would prefer saturday. i don't really go to the big stores. this is kind of where i prefer to shop. vanessa: small business saturday is fast becoming the new way to holiday shop. >> as small business saturday has gained momentum, black friday has lost momentum. vanessa: iowa state researchers say as compared to last holiday season this year 5% more people will shop local. >> we definitely have over the years seen more and more people come to the downtown to shop even on friday afternoon. vanessa: ames city leaders say nearly 70% of every dollar spent at a small business stays in the local community. >> we are members of the community just like the customers are. by supporting local business , your supporting the people you love, the people that are your friends the people that are your
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vanessa: and buying your loved one something unique? that's just a bonus. >> when you buy the big box stores you know you see , thousands of other people with the same piece of jewelry or clothing or whatever. and i just love to give a little special gift that everybody's not going to have. eric: on saturday ames city leaders will giveaway 500 of these swag bags to people they catch walking around on main street. they also have a full day of activities planned including breakfast with santa and cookie decorating. elizabeth: a des moines holiday tradition started last night. jolly holiday lights started letting in cars at 5:30. the light display runs until 10:00 every night until january 1. admission is $10 per car but more for limos and buses. tickets are available at hy-vee, casey's and online at eric: still ahead, overnight protests. the city people are taking a
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