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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  November 26, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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oh, i guess we'll see. at the very least, this has proven the wisdom of continuously training in the combat arts. you do, of course, need to work on your defense. you allowed cortes to land far too many punches. i did. but all that matters is that i landed the last one. and i won't let you out of my life... and i won't let you out of my life... captioning sponsored by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. captioned by media access group at wgbh underway here in the metro. at ten... we are live to see how it's going. plus... if this pooch could talk.. it behind every open heart... is a story. a story about finishing the race...
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>> the state line storm team -- this is a storm update from kcci. kurtis: problems are where you have the below freezing temperatures. anywhere you have that, we seeing ice accumulates on the
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southside, downtown, 33. the west side in the north side, freezing. because of the warm ground temperatures, freezing on power lines and trees. could have some problems with power once the wind picks up. we are seeing icy roads out in the west central part of the state. mix. the blue is some light snow and everything in front of it is rain. jaiteh freezing rain especially in the western suburbs. back through a dare county. before all this arrived, we had a whole lot of rain. now it is freezing rain. 1500s by 1:00 a.m.
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a good majority will be on the elevated services -- elevated services. light dusting, should be out of here by sunrise. mark: let's take a look at the statewide road conditions right now on much of the state in green showing clear roads. a portion of blue to the northwest meaning roads are partially covered in that area for those areas in pink, roads , are completely covered in snow. steve: new pictures coming into the newsroom tonight of the thanksgiving ice storm. this one from a viewer in lake city. that is some serious ice on that tree branch. here's another one of the ice on a power line. nobody likes to see that. and here's ice accumulating on the ground. remember, you can always send us your weather pictures. we love to see them. just upload them to the u-local
10:05 pm as always, you can count on kcci to keep you in the know during the winter weather season. watch live radar and get weather-related closing alerts, right on your smart phone, with the kcci mobile app. mark: holiday shopping sales are already seeing a jump ahead of black friday tomorrow. online shopping sales are up 21% over this time last year. industry experts say retailers are offering pre-black friday deals earlier leading to this uptick in holiday traffic. and right now, many of those sales have begun. kcci's ryan smith is live at jordan creek's best buy where bargain hunters are on the loose. ryan? ryan: stores are opening every year earlier and earlier. so it seems black friday now is simply a state of mind. you can see behind us, quite a bit of hustle and bustle happening inside this best buy at this 10:00 hour. rainy, cold weather couldn't
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keep dedicated bargain hunters from nabbing hot deals. >> it is really miserable. standing here in the rain. ryan: about 85 people ditched thanksgiving dinner and opted to anxiously wait outside for 4 hours. this year's must-have? what are you here for? >> the 49 inch tv for $150 for . i'm here for the paddinton blue ray special edition. no, i'm here for the tv. ryan: turns out, the customer first in line marked his first-ever black friday experience. >> i just came from nepal like 7 months ago, so this has really been an amazing experience for me. the whole thanksgiving experience is like really amazing for me. ryan: best buy opened its doors at 5:00 one hour earlier than p.m., last thanksgiving. >> hundreds of rats in a maze that fits not hundreds of rats. it's crazy. it is something you definitely have to experience in person to really understand.
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with shopping carts, hunting for the best deals. call it. basement this winter so we're just going to see if there's a good tv for a good value. ryan: shopping on thanksgiving thursday is gaining in national retail federation. of the 58% of adults surveyed who planned to shop during thanksgiving weekend, 22% planned to hit the stores on the holiday itself. >> we just have fun, we laugh, we giggle. ryan: 136 million americans expected to shop over this thanksgiving weekend. the metro tonight. best buy closes at 1:00 a.m. and most stores across the metro 6:00 a.m.. live in west des moines, ryan leader. mark: also in the jordan creek area tonight, a minor fire reported at the starbucks in the supertarget store. black friday shoppers and staff were evacuated a little over an
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no injuries were reported. right now, chicago police are preparing for a black friday march. protesters are planning to hold one in the city's busiest shopping district. it will mark the 4th day of demonstrators in chicago. this is video from last night. many are outraged over the 2014 death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. dash-cam video just released this week shows white police officer jason van dyke shooting and killing mcdonald, who is black. van dyke now faces first-degree murder charges. steve: thanksgiving preparations started early this morning on des moines' northside. volunteers at chuck's restaurant were hard at work preparing 4,000 meals for the less fortunate. they even worked overnight and through the morning packaging meals. the 31st year they have done this. this massive effort has just one rule, no leftovers allowed. >> i am hoping that we don't have any food left over so we
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-- so all we have to do is clean up. steve: all of those meals were between 11:00 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon. traffic tie-up around the the des moines police were on hand to make sure everyone was able to get in and out of chuck's without too much trouble. thanksgiving day in a much more traditional way. kcci photojournalist glen biermann shows us the pilgrim-style service at plymouth church in des moines. >> to the lord with song of praise. >>
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ours, that secures the blessing of our lives. the bounty of this good earth, that there is food enough and more for every person on this day, and that we are all stand and boundless link -- all fed and boundless lee -- and boundlessly so. >> in my 20th year of governor, i am proud to present the thanksgiving proclamation. >> the best is yet to come. god is still working in us and
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mark: it has been going on for years, the thanksgiving day service. it is meant to reenact what our experienced. steve: right now there is a , growing dengue fever outbreak on hawaii's big island. doctors say there are at least 107 confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne illness. the state department says it is now working to spray public properties. it has also started an outreach program to teach people about the illness. staff members from the center -- from the centers for disease control and prevention are expected to arrive next week. the white house was on lockdown for several hours today while the first family celebrated thanksgiving inside. the secret service says a man named joseph caputo is now in custody for jumping the white house fence. kris van cleve reports. kris: a photographer captured the moment caputo, wearing
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flag, hopped the fortified white house fence, holding a binder in his mouth, before throwing his arms in the air, seemingly in celebration. the woman who took these photos tweeted, "i heard him take a deep breath and whisper alright -- whisper 'alright let's do this' and went for it." the intruder dropped to his knees with his hands in the air as the secret service rushed to arrest him. his flag was put into an evidence bag while a bomb squad searched the white house lawn. the fact the intruder made it over the fence raises questions about the security upgrades put in place over the summer. in july, new spikes were installed on the white fence to make it harder to climb. the secret service called that a temporary security measure until a long-term solution can be implemented. this jumper follows a series of embarrasing incidents for the secret service, including a security breach where a fence jumper was able to get inside the white house and made it all the way to the east room. he was one of three men to jump the fence last year. police tell us criminal charges are pending, but at this point we have no idea why he jumped the fence or what was in that
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binder. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. mark: next at 10:00 remarkable , reunion. missing for 5 months, how this dog is finally back home tonight. steve: and, remembering tyler. the central iowa teenager died this summer from a rare skin condition.
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honoring him tonight.'s called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin stacey horst, , chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. mark: a waukee family has a lot to be thankful for tonight. months after going missing. kcci's vanessa peng shows us his incredible journey. vanessa: cats have 9 lives, max had friends and a lot of luck. >> he could have been killed out there. vanessa: more than 15 miles, part of it over interstate 80, from waukee to west des moines. >> he so bonded with me that i knew that if he was gone he would be so afraid. vanessa: max ran off when mom five months later, he turned up in a west des moines neighborhood living by a creek, residents couldn't catch him so
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they left out some food for him. >> they fed him and made sure that the best that he could do that he was ok. they didn't chase him off they let him sleep in their yards. vanessa: he came up to jennifer her dog maggie. >> i was calling for her mags, maggie come here. the dog came out of the woods and started following me and that really got my interest up. pet alert for lost pet listings and kept clicking through old posts until she found max. >> i just kind of made it a mission. the reunion was as mom calls it vanessa:, -- vanessa: the reunion was as mom calls it priceless. , >> he just sat up and bound across there was a big stream in there and he just leaped across the stream and just like jumped up on me. vanessa: and mom says ever since max has been home he's just been sleeping curled up in a ball, just relived to be home again. >> i just felt like we needed each other. mark: jennifer kingland, who
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found the dog, says she thinks max came up to her because when she was calling out for her own dog and said, mags, he heard max. steve: a special tribute tonight at jolly holiday lights at des moines' water works park. the family of tyler cross was there to remember tyler and his love of public safety workers. in honor of tyler, who died in july after suffering for 17 years from a rare skin condition, jolly holiday lights offered free admission to anyone who works in public safety. his parents, terry and joan, were there to volunteer. >> is an honor just to pay back. people have done so much for us and our family during tyler's illness. that is just another way to pay back to everyone who has helped us out. steve: terry and joan cross say they love to support make-a-wish because they brought so much joy to tyler's life. mark: great kid.
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kurtis is in with a look at your black friday forecast. kurtis: here in the metro, downtown to the south side, we are still hovering just above the freezing mark. dew point at 29. we have room to drop. look up and ankeny, 32. grinnell 32. 30 in creston, 20's out to the west. much of the precipitation falling in the form of freezing rain. that will happen here in the metro. sticking on elevated services first. it is slowly making its way down to the road because the warmer ground temperatures. eventually, we will get some icy conditions. 29 at 3:00 a.m. with a dusting of snow. mostly cloudy by new with gusty winds and 30 degrees.
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rain and that it is already rain from ottumwa to cedar rapids. this area when we're seeing a change in red, as a little bit more intense precipitation. again, southside to the east, temperatures just above freezing but the rest of us below freezing. expect the freezing rain to pick up. a tremendous november rainstorm. here are some of the totals. sheridan, over an inch and a half. the metro, .91 inch. all of that rain kicking through and now it is freezing rain with a tale of some light snow that will pull on through. all of this should be out of your by sunrise. if you're headed south, kansas city, icy conditions. freezing rain advisories.
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to the east, chicago, indianapolis, destroyed. freezing rain advisories continue. jasper county until 6:00 a.m.. guthrie county. warren county in the freezing rain advisory. polk county until 6:00 a.m. these freezing rain advisories go all the way down to northern missouri including harrison county. this precipitation will slowly move on up. tomorrow, they could be a little bit of a light wintry mix. the rest of us, clouds in the southern half and sunshine to the north. tonight, down to 28. ice accumulations, one tends to 15 hundredths of an inch.
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30 degrees, breezy and colder. hawkeye forecast, mostly cloudy. wind chills in the teens. kickoff, 27. fourth quarter, 25. for the weekend, dry weather both days. there is a system on monday that could bring some light snow. for much of the rest of the week, below normal temperatures with highs in the 30's.
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, thanks for the lit steve: just in case you missed it, the 89th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade marched its way through the streets of new york earlier today. some 8000 participants, including marching bands, clowns, and plenty of celebrities, wound their way around the big apple. a record crowd of 3 million plus on hand to see it. was security was tight too. an extra 200 police officers, bomb sniffing dogs, and radiation detectors, they were all on hand just in case. mark: there are nearly 24,000
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qualify as extremely low income. but only about 16,500 units are available at a price they could reasonably afford. steve: that's why a central iowa man, who was homeless for 2 years, says simply having a roof over his head is reason enough to now give thanks. mark: kcci's elizabeth klinge has his story. elizabeth: from the front door to the mailbox -- >> having keys to something beside a bicycle pad lock. elizabeth: it is easy to take have them. >> homeless people don't need much you've gotta unlock. elizabeth: and that was the case for wesley kuehll when the 51-year-old vet found himself out of work, homeless and suffering from alcoholism. >> when you become homeless and when you lose a lot of material things, you also lose your self confidence, your pride, and along with those things goes your drive to better yourself. elizabeth: add on top of that an often poor credit and rental
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history and he says finding a place to live again is nearly impossible. >> that's why we have so many homeless people, because once you're down in it, it's very difficult to get away from. elizabeth: eventually, wesley wound up at the va hospital after a late night fight, a blessing in disguise because it was there, he says, he got the resources to start over. >> as a veteran, i'm so fortunate. it's even more difficult for a civilian to bring themselves up out of homelessness. but the programs are there to help if the people want to put in the work. elizabeth: now marking a year in his own apartment with a steady job, wesley's setting an example to inspire others. even receiving a special award from local shelters this month, and reminding us all there's a lot to be thankful for. >> just think about how fortunate you are to have the things you need. and family, friends, the ability to be together.
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elizabeth playing, -- elizabeth klinge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: -- mark: wesley was one of five recipients of that 2015 opening doors awards in the metro, and award for people who have overcome homelessness. tony: we will get to some
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. tony: thanksgiving and football, the two go hand in hand. but for d1 college basketball this is also a busy time and a , time to head to warmer climates. the hawkeyes made their way to florida for the advocare invitational taking on dayton. , jared uthoff untouchable early on. here, he drains a three . a nice comfortable early lead. dayton put the hurt on iowa in the heart of this game. xeriyus williams with the jam. iowa climbs back thanks again to
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uthoff. phenomenal day. they need back to tie it. no good. iowa falls in a heartbreaker, 82-77. iowa in texas for the lonestar shootout, the women's team taking on wright state. , kali peschel, nice move to the basket draws the foul and gets the bucket. allie disterhofft goes to work down low. iowa wins this one 83-77. more women's hoops on the road. iowa state wins big in the cancun challenge over texas state. for the 4th ranked iowa hakweyes, things are pretty simple. win out and have a chance in the college football playoffs. lose and the national championship is just a distant memory. next up, iowa heads to 5-6 nebraska for the heroes game. a win for nebraska is a trip to a bowl game.
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a win for iowa keeps them in the national conversation. head coach kirk ferentz says the team is doing their best to avoid all this outside noise, but technology certainly doesn't help. >> we're trying not to focus on that. these guys are in college, they are smart. everyone of them. they may not have a car, they may out of clothes but they all have a phone and technology. they all get more information than they need probably. i don't the guy have to remind them about those kind of things. tony: the hawks on the road for the regular-season finale. only a few days left for the isu football team head coach paul rhoads. the cyclones announced on sunday that paul rhoads will be let go after saturday's finale at west virginia. but even with only a few days left, coach rhoads is keeping traditions alive. he invited the seniors to his house for a thanksgiving meal on
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wednesday, and on he brought the thursday, whole team together. >> it is wonderful. thursday, we will talk as a team about what it is everyone is thankful for. in a team setting.
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