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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 4, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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building bombs in their house utilizing items like christmas tree lights and smokeless gunpowder. elizabeth: danielle nottingham is in san bernardino with what we know right now. danielle: investigators collected evidence thursday from the redlands home san bernardino shooting suspects sayed farook shared with his wife, tashfeen malik. police say the couple had stockpiled a cache of weapons, bombs, and ammunition. >> there were another 2,000 9 millimeter rounds found at that house, over 2500 223 rounds. danielle: farook was american born and a san bernardino county employee. nicholas thalasinos, was one of the 14 people killed during the holiday luncheon massacre for county health department employees. he helped train farook. >> as far as i know, he got along with everybody. that's what's so shocking that he would turn around and do this. danielle: chris nwadike had been sitting at a table five feet away from farook and stepped out of the room to use the bathroom.
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him and think he's attached to this until it happened and it was him. danielle: witnesses say the precision assault lasted nearly five minutes. the couple also left behind three pipe bombs connected to a remote control car that failed to go off. >> there was obviously a mission here. we know that. we do not know why. danielle: law enforcement sources tell cbs news farook had been in contact with people in the u.s. and overseas with suspected links to terrorism. evidence markers littered the street where nearly two dozen officers got into a gun battle with the suspects, killing them. police recovered an arsenal of weapons from inside the black expedition. tonight, a vigil will be held for the victims. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san bernardino. elizabeth: we're also learning suspect syed farook traveled to saudi arabia twice, once in september 2013 where he met and got engaged to malik.
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to bring her back to the u.s. two brothers who attended the same southern california mosque as a farook say he was a devout muslim who had been a constant presence at the mosque for two years then abruptly stopped attending three weeks ago. eric: authorities say farook was radicalized. but a motive in the shooting is still under investigation. kcci's rose heaphy explains how central iowa muslims are reacting. rose: during prayer at the muslim community organization in des moines, one thing is always on naqib wardak's mind. >> every day i pray for peace. rose: peace, especially now in the wake of the san bernardino shooting. authorities say one of the shooters, syed farook, was radicalized and had ties with possible international terrorists. wardak, a muslim from west des moines, saw immediate internet backlash. >> i went in those comments and you can see, oh, religion, islam is a bad religion. muslims are violent. rose: instead, he says those deadly attacks go against what the religion stands for.
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un-islamic, inhumane. this is just violence. rose: president of muslim community organization, mohamad khan, agrees. islam, actually means, peace. >> the majority of the muslims in the world do not consider them muslims because they are breaking every law there is in islam. rose: last month after the paris attacks, vandals spray painted a mosque in omaha. republican presidential candidate donald trump says the u.s. should have a muslim database. state representative ako abdul-samad hopes better understanding of islam will curb negativity. >> we are just as hurt when innocent people die as anyone else because most of us have suffered from that. the terrorist wins when they can stop you from learning from each other. rose: a fight, muslims hope all americans can continue to do together. >> regardless what religions, we have to come together. eric: according to fbi
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religious hate crimes in 2013 were victims of anti-islamic bias. elizabeth: gun sales at one central iowa gun shop have shot up more than 30% in just the last few weeks. kcci's kim st. onge went to find out why. kim: over the past 3 weeks, guns like this 9 millimeter handgun -- >> what i'm showing you here is something easy and controlled that they can handle. kim: and these modern sporting rifles have contributed the most to a spike in sales at rangemasters training center. >> i don't know if it's because of christmas or you know, the other things that are happening around the world but yeah, we've had an increase here in our shop, probably about 32%. kim: training coordinator royal nahno-kerchee says the two groups of people buying most of those guns are women and the 20-somethings. >> it's husband and wife, father and daughter, people like that. rose -- cam -- cam david ogden
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decided to carry again after an isis-related shooting in texas earlier this year. >> that kind of got me not only wanting to carry again but training more with my handgun so that if i did see something happen, you know, i could be prepared for my family to protect them. kim: statistics from the polk county sheriff's office show the number of permits to carry a weapon issued have also dramatically increased. polk county officials issued 360 permits in september, 473 in october, and nearly double that number in november. >> you're seeing more and more of these mass shootings, which it almost seems like it's getting out of control so i think it leaves people with a sense of vulnerability that can be filled with a gun in a lot of cases. kim: a desire for extra protection that's bringing a lot of brand new shooters to this local gun shop. elizabeth: the number of gun background checks processed in the united states hit a new record on black friday, more than 185,000 that day alone. that's up 5% from the same day in 2014.
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yesterday was really nice, today maybe even nicer. metinka: get ready for a gorgeous afternoon, and it will extend into next week. 25 in des moines, but dress in layers. later on this afternoon, maybe a mid weight jacket with a high around 50 degrees. a little cooler to the north. it is going to be a beautiful weekend with highs near 50. a couple of rain showers overnight saturday night into early sunday, but the outlook next week calls for 40's and near 50. eric: police are still searching for suspects in a fatal shooting on court avenue downtown des moines last weekend. elizabeth: now new security measures are being taken. kcci's cynthia fodor explains. cynthia: this is eyewitness video after the shooting in the court avenue district which has , seen at least 66 assaults this year, according to police. this time, 21-year-old edmanuel
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andrew hurley boyd wounded. the spot is marked with flowers, pictures, and remembrances that say "manny, i miss you, i can't "rest easy, big guy." >> unfortunately this has the entire court avenue area. center, home to five popular bars and legend's restaurant on court and 3rd. off duty police officers have been hired to patrol outside from 11:30 at night to 2:30 a.m. on thursdays, fridays and saturdays, starting tonight. >> when i was younger, police on horseback, there was police on bicycles, and there would be squad cars. every time you turned around, present. cynthia: the city has said it does not have the funding to focus on court avenue, although a special patrol was in place through september.
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and wants to see a year-round police presence. >> the city can't afford to police that area specifically. they have tried to have some of the bars take some of it. that has worked in some years. we'd like to see something permanent so it's not an issue year after year. cynthia: until a permanent solution can be worked out, court center has also increased the lighting outside, and is looking into surveillance cameras. elizabeth: court center says the extra security will continue through the end of the year, then be reevaluated. city leaders are also discussing added security measures. eric: hawkeye fans are buying up anything black and gold. we are going to look at u of i gear sales as iowa goes for the big ten football championship. elizabeth: plus, diverging diamond. how the new design open in
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intersection in ankeny. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. it is a frosty start to our friday, about 18 minutes before 5:00 a.m.. 25 in des moines. if you are getting an early start, you might have to scrape off the windshield.
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watch for little patchy light fog to develop this morning, should not last long. had it temperatures either side of 50 degrees from des moines southward -- headed for southward. next week, highs will be about 50 degrees until thursday. elizabeth: hawkeye fever is sweeping the state as university of iowa merchandise is bring -- merchandise is being swept off shelves ahead of saturday's big ten championship game. eric: kcci's jason rantala reports hawkeye fans have been waiting a long time for a season like this, and hawkeye merchandise is selling like crazy. jason: scheel's in west des moines was home thursday to a hawkeye feeding frenzy, since hawkeye merchandise is hotter than ever.
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to wear. >> a t-shirt for my son. >> my son who's a big hawk fan, always has been. jason: for lydia fothergill and family, it's been a long time coming. >> it's exciting, the buzz is all around. some people are probably bandwagon people. now all of a sudden they're big hawkeye fans. jason: with a 12-0 record and a big ten championship birth, it's hard not to be excited. >> it's pretty exciting, it's pretty unreal, it's been a wild ride. >> it's a dream season, it's really, really fun. jason: the hot sales aren't exclusive to scheel's. sports authority has also seen an uptick. >> really outpacing last year's sales, a lot of online sales, ugly sweaters, pretty much everything has just been booming jason: yes, there are even ugly sweaters of the hawkeye variety. >> we're heading over tomorrow. jason: toby torstenson is looking for game day attire. he'll be at the game in indianapolis. >> something warm, they won't close the roof until it's 40 degrees. jason: same story for karlen howard. >> my kids are sitting in gold and we're sitting in black, my husband and i, so i need to stock up in some gold. jason: win or lose, this season
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you cheer for another iowa team. >> as a cyclone fan, it's hard for me to say, but i will be possibly cheering for them. it's good for the state, especially business in general. eric: every hawkeye fan we talked to predicted a win saturday. the consensus is it'll be close but iowa will win by one touchdown. kcci sports director andy garman, tony seeman, and our ryan smith are in indianapolis. they'll be getting you ready for the hawkeyes and the big ten championship game with a live pregame special that will air tonight at 8:00. they'll also have live reports on the news at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. the game itself, against michigan state, kicks at 7:17 saturday night, on fox. elizabeth: we will take a live look outside. this is i-235 at 2nd avenue.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. you are waking up to a frosty start. temperatures have fallen below freezing for central iowa but northwestern iowa is a lot warmer than this time yesterday. 28 in des moines. lamoni checking in at 30. clear skies across the state,
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great news if you have travel plans anywhere in the region, the weather is quiet. a weak system be crossing the rockies tonight and arriving here this weekend but not affecting our weather too much. we will have kind of a southeast wind as we head toward saturday. here comes a very weak cold front bringing a cloud trough, maybe a stray sprinkle sunday morning. great news for temperatures. nice and mild. temperatures today very nice, feeling comfortably warm with readings near 50 degrees. tomorrow, a few clouds in the afternoon could knock temperatures down a degree or two, but still not too bad.
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no precipitation to worry about that there could be some frost on some of the overpasses. so far we are not getting any reports of visibility issues. headed for 51 degrees, a light breeze from the south. overnight lows tonight, hovering near freezing. tomorrow, clouds will be moving in late in the day, headed for 50 degrees. the south wind will be a little bit strong at 10 to 20. pleasant on monday and 50, wonderful on tuesday and 51. it is great to talk about these kinds of temperatures in december. eric: thank you. elizabeth: a dot project will bring big changes to i-35 near ankeny. kcci's vanessa peng explains. vanessa: the iowa dot says this latest project is yet another divering diamond configuration and it'll make traffic much more
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thousands of iowans run into it every day getting to and from , work. >> most people who drive that route know there's a capactiy problem at the interchange , northboundndxit ramp. sometimes it will back up almost to the interstate. vanessa: plans call for expanding four miles of interstate 35, at ankeny exits oralabor, first street and northwest 36th street. >> there's always a concern with traffic backing up on a ramp onto the main line, you know, folks don't expect the possiblity of cars stopped. vanessa: construction is expected from 2018 to 2020. the project will cost $55 million and is funded by federal and state road use tax. gustafson says it'll be the similar to the new diverging diamond interchange that opened tuesday on i-80 and the new grand prairie parkway. >> it's designed to handle traffic in 2040 and beyond so the new design will alleviate any backup concerns at this location.
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handle traffic well. vanessa a public hearing is : planned for december 15th from 5:00 to 6:30 at the best western metro north. in ankeny, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: a very important key chain was stolen out of a des moines city vehicle on monday. mark tauscheck explains why it is so important. mark: the problem started monday at this kfc on east euclid. while a city employee was eating inside, someone went into his unlocked city truck and stole his lunchbox. inside that lunchbox was a large set of keys to locks around the city, as well as city equipment. the assistant manager at kfc told police his security cameras don't work. now police can't be sure they're connected, but two days after those keys were stolen, someone let themselves in to the greater des moines softball park. and that's the worry that the person or people who stole the keys know the kind of access they now have in their hands. the police report states it is not known if the gate was accidently left unlocked but the officer did find damage to the
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building at the softball park, although nothing was missing. eric: city manager scott sanders told kcci the effort to replace a significant number of locks to des moines properties around town and equipment is underway. they contract out this work to locksmiths and sanders said at this time, he doesn't know how much it will end up costing the city. big breakthrough. the nfl debuts new helmet technology.
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metinka: good morning, it is a frosty start to our friday. 28 now in des moines, a light breeze coming in from the south, and it is going to be a great day. ames now 25. temperatures are looking better to the north than they did yesterday. no single digits or teens. temperatures today will be either side of 50 degrees. saturday night into early sunday, we will have a chance of a stray sprinkle or light rain shower, and it will not impact your temperatures at all. next week, highs get back near 50 degrees and stay there until thursday. eric: new health measures from the nfl to protect players from head injuries. elizabeth: the league teamed up with corporate partners g.e. and under armour for the head health challenge. jamie yuccas shows us the winning new technologies.
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when a football player's head hits the ground. that's why the army research laboratory came up with a tether system. it doesn't interfere with action on the field, but slows down the head after a tackle. >> think of it as a shock absorber that connects the body to the head. jamie: this turf underlayer from viconic sporting in detroit would also cushion the impact. this is turf without it. this is turf with it. >> it provides a higher level of impact protection while play is still fast. jamie: this helmet was created at the university of washington. it has an impact absorbing structure that would reduce the risk of concussion. it is quite -- >> it is designed to prevent skull fracture but also concussion risk. jamie: the three ideas were among 450 submitted to this year's head health initative. it's a four year, $60 million collaboration between general electric and the nfl. >> there will always be something else that we want to do. as we learn more about science and as science advances we'll
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jamie: each of these finalists will now recieve a million dollars to consider new research -- to continue research. g.e. sees uses beyond football, benefiting kids on playgrounds, our military, and health care. >> we think of this as not only working to understand traumatic brain injury but also understand things like alzheimers, parkinson's and als. jamie: these technologies won't go into use right away, but the league does hope they'll come into play in the future. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. elizabeth: just this week, pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlesberger took a hit to the head that led to a concussion diagnosis. the nfl has come under fire for not doing enough to protect players but adds the league did implement a medical time out. eric: we've got more news straight ahead at 5:00 a.m., including the latest on the search for person who bought two rifles used in the san bernardino shooting. elizabeth: and the always
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performers have been announced. new details on the weapons used in the san bernardino shooting. how they were obtained. hawkeye frenzy. iowa fans taking over both in iowa and indianapolis. how the team is preparing for the big ten championship saturday. >> you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: good morning, everyone, and thanks for waking up with kcci 8 news this morning. on friday, december 4. we want to get right over to metinka. metinka: it is hard to believe it is december when we are talking about indianapolis with
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