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tv   KCCI 8 News Close Up  Me-TV  December 6, 2015 10:30am-11:00am CST

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this is kcci 8 news close up. stacey: good morning and thank you for joining us on kcci 8 news close up. i'm stacey horst, joined by the des moines register's kathie obradovich. and with us this morning is republican presidential candidate senator rick santorum. senator, thank you for joining us. before we hear from you, we have some background. >> game on. stacey: rick santorum is no stranger to iowa. sen. santorum: 99 counties, 381 town hall meetings, 36 pizza ranches. [laughs] stacey: the presidential candidate made headlines in 2012 when he won the republican caucus by a razor thin margin, beating out mitt romney. santorum went on to win 11 states in 2012. now he hopes the second time is the charm. sen. santorum: iowa needs to look at someone who cannot just
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vision, but articulate a vision that brings america together. stacey: before 2012, santorum represented the state of pennsylvania in washington. first in congress and then in the senate where he served 8 years on the senate armed services committee. he and his wife karen have been married for 25 years and have 7 children. sen. santorum: what is going on? stacey: thank you for joining us. we will get right to it. the fbi says this attack in san bernardino was an act of terrorism. if you were president, what would you do to respond to this? sen. santorum: you have to cut it at its source. we have a president whose policies created isis. this is an western iraq -- in western iraq and the terrorist group grew there. they have established a state,
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-- islam. as they continue to maintain their territory, which they have , and continue to effectively attack the west, which they are, then more people will follow. this will not be an isolated incident. people are being radicalized and their friends do not know it. why, because that is the mo. they are taught to keep things quiet, focused, and act on suspiciously. unless we eliminate the threat, which is isis, and take back their land, delegitimize them -- if you take land back from a caliphate, that says to the islamic world they are not legitimate and you do not have to follow them. barack obama and his policies of
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we need boots on the ground in sufficient numbers to help the kurds and sunnis and begin the process of pushing isis out of iraq. stacey: you talk about battling isis where they are, but what about homegrown extremists? this couple in san bernardino, they were in the country legally. is there some sort of tracking that needs to be done? it makes people uncomfortable. sen. santorum: taking 10,000 syrians and doing background checks, how do you do background checks when the state is controlled by isis? who will you talk to? one government official will give you information that you can have any reliable information about these 10,000 people coming from a country where you cannot get background
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that is point number one. number two, a lot of people who commit these terrorist attacks had a background check. they looked at them and gave them a check off. at these of the people you want to trust to give these background checks. so, she had gone through this process. the bottom line, we do not have a president who will admit to the enemy is. it is not radical islam, what are the homeland security people doing? stacey: what would you do? sen. santorum: not bring in refugees. stacey: you will not address the problem by not bringing in refugees. sen. santorum: that is the immediate step. i would recommend we do not bring in refugees from that area. and we need to understand that
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resources to focus and on where the problem is. the problem is not 23-year-old irish people coming into the country, it is 23-year-old muslims from the middle east. they are coming from north africa, those are the areas where we need to do special scrutiny in order to determine if people are coming into the country and what types of, having crews available to track everybody. what happened early this year, or laughter, limiting the ability to find out information is a devastating, it was a devastating blow. ted cruz supported it. we need to look at ways to expand our ability to look at information, not limited. stacey: but would you target muslims for tracking? sen. santorum: i would make sure that we have -- we focus energy
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potential problem is. the idea that we treat everybody the same is ridiculous when not everybody is a likely suspect to follow isis. stacey: where does that leave, a big concern for look -- for religious liberty and not being targeted. sen. santorum: islam is different because the founder of islam is different from christianity. jesus when he came, he said, i do not come to create a kingdom here. mohammed ruled on this earth, he put forth a package of laws by which muslims and other society is based. stacey: but the laws in this country protect islam and christianity. sen. santorum: it does not
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the political side, you have salvation is long and political islam, there is a packed -- pact to heaven. the political side of islam is not protected, women are not treated equally, that is not protected under the constitution. and the behavior that is traitorous or undermines the government of this country does -- is not projected. islam is different, it needs to be looked at differently, because there is a political element to islam. stacey: on the day of the tragedy in san bernardino we went out and asked iowans to give their reactions. this was before we knew it was a terrorist attack. here's what two people said. >> everywhere we keep hearing of all these things that happen, you know all these shooters and everything. >> this looks like non-stop, it's happening every now and then. the government is doing nothing about it. i think they should do something
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stacey: a lot of frustration. sen. santorum: i get the frustration, but these attacks, these terrorist attacks are coming from a particular area of the world and we need to address that and we need to have surveillance and we need to start looking at the people more likely, those are people who have traveled to that area. there are ways, intelligent ways of tracking who are the most likely problems in this country. stacey: and those soundbites were from before we knew this was an act of terrorism. and also the senate voted against expanding background checks for more gun purchases. it would require background checks for all gun purchases online and at gun shows . any part of that -- sen. santorum: i do not think
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they had pipe bombs, remember, gun laws are like any other law. if you are a criminal or terrorist, you do not care about the law. you are going to break the law. the last thing you are worried about if -- is if you're going to have an additional penalty because you broke a law. california has every law that the president has proposed to congress, it has passed in california. and guess what, they got their guns in california. the idea that criminals and terrorists are concerned about that, that is a distraction. stacey: how do you keep guns out of the bag guys'hands. sen. santorum: there are 3 million guns in america. let's understand how many guns are in the country, so the idea
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to guns, that horse is out of the barn. the question is, how do we determine -- deter people from doing these things. we will talk now about just terrorism, about shooting guns. there are cases that are never reported in the media, people who can still carry, police others on the scene, who keep people from committing crimes because they are able to combat somebody, or other shooters. they go to places where there are gun free zones, where they know it is not likely there will be someone with a gun, the chances low. so we are arming the public. the answer should be, you should encourage people to carry, take there is possibility in this world today of protecting yourself. stacey: go back to the wild west?
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a code, if you are going to go in there and start shooting people up, there was a good expectation that were -- that there were other people who are going to shoot back. deterrence are a good thing. when you feel comfortable in a restaurant next to a police station. stacey: if you have some sort of pistol in your purse, how will that stop somebody with an ak-47, you are not going to have a kindergarten teacher matching the firepower of somebody who will come in and shoot. sen. santorum: schools are a different matter with respect to having security people at school, it is a terrible thing. schools, they are locking doors, having security personnel and arming person now, depending on the neighborhood. that is, look, the problem we
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society is increasingly violent. look at television, video games, look at the breakdown of the family, all of the things going on that are leading to a society that is much more violent. so, if people say guns are the problem, this is just a means for a society that is breaking down and we are seeing it, you know, out there effectively by people being shot. but there is a fundamental problem, you know that. i talk a lot about the importance of the family, the importance of children being raised with a father in the home, learning response ability and discipline. we have a free society and with a free society comes responsibility and we are losing that responsibility and we are seeing the impact of that with a lot of the violence. stacey: we'll have to leave it
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with presidential stacey: welcome back. we continue our conversation with republican presidential candidate rick santorum. the latest cnn poll shows, donald trump, ted cruz, ben carson and marco rubio in the top 4. senator, i am wondering about your reaction to the fact that
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sen. santorum: if you look at the four of them, two years for ted cruz, four years for marco rubio as a senator and the other to have none at all. this shows the level of frustration that voters have. stacey: the different cycle in iowa, four years ago, you were third in the gop pack and on the rise. your trajectory was -- sen. santorum: yes. stacey: you have a next her month -- extra month. sen. santorum: if you are going to go back to november, the same time -- stacey: you had a slow and steady rise in june. very slow. november, you started to rise. sen. santorum: to be honest, i remember, in early december i
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many people asked why i was still in the race. at that point, several candidates had dropped out and we were down to about five candidates. i was at the bottom. and so people were saying i'm a get out of the race. we are still eight weeks away, nine weeks away, and i feel comfortable in this race, there are a lot of candidates. those at the top, i think most people in iowa, i talked to them all the time and they are saying, i have not decided. stacey: but one thing you are able to do for years ago, you are able to get the attention from evangelical voters in iowa. so right now, there are others that are popular with the ventricle's -- uganda kohl's --
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sen. santorum: once people figure out the differences immigration, whether you will provide amnesty, permanent residents. pay a small fine. he wants to increase the rate of immigration, that is a different issue. national security, he has been in the rand paul camp. voting against defense authorization bills. that is a legitimate point of view, rand paul took that point of view and his father did. i do not think that is what most republicans are doing. and on ethanol, ted cruz is a texas oil guy. he got $25 million from people in the oil industry and he has been clear about it.
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supported. the fuel standard and that is a big deal. i know we are almost out of time, but the rfs, just like it happened with obama and obamacare and immigration. the president said he will ignore the law and do what he wants to do. stacey: it had to do at the epa. sen. santorum: it had to do with supply. they did not follow the law anymore than they do not follow the law on immigration and obamacare. whole bunch of them said, when it comes to ethanol, they are ok with it. i am not ok with it no matter what the law. there is a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to standing up for the
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stacey: stacey: welcome back. senator, we were just talking about energy in the form of ethanol. there is a climate change conference going on, the president has already made a commitment to reduce carbon commissions, should the u.s. be involved in this plan? sen. santorum: i have a great plan for limiting emissions, the biggest, if you look at charts,
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respect to emissions -- this is china. stacey: they are at the climate change conference. sen. santorum: but they are not limiting, this is how much they are growing and this is how much they will limit, it is inconsequential. stacey: they should limit is about 2030. sen. santorum: 60% from projected growth which they were climbing, which is enormous. china's growth is slowing down, so is predicted -- it was slow anyway. they are saying that china will not grow as fast. secondly, we can help china not grow as fast by keeping the jobs that we have been shipping over there. there is policy on taxes and regulation, make it so that we make things in this country. if we do an assessment, for
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produces five times more. which means, we can bring our manufacturing jobs that to america and reduce co2 emissions five times, by multiple of five. so it helps the economy in this country to produce things here and it helps climate change and it moves things back here. stacey: can help enough to really? sen. santorum: absolutely. if you can bring to have entered million jobs that were lost -- 2 million or 3 million jobs that were lost to china, bring it back here and it will have a profound effect. which will help. stacey: you have a tax plan. your plan is 20/20, 20% on income and 20% corporate tax. the tax foundation has said your plan could reduce tax revenue by $1.5 trillion in the last decade and that accounts for economic growth. where are you going to cut a
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budget? sen. santorum: if you take into effect we have already eliminated obamacare taxes. it eliminates obamacare taxes. if we eliminate obamacare, then taxes -- we actually have a $700 million, i mean $700 billion score. we saw this with the reconciliation bill this week. the votes are there to repeal obamacare, you can repeal it and all it taxes. we do that, we will have a revenue positive proposal. stacey: so what do you replace it with? sen. santorum: something i have been advocating for 15 years, we need a tax code that treat everybody the same. tax breaks for everybody, let them go out and buy the insurance they want.
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i was talking to a woman today that their deductible went up from $3000 to $6,000 and insurance premiums are up by $300 a month and they are getting killed by a obamacare. we need to let people buy the insurance they want, instead of forcing them to buy a plan that
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stacey: stacey: we are wrapping up or conversation with senator rick santorum. you said that you had gone to a lot of pizza ranges back in 2012. how many pizza ranches have you been to recently? sen. santorum: we have done a lot of local diners and bars as
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have them both, >> cbs sports, your home for the nfl and "thursday night football," s.e.c. football and the masters, the pga championship and pga tour, march madness and the cbs sports family of networks.
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cbs sports, expect it here.
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