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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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feeling a little cool but i'd say a mid weight jacket by noon, 49, headed for 55 degrees and we have near record highs possible tomorrow. eric: we begin with new reaction where a teacher and coach faces sex abuse charges. gerald "tig" johnson faces charges of sexual exploitation and assault with attempt to commit a sex crime. when police issued a warrant for his arrest, the girls basketball coach turned himself in to the poke county jail. elizabeth: this unfolding tuesday night hours before his team was set to take the court. kcci's ryan smyth reports. ryan: when the roosevelt roughriders took the court tuesday night the team played without head coach tig johnson. the girls varsity coach and special education teacher behind bars tonight in the poke county jail with no bond on sexual related charges. students tell kcci his reputation as big as his 6'5" stature.
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popular guy and we all knew him and got along with him and then now, you know, just happened and now we're all shocked. ryan: what do people think about tig johnson at roosevelt? >> he's nice, caring, dedicated. ryan: is this a surprise to you guys? >> very, big surprise. ryan: the school district was alerted to a criminal complaint filed with police yesterday. as police issued a arrest warrant today, roosevelt principal kevin biggs sent a voicemail to parents. kevin: we'll have a teacher assigned to his classroom duties and an assistant coach will be leading the girls basketball team at this time. >> the police are taking the lead on the investigation, the school and district are cooperating with them on that. and, you know, we'll see where that leads. ryan: roosevelt parents at the game refusing to comment but some voiced support for the coach who turned himself in to police. elizabeth: johnson is on administrative leave and we'll learn more information on this
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will be made public. eric: the courtroom was emotional tuesday for the sentencing of pleasant hill daycare provider christina williamson and sentenced to five years in prison for abusing children in her care. now we see the video that helped convict her and is extremely hard to watch and came from a camera secretly hidden by her own husband. it's hard to imagine the parents feel for the three children she hurt. eric: kcci was in the courtroom when the court addressed christina williamson face to face. >> this is a day with her with one baby girl she treats like a rag doll. we're not showing you the worst of the abuse. it's hard to watch. she wasn't injured but the given idea of the nature of abuse. this is williamson pushing the baby's face into the carpet to stop her from crying. stepping on her head. stuffing a cloth into her mouth. aggressively flipping her over. it's impossibly cruel but there
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>> the state of iowa versus christina williamson. >> today was sentenced to five years in prison agreeing to a deal of one felony and child endangerment charge. >> i'm a human being, too, and i have kids and watching those films was just sickening seeing how you treated those babies. >> barents of -- parents of the three babies were in the courtroom. >> we were inconsolable with guilt knowingly we unwittingly placed our precious baby girl in the hands of a monster. >> she was afraid of you and i didn't see it. now i see it and it breaks my heart. >> desiree leblanc was a child protective working for the state investigating child abuse and kit her job this year. >> i didn't feel long term i was going to be able to continue keeping other people's children safe when i was having such strong feelings about my own inability to keep my child safe. >> the father of another child said his daughter had to have x-rays to make sure there were no broken bones. >> still young and innocent at
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these things to her and she has no idea what's going on. i mean, she could do those things to her and five minutes later look up and smile at you and love you again. that's kind of what really breaks my heart. >> christina for her part apologized. >> i'd like to truly say how deeply sorry i am for my actions and my choices. the parents entrusted me with their children. i'm sorry for every amount of pain that it's caused you. elizabeth: before sentencing of five years in prison the judge told williamson it's important to sent a message to all daycare providers that this is unacceptable. eric: it sounds like it will be a nice day weatherwise. metinka: it's tough to beat a forecast like this. still the middle of december and talking 50's, maybe 60's. looks great. starting out very warm this morning. 39 degrees. that's warmer than we should see for average highs today. it's going to be a nice one.
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there and maybe filtering some sunshine to the north so readings across northern iowa will be in the near 50's. mid 50's the rest of the state and close to 60 for sun -- council bluff and more 60's. elizabeth: thanks, metinka. a newton neighborhood is on edge after two suspects are released from jail less than a day after federal officials found a bomb inside their home. eric: authorities found that bomb a few blocks west of the downtown square. we have more from newton. >> the whole neighborhood was told to move out. >> kim: barb poole lives a stone's throw away from the home that was searched for drugs. she's one of a dozen people within a four-block radius sporesed -- forced to evacuate for several hours after authorities discovered a bomb. >> we have handicapped people in this neighborhood that you're inconveniencing because of your stupid.
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blocked, temporarily shutting down nearby get-n-go and agents used a robot to detonate the explosive device inside the home. >> we heard a click after they told us we were going to hear the bomb go off. >> kali shepherd knows the cummins, david and jennifer kelso and their five children. >> i went to a halloween party in their basement a few years ago and i didn't think they'd be that kind of people. >> police tell me there's no specific bomb threat and don't believe the public is at risk. >> ended up not being an active device as a result of that debtonation but still we wanted to make sure the community was as safe as possible. >> the kelsos were arrested and charged with drug paraphernalia and bailed out after paying their $300 bond. neighbors say that's hardly a slap on the wrist. >> you don't realize how many
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many people you have emotionally damaged in some way or another . eric: police tell kcci more charges are pending and authorities are calling it a homemade bomb and also say it wasn't complete enough to actually explode. coming up, trump talks. the g.o.p. frontrunner doesn't shy away from speaking up how his fellow contenders are reacting to his recent comments on muslims. elizabeth: the webster county courthouse is closed after vandals damaged the inside. what they did and what it cost
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kcci. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge and meteorologist kurtis gertz but coverage now with shaina humphries. shaina: it's a warm start and 39 in des moines and 36 in ames. yeah, you'll need a light jacket early today but this afternoon you won't have to worry about it at all. it's going to be a warm day. temps will warm with sunshine and headed for 55 degrees this afternoon. no rain expected and no fog. it should be a beautiful day with a very light wind. temperatures continue to trend upwards through tomorrow. tomorrow we could see record high temperatures around 60 degrees. but then notice the temperatures trend back
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of the weekend and early next week. it will feel a lot more like december should with highs mainly in the 30's and maybe a few low 40's. elizabeth: commitment 2016, donald trump is drawing a line in the sand. he wants to bar all muslims from entering the united states. donald: donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. eric: our chief political reporter shows us how strong his remarks are getting. cynthia: fellow republican has strong words for trump. >> he's a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigo tsks. you know how to make america great again? tell donald trump to go to
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cynthia: carly fiorina said banning all muslims undermines who we are as a nation. carly: i disagree with donald trump to ban every muslim from entering this country which is a violation of the constitution. cynthia: the iowa party would not content but jeff kaufmann said we don't make ourselves safer by betraying constitutional values. >> i look at somebody reacting to islam-fobia. cynthia: they worry that he'll create fear and creating divisiveness is a gift to isis. >> we have individuals feeling disconnected in society. what does it do? it opens the door for isis to recruit because we're now giving those already disconnected more reason to feel disconnected. and what happens when you feel disconnected? you look for a connection. cynthia: other iowans say you can't blame all muslims for the
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>> the rest of the world sees the comments and makes our global position even worse. really embarrassing as an american citizen. cynthia: trusm is still cheered by many of his supporters. >> i think it's hear to trust any of them when you don't know what they're all about and some are wanting to kill us and some aren't. eric: legal experts are condemning the idea saying donald trump's call to block all muslims from entering the united states would be impossible to carry out since a passport doesn't state a person's religion. elizabeth: a new cnn poll gives trusm a commanding lead in new hampshire. trump now has 32% of the vote and his closest rival, marco rubio is 18% points behind and the poll was conducted almost entirely before trump's call for a temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s., though. many of trump's competitors are sounding off about his controversial comments. carly fiorina said tuesday stump's call for banning all muslims undermines the
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nation. >> i think donald trump's comments this morning have as much to do with ted cruz doing as well the last week than anything else. donald trump needed the spotlight back so this is what he said and everybody's paying attention. elizabeth: trump will be back campaigning in iowa later this week. he's holding a rally here in des moines at the iowa state fairgrounds friday night at 6:30. eric: investigators have uncovered a second attack plan from one of the san bernardino shooters. sayed farook and his wife killed 14 people before diing in a shoot-out with the police. officials say farook conspired with another person in 2012 and selected a target. one official said the two scrapped that plan after a round of terror related arrests happened in that area. in the meantime many emergency responders in that attack are speaking out for the first time.
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overwhelming and surreal. the fact that the corporal said going in this is real and immediately hit home this is not a training drill and at that point we wanted to stop any threat to any human life at that point. eric: 21 people were wounded in that attack. at last check, six are still listed in critical condition. the f.b.i. continues to investigate that shooting as an act of terror. elizabeth: the time is 4:45. you're waking up to 39 degrees so far in the metro. we have a nice morning out there so far and a nice day ahead. you're looking live at i-235 at 2nd avenue in that's part of your drive now, you'll have the road to yourself, you can see.
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your full >> weather is never more than five minutes away. metinka: a beautiful day with highs far above average and we're starting out with average highs in the 30's and by 10:00 a.m., low 40's and headed for mid 50's this afternoon and will be a great day with plenty of sunshine and light and variable winds and tough to beat that this time of year. across the state the readings are above freezing and great news and temperatures are rising in a few neighborhoods although as we approach sun rise we may lose a degree or two and that's just about it. a ban of clouds are working through central iowa and will
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we aren't expecting any precipitation and the weather across the region is looking eye photo change and couple showers in the great lakes with the next system far off to the west. the weather stays quiet today and especially tomorrow will be a near record warm day with a strong south wind. by late in the afternoon here comes another boundary that will kind of cap our highs for tomorrow. by the end of the week and the weekend, another cold front moves through and will cool our temperatures down so that when the next round of rain arrives that could even mix with or change over to a bit of snow as we head to late sunday. none of that now. we're expecting a warm day. 40's across northeastern iowa and may have a few more clouds or otherwise highs across central and southern iowa in the 50's and widespread 60's are off to the west. north platte could hit 67 degrees and tomorrow a few 60's will be spreading across the southern part of the state and will be a beautiful stretch of weather but will be coming to an end. 39 degrees in des moines and starting off mild though you'll need a jacket.
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in from the west-northwest at 6:00 and we have a few clouds but those clouds will move out and give way to sunshine and a great afternoon. 55 degrees today and the west wind will shift back over to the south. overnight lows stay really warm and 42 degrees in des moines with clear skies, a light south wind and tomorrow will be a breezy day and strong south wind will drag in the really warm temps and highs will be close to 60 degrees and we'll have a few clouds rolling in in the afternoon. friday will be a touch cooler and really nice, low to mid 50's for highs and over the weekend we'll need the umbrellas and probably the thicker coats by sunday. chance for rain showers late saturday and especially sunday and could mix with a little bit of light snow as it comes to an end early monday morning and highs next week do look to be much more december-like, back into the 30's and even low 40's but still that's a few degrees warmer than it should be, too. elizabeth: not bad at all. eric: webster county was forced to close its courthouse tuesday after someone got inside and sprayed two floors with fire
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elizabeth: vanessa ping went to fort dodge and has the story. vanessa: the county attorney tells me since she got here in 2011 she's never seen the courthouse closed until now, even if there is three feet of snow, they'd still bebepen. >> it made me really mad and just really, like, i don't know what to do kind ofo reaction. vanessa: the doors are locked and almost everywhere you look things are covered with white dust. paige was hoping to take care of business today. paige: i really wanted my tags but i guess i'll have to do it next time. vanessa: the webster county courthouse was vandalized around 1:30 tuesday morning. >> appears there will is powder covering everything and the powder can be irritating when inhaled or breathed. vanessa: detectives say the vandals released fire extinguishers on the third and fourth floors and those floors dedicated almost exclusively to court operations.
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the vandals and something very disturbing and concerning it us. vanessa: detectives are collecting evidence while a service master crew cleans up. chemicals and dust collected in the computers in the ventilation system and officials say could take day to clean out. the county attorney's office isn't located in the courthouse but they're still impacted. >> everything is kind of up in the air right now. it's difficult to know how we're going to proceed later this week and even next week. vanessa: officials are asking to the public's health and say if you have any information contact the webster county sheriff's office or the crime stoppers. in fort dodge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: detective case they don't have suspects yet but are reviewing evidence and surveillance video. elizabeth: as for the courthouse itself, they're not sure when it will reopen and may be sometime next week. eric: remembering drew. how the woodward-granger community came together on the
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who died su metinka: good morning. temperatures are starting off on the warm side this morning. 39 degrees now in des moines. we do have a couple clouds and a light breeze coming in from the west that will be switching around to the south today. we're expecting plenty of sunshine and will be a beautiful wednesday, headed for 55 degrees, quiet weather today and quiet weather although it will be windy on your thursday. near record warm highs are possible tomorrow and try to get out and soak up some of
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because the end is in sight here. over the weekend is when things start to change. we'll have rain moving in late saturday and especially on sunday and notice the temperatures, they start to cool back down, too. and next week is looking much chilier than this week with highs in the 30's and low 40's. elizabeth: a special high school basketball game in woodward last night. the woodward-granger boys team played the first game since teammate drew jacobson collapsed on the court last week. eric: jacobson died on monday and we report how the town is dealing with the sudden loss of the 16-year-old player. todd: at first it wasn't clear if the woodward-granger basketball team would play this game because drew jacobson died monday morning but they say drew would have wanted the game to go on. what would have been a routine high school basketball game between woodward-granger and the woodward academy turned into a tribute. >> on monday the woodward-granger program lost
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todd: teammates and friends are still in shock after the death of 16-year-old drew jick onson. the 6'3" varsity player collapsed last week during practice and died a few days later at mercy medical center due to a heart condition. drew's father made a surprise stop at the game, lots of hugs and tears for a teenager who died too soon. >> he would have wanted us to get out there and give it our all like he did every single game he played. >> he was a kid that went full speed and never gave up. with everything i'm going through, i needed to come here and thank him is what drew would have wanted. todd: drew's death not only hit hard at school the entire town of woodward is dealing with the terrible news. >> total shock to everybody. todd: the maror is a family friend. >> he gave 110 pess on everything de. todd: a go fund me account has helped the family pay for a funeral and medical accounts. standing business his son's locker, his father said drew never would have expected such
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>> he was amazing and special and i'm having a hard time figuring out why he was taken but there's a reason. and now i'm just asking for everybody to be a better person. todd: the woodward-granger basketball team is also planning another tribute during friday night's home game. everybody is encouraged to wear red. that was drew's favorite color. in woodward, todd magel, iowa's news leader. eric: funeral services are planned for thursday at 11:00 a.m. at the woodward-granger auditorium. visitation will be held today from 4:00 until 8:00 also in the auditorium. elizabeth: coming up on kcci at 5:00 a.m., striking syria, the new way russia hit isis targets. a big vote ahead in the senate today and what they hope to pass.
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the shocking allegations against the roosevelt girls
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