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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 14, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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elizabeth: right now on kcci -- eric: we are on flood watch. alyx: a holiday tradition has been forced to close because of all the wet weather. elizabeth: plus, making history. the major milestone governor branstad is expected to reach today and you're invited. eric: and cruz climbs. the sizeable lead he now has in iowa and how his rivals are reacting this monday morning, december 14. >> you're watching kcci 8 news. >> we wouldn't be talking feet of snow necessarily but we would be talking multiple inches, maybe even close to a foot. eric: crazy weather we're having. we're talking flooding in december. if it was just a little bit colder, we'd be bringing you winter storm coverage instead. good morning, everyone, thanks for choosing kcci. i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. we will head right over to metinka to see him much more rain we can expect. metinka: it is finally coming to
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in the break banded, shaded areas is where we probably have a few snow showers mixing in. further to the west, they have been dealing with the snow so we may be got the better end of things, although it was a record-breaking weekend. over three inches fell across much of central iowa. the rainfall will begin to move out of the area so it should be a dryer evening commute, but once the rain moves out, watch out for the wind. it will be very gusty from the northwest as the whole system leaves. eric: right now, it's still raining. central iowa still pretty soggy this morning. live super doppler hd still lit up with even more rain on the way. not good news, with all the flooding already happening. elizabeth: kcci's alyx sacks is live now at george flat parkway -- george flagg parkway and alyx, how bad is the flooding
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alyx: it is forecasted to go a little bit about 16 feet by wednesday morning. all this rain is causing some closures. george flag is closed right by southwest 30th street. that is expected when they see the raccoon river at this water level. fleur drive is expected to remain clear however forecasters are keeping an eye on that because with all the rain we have been seeing, you never know. the raccoon river needs to be above 16 feet -- 17 feet to flood fleur drive so that is good news. a holiday tradition has been forced to close because of the rain, jolly holiday lights. some electronic controllers were impacted by the rain and they were forced to close saturday night.
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with mid-american energy. unfortunately, too much damage was done and i had to close early for the entire season. this is the first time they have had to do this in 20 years. unfortunately, because of this event they have been able to grant 40 wishes but this year they hope to get about 20. we'll be back in about 30 minutes. elizabeth: right now, iowa isn't the only state experiencing wild weather. shaina humphries has an update this morning on some flooding on the west coast. shaina? shaina: elizabeth, check out how much rain fell in sacramento, california this weekend. this is the third, strong winter storm in the last week to bring rain and strong winds to northern california and snow to the sierra nevada mountains. driving was very dangerous and several power outages were reported. the storms passed through overnight, but officials are warning that debris and flooding could still affect this morning's commute. and the rain was so bad in parts of oregon, the ground started falling apart.
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rain eroded a hill next to one home, leaving it teetering on the edge of a cliff. the landslide also damaged a barn further down the hill. neighbors are now pitching in, stacking up sandbags and a tarp to help keep the ground from sliding anymore. also developing right now, the fbi and police in hawthorne, california are investigating possible hate crimes. officials there say vandals spray painted graffiti saying, "jesus is the way" on two mosques, and left a device that looked like a hand grenade in the driveway. authorities will now work to figure out who is responsible for the vandalism and determine if they were targeting the mosques because of their religious affiliation. and president obama heads to the pentagon today, where he'll meet with his national security council. he's expected to be briefed on the ongoing fight against isis, and then he will deliver an update later today to the public. we'll have more on this live from washington, d.c. before 6:30. elizabeth: back here in iowa, des moines mayor frank cownie is bringing home a message of energy efficiency.
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recent climate change conference in paris. he shared his experience there sunday at the des moines public library. cownie praised the recent deal to lower greenhouse gases, but says there's more work to be done from the ground up. >> we can't do it only with government. we've got to collaborate with all of our citizens and all of our businesses to see a future to do that. elizabeth: cownie says people can help with small steps like lowering their thermostat and driving less. eric: new information this morning in a suspicious death investigation in union county, police say they have arrested a suspect, and found a second body. police arrested 37-year-old jerry dillinger and charged him with two counts of first degree murder. iowa dci and union county deputies say they found the second body while investigating the death of 37-year-old loretta dillinger. >> these remains were found in thayer. we had to use some excavating equipment and the use of the dog team to help us locate where the skeletal remains were located.
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victim has not been released, and neither has the cause of death for either victim. officials do tell us the suspect jerry dillinger, was loretta dillinger's ex brother-in-law. elizabeth: right now in fort dodge, police are investigating a suspicious death. officials say a man's body was found in the grass along 8th street sunday morning. we'll have more information on how the victim died after the autopsy is done. the victim's name has not been released. also in fort dodge, police are searching for this man, 23-year-old jordan foy, in connection with a shooting inside the dodger tap on 12th street. no one was injured in the shooting, but police say foy is considered armed and dangerous. if you know where he might be, call fort dodge police. eric: a former kum and go employee charged after bashing out the rear window of a suspected gas thief's car, is set to be arraigned today in polk county. 84-year-old glen zirbel says he was trying to stop the thieves from driving off after he confronted them about not paying for their gas. kcci will be there in the courtroom this morning and bring
6:07 am elizabeth: also happening today, all governor terry branstad needs to do is show up to work, and he'll officially make history. today will be his 7642nd day in office as governor of iowa. that means not only is governor branstad the longest serving governor in iowa's history, but as of today, he'll be the longest serving governor in united states history. he will take the title from george clinton who was the governor of new york in the 1700s. >> i think democracy should rule . if you can make people happy for that long. >> good for him that he did that. i think should usually have a limit on the number of years someone can serve. >> he's been governor for practically most of my lifetime. i remember doing third grade book reports with him as governor and i think it's pretty neat that he's still. it shows consistency. elizabeth: it will all be official this morning. at 10:00 a.m., the public is
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branstad hosts an open house at the statehouse. then tonight, a night full of festivities to celebrate the governor's achievements kicks off at 6:00 p.m. at the state fairgrounds. eric: in commitment 2016, one more day to go until the next republican debate, and it comes after a big shakeup in the polls. nikole killion is in washington with more on who's up and who's down. nikole: even though a new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows ted cruz running second nationally, he is the frontrunner in iowa, according to at least two polls. a des moines register-bloomberg politics poll shows cruz leading trump by ten points, while fox news has a closer spread with cruz edging trump by two points. the rivalry instensified as cruz and trump tangled over twitter with cruz posting a flashdance video of the song "maniac" after donald trump made these comments. mr. trump: when you look at the way he's dealt with the senate, where he goes in there like a, you know, frankly, like a bit of a maniac.
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things done that way. nikole: and trump not the only one taking aim. so is marco rubio and ben carson, who both took digs at cruz ahead of tomorrow's gop debate. in washington, i'm nikole killion. eric: tomorrow's debate takes place in las vegas. many of the candidates are holding events there today, including donald trump, marco rubio, mike huckabee and jeb bush. elizabeth: the time is 6:10, you will definitely want your umbrella this morning. metinka: and a warm coat, a very raw day. we are watching a variety of precipitation that looks like a pack of lifesavers early this morning across the state. we have all colors on the radar. the green is where we have the steady rainfall. the rain picks up in intensity toward ames and mixes with snow as you head out toward the west. reports from audubon and atlantic snowflakes coming down, even toward algona.
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the north, close to 40 miles an hour at times. we are expecting the rain to come to an end around noon time today, and temperatures today stay just above freezing. elizabeth: sports news now, iowa state men's basketball is still ranked fourth in the nation, and they faced an easy opponent sunday at hilton coliseum. eric: the cyclones took on arkansas pine bluff, a team with only two wins this season. coach steve prohm decided this was a game to give 3-point ace naz long a break to rest his hips after his off-season surgery, and luckily iowa state didn't need him. the cyclones beat the golden lions 78-64. they are now 9-0 this season. this game was the last one before the clones play in the hy-vee big 4 classic right here in des moines. iowa state plays northern iowa on saturday at wells fargo arena. should be a pretty good game. uni is 6-3 so far, with a big win over 3rd ranked north carolina earlier this season. before the isu-uni game, the drake bulldogs will face the
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all the action tips off at 3:30, saturday at wells fargo arena. elizabeth: arkansas pine bluff also brought their women's team to central iowa. but it was a big mismatch, and iowa state was ahead the entire game. the cyclones out-rebounded the golden lions 49-26 on the night. final score 70-41. and iowa state's women's team moves on to 6-3 this season. new rules for gun buying. what authorities in new york are demanding to know from the federal government. eric: uber drivers may have a strange request for you next time you ride. and will they get there on time? new concerns this morning that companies can't keep up with the crush of deliveries from online shopping. how far behind are they? shaina: the weather is going to be what you are dealing with when you head out this morning so you will need to give yourself a little bit of extra time to deal with issues out there. just take it slow because of the rain. there is some flooding on the
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parkway at 30th. if you are coming from the south , we have an accident on the south east side of east 14th and emma avenue. i will show you the mobile speediness after the break, but right now we want to head out and take a look at the road.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: it is these soggy and slow start to the new week. we are tracking rain on the radar picture and we see bright banding. it changes over to snow across west central iowa from audubon to ward atlantic. and get ready for a lot of wind. this is the back edge of the system. it is going to be headed out of
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coming to an end, but it is going to stay chilly with a bra -- blustery north wind and temperatures holding in the 40's. we finally have some dry weather coming. shaina: thank you. right now, more storms. this is a look at some of the damage being cleaned up this morning, after a tornado touched down in texas this weekend. several businesses and homes were damaged and power lines toppled near lindale. luckily, no one was seriously hurt or injured during the storms. crews hope to have the power restored and roads reopened as early as today. and right now in new york, state officials are demanding that the federal government shares classified information from the suspected terrorist watch-list. senator charles schumer and governor andrew cuomo say that information would give new york the ability to block suspected terrorists from buying guns legally. they say keeping the information a secret from the states creates a dangerous loophole in which terrorists can purchase weapons. and today marks three years since the horrible shooting at
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newtown, connecticut. over the weekend, demonstrators held marches and rallies to remember the 26 victims. another rally calling for an end to all gun violence will take place outside of the national rifle association headquarters today. elizabeth: economic headlines now, wall street is looking to rebound after big losses friday. investors are waiting to see if the federal reserve will raise interest rates or not. friday, the dow was down more than 309 points. the nasdaq was down more than 111. and the s and p 500 fell about 40. ride-share app uber wants its drivers to sign an agreement, barring them from participating in any class-action lawsuits against the company. the new legal agreement comes after a judge in california expanded a class action suit against uber. its pushing for the company to define drivers as employees, so their expenses while working for uber would be covered. only drivers that signed up to work after friday will have the option to sign the new agreement. if you're planning to fly this holiday season, you're not
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a new survey finds 38 million passengers are expected to take to the skies. that's an increase of about 3% from last year. experts say the travelers are taking advantage of lower air fares this holiday season. eric: and just as the holiday shipping season ramps up, ups is reportedly getting slammed with all those holiday deliveries they are making. the company's on-time delivery rate for ground packages fell 6% last week compared to the same time last year. fed-ex on-time numbers are also reportedly lower than usual. an increase in online sales is likely fueling the slowdown. ups, fed-ex, and the u.s. postal service are all expected to ship more than 1.5 billion packages this holiday season. that's 10% more than last year. i cannot imagine working for them this year. elizabeth: some people do all their shopping online so it is a busy time. 6:19, we will check in with metinka for the forecast.
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down, especially for the northern part of the state. we are seeing improving conditions just south of des moines. in the red is moderate rain mixing with snow, out to the west in blue and purple is a wintry mix. watch for changing road conditions as you head west on i 80 this morning and even to the northwest from pocahontas to algona. this is the tail end of the system and it will be heading out of here by noon. the afternoon and evening should be a lot drier, good news. tomorrow starts out quiet but why the afternoon we will be watching some snow moving across northwest iowa, and eventually a little light rain and drink southwest iowa at about 5:00 p.m. that will lift into central iowa in the overnight, giving way to
6:20 am
half-inch or less in snow cover for central iowa. that will be quickly melting away, more of a slushy incident. for liquid rain, maybe closer to an inch for fort dodge before it comes to an end. the pressure will be changing rapidly and we will have gusty wind gusting toward 40 miles per hour near sioux city and 30 miles per hour near lamoni. 43 now in des moines. the rain will be moving out by noon, temperatures not changing much at all. if anything, they will be dropping a few degrees this afternoon. light rain or snow possible tuesday night into wednesday, and then it will -- highs will
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shaina: you will need to give yourself some extra time when you head out today so you can go nice and slow. be careful, a lot of water in the area. george flagg parkway is slow from park avenue to southwest 30th. that would be closed down for a while until the water does crest. we have an accident creating issues on the east side, southeast 14th and emma avenue. i believe they are diverting traffic so if you drive in the area, follow what they tell you to do. mobile speed units, 1400 pennsylvania avenue, 1600 40th street, 4400 delaware avenue, and 9000 northeast 94th avenue. eric: we are going to go live to washington, d.c. next. what the president plans to say at the pentagon today, ahead.
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today, president obama is giving an update on the fight against isis. elizabeth: the president is heading over to the pentagon for this. nikole: a pretty rare meeting for the president at the pentagon where he will convene his national security council to discuss how to enhance the fight to destroy isis. the white house says no major policy shift are expected and this is more of an update, however the president is expected to make a statement after the meeting and tackled the topic in his weekly address. president obama: one of the most important things we can do is stay true to who we are as americans. terrorists are trying to divide us along lines of religion and background. that is how they stoke fear. nikole: the presidential visit follows his address to the
6:25 am
reassure americans, in the wake of attacks in paris and san bernardino. eric: nikole killion live from washington, d.c.. elizabeth: more news ahead after 6:30. our flood watch continues. alyx sacks is live to show us the trouble spots this monday morning. find out if you need to change your route to work. plus, new information coming in about the hate crime investigation at two mosques in california. eric: you might find some good online deals today if you need to finish up your shopping. and the fun surprise awaiting you on your drive to work today,
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>> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. us is kcci eight news this morning. eric: the holiday tradition forced to end early. the roads most at risk of closing this morning. elizabeth: what a difference a few degrees can make. this is what it is doing in kansas right now, more of what
6:28 am
good morning, everyone. welcome back. i am elizabeth klinge. eric: i am eric hanson. metinka: the rain is tapering off for the central part of the state, great news from des moines to do and eldora. you can see it changing over to mainly just snow across west central iowa, even parts of western guthrie county. watch for changing travel conditions, especially for western iowa this morning. it is also a factor with gusts of 40 miles per hour at times, so be careful. we have a little bit of fog, rain across central iowa and temperatures will be holding steady in the 40's.
6:29 am
alyx: the raccoon river is now almost about a foot and a half over that flood stage. it is at 13.43. george flagg parkway is closed on the corner of southwest 30th. we are keeping a close eye on fleur drive. the good news is, that is not expected to get flooded or close down but forecasters are keeping a close eye on it. speaking of closures, this is a tough one. jolly holiday lights was forced to close saturday night storms rolled in and they were closed sunday, hoping they could reopen but upon further investigation they found their electric controllers were damaged because of all of the rain. they were scrambling, trying to save some of the equipment for next year. this is not the first time they have had to shut down -- this is the first time they have had to
6:30 am
the unfortunate part is usually because of this event they can grant 40 wishes. this year because of closing early they think they will only be able to grant about 20 wishes. eric: also right now, the clive greenbelt park and trail are closed because of flooding. walnut creek has reached 6 feet now at i-35/80. the national weather service says it could rise to more than 10 feet in the coming days. we will keep an eye on all of the latest flood forecasts and let you know of any more closures. shaina: and right now we're , tracking more bad weather across the country in texas. they're getting snow and tornadoes. snow and high winds forced officials to shut down a portion of a highway north of amarillo to the colorado border. and to the east of amarillo, a tornado touched down, causing some damage but no injuries. winter storm warnings also posted in kansas this morning. and now to california,
6:31 am
forecasters there are warning that a strong el nino storm could drench the state this week, as well as other parts of the west in coming months. over the weekend, a third winter-like storm in a week brought rain and strong winds to much of northern california and snow to the sierra nevada. winds also delayed flights at the oakland and san francisco airports. also in california, we're learning more about the vandalism to two mosques over the weekend. they are now being investigated as hate crimes. "jesus" was written with spray-paint at both locations and at one, a replica of a hand grenade was left outside. the fbi is investigating this morning. elizabeth: more big stories this morning, we are hoping to learn more information in a murder mystery in union county. 37-year-old jerry dillinger was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder over the weekend. officials say he killed his former sister-in-law. her body was found last week. then over the weekend, officials found a second body. that person has not yet been identified. in fort dodge, police also investigating a suspicious death. a man's body was found in the grass along 8th street just
6:32 am
an autopsy will be conducted. the victim's name has not been released. just in, hillary clinton still leads the democratic presidential race in iowa. the des moines register-bloomberg politics poll has clinton at 48%, bernie sanders at 39%, and governor martin o'malley at war percent. eric: today, governor branstad is expected to make history. and all he has to do is show up for work. serving governor in iowa and the iowa governor will take the title from george clinton, the governor of new york in the 1700's. governor branstad has served six that's nearly 21 years in office, and today will be his 7642nd day on the job. >> i think change is good. i think that it's good to stir
6:33 am
the longer that you're in a things are going to become status quo. >> i do appreciate the work he is doing around town trying to make downtown clean and trying to make sure everyone's needs are being met. so i want to say congratulations you for your years of service. eric: so here are the details on two events marking governor branstad's milestone. the public is invited to an open house at the statehouse this morning at 10:00. elizabeth: then tonight, a special event at the state fairgrounds starts at 6:00. the governor is releasing his biography "iowa's record setting governor, the terry branstad story." all proceeds from tonight's event and sale of the book will go to a non-profit dedicated to promoting and preserving iowa history. it is the governor branstad iowa history fund. ahead making wishes come true. ,eric: ahead, the new push to make sure jolly holiday lights can still help central iowa kids. elizabeth: plus, in line they must wait.
6:34 am
have been camped out for the new "star wars" movie. eric: and you do not want to miss why this guy has such a huge smile on his face. he's going to have one heck of a good christmas. ahead on kcci. metinka: grab your umbrella this morning and maybe even the snow boots. now we have the rain switching over to big snowflakes. shaina: that will of course impact your drive. we are going to take a look outside. this is i-235 and 2nd avenue. you can see by the shot on this camera, it is very went out. give yourself some extra time and take it slow. a couple of issues on the roads to deal with, george flagg
6:35 am
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u.s. cellular sized data. 15 gigs of good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70. plus $400 in promo cards. metinka: good morning. it is an interesting start to the new week, a little bit of everything out there this morning. light rain continues in the metro and in the bright band, we have some snowflakes aloft, and snow across western guthrie county and council bluffs. watch worsen rapidly changing road conditions if you are traveling to the west. the wind is going to be a factor as well. the system is winding itself up
6:38 am
could even see some minor snow accumulation. that will be followed by gusty winds and a dryer afternoon. temperatures take a tumble in your 8 day forecast. >> this is the time of year that we're normally working 80 hours a week and right now there's not a lot to do. eric: that tends to happen when it's 50 degrees and your winter business is skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. seven oaks in boone is just one place wondering when winter is finally going to show up. >> the hooks would not be full, and you would see people standing here and making decisions on buying ice melt. we've been selling leaf rakes, leaf bags, and we've had a run on fertilizer. people are wanting to put fall fertilizer down before the rain comes. elizabeth: there was some "white stuff" that came down over the weekend. check it out, it's hail, not
6:39 am
this photo was sent in to u-local from clive late saturday night. shaina: really strange weekend. eric: my some help -- some top -- sump pump was running last night. elizabeth: rene says, "i would rather have snow." eric: kelsey is talking about the unfortunate shutdown of jolly holiday light. "i am bummed but there is no way i'm taking my money back." a lot of people want to give money to make a wish because they are down a significant amount of fundraisers. shaina: the wait is almost over
6:40 am
people have been capped out outside outside the chinese theater for nearly two weeks, ahead of tonight's world premiere. "star wars, episode 7 the force awakens." the average fan won't be able to see the movie until thursday so patience they must have. >> all of my friends are lik what are you doing? it is once every so many years. >> i texted my godmother that i was doing this and she was like, no, way i did the same thing for , the original release. shaina: so at the world premiere tonight, the red carpet and tent will be so long you can only see all of it from the air. eric: even the iowa dot is excited about the new "star wars" movie. one of the monday messages on those electronic billboards reads, "the force is strong with you, put down the phone." it is one of five around the state this morning. this one, "road rage, let the wiki win." there is usually just
6:41 am
have scattered them. elizabeth: so we've had black friday, cyber monday. did you know today is green monday? it's apparently the third-best sales day of the year. also referred to as cyber monday 2, the sequel, if you will. retailers are offering more great deals today, similar to black friday deals. the origin of the day is a little unclear but cbs marketwatch says it's named after the color of money. amazon, best buy, and walmart already have sale pages up. others will probably follow suit so you might want to look for some extra e-mails in your inbox today. shaina: a lot of people still have shopping to do, maybe have not started. here is one guy that does not need a bargain this holiday season, check out this shot. a fan went for a half-court shot worth $20,000 and he makes it. shane mckinzie from stillwater, oklahoma is going to have a great christmas. eric: it is now 6:44 on this
6:42 am
rainy shot of i-235 and polk boulevard. there are snowflakes out there paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street,
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and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. after too much rainfall this weekend, now we have some snow showing up on radar. it is snowing out to the west near atlantic into council bluffs. in the brighter bands, we could have some snowflakes to mix in with the rain from time to time on the backside of the system. this is our panora schoolmen webcam. look at the huge -- school met webcam -- school met webcam -- school net webcam. watch fochanging road conditions. the latest road condition map showing roads partially snow-covered across portions of
6:45 am
into audubon county, be careful. this whole system will begin to wrap itself up and move out. we will have a few snowflakes left over by noon to the west, and drizzle across the central part of the state. that finally heads out and we will get some quiet weather temporarily. tomorrow morning there may be some fog or snow flurries, followed by light rain moving back into southwest iowa as we head into tuesday evening. we are not expecting much in the way of snow accumulation but it will be slushy. three school delays now, make sure you watch for them on the bottom of your screen. maybe an inch or so to the west, a heavy, wet snow. wind will be gusting close to 40 miles per hour at times on the backside of the system and it will quickly wrap up.
6:46 am
lot quality -- quieter, followed by the next system moving in this evening. 43 degrees, temperatures not headed anywhere fast at all. very blustery conditions will begin to taper off overnight, watch for fog to redevelop overnight. rain and snow tuesday night into wednesday, followed by some sunshine for the end of the week but cool temperatures. work. give yourself extra time. no big slowdowns but we are dealing with flooding. if you are on the south side or headed through the south side, george flagg parkway close all the way from park avenue to 30th. another area is closed, this is
6:47 am
there was an accident also itself east 14th and emma avenue, a pedestrian accident. they have been rerouting traffic. we do have a few mobile speed units, 1400 pennsylvania, 640th street, delaware avenue, and 9000 northeast 94th avenue. elizabeth: news to go is next with the flooding forecast for two central iowa rivers. also, decision day for waukee schools, and the governor goes in the record books. first, what you'll see on cbs this morning at 7:00. >> ahead on cbs this morning, we talk with john dickerson about ted cruz topping trump in the latest polls in iowa. on the front lines in iraq as troops defend themselves against an isis attack.
6:48 am
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reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. eric: it is news to go time at ask: 54. elizabeth: our kcci team has a last blast of news starting with alyx sacks, live with flooding.
6:51 am
since we have been out here, the raccoon river has been above flood stage. it is sitting about a foot and a half above flood stage so it is considered minor and the good news, fleur drive is still open. george flagg parkway is closed at the corner of southwest 30th. the des moines river at southeast six they are seeing some minor flooding. another unfortunate thing with all this rain we have been experiencing, jolly holiday lights has been forced to close for the season. they have had some damage to the electric controllers and are closed for the season. metinka: we are tracking a variety of precipitation on live super doppler. we have some snowflakes mixing in with the rain to the west of ames and down through adel.
6:52 am
wet snow, leading to some accumulations already this morning. be especially careful driving in west central iowa. in des moines, 43 degrees. the afternoon looks quieter. it will be a brisk and raw day with thing gusty northwest wind. the weather quiets down toward the end of the week but temperatures turn really chilly. shaina: also today, president obama will be giving us an update on the fight against isis. the president will first meet with his national security council at the pentagon. he'll then give a public debate on efforts to stop the terror group both at home and abroad. just in, hillary clinton still leads the democratic presidential race in iowa. a poll has clinton at 48 percent, bernie sanders at 39%, and martin o'malley with 4%. elizabeth: today, governor branstad will become the longest serving governor ever. he's served six terms, and today will be his 7642nd day on the job.
6:53 am
house at the statehouse is this morning at 10:00. then tonight, there will be special event at the state fairgrounds at 6:00. tonight, the waukee school board is expected to vote on new elementary school boundaries. some concerns from parents have sparked a few changes to the initial proposal. the board meets tonight at 6:00 at the district office. eric: today, the former kum & go employee who tried to stop a gas drive-off will be in court. 84-year-old glen zirbel is charged with criminal mischief after he hit the car with a hammer. shaina: we have a couple of issues you will be dealing with today, flooding all around. we have two spots that have been officially closed. george flagg parkway between park avenue and southwest 30th,
6:54 am
southwest 30th court and captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, december 14th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump attacks ted cruz after the senator's iowa surge. but a new poll shows which candidate has the best chance to defeat hillary clinton. >> we are on the front lines in the fight against isis. how the terror group is using car bombs to defend its territory.
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