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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  January 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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arkansas governor mike huckabee met with about 100 people at the machine shed in urbandate. mike: i don't think there's any shortcut. rose: huckabee says he'll hit all 99 counties, in all hopes of recapturing the 2008 iowa magic when he won the caucus. but he has his work cut out for him this time. a poll released in december showed huckabee was polling at 1%, far behind front-runners trump and cruz. mike: i still believe that iowa voters get serious when it gets close to caucus time. thank you, ma'am. thanks for doing it. rose: martin oh mall see rolling up his sleeves as well. he ended his weekend of campaigning by jumping on the phone in des moines and calling voters. martin: the key is organize and catch fire late. rose: in ohio, he failed to get enough signatures to make the ballot. martin: some of the volunteers didn't get the message that all the signers had to be not only
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voters, but registered democrats, and it's a disappointment. rose: according to a poll, o'malley has the support of 6% of likely caucus-goers, a wide gap behind clinton and sanders. but o'malley remains hopeful. the next 29 days. the people of iowa have a way of upsetting the apple cart. ames. other candidates are also going to be stopping throughout central iowa as well. alyx: hillary clinton returns to iowa today. she'd hold rallies in davenport and cedar rapids before holding an evening event right near des moines. a clinton campaign stop in new hampshire pitted the democratic candidate against a republican state representative. clinton started taking questions when a woman started shouting. hillary: let's start with the questions and i'll try to get as many in -- well, i'm going call on people. wait a minute. i -- i -- i'm not going to take
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your question, because other people have been -- yes, go right there. we'll bring you a microphone. here you come. ok, let me see. right back there. this man right there. here we go. right there. you are very roud, and i'm not going to call on you, thank you. alyx: the represent active later said she was trying to ask clinton about her husband's sexual improprieties from 20 years ago. eric: cruz is going to begin his bus tour today. the texas senator plans to stop in boone, carroll, guthrie center, winterset, and missouri valley. the tour continues through iowa with various stops in iowa all week long. presidential candidate carly fiorina is dismissing criticism for comments she made back on january 1 about the rose bowl on twitter. fiorina's twitter page posted love my alma mater, but rooting for the hawkeye win today, #rosebowl. fiorina is a graduate of
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stanford, and reaction was quick and harsh. one wrote, you can't stand up to the hawkeyes, how can you defeat isis? another asked, hey, stanford, can we have her degree revoked? fiorina told cnn was tweet was just tongue in scommeek the people of iowa knew she was torn about the game, having attended an iowa tailgate earlier in the season. 4:33 this morning. the kids are heading back to school today. metinka: it's going to be a cold day all the way around. what you're getting is pretty much how it's going to feel all day long. we have wind chills in the teens. feels like 18 in des moines. bundle up, the wind chill in fort dodge is at 11. with the cloud cover today, it's going to feel pretty chilly out there. we won't have much wind. tomorrow, it turns breezier, but also turns warmer. going to be a melting day tomorrow with highs in the mid to upper 30's. we've got kind of a wintry mix headed our way the second half of the week. alyx: iowa lawmakers have another week before they head back to work at the state house. we spoke with legislators from
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both houses to find out what they want to accomplish in 2016. >> some lawmakers are excited. >> friends from both sides of the aisle and realizing, you know, the responsibility that you have in the building that you're in, and you wind up getting goose bumps. reporter: that can't last too long, because legislators say they have a lot of work ahead of them in 2016, work that starts with issues either unresolved or lungering from the previous session. >> my biggest hope is that we figure out the education funding ahead of time so the school boards can plan their budget. we also need to make sure that the half a million citizens in the state of iowa, who rely on medicaid, aren't going to be left out in the cold, but with plans that the governor wants. reporter: both sides admit bipartisan victory has to fade into the background. law makers in the house and senate can get to work for the
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people of iowa. work will start with medicaid there. >> raising the minimum wage so we at least get a start on iowans having a living wage and not having to live in poverty for working 40 hours a week. >> we haven't done anything with nick taxes. i'd like to see us create a better environment for iowans have more money in their pocket after the end of the year. reporter: with a short session and the iowa caucuses to to waste. >> i'm ready to go. alyx: legislators tell us they would not be surprised to see the 016 session go a week or two long. eric: a des moines man who beat an elderly neighbor to death will be sentenced today in polk county court. the judge found ngor makuey guilty of first degree murder last month. he was 19 when he broke into the home of rupert and harriet anderson and attacked the couple. 9 -year-old rupert died -- 97-year-old rupert died from his injuries.
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makuey's attorney used the insanity defense, but witnesses say they saw no signs of mental illness. the judge said the spatula makuey brought from his home showed premeditation there's an investigation in the town of nashua of a 57-year-old man's body found saturday afternoon. they identified the shooter, they're still trying to piece together exactly what happened before and after that shooting. no arrests in that case yet. alyx: the only widow of the sullivan brothers has died. the sullivan brothers, who all served together on the u.s.s. juneau in world war ii, died when a tornado hit the ship in 1942. katherine mcfarland died friday at a retirement home in cedar falls. she was 93. both were just teenagers when they were married. katherine later remarried a veteran of world war ii. he passed away in 1986. still ahead on kcci 8 news this morning -- water starts to
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recede in parts of flood-stricken missouri, the big problems that remain for thousands of victims. how the iowa guard is helping out. eric: isis releases a video claiming more executions and making a direct threat at another on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci news this morning. with erik hanson, elizabeth
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and right now coverage. metinka: good morning. it's a chilly start to the new week. it's 25 in des moines. at least the wind is nearly calm. we do have a lot of clouds, but no snow is going to cross the state. the wind chill is at 18 degrees, so that's the temperature you got to dress for. grab the warm coats and glos as you're heading out. early this morning, if you're traveling into northwest iowa, watch for patchy fog. that will be lifting by around 10:00 a.m., but clouds, those are going to stick with us throughout much of the day, and temperatures remain on the chilly side, really not changing much from where they are now. we'll began a few degrees this few breaks in the clouds by later on today. temperatures trend upwards over the next several days, headed back close to 40 by the end of the week. it will be a messy end of the week with rain, snow, a little bit of sleet. and check out what happens by sunday. temperatures take a big nose dive. alyx: good news weatherwise this monday morning. a new year is bringing some
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the city river is watching, and much of the relief of floods in that area. the national weather service says the river crested at about 48.9 feet on friday, .4 above the 1993 record. levee breaks nearby apparently reduced the water level enough that they didn't reach the earlier prediction of 50 feet. while flooding is still widespread, more roads have opened. some owners were able to return and see the damage the floodwaters left behind. >> when you see the levels of where water was, when you're coming over historic highs, i mean, from the beginning of time we kept records by four and five feet. i mean, we were seeing 55. when you're seeing a house that's -- a full house that floated into the highway 30 bridge and blowing up, it's almost as if you're living on some other planet. alyx: iowa national guard members are in high point, missouri, to help with flood relief. but they will be returning home
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soon. the water is back online sunday. the iowa guard headed down friday with a convoy of water treatment trucks and transport vehicles. the guards brought equipment that had 1,500 gallons of water an hour. eric: saudi arabia says it's severing diplomatic ties with iran after the execution of a cleric. saudi officials executed the cleric and more than 40 other people after a saudi court found them guilty of terrorism. demonstrators in tehran broke into the saudi embassy send morning to protest the execution. saudi government has now told diplomats they have 48 hours to leave saudi arabia. officials partially condemned the execution, saying saudi arabia was a divine retribution. isi si has released a new video that appears to show five men being shot to death. the video is it resemble past isis videos. alyx: as windy gillette shows
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british spies. wendy: isis released a new video sunday that appears to show the assassination of five men. one of the five masked executioners who speaks with a british accent gives a warning to britain's prime minister, david cameron. >> we will continue to wage jihad, and one day invade your land. wendy: earlier, the men, who are believed to be syrian, confessed to acting as spies for britain, filming videos showing isis positions in syria. at the end of the video, an english-speaking boy appears. he says we're going to kill the nonbelievers over there. isis has released released more videos following losses of territory in iraq. alyx: britain's foreign office says it's examining the video. donald trump is responding to the fact that part of his speech now appears in a
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the video was released by an al qaeda group based in somalia. the clip calls for trump calling the total and complete shutdown of musses entering the united states. >> does it concern ought all you're being used in essentially a recruitment video by terrorist organizations? donald: they use other people too. what am i going to do? i have to say what i have to say. what you know i have to say? there's a problemful we have to found out what is the problem, and we have to solve that problem. alyx: trump went on to say that radical islam is the biggest problem in the world right now. alyx: trying to get the newspaper in boston is so bad that many editors and reporters are actually out on the streets themselves delivering the newspaper over the weekend. "the globe" switched to a new delivery company in boston, and there have been a lot of issues the last few days. >> just want to do my part to help out. even one subscriber loss is a heartbreak for us. >> we see "the globe" as a
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family, and the family is in distress right now, and we've been asked to help out, and so we're here. eric: "the globe" is going to work to improve delivery service and thank the customers in boston. "star wars: the force awakens" has gone into the new year adding an extra $8 million to its box office take. it's now topped attendance for the third week. it's now the second biggest movie blockbuster over three weeks, raking in more than $740 million. the current champ, "avatar," that made just $760 million, a few more than "star wars." news time right now is 4:46, waking up to a chilly 25 degrees as the kids head back to school. a live look from i-235 at m.l.k. parkway shows the
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it normally does. metinka: good morning. temps are pretty chilly, and this is where they're going to stay all day long. we don't have a chance to warm up at all because wee got the cloud cover. we might see a little bit of sunshine from time to time today, but otherwise we're expecting a lot of clouds to linger with highs only in the mid 20's. that's where worry starting out now. if you're traveling into north central, northwest iowa, we've got fog to talk about this morning. fort dodge, visibility is now down to a mile and a quarter. down to just a quarter mile in algona.
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probably going to noticed a couple extra minutes. current temperatures are chilly, in the teens. otherwise mid 20's across the state. with that little blanket of cloud cover, that kept temperatures from falling off too far, but notice we have some holes trying to develop, especially across the eastern part of the state. so far the snow showers have stayed just to the east of the iowa area. they may be right along the iowa-illinois border. our weather is going to turn nice as we head towards tomorrow. this area of high pressure is going to slip off to the east, and we'll have a south wind tomorrow, a little bit gusty. we'll have a push of warmer air for tuesday. it's going to feel good, probably the best day to head out to the car wash. the whole system is going to be with us the rest of the week. it's going to be dragging up some moisture, probably by late wednesday afternoon toward the evening, we'll have a chilly rain breaking out. maybe even mixing with a little bit of snow. by thursday, most of the snow continues to the north, and eventually it will be filling in across the state. we'll have a wintry mix thursday and even into friday.
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25 degrees here in des moines. feels like 1. we have a light breeze from the north. that's going to be switching over to the southeast this afternoon. 26, the high temp today. temps won't change much at all. a lot of clouds in place. tomorrow, melting conditions, sunshine, gusty south wind, and highs right around 35. that's going to feel great. but the end of the week weather is probably not going to feel great. we'll have some chilly rain at times mixed with sleet, mixed with snow, demending on if it's morning or the afternoon. and that chance for precip lingers friday night before switching over to light snow on saturday. then the big story becomes temperatures. the end of the weekend, downright cold. >> thanks, metinka. alyx: the rose bowl capped off a very historic season, 12-0 for the first time and a chance for the big ten title game for the first time. eric: it's the season full of memories, and for iowa wide receiver matt vandeberg, it was a season dedicated to his
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tony seeman reports. tony: when matt found the end zone, there was no one happier than mary bower. >> he wanted to dedicate his season to adam because he loved him like i did and like a brother. tony: to mary, matt has always been a second son. that's because her son, adam bower, and matt grew up side by side. until back in may, when adam pass ad way in a car accident. >> my heart is both happy and sad. going to hopefully see matt after to give him a big hug. tony: he was gone, but certainly not for gont. matt wore wrist bands with his initials every game this season. >> when they were undefeated, he had these wrist bands, one with an a and b on it. after the first four games, he gave them to me, asked me to keep them. and then said he was going to do new ones. so he's got different ones on today, but we both know that we have them on. >> they called each other brothers. they were exactly one month
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apart on their birthdays, and so they were twins. they celebrated their birthdays together quite a few years, and i think it's an awesome remembrance. tony: it's a small gesture that proves there are things so much bigger than football. >> it's nice to have somebody remember your son, and matt was like a son to me, so it's wonderful. tony: even though the hawks lost, vandeberg is no doubt a winner. >> adam would think it would be awesome. eric: still ahead -- winter may
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dulles can metinka: a little bit of fog across the city. outside the city, visibility is reduced to a quarter of a mile, so northwest, north central iowa, that's where we got the fog. central iowa, visibility is just fine, but we have a lot of clouds and cool temps. now. it's really not going to get a chance to warm up. clouds will hold pretty tight, so highs close to 26. the wind will shift over to the southeast, and that more southerly wind is going to drag in warmer temps for tuesday. sunshine tomorrow, and looks like the best day of the week with highs in the mid 30's. a little bit of light rain and snow and sleet mixed in here for late wednesday and even into early saturday. after that, temperatures take a big tumble, and next week is very cold. eric: we all know the winter
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snow can be a pain to drive through. alyx: but you can also see the beauty.
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greenwood park. alyx: beautiful images there. eric: still ahead -- executive action, that's what the president says he will take toward gun control if necessary. plus, how iowa is helping out with devastating flooding in
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next. alyx: right now at 5:00, lending a helping hand. wa troops help out flood victims in missouri, what they're doing as parts of the midwest recover from the floods. eric: searches resume for a kanuer that may have gone under the water, efforts to find the missing person, while his friend recovers after being rescued. >> you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: tcheck out, a fan makes a winning half court shot at the lakers game, boom. the incredible price he won and what he plans to do with it. he has good things to do with 95 grand. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. alyx: it's a chilly start to the day out there, but what we expect on this fourth day of 2016. eric: time to go back to school. let's check the forecast. metinka: a chilly forecast for the saturday of the new week, temps are now in the teens and 20's, and wind chills are close to 10 degrees across northern iowa.
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