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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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it's 25 now in des moines. we've got a little bit of fog up to the north and west. do be careful if you're getting an early start near fort damage, algona. visibility back to half a mile or less. over the next couple of hours, we'll see improvement in that. 24 degrees, the current temp in ames. the roads are nice and clear in central iowa, but it is chilly and is going to stay chilly all day long. alyx: at least 24 people are confirmed dead from the devastating flooding in missouri and illinois. even more are struggling because of a lack of drinkable water. on friday, dozens from the iowa national guard head to the st. louis area to help with water purification. the troops have worked nonstop since their arrival, point to 12-hour shifts. the area is now under a boil order due to unsanitary water. one troop says that residents were very thankful, but being there and experiencing the need actually shows its importance.
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water, and can't get a fresh cup of copy because they can't serve water. this is a dire issue. eric: the water plant came back on line early sunday so iowa troops won't have to be there as long as they first expected. alyx: more stories this morning, a dema man who beat he will dell neighbor to dearth -- beat an elderly neighbor to death will be sentenced in court. ngor makuey attacked rupert and harriet anderson. makuey's attorney used the insanity defense, but witnesses say they saw no signs of mental illness. they'll in the courtroom at 8:30. authorities in johnson county will resume searching for a missing can a newer a canoe capsized early sunday afternoon. bystanders were able to pull one person from the ice water. he was taken to the university of iowa hospital for treatment.
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assisting in the search, including a dive crew. alyx: a shooting death in nashua. someone found the body of 56-year-old man -- a 56-year-old man, and investigators have identified the shooter. they're still trying to piece together what happened before and after the shooting took place so. far, no arrests have been made. kevin: and we're just one week away from the start of the iowa legislature. lawmakers are bracing themselves for what won't get done. lawmakers are eagerly looking forward to rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. some we spoke to are optimistic and hopeful about the work they can get done during the session. they say education is vital, but hunter is still a little disappointed. parts of last year's deal got vetoed. >> i thought we had a deal made. it wasn't the deal that i wanted, but it was a compromise
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aisle and both the house and the senate agreed on. >> my biggest hope is that we figure out the education funding ahead of time so the school boards can plan their budget. that's something that i haven't seen for years. alyx: education is not the only issue they plan to tackle during the upcoming session. they also plan to bring attention to the raising minimum wage, and legislators tell us they would not be surprised to see the session go a week or two long. eric: right now, protesters in oregon say they plan to stay for as long as it takes. the protesters took over the national wildlife refugee saturday -- refuge saturday after participating in a peaceful ral i've over the prison sentence of local ranchers. two rancherses were convicted of arson two years ago. they were ordered back to prison after a judge said their original sentence was too short. at least six people are dead following a 6.7 magazine any few earthquake that rocked the northeastern region of india.
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more than 100 others are injured. the deaths and injures were caused by falling debris for the most part. police say the powerful tremor struck before dawn, and it left large cracks in walls and a portion of a popular market. saudi arabia says it's severing diplomatic relations with iran, this as tensions escalate over the sunni kingdom's execution of a prominent shiite cleric. the announcement came hours after protesters stormed and set fire to the saudi embassy in tehran. 46 others were also executed. president obama says he's now ready to use executive action to strengthen background checks required for gun purchases. today the president is going to meet with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss his plans. we're going to have more on what they are set so discuss, live from washington. alyx: it's the first full week back to work in 2016, also the first day back to school. metinka: bundle up and pack the snow gear this morning, plus you might need a couple of extra minutes due to fog,
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especially northern iowa. this is our algona web cam. you can see fog, even in the downtown area, but still looks very pretty. visibility is three-quarters of a mile in carroll. down to zero in storm lake. just be careful. today is going to be chilly, highs only in the mid 20's. tomorrow looks great, sunshine, highs in the mid 30's. then the end of the week looks a little messy. so we go chilly, nice, messy. and then next week, temperatures turn cold. alyx: martin o'malley is pushing hard as the countdown to the iowa caucus ramps up. sunday night he jumped on the phone in des moines, along with 40 volunteers. he made calls to caucus-goers to secure their vote after a heavy weekend of campaigning throughout iowa. he still sits in third place in the democrat polls, but remains hopeful. martin: i feel we're in a position to greatly exceed expectations and surprise night. that's what i'm focused on.
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alyx: campaign workers say he plans to be back in des moines later this week. mike huckabee also in the state over the weekend while talking in urbandale. he continues to stress the importance of iowa in the election process and also mentioned his success back in 2008. >> i got more votes than anyone in the history of the iowa caucus. i'm not as worried about it right now because i still believe iowa voters get serious when it gets close to caucus time. alyx: huckabee says he'll hit all 99 counties and hopes to recapture the 2008 magic. the poll released in december showed huckabee was polling at 1%. that puts him far behind front-runners trump and cruz. eric: a hillary clinton campaign stop in new hampshire pitted the democratic candidate against a republican state represent activity. she started taking quose when a woman started shouting. ms. clinton: let's start with the questions and i'll try to get as many in. well, i'm going call on people. wait a minute.
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i -- i'm not going take your question because other people have been raising -- yes, about right there. we'll bring you a microphone. ok, let me see. right back there. this man right there. here we go. right there. you are very rude, and i'm not going ever call on you. thank you. [applause] eric: the representative later said she was trying to ask clinton about her husband's sexual impropriety from 20 years ago. clinton returns to iowa today to campaign. she's going to hold rallies in davenport and cedar rapids before holding an event here in des moines later this evening. republican ted cruz begins barnstorming the state. he's going to begin his bus tour of iowa today as well. the texas senator plans stops in boone, carroll, guthrie center, winterset and missouri valley. the tour continues through iowa with various stops in iowa all week long. presidential candidate carly fiorina is dismissing criticism she took on social media for a comment she made about the rose bowl.
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love my alma mater, but rooting #rosebowl. fiorina is a graduate of stanford, and reaction was quick and harsh. one person wrote, if you can't stand up to the hawkeyes, how can you defeat isis? another asks, hey, stanford, can we have her degree revoked? fiorina told cnn the tweet was in iowa knew she was torn, having attended an iowa tailgate earlier this season. alyx: coming up -- back to work. the regional center in california is ready to reopen today, just a month after a deadly attack. eric: and the future of fast food, mcdonald's shows customers what their restaurants might look like in the years to come, unique qualities it will feature. alyx: and j.j. breaks it town, how you celebrate after sacking the q.b. alyx: let's check traffic for the first time this morning, as you can expect, people get going this early in the morning, great conditions, no
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problems across the metro. des moines has three mobile speed units set up today. one is on york street not far from union park. south of there, in the 900 block of the capitol building, and the third one in des moines is on franklin avenue, not far from first feder rated church. let's check out outside. in the northeast, you can see no problems out there this morning.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. it is a chilly start this morning, 25 now in des moines. not much wind, but just enough like 19 degrees. the clouds are going to be with us all day long. the kiddos will have to bundle up and drag the snow gear to school so they can head out and have fun at recess. but boy, a chilly day for recess. first bell temps near 20 degrees. lunch rise near 22. headed for a high near 26. the wind chill throughout the day will hover likely in the teens. temperatures trend upward the rest of the week. mid 30's tomorrow, the best day of the week. as we head toward the second half of the week, we've got rain and snow chances to talk about. that's going to be followed by
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the end of the weekend. eric: back to the flooding situation along the mississippi river. it's still rising in some places. it's actually starting to recede most ever where else. at least 25 people have been found dead in illinois and missouri due to the flooding, and most of them died driving over flooded roads. flooding is expected to get worse in arkansas, kentucky tennessee as the water moves that way. right now we're still getting new video of air strikes being carried out against isis targets in iraq. the ministry of defense says militant hideouts and vehicles were targeted. in pakistan, authorities say weekend raids netted 42 people with suspected ties to the group. today the san bernardino, california, regional center is set to reopen. it was the scene of a deadly shooting massacre back on december 2. the actual conference center where the attack occurred will remain closed. last month the employees were attacked by a fellow employee and his wife. the couple was killed hours
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wounded others. alyx: it's a big sunday matchup in the nfl, as regular season comes to an end. it was a battle for the n.f.c. north when minnesota went on the road to face green bay. trickery early on. a fake punt. guess what, it worked. minnesota got deep in green bay territory, where they would eventually get a field goal. aaron rodgers then connects with richard rodgers. final play, a hail mary, potentially tie the game, but no. does he do it? oh. the vikings go on to win it 20-13, taking the n.f.c. north title with them. in the a.f.c. west, kansas city chiefs take on roked at home. jeremy maclin splits the defense. beautiful there. the chiefs maintain their lead from there on out. they go on to win it 23-17. they had 10 straight wins as they head into the playoffs. also at home, the bears taking on the detroit lions.
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the first half, going to the end zone, tipped away, then pked off by the lions. tough times keep coming for the bears. matt stafford to eric for the touchdown. lions take the win, 24-20. and in the n.f.c. west, big matchup between st. louis and san francisco. 49ers q.b. blaine gabbert to anquan boldin for the 35-yard touch, but the drive -- he dives to the end zone for a touchdown. you see it here. this game goes into overtime, folks, but the 49ers are able to hold on, and they have a big win as they finish this one off, 19-16. here's how things are looking for the playoffs. in the wild card round, the a.f.c. on saturday, the kansas city chiefs will head to texas to face the houston texans. and then pittsburgh steelers will be in cincinnati taking on the bengals. on sunday in the n.f.c., the
5:16 am
seattle seahawks take on the vikings in minnesota, and the green bay packers travel to take on the washington redskins. and the new england patriots, arizona cardinals, carolina panthers, and denver broncos will head to the divisional playoffs for the 16th and 17th. eric: in the houston-jacksonville game yesterday, texas star defensive end j.j. watt had three quarterback sacks on sunday. after he sacked blake bortles in the third quarter, he showed off with a series of kind of different dance moves. >> texans coming, and they sack bortles again. j.j. watt with his second on the afternoon. >> just too much. eric: he was just getting started, the whip, the nay nay, running off the plug, or running in place, on the sidelines the fun continued, showing his teammates. watt also tied reggie white as the only two players to have at least 15 sacks in three of the first nfl seasons. big effort for him. in the nba, check out what
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the suns-lakers game. >> m.g.m. grand sponsor this is half court shot, $95,000! eric: yeah, one shot for 95 grand, and it drops. david moya hit the shot and said he never hit one with so much on the line, just kind of messing around with friends. he also mentioned he's going to use part of the money to see kobe in his final game. alyx: you never see that happen. well, in your money news, the markets ended 2015 without any fireworks. on thursday the dow closed down 178 points, and the nasdaq was down 58. dow lost 2.23% for the year, and the nasdaq gained 55.73%. drivers paid the second cheapest gas prices in 10 years in 2015. prices haven't been that low since 2009. the annual average of gas in
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about 94 cents less than 2014. today's average depal onis down to $2. as the year begins, if i i can't tell and chrysler's major stake dating back to 1969. the plan is to alleviate or elevate, rather, ferrari's profile to build a luxury goods company, like burberry or tiffany so wall street can more accurately value the company. eric: mark zuckerberg makes a major new year's resolution and says his goal for 20106 is to create artificial intelligence. he wants to build a simple a.i. to run his home and help him with his work. zuckerberg is known with following through with resolutions. in 2010, he vowed to learn mandarin and recently gave a 20-minute speech in that language. last year he said he would read a new book every two weeks. he accomplished that. mcdonald's is giving us a glimpse of what the fast food chain might look like in the future. mcdonald's next is a food bar
5:19 am
styled restaurant that recently opened up in hong kong. it offers customers the chance to customize burgers and salads on touch screens, and then kind of assembly line workers create the meal behind a sheet of glass, kind of like chipotle where one person is in charge of the burrito and one person is in charge of the meat. alyx: personalizing your burger. fascinating. eric: yeah. time to check weather this monday morning. it's going to be chilly, right? metinka: yeah, nice, hot breakfast sandwich sounds good t. is chilly this morning. with all the clouds in place today, temps won't be warming up with highs in the mid 20's. pretty close, if not just a few degrees shy of where we should be this time of year. this morning, waking up to fog across north central and west central iowa. visibility in fort dodge still holding at 3/4 of a mile. the wind chills this morning are a little bit of a factor. wind chills up to the north here close to 9 in fort dodge.
5:20 am
and in ames it feels like 15 degrees. overnight we had a lot of clouds in place, so that kept our temperatures from really falling off too much, but now we've got some breaks developing. 1:00 eastern iowa, and then there's another big hole trying to develop across southwestern minnesota. we have hope of seeing sunshine today, but more sun is on your way for tuesday. high pressure will be drifting off to the east today, allowing a south wind for warmer temperatures. looks like the best day of the week on tuesday. this whole system is going to be aif he canning us the entire second half of the week, as it continues to slowly trudge its way east by wednesday. it's going to drag in some moisture. we'll have a little bit of drizzle or light rain by late in the afternoon. that's going to be followed by a better chance for some snow as we he towards thursday. in minnesota, it will start there and slowly fill in. it's going to be mixed with sleet and rain. right now in des moines, no precip and no fog. the roads are clear. 25 here in the city. our wind chill is at 19.
5:21 am
have much wind. highs right around 26 degrees, pretty close to where they are now. overnight lows won't change much either, back to 22. a south wind is going to be increasing after night. tomorrow looks beautiful. sunshine, headed for 35 degrees. a little bit of melting in here, although it will be a breezy day. wednesday, we could have some drizzle or light rain by the afternoon, maybe mixing with some snow to the north. then we'll have a little sleet, a little snow, and a little rain mixture thursday. and then again on friday, even into early saturday, we may have a few leftover snowflakes. that's going to be followed by a blast of really cold air. it's going to actually feel like january next week with highs only in the teens and lows close to zero at times. pull it out next week. alyx: beautiful iowa weather. got to love it. thank you. eric: let's check traffic this morning. a lot of people are going back to school, back to work since the holiday, and all those folks who were at the rose bowl are back.
5:22 am
but back to the normal routine this morning. three mobile speed units in des moines. one is by union park on york street. another one is straight south of that, south of the state house building. also in the city of des moines over by first feder rated church on franklin avenue. polk county has two units. one is in the granger area on northwest 121st street. the other one is back kind of closer to i-35/80, saylor township, right by highway 415. alyx: president obama back to work. aixa: the white house meeting cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent.
5:23 am
he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
5:24 am
eric: welcome back. curbing gun violence, president obama says he's ready to take action in his final year as commander in chief with or without congress. alyx: aixa diaz is live in washington. the president is back from
5:25 am
vacation and focusing on this polarizing issue. aixa: that's right, alyx and eric. the president is meeting with the attorney general and the f.b.i. director to discuss action on gun control. president obama: we know we can't stop every act of violence, but what if we tried to stop even one? aixa: president obama says the gun lobby is loud and well organized, and so should the people trying to keep his faith. after a vacation in hawaii, the president is back in washington and ready to take action, bypassing congress. >> what the president is trying to do now is to expand the instant background checks by closing the gun show loophole. aixa: democratic candidates sided with the president. ms. clinton: we need bipartisan consensus on what we should do about guns and a lot of other issues. aixa: republican presidential hopefuls spoke out against any changes to existing laws. mr. trump: i don't like anything to do with changing
5:26 am
our second actedment. we have plenty of rules and regulations. >> this is going to be another illegal executive order, which i'm sure will be rejected by the courts. when i become president, will be stricken from executive action by executive action i'll take. >> a better approach would be when i was governor of florida, where we focused on punishing people that committed crimes with guns, but we enhanced and protected the second amendment rights for law-abiding citizens. aixa: the president is expected to talk more about this issue next week when he delivers his final state of the union address. eric: is it just expand the background checks, or does the president want even more than that? aixa: there's more. according to several reports, this plan will include a tighter rule when reporting a stolen or lost gun, also beefing up inspections on licensed dealers. oil aixa diaz live in washington this morning, thank you. eric: much more ahead on this monday morning. new pictures just coming in of india and the massive
5:27 am
plus we're going to have updated details about a deadly shooting investigation in northern iowa. also hear more about a new program that protects abuse survivors here in iowa. alyx: we're helping you resolve
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alyx: right now on kcci, two developing stories overnight. why a massive earthquake in india could have been much worse. and they refuse to leave. why armed protestors have taken over a federal building in oregon. eric: also new overnight, how bystanders at an iowa bar were able to save one canoer from icy waters. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." eric: well, are you watching us from a tv at a gym this morning? hello if you are. maybe you're keeping a new year's resolution or maybe you're just sticking with a good habit you already started in 2015. either way, we are going to have some easy ways to stick with it and see real changes in your , health and waistline ahead. welcome back, everybody, happy january. i'm eric hanson.
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elizabeth both off today. metinka: it is a little chilly out there this morning. the visibility will be a factor in your morning commute across north-central iowa and the western part of the state. anywhere from council bluffs to carroll, visibility has fallen below a quarter of a mile. just be extra cautious early this morning. your drivetime forecast is looking decent, the roads are dry and the temperature is now at 25 degrees. conditions will not be warming up at all, with a high of 26. we have a winter a mess for the second half of the week. eric:alyx: right now, we are getting new updates on several developing stories overnight. first, new pictures of the deadly earthquake in india give a better idea of the damage there. you can see there is little left
5:31 am
it was a 6.7 magnitude quake. it did happen in a remote northeast region of the country but at least six people have died, and 100 more were injured by falling debris. we're also watching this developing situation in oregon. militia members armed with guns and walkie-talkies are still engaged in a standoff with authorities at a national wildlife refuge building. the group says the land belongs to local residents and managers at the refuge have been trying to push nearby ranchers out. they are asking others to join the fight. >> we have got good numbers, but there is a lot to do. we will eventually get tired if we do not have help. alyx: the group grabbed control of the compound on saturday to protest the prison sentences of local ranchers dwight and steven hammond. they were convicted of arson for starting what they called controlled burns on their ranch. the fbi is now involved but protestors say they'll occupy the refuge as long as necessary.
5:32 am
, from our exclusive washington bureau president obama will , begin a major push today against gun violence. he will meet with attorney general loretta lynch about options for tougher gun restrictions. and later this week, he'll unveil executive actions to strengthen background checks for gun purchases. we've learned federal investigators may try again to find the black box of the el faro cargo ship that sank last october. last night's "60 minutes" revealed new video of the ship 15,000 feet underwater. the ship was caught in a hurricane while sailing from florida to puerto rico. all 33 people onboard died. and right now in east troy, wisconsin authorities are investigating the deaths of four friends who went canoeing and never came back. rescuers found their bodies in the frigid lake water from their overturned boat nearby. right now, authorities think ice had something to do with the canoe overturning.
5:33 am
iowa unfolding right now as well , at the coralville reservoir the search will resume at first light this morning for a missing person. a capsized canoe was reported sunday afternoon. people gathered at a bar on the lake saw it and were able to pull one person from the water, but they could not find that second one. the surviving victim is being treated at the university of iowa hospitals in iowa city. and new information from a shooting death investigation in nashua, these new pictures from tv station kimt. authorities spent last night gathering evidence from a home there. an officer on the scene said they think the shooting was accidental. the victim was a 56-year-old man. authorities have identified the shooter, but they are not releasing any names just yet. no charges have been filed. alyx: and more big stories this morning kcci will be in the , courtroom at 8:30 for the sentencing of ngor makuey. a judge found the des moines teen guilty of first degree murder in the beating death of 97-year-old rupert anderson last
5:34 am
summer. makuey will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. in missouri this morning, dozens of iowa national guard members are still on duty helping with , the massive flood recovery there. they arrived january 1, working 12 hours on, 12 hours off. the area around st. louis has been hit hard even losing their , water. the iowa guard set up a new water. haitian system. they say they will be there a few more days making sure the water gets to those who need it. and one week until the next legislative session lawmakers are coming up with their wish lists. >> raising the minimum wage so we at least get a start on iowans having a living wage and not having to live in poverty for working 40 hours a week. alyx: the 2016 iowa legislative session starts monday, january 11. lawmakers told kcci they have
5:35 am
year to deal with education funding and medicaid. lawmakers told kcci they are already expecting this year's session to run long. eric: one new program that just took effect offers new protections for survivors of abuse. it's called the safe at home program. victims can now keep their home address confidential. they can use a substitute address on things like driver's licenses, utility bills, and even voter registration cards. mail sent to the substitute address gets forwarded by the secretary of state's office to the confidential address of the survivor where he or she actually lives. it makes it more difficult for an abuser to find a victim. >> if somebody's sister or friend works at a convenience store and sees the id, they can always let that person know. >> always looking over your shoulder, afraid to do anything in public.
5:36 am
important for victims to feel safe in their own homes. alyx: 5:37, and i know it is average this time of year but you have to head out the door bundled up. metinka: in some locations we are dealing with fog, so it might take you a little while longer to get where you are going in algona this morning, with visibility around a quarter of a mile. we have a wind chill now in mason city of nine, and in ames, it feels like 15. highs only in the 20's today, but they jump into the 30's tomorrow. eric: the countdown to the caucus is on, less than one month until the iowa caucuses on monday, february 1. and we will be seeing a steady stream of candidates. today republican ted cruz will launch his 'cruzin to caucus' bus tour across the state. he will be in boone this morning, with later stops today in carroll, guthrie center, winterset and missouri valley.
5:37 am
mike huckabee also continues his visit here right now. he is going to be in ames and ogden. john kasich has an event in west des moines this morning. and tonight, democrat hillary clinton will be in des moines for an event at the state historical museum. you can count on kcci to bring you complete commitment 2016 coverage as we count down to the first-in-the-nation iowa caucuses a few weeks away. alyx: still to calm sharing his , stories. firing the cannons on the uss iowa just one of the cool things eric got to do at the rose bowl . he'll share more behind-the-scenes ahead. eric: we're also talking new year's resolutions. vote in our now poll and tell us what your 2016 goal is or if you even have one and we'll tell you some ways to make them stick just ahead. and you may be wanting to shed
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, grab a warm coat. it is 25 degrees outside with a wind chill down in the teens. it feels like 19 and des moines, and with cloud cover, temperatures will not warm up much at all. as the kids had off to school,
5:41 am
all of the warm snow gear so they can have fun at recess. temperatures will cover back into that rid -- mid-20's -- and temperatures will recover back into the mid-20's this afternoon. highs getting back into the mid and upper 30's later this week, but temperatures will take a big dive, back into the teens on sunday. alyx: thanks, metinka. well, there's bound to be some monday morning quarterbacking at the office today. at the very least, iowa fans who went to the rose bowl will be sharing stories about their trip. too bad it didn't go our way losing to stanford but the , hawkeyes didn't fold, they kept up the fight and it was still such a great thing to be a part of. eric here was lucky to have been a part of it. what were the highlights for you? eric: it was all a highlight, except for the struggle to get there, and the game itself.
5:42 am
it was awesome the way iowans invaded. we at kcci appropriately had a crew of eight in pasadena. this is six of us on the uss iowa's big gun turret. so incredible to see iowans take over that ship. another highlight i got to help , decorate a rose parade float. and everyone agreed that they look great on tv, but they are unbelievable in person. they are so intricate. the day iowans took over the uss iowa was incredible. big guns. we heard the folks who run the ship were warned how many iowans might show up and they were still blown away, tripling their previous record. we were getting ready to capture video of them firing one of the saluting guns when the curator turned to me and said, do you want to fire this gun? uh, yeah. so with a crowd of 20,000 watching, i got to fire it. they only do that about 10 times a year. but the biggest highlight was the sea of black and gold everywhere. this is just a portion of the iowans headed to the hawkeye huddle.
5:43 am
i saw friends from my neighborhood, my high school, my college, my church. we invaded l.a. it was that way along the parade route where i saw thousands of hawk fans and one stanford fan, and even at the airports on the way home. it was hawks everywhere. it was so cool to unify as a state. alyx: those are the memories for the players as well. those memories, like going to disneyland, they will have forever. behind them. alyx: well, now that it's the first monday of the new year many of those resolutions are kicking in. eric: i get the gym is a busy place this morning. we are asking you what your resolutions are for 2016 . our now poll up on facebook, and you can also text
5:44 am
alyx: results lose weight, better job, unplug from devices, pay down debt, more time with family and friends. the biggest one, are you surprised? 91% saying spending more time with family. eric: that is a great priority. alyx: we do want to help you. if you want to step away from the screen and unplug some say , it's a good idea to put the phone away in a drawer or something so you won't be tempted. and then fill the time with something productive -- get outside, play a game with the kids. if you want to lose weight they say it's best to add a healthy habit. eat a serving of veggies at every meal or add glasses of water to your daily routine. eric: and more about that losing weight one, we mentioned that gyms are probably pretty busy this morning, with people hoping to get fit in the new year. but how much exercise do you need to do?
5:45 am
u.s. guidelines suggest weekly 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or 150 minutes of moderate activity. vigorous means things like running. moderate would be dancing or biking. the idea is just to put in your time. alyx: i think this puts a good perspective on it, because people think they have to go so hard and that is tough to maintain. maybe a little more energy as you head into work. if your 2016 goal is to pay down debt, this might help. the powerball jackpot is now up up to $400 million. nobody won saturday's $334 million jackpot, so wednesday's jackpot will be really big. of course, the odds of winning are 1 in 292 million but it's nice to dream. eric: start off the new year right. speaking of big money, "star wars" is still going strong. it pulled in another $88 million this past weekend, winning the box office for the third week in a row. it's now earned $740 million in
5:46 am
just 17 days. but get this, it fell short of toppling "avatar" for the all-time domestic record after three weeks. "daddy's home" came in second, "the hateful eight" took third. alyx: and finally today, how long do you have to wait between haircuts? check out this guy, it has been six years since he has had one. the sheep has been lost in the australian wilderness and was shored for the first time today. the wall weighed over 46 pounds. the record is 90 pounds, and that was set last year. can you imagine. eric: that is nuts. we are so glad you are up with us early this morning. a live look at i-35 80 --
5:47 am
some of yo wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, your dream home evolves too, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with
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>> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on kcci eight news this morning.
5:49 am
metinka: this u local viewer captured a wonderful shot of ames. i hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine from earlier in the weekend. the clouds moved in rapidly, and they are still here. it kept our temperatures from getting too cold last night, but they will not warm-up too much today, with a high of about 26. we are dealing with fog across northwestern iowa this morning, algona to council bluffs is where it is locally dense. make sure to add a few minutes on your commute time this morning, plus you are going to have to bundle up. you will have to pull out the warm gloves as you are getting ready to leave this morning. it is trying to clear out across the southwestern portion of the state, and the clouds are
5:50 am
high pressure will keep the weather quiet today, and it is sliding off to the east. a return flow from the south will usher in some nice temperatures. the moisture will get drawn to the north. this system will be with us for several days in a row, very slow moving. eventually that will move into the iowa arewith some sleep at times. in des moines -- some sleet at times. in des moines, no precipitation, headed for highs near 26. dress for the wind chills today as they will be hovering in the teens. tomorrow looks like the best day in the week to head out to the car wash. highs tomorrow will be in the mid-30's and sunshine. then we have a winter he --
5:51 am
wintry mess moving in. alyx: the rain showers and snow are what is usually used to wash it off. eric: let's check traffic this morning. everybody is kind of heading back to work after time off. school buses will be running this morning, but no problems out there. mobile speed units, 1700 york street, 900 maury, 5100 franklin avenue, northwest 121st street,
5:52 am
alyx: alyx: health alert this monday, the biggest database for the discovery of cancer drugs is now 3-d. the free british database used by scientists around the globe now shows structures of faulty proteins and maps of cancers communication networks. scientists say it will help them more effectively design treatments. 140,000 people have used the resource, from 175 different countries. eric: the new report says the u.s. is not prepared to deal
5:53 am
with children's medical needs in the event of a big crisis. a lot of vaccines stockpiled in case of an emergency are only approved for adults. the group is now recommending also stockpiling medicine appropriate for kids. alyx: we are updating several stories with new information, like what the national guard is doing and missouri. plus, the president's plan of action on the gun control. metinka: temperatures will be warming up this week, but temperatures -- things turn messy by wednesday. alyx: here's a look outside just before 6:00, i-235 at 7th avenue. i hope your day is off to a
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