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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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plus the win eric: you are waking up to what roads and rain this morning. we will let you know how long the rain sticks around and whether or not it will turn to snow. shaina: as temperatures go down, car thefts go up. how to protect your vehicle from being stolen. >> you're watching kcci eight news. eric: there's still a chance. no big winners after last night's powerball drawing. we will let you know how big the next will be. shaina: now it's really big. eric: thanks for waking up with kcci eight news this morning. shaina: it is thursday, january 7. there is a freezing, misty drizzle. what's the deal? metinka: it is all soggy, mist and drizzle.
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right through marshalltown. then north of highway 30, this is where we could have a changeover. there may be freezing or frozen precipitation near boones and ames. currently in des moines we have drizzle coming down. 34 degrees, our temperature is just above freezing but across northern iowa, some locations are borderline. we will have more fog and a cold rain moving in and we could end up with a quarter of an inch of rain fall from this afternoon. more rain for friday will switch over to snow by mid afternoon tomorrow. even lasting into saturday followed by arctic air for the end of the weekend and the start of next week. shaina: taking a look at the road conditions, things are mostly clear especially in our area. green means good, meaning roads are clear and blue means partially covered and pink means completely covered.
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dealing with trouble spots but you want to give yourself extra time because this freezing rain is making roads pretty slippery. as the weather system continues, count on kcci to stay whether aware. download our weather app to track the storm as it happens. live radar, traffic alerts, and road conditions right on your smart phone. it's free for android and iphone. new details in the case of a former mitchellville mayor is behind bars in kansas for six crimes -- sex crimes. this is not the first time jeremy filbert has been investigated. according to a police report, multiple underage girls claimed she tickled them, gave horseback rides, texted, and took pictures with them. charges have been filed following iowa dci investigation and he faces two charges of rape
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sodomy. >> i am embarrassed and disgusted to know these charges prove to be true it is disgusting behavior. shaina: the law enforcement in kansas made this arrest after filbert resigned six months ago. eric: a man's third owi and child endangerment charges. seven-year-old inside the car. it happened december 26 outside of story city. deputies say they were called out to a car in the ditch and found out corson was the driver. he was arrested tuesday after wants were for his arrest. a crash in altoona is under investigation. police there say 30-year-old justin jorgenson died when a 12 foot trench collapsed around him. he was working with an excavating company at the time
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police in west des moines hope the surveillance video helps them find a male salon burglar -- nail salon burglar. three different now salons an urbandale and four more in west des moines have all been broken into in the last month. anyone with information is asked to call police. shaina: there's a chance for you to win that massive powerball prize. lottery officials confirmed there were no winners of the $500 million jackpot. the winner will turn over to the next lottery drawing set for this saturday and the jackpot will go up to about $675 million. check your tickets in case you want a smaller prize. when numbers were 2, 11, 62, 63, the powerball was 17. vowing to punish north korea
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conducted a hydrogen bomb test. u.s. officials remain skeptical saying a blast of that type would've produced a more powerful outcome. if confirmed this would be their fourth nuclear test. the u.s. government is facing a lawsuit over the keystone pipeline. the canadian company that proposed the pipeline filed a lawsuit wednesday claiming president obama's decision to kill the pipeline exceeds his constitutional power. transcanada also announced they will seek $15 billion in damages alleging the u.s. breached its obligations under the net north american fair trade agreement. this is video of the busy interstate five on wednesday, the latest storm flooded several highways, triggered what slides, and brought several inches of snow to the mountains in northern it -- in california. a fifth storms expected on saturday and the sixth early next week. a woman trapped inside of a car
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happened near petaluma, california. officials say she was swept away after her boyfriend drove in the standing water. the man was able to get out but the woman was stuck for 90 minutes until firefighters freed her. she was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok. we will check on whether with metinka. a misty drizzle. metinka: it is a yucky morning for sure. to the north, freezing drizzle changing to snow near story city and even in ames. you might wake up to a dusting of snow or slush. the rest is from missouri to coast. that rain is heading in our direction. you will have to keep rain boots and maybe the umbrella handy. watch for slick spots north of highway 30. temperatures will be warming
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rain moves on. shaina: colder temperatures will become the norm. you might leave your car running unattended. eric: emmy victor joins us live from west des moines to explain why that might make you a target for theft. emmy: this is the exact scenario some thieves are looking for. leaving your car running just for a minute. it only takes seconds for someone to snatch her car. the good news is the warmer than usual winter has led to a decrease of car thefts but as temperatures continue to drop through january, even into february, those could increase. police say to be on the lookout. start to make it a habit to keep your keys with you when you start the car -- when you leave the car. invest in a system can remote
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or if you have to warm your car up, be inside. being cold for a few minutes is better than having your car stolen. >> it's understandable when it gets cold that you want to keep the heat going but it gives thieves an opportunity to take your car where they otherwise wouldn't have it. alyx: if you see something, say something. tips of the number one way to prevent crime in the metro. shaina: got be careful out there. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is brushing off claims from donald trump that he may not be eligible to run for president. >> the constitution and laws of the united states are straightforward. the first congress defined the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. shaina: the senator was born in canada but to an american mother.
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the issue has never been debated in supreme court but legal experts widely agree despite natural citizen. eric: if you presidential hopefuls will be here, mike huckabee is holding a rally at 6:00 in urbandale. he has stops in oskaloosa, centerville, and cherrington. rand paul is hosting a birthday moines. city, and council bluffs. rick santorum is holding a town hall at the brown when it law office in grand avenue in des moines. rexam -- martin o'malley a stopping by calls place in des moines. shaina: the next step in president obama's push for gun control. check your freezer before you grill, what's wrong with these
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eric: a look into the future. the new technology you may see in your kitchens, homes, and on the roads. shaina: give yourself extra time. you will need a few extra minutes this morning. a cold, drizzly rain. expect traffic to move slower today. we are looking at the deal to camera at 35/80 and the east mixmaster. definitely a good idea, not too many people out there. traffic is very light. it should stay that way for the
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have a safehe middle of a time when senior poverty is increasing. republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. eric: welcome back. heavy rain swept through the southwest on wednesday. creating very dangerous situations of the road. this is video from black canyon city arizona were a man and a child had to be rescued from a trailer. they got out of the car but were stranded on an island until rescue crews arrived. they made it out safely but it's scary. shaina: look at this video from ventura, california. the sheriff's department were warning people to stay out the road.
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another storm is expected to stay. metinka: it's another soggy morning, drizzle across iowa and not too far to the north near story city and toward jefferson is where we have light snow. you may be waking up to a fresh dusting of snow. this is lifting to the north and the first round of precipitation. also foggy conditions so it will probably take you longer to get where you're going. visibility is still down to a half-mile. cold rain will move in shortly. it should just be liquid with highs near 38. there could still be a wintry mix. more rain switching over to snow coming up. eric: in sports news. iowa state had their home debut last night at hilton taking on texas tech.
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some familiar faces lining up to the things that the crowd. vanessa peng and kurtis gertz among others. thomas led iowa state with a career-high 22 points. also 19 points and 14 rebounds for the first double double of the season. the first big 12 when, 77 to 66. iowa state is coming up for the next against baylor on espn2. the missouri valley conference was also busy with drake and you and i having games. sycamore's led the bulldogs io the second half. they were able to dig themselves out of the hole. thus they were not able to dig themselves out. the panthers dropped a heartbreaker last night.
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drake and uni played each other next. iowa gets a breather for now, next up, the hawkeyes are on the road to face michigan state for the second time this season. that is on the 14th. school students is raising concerns among parents. the after school app allows students to make posts only other students can see. it is anonymous. thousands of students in the des moines district are using it but district officials say so far there been no reported issues. we have information on how to restrict access on our website. the des moines register is reporting the ann taylor clothing store are jordan creek is closing. the store opened in 2004 and the malls general manager says it may be closing due to
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the loft store is closed for renovations. ann taylor's last day is january 23. eric: chinese stocks took a nosedive thursday triggering the second halt of the week. sending other asian markets plunging. the composite index fell 7.3% before trading was suspended. struggling asian stocks are a bad news for an already down u.s. market. news of north korea testing nuclear weapons sent the dow tumbling 252 points. the nasdaq fell more than 55 in the s&p 500 was down more than 26. shaina: proof of how popular drones were. the faa says more than 180,000 were registered in the last two weeks. some consumer groups estimate more than 400,000 were sold. registration with the faa is mandatory for all drawn owners. owners must register a journal for its fight.
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chick-fil-a was served with a subpoena on wednesday as part of a criminal investigation -- chipotle was served with a subpoena on wednesday as part of a criminal investigation. sales dropped 30% after multiple foodborne illness outbreaks and the company's stocks tumbled. a walmart supplier is recalling 90,000 pounds of beef because they may contain wood materials. the beef is labeled sam's choice black angus beef patties with 19% fidelia onions. it was produced december 18 through -- chick-fil-a wants to help you with your healthy new year's resolution. the chain is rolling out a new superfood side later this month which is a bland -- brand of chopped kale in vinaigrette tossed with nuts and cherries. eric: new technology is on
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electronic store -- expo in las vegas. others are hitting the market. like this marathon laundry machine. it is a washer and dryer all-in-one. comes with a touchscreen and wi-fi and is designed to learn your habits. the settings make laundry less tedious. the new samsung smart refrigerator comes with a two foot tall tablet on the door that lets you see what's inside without opening. you can also check your fridge remotely through an iphone app or purchase groceries from your home. last year, 4k kiddies were all the rage. hdr is now all the rage. right now you will only get hdr quality through special hdr blu-ray players but amazon and netflix are working on hdr
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here's a concept from an electric car that has a retractable steering wheel. can drive completely on its own. it comes with a drone that can scout ahead, pick up your groceries, or take selfies while you drive. you can fall asleep. it's the concept at this stage, saddam expected to hit the market. -- expected to hit the market way in the future. chevy unveiled the new chevy bolt which is capable of making a 200 mile trip without recharging. it is expected to sell for $30,000, a bit more practical than a car without a steering will. shaina: it would be nice to drive that long without a charge.
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shaina: especially today, it is gross and wet. metinka: there's even snow up to the north from near story city and toward jefferson. the could be snowflakes early this morning, possibly a light wintry mix. from ankeny over toward newton and grinnell, this is all very light rain. there's enough rain to keep the lead -- roads wet. the next storm is from kansas city software. this is all rain and its lifting through the state. expected in the metro area shortly afternoon. very light precipitation could lead to possibly a few slippery 30. rain arrives across southern iowa by 2:00. in the central part of the state we see drizzle followed by light rain moving in this evening. overnight is looking soggy,
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through mason city. tomorrow, another round of cold rain from the metro southeast while snow or a wintry mix continues to the northwest. by midafternoon, colder air wraps through. our rain will be changing to snow. we expect decent rainfall totals with a quarter of an inch today followed by a quarter of an inch tomorrow. this could be followed by snow. we might end up with a half inch or so and an inch in central iowa with one to three inches likely across the northern part of the state through saturday morning. temperatures were at or above freezing, preventing widespread icing. temperatures hovering close to freezing. visibility is a problem across central and western iowa with visibility's toward zero at times. a light breeze coming from the southeast, expect rain to move in and 38 degrees. it should be soggy.
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with snow by mid to late afternoon. it will blow around saturday with temperatures falling and sunday will be so brutal. just stay inside and watch the vikings. eric: they will be facing a cold game in minneapolis. shaina: it is a day where you need to give yourself extra time and it will be slippery. expect a slower commute. there are not that many people on the road so it should not be that bad. we have mobile speed units. 3400 49th street. 39th and kingman boulevard. 1500 thompson avenue. polk county car in des moines at 5600 northeast 3rd street. one more in allman at 1800 northeast 100 25th avenue. eric: president obama heads to virginia for a town hall meeting .
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shaina: welcome back. presidential push for gun control. questions on his move to curb gun violence. from washington. what can we expect? nikole: president obama will participate in a town hall in virginia to answer questions gun violence. the white house says the president hopes to use this opportunity to engage with people, including those that don't agree with him. he is expected to continue to push next week in his final state of the union. >> it is in writing that i think about the road we have traveled in the past seven years. people i've met, the stories you have shared. the remarkable things you've done to make change happen.
5:26 am
will use his speech to focus on the big things that will make the country stronger and more prosperous. shaina: we know at least one group is not taking part in the town hall tonight. who is it? nikole: the nra, which is a big voice in this debate. it cost tonight's town hall a public relation spectacle according to cnn, which is hosting the event. . the network says it was the one that proposed the idea ofholding this townhall, not the white house .it plans to includes audience members from both sides of the issue. eric: nikole killion, live in washington for us. shaina: weather is the big story, there are slick roads. we will show you any trouble spots and metinka will tell you when it will switch to snow in our next half hour. eric: no powerball winner, find out how big the next jackpot will be. shaina: that they change
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eric: we will show you what happened and tell you if your
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kcci 8 news this morning. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader.
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shaina: right now, we are watching the winter weather affecting iowa. part rain, part sleet, with snow to come. roads are slick in some places this thursday morning, january 7. welcome back, everyone, i am shaina humphries. eric: i'm eric hanson, metinka here too. metinka: temperatures this morning are at or above freezing, so for the most part, not expecting a widespread ice event, but there could be some spots. light snow could be mixing with freezing drizzle near ames, a general mist toward gilman. we will hold onto the fog for
5:31 am
will be moving in this afternoon with a high of 38. eric: thanks, metinka, we'll go to some video now we shot in downtown des moines around 3:00 a.m., just kind of spitting rain around that time. temps hovering just above freezing downtown so not really too slippery here. now to live pictures from our traffic cams this is the east , mixmaster. you may need your wipers as you leave this morning. again just kind of intermittent , sprinkles out there, as we switch to the west mixmaster. you can see some roads in the state are slick, particularly in northern iowa. the state patrol is doing a good job of updating overnight. keep an eye on it if you're doing any traveling today and tomorrow. of course, we will be constantly dating you here on kcci, and our weather app. you can check interactive radar
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snow is falling. shaina: right now there was no , winner in last night's powerball drawing and that means , a really big jackpot on saturday. there was no jackpot winner in last night's drawing, worth an estimated $500 million. half a billion. so now the pot grows to 675 million for saturday's drawing . that will be the largest jackpot of any lottery game in u.s. history. but still check your tickets you may have won a lesser amount. new video overnight south , koreans protesting, setting fire to an effigy of north korean leader kim jong un. this followed the announcement that the north had tested a hydrogen bomb. the u.s. has joined south korea and japan, to launch a united and strong international response. but many still doubt the test was actually a hydrogen bomb. in france overnight, president francois hollande marked one
5:33 am
charlie hebdo, killing 11 people. the government is passing new laws and ramping up security in hopes of keeping people safe. president obama faces two big issues today first the bill repealing obamacare now sits on his desk, awaiting his expected veto. this is the first time a repeal has passed both the house and senate. the president will also hold a town hall meeting in virginia about his executive actions on gun control. eric: the time is now 5:434. -- 5:34. 30-year-old justin jorgenson of colfax died yesterday after trench. he was working for jr are excavating. a boone man is behind bars. stuart corson was driving drunk for the third time with his seven-year-old daughter in the
5:34 am
deputies say they found corson's car in a ditch and he failed a field sobriety test. >> us small business. we don't have the expense to get some loss like that. so hopefully they have enough and they do not do that again. eric: and that is local nail salon owner aaron van talking about the impact a recent break-in had on his business. local police tell us there have been seven nail salon burglaries in the past month. this is video from one of them in west des moines. you see the man grab the cash register drawer then leave right through the front door. if you have any information call police. shaina: we could hear opening statements today in the trial of a man accused of killing a clive toddler. looking ahead as we plan our coverage for the day we will be , watching day two of jury selection in polk county for joe lopez accused of killing , 20-month-old ruby alvarez in 2014. we will be hearing about some new technology for the iowa caucuses which are now less than one month away.
5:35 am
democratic and republican parties will be revealing new apps that the parties will use on caucus night. and six of the presidential candidates will be in iowa today, trying to get your vote ahead the caucus. ted cruz continues his bus tour, rand paul will celebrate his birthday in des moines tonight. mike huckabee, ben carson, rick santorum, and martin o'malley also have planned stops around the state. eric: it is not a downpour, but it can be tricky in spots. metinka: especially north of highway 30, where temperatures are borderline this morning. light precipitation from i 80n to about highway 20, a mixture of rain, a little bit of snow, and more is on the way. it is all going to be lifting into the state. it is several hours away. we are expecting the cold rain to arrive afternoon. the rain will be steadier this afternoon then yesterday, with
5:36 am
eric: new around iowa this morning, iowa national guard soldiers are back home from missouri. they spent the past several days there helping purify drinking water after flooding contaminated the water treatment plant near st. louis. the soldiers say they worked 12 hours on, 12 hours off providing more than 174,000 gallons of drinking water. former iowa congressman tom latham says he has lymphoma. he tweeted that he's never lost an election and he won't lose this battle either. he says he plans -- he has a treatment plan in place and a great team of doctors. year, students who don't read at their grade level may have to repeat third grade. it's because of iowa's new reading and retention law, which lawmakers passed back in 2012. last school year, more than one fifth of iowa third graders failed a standardized test in reading. so lawmakers decided to address the problem by requiring any 3rd grader deemed substantially deficient in reading, to attend grade.
5:37 am
getting ready for the law to take effect next year. >> we saw good results from fall to spring, meaning that our kids did make nice growth so i anticipate that number of 24% of third-graders lost spring, i it dissipates that will be lower this spring. -- i anticipate that it will be lower this spring. shaina: 3rd graders who don't meet the reading standards in spring of 2017 can stay with their class, if they take part in a summer school reading program. eric: ahead, viral video. a little boy in northern iowa hopes his plea makes it all the
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: we have gotten drizzle and a light wintry mix this morning, so the roads are wet. if you slippery spots mainly north of highway 30. toward marshalltown, some very light rain.
5:40 am
even some light snow just north of the ames area, spreading to waterloo. we are dealing with the fog, and it will be holding tight for much of the day. the worst conditions in southern and central iowa with visibility falling below a quarter of a mile. we are expecting cold rain to move in afternoon, and it should be just liquid with highs warming into the upper 30's. tomorrow, more rain on the way will eventually be switching to snow. thanks, metinka. more news happening right now, 17 miners are trapped in a salt mine elevator in lansing, new york. this is unfolding since about 10:20 last night. we will be working to get you more information as soon as we can. in oregon, it's day five of the standoff and the armed group occupying a federal building at
5:41 am
last night at a town hall meeting, several community members called for the protestors to leave. the protestors say they will not, until two ranchers convicted of burning their land are released from prison. look at this new video, the sky was apparently falling in mississippi last night. a big airplane part fell and landed in a woman's yard. no one was hurt in the air or on the ground. eric: with colder temperatures coming, police say thieves will probably strike and some iowans , will make it easy for them. emmy victor is live to explain. emmy: eric, thieves don't want to be in the cold as much as we don't want to be. they want cars to be unattended well someone is walking into the gas station or using the atm, but the goal is to make it is
5:42 am
the first tip, make sure you are inside your car when you are warming it up and try to avoid leaving valuables inside the car, like registration or title. thieves usually only want to take your car from point a to point b, but in some instances, cars will not be located within months. one way to avoid thieves is to invest in this technology. >> the car will not move because of the electronics in it. emmy: the quicker a thief can get inside your car, the more likely they are to take it. eric: so tempting. you want to keep your car warm. shaina: the remote starter is a game changer.
5:43 am
, today it's the moment that , surprised everyone at last night's people's choice awards. >> >> aint going to pull no steve harvey in here. security. eric: the ladies of the talk got 'kanyed.' the man rushed onstage and talked about an upcoming album. they called for security and got him off the stage in a hurry. by the way, the talk won for favorite daytime tv hosting team. shaina: two kanye, i wonder when that will make it into the dictionary. the fans also picked the big bang theory as the favorite network tv comedy. the entire cast accepted the honor onstage last night. star kaley cuoco said they hope to keep audiences laughing for many more years to come. eric: and a really special moment was when ellen degeneres was named favorite daytime tv host and favorite humanitarian. she said she just tries to be
5:44 am
love one another. a good way to go about things. other big winners last night , sandra bullock for favorite movie actress, johnny depp for favorite dramatic movie actor, and furious 7 won for favorite movie. shaina: ok several kcci viewers have sent us this video that's quickly going viral on facebook. it's of a third grader named joseph in mason city. he has cerebral palsy and luke bryan is his favorite singer. he says his teacher found out bryan is playing at uni in cedar falls in february so he is inviting the singer to come to his school and dress up as tweets the mascot. it's already been shared quite a bit. he hopes this message reaches bryan, somehow. eric: as the video goes on, you can see the smile increase on his face. the time is now 5:46, a live look at downtown.
5:45 am
cannot see much for the skycam.
5:46 am
everything, and when >> weather is never more than five5 minutes away, only on "kcci 8 news this morning."
5:47 am
it is drizzling this morning, even a light wintry mix is falling to the north of the metro area. this is mainly just drizzle and fog. in ames and boone, there could be some changeover, and snow as you head toward story city. there's more precipitation on the way. viper is showing the next round of rainfall, moving to the north. it is several hours away, likely arriving this afternoon. a dense fog advisory reaching into west central iowa and northeast iowa. this is a freezing rain advisory , so if your travels will be taking you to the northeast, watch for very slick roads. we are not worried about any widespread icing problems. temperatures will be warming today, so road conditions will
5:48 am
that is one rain will be moving in. a wintry mix is possible north of highway 20. drizzle and light rain will continue for central and southern iowa off and on through the overnight. a wintry mix continues to the northwest, and friday, we will continue with the rain through about noontime. the change will occur west central into central iowa. we could end up with a half inch of rainfall from the system. it is going to be a cold rain into friday. we will pick up an inch or less of snowfall, and of to the north, one to three inches is possible. visibility is an issue, especially to the west, down to a few hundred feet. 34 in des moines, heading for a
5:49 am
: rain -- cold rain moving in this afternoon, lingering into saturday, followed by blustery wind and cold arctic air. eric: thank you. shaina: it might be a slightly unpleasant drive this morning. you will make to give yourself some extra time, because the sleet is making things a little bit slippery. here are your mobile speed units for the day, 3400 49th street, 39th and kingman boulevard, 1500 compton avenue, 4600 northeast 3rd street, and 1800 northeast 120 six ave. eric: just ahead, warning signs.
5:50 am
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shaina: welcome back. one marshalltown mom who was forced to fight for her life minutes after giving birth hopes other pregnant women can learn from her story. 26-year-old laura adams had a seemingly normal pregnancy, until she complained of sharp pains on december 9. she rushed to the hospital, and two weeks before her due date, laura was undergoing an emergency c-section. doctors say a gall stone, which is often common in pregnancy, got stuck and caused an infection. that infection spread and killed
5:52 am
pancreas, putting her in a coma. her husband says laura wants other women to learn from this. >> a healthy baby is not all that matters. a healthy mom is equally as important. pay attention to your body. understand when you need to go to the doctor. don't wait. shaina: baby josephine is doing well, but laura's recovery could take up to a year. her husband says she can't wait to get back to work as a music therapist at the iowa veteran's home. eric: another health alert, doctors are warning we're spending too much time staring at our screens. and that's leading to digital eye strain with computers, smartphones, tablets and more. some of us are spending 10 to 12 hours a day looking at screens. and most look at two or more devices at the same time. doctors suggest using the 2020 rule. >> for every 20 minutes that you are working up close, take to 20 second break to look at something 20 feet further away and that just allows your eyes
5:53 am
eric: how do you know if you have digital eye strain? if you have eye irritation, blurred vision, headaches, neck and back pain, chances are you have it. shaina: don't strain your eyes to watch great tv on kcci today. queen latifah is on the ellen degeneres show. she talks about her new show the rap game and about running into jimmy fallon over the holidays. that's it for clock on kcci then , tonight, it's the big bang theory. life in pieces. mom, the premiere of the new show starring jane lynch angel from hell. and elementary at 9:00. then it's kcci 8 news at ten followed by late night-laughs with stephen colbert and james corden. eric: we are now coming up on 6:00. we have another full hour of kcci 8 news this morning for you. shaina: here's what emmy and metinka are working on. emmy: colder temperatures in the metro can lead to car theft, how to protect your vehicle. metinka: roads are wet or slippery across central and
5:54 am
when the precipitation will come to an end. eric: a live look outside at i-80 at jordan creek parkway in west des moines.
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