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tv   KCCI 8 News at 530  Me-TV  January 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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>> the most-watched evening news in central iowa -- this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:30. laura: frigid fire. a west des moines neighborhood jarred awake to the sound of flames shooting out of a nearby home. grace provenzano talks to the neighbor who held his breath, hoping the flames would not carry the fire to his side of the fence. >> i looked towards the neighbors. i could see the glow in the backyard of the neighbor's house. it was on fire. grace: troy wirtz then called 911 to try and save the house next door. in the light of day, the destruction of last night's house fire becomes cold reality. there's nothing left of this west des moines house. >> the flames were shooting out
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i could not believe how engulfed it was. grace: officials say no one was home at the time of the blaze, but a firefighter did sustain non-life-threatening injuries when an exterior wall fell on him. that firefighter was trained -- treated, then later released from methodist medical center. troy wirtz says the homeowner and his dog found out about the tragic news at 7:00 this morning. west des moines fire says it could take weeks to investigate the cause of the fire, since the house was totally destroyed. grace provenzano, kcci 8 news. laura: investigators will need to do a deep beneath the remains -- dig deep beneath the remains of the house before declaring the cause of the fire. a winterset man is dead after a fiery two-vehicle crash in madison county, on the 1900 block of summit avenue just before midnight. when deputies arrived, they
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jeep fully engulfed in flames. the driver was identified as 48-year-old john eller of winterset, who was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the other vehicle was not injured. eller's vehicle rear-ended be the semi, then caught fire. in johnston, and early crash sent one man to the hospital it happened in the 7400 block of northwest beaver drive near cap john --camp dodge. the man suffered a serious injury to his leg, then was taken by helicopter to mercy. no word on his condition tonight. thousands bundled up, braving the cold at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis today, the coldest game in history there with a -25 degree windchill. not much better here in central iowa. it is freezing out there, but jason, you say it will be warmer tomorrow?
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we will see temperatures back in the mid-20's, which will feel absolutely nice compared to what we saw this morning. actual air temperatures were close to 20 below zero. -4 in the metro. otherwise, a smattering of single digits to near teens. wind chills are looking similar. middle teens near western city. it is the first zero or above feels-like temperature in the last 36 hours. we were definitely in the will continue for a little longer as we head into the next 12 hours or so. increase for us. let's take one quick look at chills. teens are what we see to the north. i will have an updated forecast for you, on the timing of some light snow chances we have got, and how you can expect them shortly.
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republican race in iowa, with donald trump. marco rubio and ben carson are running third and fourth. carson has his work cut out for him, and he is working here in iowa today. chief political reporter cynthia fodor conduct with him at church. >> how are you doing? >>cynthia: dr. ben carson has a heart for kids. as a pediatric neurosurgeon, he focused on the health of children. now, he is focused on the health of our entire nation. mr. carson: i am emphasizing our spiritual needs as a country. cynthia: she was inspired by this doctor, who grew up in dire poverty. >> he inspired me in a great way. he believed he could make it, so i believe i can make it. mr. carson: the person who has
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cynthia: carson showed faith that christian voters can save his campaign. mr. carson: there's a lot of excitement. he will see the poll numbers start to turn as we are nearing the actual election, so we are quite optimistic. cynthia: he seems to sway some undecideds. >> i'm a democrat, but after listening to dr. carson, that kind of up in the air. 50-50. >> these issues would help democrats and republicans. so, he may have my vote. cynthia: after praying for his presidential plans, dr. carson went back to work, with a lot of of work to do before the caucuses. cynthia fodor, kcci 8 news. laura: on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are staying close in iowa, with clinton leading 48-45. new support for clinton tonight.
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endorsed her at a campaign event in manchester, new hampshire, the first time the nonprofit group has backed a candidate in a primary. clinton spoke about the endorsement, and republican rival donald trump, on "face the nation." ms. clinton: i will fight as hard as i can against any attempt to defund planned parenthood. i will not let him or any other republican rick away the progress women have made. it has been too hard fought for, and i will stand up and make sure there is a huge difference between us. laura: sanders has a 50-46 edge over clinton in new hampshire in the new poll. sanders is campaigning here in central iowa tonight. he has a 7:00 p.m. town hall meeting planned at the dmacc campus in ankeny. it is free and open to the public. tomorrow, sanders will be joined by clinton and martin o'malley for the brown and black presidential forum here in des moines, where they will address issues affecting african-americans and latinos,
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our chief political reporter will be there. follow her on twitter, and look for her reports on kcci news at 10:00. also tomorrow, the iowa legislative session kicks off and education -- kicks off, and education funding will take center stage. governor terry branstad will seek support for his proposal for water quality initiatives. count on kcci on-air and online to keep you covered. world record jackpot. with no winners last night, the wednesday drawing is rising to at least $1.3 billion. lottery officials call it the biggest jackpot in the world. iowa lottery officials tell us the largest jackpots mean big business, toppling two long-standing sales records for tickets sold in iowa. how low will it go? gasoline prices are still below two dollars and most of the country. the national average for a
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in des moines, it is one dollar sunday nine cents in some spots. officials say -- $1.79 in some spots. a relentless fire destroys part of a historic district. next, needs -- the 10 hour battle to stop the flames in omaha. >> like a 747 coming overhead. it's a tornado. laura: plus, tornadoes touched down in southwest florida. a new look at the damage. and, the fans that braved the
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not leave h marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president."
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"one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:30.
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an omaha landmark building up in flames after an explosion on saturday. it happened at omaha's historic old market. people started smelling gas shortly after the restaurant m's pub exploded. the flames destroyed several businesses and condos above them, and firefighters spent all night in the bitter cold working to control the three alarm fire. one person had serious injuries, and dozens of people felt the blast. >> there were people running, families trying to get everybody out of the area. a little disturbing, but i knew i was safe over here. >> i am still in shock over it. m's pub is a big part of the old market. we are all neighbors down here. we support each other. i am just in shock, still, from it. laura: officials say crews working to install fiber optic may have ruptured a gas line.
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cleanup is underway right now in cape coral, florida after sn ef ==-- an ef-2 tornado ripped through homes. the storm produced winds of up to 135 miles per hour. florida governor rick scott is in the town, surveying damage this afternoon. residents say it came quick, with barely any warning. >> what did it sound like? [laughter] >> >> we got the thing on our phone. we all ran in the house. >> you got the warning? >> yeah. >> that shocked us. it came out of nowhere. the alarm did not go off until after. laura: no word on damage. no serious injuries were reported. fortunately, no storms here, but it is just plain cold. jason: it is. we will be brainstorming a way to stay warm, with how chilly it
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temperatures feel like mid-to-upper teens below zero. otherwise, you are finally starting to see a client out of the seller here, as far as temperatures -- cellar here, as far as temperatures go. we see some frost on the panes of glass out there. keeps you from walking into them. i know i do that on occasion. thank you for sending in that beautiful shot. we had a beautiful sunrise. take a look, the sun rising. no clouds out there. pretty done beautiful out there. eight degrees right now. wind chill making it a goose egg. five miles an hour out of the west. the system will off to the northeast now. you are not seeing the tightened gradient that helped us to drive the wind. clear skies. trying to make its way into the
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very scattered in nature, as we head into monday. it's not going to bring us much. mainly monday evening, a chance of some isolated snow showers. look at that. temperatures are on the increase through 7:00 a.m. 13 degrees, all the way up to 24 by 3:00 p.m. still shy of the average of 31 by quite a bit, but at least we are climbing up from zero. that's pretty nice. that pair of systems flies to the southeast. as it does so, you can see the line of light snow developing, pushing through into the evening hours. we are not going to see much of anything on this. if anybody sees anything, it will be the northeastern portion of the state. a dusting is all the system can muster up. a few clouds coming into the overnight. a little bit of sunshine. mainly, we will cloud over. the future cast is being nice to us.
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carrying its way out to the west, ahead of that front. this will push through, and then another frigid, cold day arrives on tuesday, with highs in the single digits to low teens. tonight, seven degrees. we will warm up through the overnight, all the way to 24 degrees tomorrow. it will be warmer, winds will be lighter, and it will be cloudy as we cruised through -- cruise through a pretty decent day. some showers to the northeast. we do take a one-day cold dip to 11 on tuesday, and then we warm up to around average. tuesday, sunny with a high of 41 degrees. laura: thanks, jason. coming up on "60 minutes," investigating life for those released from prison after wrongful conviction. ray hinton spent almost 30 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. the national registry of exoneration says he's among more
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1700 people freed since 1979. >> what did you have to learn, after you got out? >> i am still learning things. i can take a bath every day. i'm still learning that i don't have to get up at 3:00 in the morning to eat breakfast. i'm still learning that, um, life is not always what we think it is. laura: that story is coming up after this newscast, right here on kcci. also right here on kcci, super bowl 50. beyonce is expected to join coldplay on stage for this year's halftime show. this is a clip from her performance when she headlined the show in 2013. you can catch super bowl l right
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>> from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: it was so cold at the vikings game, the team encouraged fans to put things like cardboard and styrofoam under their feet so they would
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a wind chill of 21 below, the third-coldest playoff game ever, and we still had shirtless guys up there. proof positive. seattle down 9-0, so here they come. vintage russell wilson. takes a broken play, goes all the way inside the vikings' five-yard line, led to a touchdown. bridgwater finds adrian peterson, and minnesota is in business. but peterson is stripped. kam chancellor strips it away. they convert a field goal. 26 seconds left -- the game-winner, no. claire walsh pulls it from 27 yards. -- blair walsh pulls a from 27 yards. just like that, the seahawks wi 10-9 -- win 10-9. >> we played great on defense all day. we did a good job in the running game.
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you know, we missed a chip shot field goal. that's life. scott: the other game today, the redskins and packers are in a good one. washington just regained the lead in the third quarter. injury news on jeremy maclin is not as bad as the team thought. his knee is ok, but he did sprain his ankle and might not be able to play at new england on saturday. the big game over the weekend everyone is talking about, the way the bengals blew the game against pittsburgh. cincinnati has the lead and the ball late, until about with a minute left, not only do they turn it over to pittsburgh, but they commit back-to-back 15-yard personal foul penalties on the same play, moving the ball 30 yards down the field for pittsburgh. this is happening with about 20 seconds left, allowing
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as they stun the bengals, 18-16, denying what cincinnati thought was their first franchise playoff win in 25 years. >> given this -- giving the city what they deserve, to do it against a team like that, for a to just not happen, it's, it sucks. scott: no other way to say it. one of the top prospects in the state takes the national stage. hear from the best lineman in iowa coming up tonight on sports extra. the hawkeye wrestling team got a blowout win of historic proportions. they did not just dominate. they won, 54-0, scoring bonus points against northwestern in nine matches. 54-0 over northwestern.
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the cyclones are dominant, unless baylor is in town. iowa state has lost to the bears at home in back-to-back years. saturday's loss drops them to 1-2 in the big 12. they had a lead in the second half, before baylor came back. this team is stressing the small things. they know that winning games is a fine line in this conference. >> transition threes. we had been kind of going like that all night. and then they hit it, we are tied, then we go back up 3. we could not get stops. whether it was gambles, ball screen defense. you have to finish plays. the transition wasn't good in those stretches. they went about 9-0, or whatever it was, from 71-68 to 79-73. you mentioned, we missed some
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we missed some shots that we have got to make. scott: the cyclones will try to bounce back tuesday night in austin, where they face the longhorns. the hawkeyes will face michigan state. the spartans just got back dental balentine -- denzel v alentine. hawkeye women were taking on maryland at home. not a good game for iowa. maryland is a top 10 team. the winners over the hawkeyes. drake goes into wichita. impressive 87-56 win for the bulldogs. a lot of vikings fans are in the newsroom. a lot of sad faces as well. i know jason is faking it to the newscast, managing a smile. laura: tony was actually crying
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all right.laura: it's going to get a little warmer later in the week, right, jason? jason: tomorrow will be ok. tuesday you want to forget about. then it gets better after that. teens and 20's tomorrow. you could see some light snow out to the northeast. just don't look at tuesday.
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41 and sunshine. laura: stay warm, and stay with kcci. see you again tonight at 10:00. [kcci captioning is brought to
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> whitaker: this was the first face we saw after landing. that's syrian president bashar al-assad. this once was a syrian airport. since the summer, the russians have built barracks, brought in 4,000 personnel, paved roads, rolled in truckloads of equipment and munitions,
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heart of assad-controlled syria.
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