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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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more ahead after the break >> you're watching kcci eight news. shaina: right now, two fire investigations. what happened in this big blaze in fort dodge and the strange place it broke out. and the key clue officials found in boxholm. what may have sparked the fire that killed a mother and her three children. elizabeth: also this morning, what a win. how iowa state pulled off a big upset, beating number one
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shaina: and snow is headed our way. live super doppler hd showing you where it is, along with this picture from council bluffs. we'll tell you what to expect and when here in central iowa, ahead. good morning and thank you for waking up with kcci. elizabeth: we are heading right over to metinka for details on the snow. metinka: it is just to the west of winterset inching its way off to the east. mainly moving to the southeast. we expect light snow despite snowing for several hours. we are only going to pick up one to three inches. in the des moines area it will be snowing by noontime lasting through the evening commute. roads are dry and eight degrees currently in des moines. the evening commute will be slow
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elizabeth: we want to give you a look at the road conditions to the west. they have been deteriorating. blue out there means partially covered and tank indicating completely covered. keep in mind if you do travel across the state today. shaina: turning to today's big stories. fire officials in fort dodge are investigating a massive fire that destroyed a downtown warehouse. it happened monday at the graham tire company, right across the street from the fort dodge fire station. fire fighters battled bitter-cold, single-digit temps for hours. inside the warehouse, more than 6,000 tires burned, leaving the four-story structure completely engulfed in flames at one point. fortunately, no one was inside. all five workers were on a lunch break when the fire started. danny menke: i actually seen it 8 miles away on my way in to town and could not believe when i come over the viaduct and seeing that it was our building on fire and knowing that i was
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i am just fortunate i wasn't there when it started. shaina: one firefighter did suffer minor injuries to his hand. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. and we're learning more about a fire in boxholm this weekend that killed a mother and her three children. officials say they found a space heater inside the home where the family was killed. they say that could have started the blaze, but have still not announced an official cause. the father of the family was at work at the time of the fire. there is a go fund me page to help the family that has already raised nearly $40,000. you can find a link to donate on our website elizabeth: rape case closed. authorities in marion county say dna evidence has solved a cold case nearly 8 years later. 44-year-old james murphy is charged with 2nd degree sexual abuse. marion county deputies say in 2008, murphy kidnapped a woman at knife point in rural marion county and sexually assaulted her in a vacananhouse. the victim couldn't identify murphy, which is why so much
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but his dna from a 2014 sexual assault case in decatur county recently matched the unsolved case from 2008. detective reed kious: obviously you don't want to have criminals out there thinking they can do these things and not be held accountable. obviously, i hope the victim finds some type of resolution or solace in this result. elizabeth: the statute of limitations in iowa for sexual assault cases is three years after a known match is found in codis. that's why authorities say rape cases are often solved several years later. shaina: it was a big night for iowa state basketball last night. they took on the number one team in the country, oklahoma, in front of a national audience on espn's big monday. monte morris helped secure the win for the cyclones with a rebound and two free throws with just seconds left on the clock. morris finished the night with 20 points, and georges niang had a good night too with 22 points. and abdel nader finished with 20 points.
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final score 82 to 77. isu is on the road next against tcu on saturday. tipoff is at 3:00 p.m. on espn u. meanwhile, the iowa hawkeyes made another big jump in the national polls monday. the hawks are now up to ninth in the nation. that's the highest iowa has been ranked since 2001. sunday's win over michigan gave iowa its first 5 and 0 big ten start in the last 19 years. iowa heads to new jersey next to take on rutgers. that game is thursday at 6:00 p.m. on espn u. elizabeth: new this morning, doctors in eastern iowa say a common repository virus is on the rise. kcci's alyx sacks is following the story this morning. alyx just how common is rsv? elizabeth, the centers for disease control says respiratory
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-- it infects the lungs and breathing passages. it causes 50,000 under five each year. healthy people usually experience mild, cold-like symptoms and recover in a week or two. the cdc says to look out for loss of appetite, running nose, coughing, sneezing, and fever. irritability, breathing difficulties, decreased activity may be the only symptoms. >> we don't have a specific treatment and people will require breathing treatments but that's generally not how we treat it. there is a small population of children that require additional treatment, so its really just supportive measures. alyx: the virus can be contagious for a long time.
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shaina: developing overnight. kcci has learned the fbi and homeland security are concerned about possible threats against this year's super bowl. an eight page intelligence bulletin was leaked this week, and one insider says drones are one security threat officials will be watching for. officials say people could use drones to disperse something potentially hazardous over the stadium in santa clara, california. right now, officials say there are no specific credible threats, but they are preparing as much as they can for lone wolf attacks. in michigan, governor rick snyder is expected to deliver his state of the state speech today as anger grows over the state's response to flint's water contamination crisis. hundreds of people gathered outside the governor's home monday, calling for his arrest and resignation. this comes as the city is forced to drink bottled or filtered water after high levels of lead were found in their drinking water. some tests have shown elevated blood lead levels in children. and right now, near los angeles, utility crews are working to stop a massive natural gas leak. socalgas now says the leak is too dangerous to let it burn off
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a relief well which should be completed by late february. emissions from the leak have been making some residents sick, and several people have left their homes to protect themselves. elizabeth: you probably want to make sure kids have snow boots. metinka: it is already snowing in western iowa but right now super doppler shows the leading edge of the snow from near the steward area to west around greenfield and orient and nearing osceola. the storm is working its way to the east so in the next hour or two you'll be catching snowflakes. in des moines we will catch snowflakes by late this morning and toward noon and we expect it to be all afternoon but very light snow is expected so it will be snowing for several hours but we will only end up with one to three inches across
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to make roads slippery by mid afternoon. the evening commute will likely be slow. elizabeth: in commitment 2016, the front-runners on both sides of the aisle are trying to hold their ground ahead of the start of voting. aixa diaz has more from washington. aixa: donald trump is touting a major announcement and special guest at an event in iowa today. this comes as the billionaire candidate is neck and neck with ted cruz ahead of the iowa caususes. on twitter, trump once again questioned cruz's eligibility to become president because he was born in canada. cruz fired back while campaigning in new hampshire. ted cruz: we need a leader who is prepared to do what is ever needed to keep this country safe, and that typically doesn't include spending your time on twitter. aixa: meanwhile, bernie sanders heads back to iowa as polls show him gaining ground against hillary clinton in the hawkeye state and in new hampshire. in washington, i'm aixa diaz. elizabeth: ted cruz is getting a helping hand here in iowa. a super pac has purchased more
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support of the texas senator. those ads begin airing today. shaina: candidates on both sides are spending as much time as possible in the hawkeye state, with just two weeks left until the iowa caucuses. we caught up with hillary clinton monday when she stopped for coffee at scenic route bakery in des moines. she also held a town hall meeting in toledo, where she told voters that her background as a former first lady and former secretary of state gave her a front row seat to the presidency. marco rubio held a town hall in coralville where he talked about immigration. rubio said he's against a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but he would be open to allowing some once-illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship once the southern border is secured. and republican hopeful rand paul visited the kcci studio monday morning. senator paul says the polls under-represent his campaign's presence in iowa. he believes he has captured young voters who aren't well represented in the early polls. senator paul also opened up about his plans for a competitive health care system
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more fiscally responsible budget. elizabeth: a few other republican candidates are in the metro today. donald trump, carly fiorina, rick santorum and mike huckabee are all attending the 10th annual renewable fuels summit. that starts at 1:30 today at the prairie meadows conference center in altoona. on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders is back in iowa today. he starts with a town hall meeting this morning in fort dodge, then heads west to carroll for a meet and greet at noon. elizabeth: taking a stand. the message these protestors hoped to convey on martin luther king junior day, and the very visible way they went about it. shaina: plus, gas is how much now? what forced two stations to go as low as they could possibly go. elizabeth: and lunch plate problems. the new rules lawmakers are considering that could affect what your child eats at school, ahead. shaina: if you are leaving
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prepare for an easy drive. the commute will hopefully stay clear. i will show you where the mobile speed units are after the break. 235 and 2nd avenue downtown. the snow should not affect the
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: snow is on its way and if you are traveling anywhere from the metro westward or southward you will encounter snow. we have moderate snow from omaha to north platte with snowflakes near kansas city and st. louis. that is the winter weather advisory in effect down to missouri. kids will need snow boots, we expect temperatures to be chilly
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the wind chill this afternoon will climb above zero and we expect accumulating snow in the metro in the afternoon and by mid afternoon and evening, roads will be covered and slippery. shaina: wanted to show you new video just into the newsroom, a fire engulfing the top floor of paris' famed ritz hotel. it was being renovated, but reports are that the entire top floor is destroyed. no injuries so far. the ritz is where princess diana was staying before she died. monday marked the martin luther king junior holiday and the black lives matter movement staged protests in several big cities across the country. you're looking at video from a protest in minneapolis on the left, where protesters are demanding justice in the police shooting deaths of two black men killed in the last year. on the right, protesters shut down the bay bridge in san francisco during rush hour, demanding the mayor's resignation. traffic was stopped there for at least half an hour.
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celebrations of dr. king's life and work all across the country monday. this is the annual wreath laying ceremony by the alpha phi alpha fraternity in birmingham, alabama. this park was the site of many demonstrations during the civil rights movement. this parade in washington, d.c. brought thousands more people together to honor the civil rights leader. people there said it's important to celebrate the progress made so far, and inspire people to continue to work on the civil rights of others. shaina: a lot of people in the metro came together to honor martin luther king as well, remembering his work and hoping to inspire others to continue to fight for the rights of others. >> we are happy to have the community come out from the mayor, to the chief of police, the faith community, and non profits all coming together as greater des moines to celebrate this day not a day off but a day on. shaina: hundreds of community leaders came together for a prayer breakfast at drake university's knapp center. this is the fourth year of the breakfast. it started with a little more than 200 people.
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year. elizabeth: economic headlines now. oil prices have reached a 13 year low after the u.s. lifted sanctions against iran monday. the country now plans to increase oil production by five-hundred thousand dollars a barrel. u.s. stocks were closed monday to honor the mlk junior holiday. following a major sell off friday, the dow dropped nearly 391 points. the nasdaq fell about 126. and the s&p 500 was down about 41. a recall alert for you this morning. trader joe's is recalling its store-brand raw cashew pieces over a possible salmonella outbreak. the nuts were sent to stores in more than two dozen states, including iowa. trader joe's is asking for customers to return their products for a full refund at any trader joe's store. luckily, no one has gotten sick from this problem yet. a new report projects robots could take over more than 5 million jobs over the next five years. the authors of the report say
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workers. the repot says office and administrative jobs are most at risk. the u.s. postal service has increased rates for its fastest shipping services. prices for priority mail, which delivers in one to three days, jumped nearly 10%. and priority mail express overnight service rose more than 14% on average. the price hikes went into effect late sunday. shaina: gas prices have been falling fast lately but nowhere near as fast as in houghton lake, michigan this weekend. check this out. a price war between two gas stations sent prices as low as $.49 per gallon. more than 5000 people lined up -- 500 people lined up to take advantage of the drastic price cut at both stations. there were so many cars, police had to be called in to direct traffic. prices are back to normal there this morning. right now in the metro, you'll pay about $1.70 per gallon of regular gas. that would be breaking news.
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it is probably not another great day to stand outside pumping gas. metinka: it is chilly and we have snow on the way. even down through osceola, light snow working into town as a tracks to the east. only about 20 miles per hour to the southeast so it is still a couple hours away from the des moines area but roads are being affected to the west. especially up from sioux city and to the west in north platte, nebraska, and bismarck. the system will wrap through the midwest with kansas city expecting snow and st. louis could see some as well. futurecast showing by 11:00 a.m., snow will be knocking on our door and the evening commute will be snowy. we will have improving
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even though it will snow for several hours, we expect light snow totals with not must moisture. -- not much moisture. two to three inches possible although some locations could end up with metro -- four. including polk county and to the southwest until 9:00 p.m. plus it is chilly out there so make sure to grab the mittens and coats. feels like temperatures are below zero with the actual temperature at eight degrees. the snow will work its way in toward noontime. one to three inch accumulations likely will continue through the early evening hours and lead to slippery roads. highs get back into the mid-20's but on thursday, more light snow
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everyone gets in on the warm-up with a january thaw. shaina: everything looks good outside. you should not run into any problems. no snow downs -- slowdowns yet. right now we have a whole lot of mobile speed units. 3400 49th street. 1800 2nd avenue. 2800 eastern lake drive. north at 1300 northwest 50 6th avenue. 3000 northeast aurora avenue. elizabeth: another change could be coming to the school lunch line.
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the tray, ne shaina: students can be seeing some changes pretty soon in the lunch line. elizabeth: it's all part of a new bipartisan senate agreement. aixa diaz joins us live from washington with the details. aixa: the proposed legislation would ease requirements on schools, giving them more flexibility when it comes to the
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the measure revises healthier meal standards put in place over the last few years. some schools say those measures were too strict and costly. under the new agreement, whole grain requirements would be scaled back. and an upcoming deadline to cut sodium levels would be delayed. aixa: the senate agriculture committee is scheduled to vote on this tomorrow. again, this does have bipartisan backing. shaina: aixa, one of the issues that came up with the regulations was whether students were even eating the fruits and veggies they got at school. are they addressing that? aixa: it is one thing to require students to put them on their trade but a lot of students are not eating them. under the new legislation, the government will be required to figure out how to reduce that waste. and keep track of it.
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to eat the fruits and veggies. elizabeth: aixa diaz, live in washington for us. thank you. shaina: new stories ahead in our next half hour. we'll tell you about the sickness spreading through iowa right now, what to watch for in your child, and how to keep them healthy. plus, new information about a possible terror threat at the super bowl. what officials are most worried about this morning. and big stars boycott the oscars. why they say this year's show is not recognizing all the best performances of the year, ahead.>> we enjoyed what we were doing. we were serious about our work. we were serious about our songs. and serious about where we wanted to take the band. but along the way, we really rocked and had a good time. elizabeth: he sure did. remembering glenn frey and the timeless sound of the eagles,
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>> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: more snow coming our way. super doppler showing you where it is in the state.
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shows it starting to cover interstate 29. could be a tricky evening commute. good morning and welcome back. shaina: we are here with metinka as well keeping an eye on the snow. metinka: it is slowly inching to the east. be prepared if you are on i 80 westbound. you will encounter changing conditions. it is now just starting to snow in stuart, greenfield, orient, and toward osceola tracking to the southeast. it is still a couple hours away from the metro. by 10:00 a.m. we will see snowflakes. the afternoon is when our best chances of snow arrived. that snow will continue through
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east and think -- west to east in the evening. heading for 15 degrees with snowy roads developing by mid afternoon. elizabeth: we want to check the statewide conditions. the roads here are fine but out west they are getting slick. you see that in blue and pink. we have a picture from council bluffs, backing up what that were report said with one lane cleared in both directions. as the snow spreads east across the state, stick with kcci on tv, online, facebook, twitter, you name it. shaina: big stories this morning. no cause yet for that massive fire in a fort dodge warehouse. inside, more than 6,000 tires burned. danny menke: thankful no one got hurt. material things can be replaced. shaina: crews responded within seconds. that's because the fire station is right across the street from
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firefighters could only spend a short amount of time outside due to the bitter cold, single-digit temps. luckily no one was inside the warehouse. all five workers were on a lunch break when the fire broke out. one fire fighter did suffer minor injuries to his hand while responding. we have learned the possible cause of a fire in boxholm that killed a mother and three children. fire investigators say they found a space heater in the room where the fire started. fire, six degrees below zero. the family's father was away working at the time. a gofund me account has been set up. go to to find a link. elizabeth: case closed in marion county. authorities say dna evidence has solved a cold case nearly 8 years later. >> we hope that this stands to show other people that you can't get away with a crime and it will come back on you. elizabeth: 44-year-old james murphy is charged with 2nd
6:28 am
in 2008, he kidnapped a woman at knife point and sexually assaulted her. his dna from a 2014 sexual assault case in decatur county was recently submitted to the fbi's dna database and matched the unsolved case. the victim couldn't identify murphy, which is why it took so long to arrest him. >> hilton magic strikes again. elizabeth: and history is made in ames yet again. last night, the 19th ranked cyclones claimed their first win over a number one ranked team since taking down kansas in 1957. they beat the number one ranked oklahoma sooners 82 to 77 on espn's big monday. monte morris helped the cyclones close out the victory by providing a jumper, rebound and two free throws in the final 21 seconds of the game. he finished the night with 20 points, and george niang had a
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the team is back home next week for another big monday showdown against kansas. shaina: right now the fbi and homeland security are concerned about possible terror threats against super bowl 50. a retired fbi agent says one potential security threat to a successful super bowl is the drone. jeffrey harp: if someone were to use a drone to disperse something, it could be a potentially hazardous situation. shaina: a new government report sent to bay area law enforcement also warns of a vandal potentially cutting fiber optic cables, shutting down the internet. harp says the biggest security threat is a repeat of what we saw in san bernardino; a lone wolf attack. there will be increased security in and around super bowl 50 next and month. the mayor of flint, michigan is headed to washington to discuss the city's water crisis. mayor karen weaver says she hopes to secure a disaster declaration. the water supply was contaminated with lead when the city switched sources from the detroit system to the flint river in 2014.
6:30 am
blood lead levels in children. residents are now using bottled water. elizabeth: new information about a sickness that is spreading throughout the state. alyx sacks is here and it's really making some kids miserable, alyx. alyx: that's right. rsv comes with the tune of coughing, wheezing, sniffling from a runny nose. not fun and can be serious for infants and older adults. it is a respiratory virus that affects the lungs and breathing passages. winter and fall are common times and the cdc says infants and children affected usually show symptoms within four the six days. must recover in one to two weeks but some with weakened immune systems can be contagious for as long as four weeks. doctors say it is important to remember to cover your cough, sneeze, and clean your hands.
6:31 am
your home. so if you have a child at home that's been diagnosed with rsv or it's a daycare provider, we need some disinfection going on. so we need you to make sure you're cleaning those hard surfaces areas that are commonly touched, door knobs, toys. alyx: good causes more than 50,000 hospitalizations and visits under children below five each year. live in the studio. alyx sacks, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. elizabeth: just ahead, oscar boycott. the stars taking a stand and why they won't be watching and why they don't want you to watch either. shaina: singer glenn frye's lasting impact on the world,
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no snow yet and it shouldn't be arriving for a little while. traffic is starting to pick up accidents or snow yet. metinka: it will snow today and metro. the evening commute will likely be slow even though it is not af here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree.
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we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. who's the rebel now? no way. yes way! savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, melty cheese, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. yeah!
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metinka: good morning, 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. with light snow across western and west central iowa and it is almost toward winterset and osceola. in des moines we expect snow to start around 11:00 a.m. and end by 7:00 p.m. evening travel will be slippery and snow will move to the east, ending across the central part of the state by 7:00 but continuing across the eastern part of the state. light snow is expected with one to three inches of fresh powder. >> hilton magic strikes again. elizabeth: just love seeing this. a big night at hilton coliseum. fans' ears are probably still ringing after that one. we've been talking about the cyclones big win, defeating number one oklahoma last night 82 to 77. it is all the talk of our
6:35 am
patricia writes "i was grateful , the game didn't go to ot. i need my beauty sleep." pam writes, "iowa state is the only team of the three that beat the #1 team when the #1 team was playing with a full deck and all team stars! way to go cyclones!" tanner says, "now time for drake to take down a number one!" shaina: good luck tanner. well also in the morning buzz today, two big stars are skipping the oscars this year in protest. director spike lee and actress jada pinkett smith are also calling on others to boycott the awards. the reason? no african-americans were nominated in the best acting or directing categories for the second year in a row. this is despite a number of critically-acclaimed performances, including pinkett smith's husband will smith, who starred in concussion. the hashtag "oscarssowhite" is now trending on twitter. elizabeth: a lot of stars on
6:36 am
frey. frey died monday at age 67 from several illnesses, including pneumonia. he had a huge impact on the music world, forming the eagles with don henley in the early 1970's. more than 150 albums sold, so many great songs. hotel california, lyin' eyes, take it easy. and also his solo career with the heat is on and you belong to the city. henley released a statement saying 'he was like a brother to me, we were family.' shaina: nice tribute happening now too. they're playing all eagles and glenn frey this morning on the radio, 93.3 kioa. crazy week in music. now to another story getting a big response online. a four-year-old girl gets a ticket from one of the speed cameras on i-235. todd anderson of missouri was in des moines over thanksgiving weekend. his daughter, ashlin was not with him, but her name was on
6:37 am
letter for an appeal hearing. anderson says his daughter's name is on the title in the area that says 'transfer upon death', and that might be why. but he's hoping he can appeal the ticket without bringing his 4-year-old to court. elizabeth: an odd situation all around and it's sparked more debate over the speed cameras on our facebook page, but we did want to share one funny comment. duane wrote, "that is one fast barbie jeep." shaina: oh the power of facebook. a new study claims that she's -- cheese could cure cancer. researchers in michigan found the natural preservative nisin, which is found in cheddar and brie, can kill cancer cells. at least, it did in rats. it has not been tested in humans. but hey, it is "food for thought." elizabeth: a reason to have another slice i guess.
6:38 am
we want to take a look at i-80 at georgia creek parkway. no snow yet it may take away
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: snow is on the way and it is snowing through winterset and creston. centerville might be catching some flurries and lamoni has light snow. panora has most snow west of town. nebraska even through the dakotas will have a snowy go of it. even st. louis expects snowfall later. timing out the snow by 11:00 a.m., snow will move through the i-45 four-door continuing through 5:00 p.m. putting freezing weather across snow ending by 10:00 p.m. improving conditions wednesday and even though it's nose for several hours today it is light.
6:41 am
iowa and two or three accumulating across the southwestern corner. it is enough to make roads slippery. winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 for polk county and to the southwest and the seven parts of the state. watch for deteriorating road conditions through the morning and into the afternoon. you will have to bundle up. we have wind chills below zero. feels like water below in des moines with 10 below in algona. current temperature in des moines is a degrees and snow is to the southwest for now moving in by late this morning and continuing through the afternoon. roads will become slippery and evening commute will be slow. 15 degrees today with an even better day on the way tomorrow. maybe afternoon sunshine with highs in the mid to upper 20's. quiet weather, snow flurries are possible thursday followed by melting conditions over the
6:42 am
shaina: we have a few accidents to report outside. it is southbound at fleur drive and stanton. east 14th and hull, there is oil on the road. we have a few mobile speed units . the first three are from the police department at 3400 49th street. 2800 starlike drive. 1400 northwest 50 six ave. 3000 northeast aurora avenue. elizabeth: the latest updates on two fires and iowa. here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them.
6:43 am
increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect.
6:44 am
elizabeth: no cause yet for the massive warehouse fire in fort dodge that started at graham tire company across the street from the fire station. no one was inside and all five workers were on lunch break.
6:45 am
shaina: investigators say a space heater could be the cause of a sunday morning fire that killed mother amber sorenson and her children. i gofundme page has been set up to help the father. elizabeth: authorities say dna evidence help solve an eight-year-old cold case in marion county. james murphy is now charged with second-degree sexual assault. authorities that he kidnapped a woman at life point and sexually assaulted her in 2008. officials say they were able to connect him to the 2008 case because dna from a 2008 -- 2014 sexual assault was submitted to the dna database. shaina: fans in ames are probably still celebrating after the cyclones took out the oklahoma sooners 82 to 77. the last time they took down the number one ranked team was in
6:46 am
the fbi and homeland security are looking into threats against super bowl 50 in california. and eight page intelligence bulletin was leaked last week. there are no specific credible threats but they are preparing for lone wolf attacks. michigan governor rick snyder is preparing for his state of the state speech and he is likely to the vote much of his time to the water crisis in flint. the state is providing lead testing, filters, and bottled water. the city's mayor is heading to washington to secure a disaster declaration. shaina: iowa pediatricians say they are seeing many cases of rsv, which is a respiratory virus that affects thousands of children. it can cause wheezing and troubled breathing. make sure you know to cover your cough, cover your sneeze, and clean your hands often.
6:47 am
school lunches. proposed legislation would scale back the whole grain requirement and delay that deadline to cut back sodium. elizabeth: candidates will be a mistake and today, it is less than two weeks until the iowa caucuses. carly fiorina, rick santorum, donald trump, and mike huckabee will be in altoona for the 10th annual renewable fuel summit. trump will be aching a stop -- will be making a stop in ames and says he is a special announcement with a special guest. bernie sanders has multiple stops planned and will be in fort dodge, carol, underwood, and sioux city. shaina: candidates might have to take it easy on the road. roads are slick and question iowa, the whole southwestern portion of the state. says you will run into partially covered roads around atlantic.
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metinka: super doppler says the leading edge of the snow extends from panora and winterset nebraska. it will last into the afternoon. in des moines, the snowflakes yet and a degrees but we expect accumulation. shaina: if you are on the east side, east 14th and hull avenue, there is oil on the road. you have maybe 20 to 30 minutes. and drive times are normal with seven minutes from the west mixmaster and six minutes from the east mixmaster. elizabeth: cbs this morning is
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ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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