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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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thanks for waking up with us, elizabeth: good morning. you are waking up to roads that are still slick out there. we'll tell you the main trouble spots around the state. plus, new details in the snowy crash that killed a ben carson campaign staffer and injured four iowans. >> i am here because like you, i know that it is now or never. i'm in it to win it. shaina: and sarah palin says she's all in for donald trump. what the endorsement could mean for his presidential campaign, ahead on kcci.
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elizabeth: good morning everyone, great to have you with us here on kcci 8 news this him morning. i'm elizabeth klinge. shaina: i'm shaina humphries, it's wednesday, january 20th. there a bit of snow out there. the roads will be slippery but no more snow is falling. metinka: now we just have clouds left over and chilly temperatures, nine degrees in des moines. the main roads look to be just what but watch out for slippery spots. a south wind it is very light and calm across central iowa and weather will stay calm. 26 degrees is the high temperature and it will feel better than the past several but more snow is possible especially in the west. temperatures keep trending upward back into the 30's by saturday and sunday. some melting before snow chances arrive next week. shaina: tuesday's storm left a mess on metro roads overnight. this is video from just a couple hours ago. you can see there is still snow covering some roads in des moines.
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as well for your morning commute. here's a look at i-35 at mills civic. a few people out there taking it slow with unusual. things look pretty good, give yourself extra time. i-80 at highway 65 still has some snow and ice as well. they don't look too bad. people are moving pretty much up to speed. and closer to downtown, i-235 at martin luther king junior parkway. folks seem to be moving slower so give yourself extra time. the latest check of shows a similar story for roads around the state. almost the entire southern half and east is still partially covered with snow or ice. you can see that in blue. up north though, roads are clear which you can see in green. elizabeth: turning to commitment 2016 news now. a big endorsement last night for donald trump announced here in central iowa. sarah palin: you ready for a
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our warriors job and go kick isis ass? elizabeth: former governor sarah palin flew in from alaska to be with trump at a rally in ames. the 2008 vice presidential nominee told a group of more than 1,000 people that trump is the best man to be president. palin also acknowledged the idea that the media will have a field day with her announcement. palin: mr. trump you're right, back there in the press box, heads are spinning, media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. elizabeth: palin's endorsement of trump could be a big blow to ted cruz in iowa. she previously supported his bid for senate in texas. shaina: another possible blow to the ted cruz campaign.. governor terry branstad said tuesday it would be a quote, "big mistake" for iowans to support cruz. it's very rare for the governor to declare who should not win in the iowa caucus. senator cruz has campaigned against federal subsidies for ethanol.
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could erode cruz's support here, as iowa is the nation's leader in renewable fuel and its production. branstad told kcci tuesday, the caucus winner needs to make renewable energy a top priority. >> you don't believe that mr. cruz would be the leader within iowa to make that happen? gov. branstad: because that he's introduced legislation that would repeal the renewable fuels standard, i think would send a mix signal. shaina: governor branstad tells us he does not plan to endorse any candidate. elizabeth: this morning we're learning more about a tragic iowa crash that killed a ben carson campaign staffer. this is a photo of carson with the victim, 25-year-old texas tech student braden joplin. the crash happened tuesday on i-80 near atlantic. the iowa state patrol says a van carrying joplin and three other carson campaign staffers hit a patch of ice, flipped on its side, and was then hit by another vehicle. the three other people in the van were treated at a hospital
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the other vehicle was carrying a woman and three children, ages 5, 10, and 12. they were treated for injuries as well. state patrol is still investigating the crash and will try to determine if speed was a factor. on the democratic side now. a new cnn wmur poll this morning shows hillary clinton has a lot of ground to make up in a key state. bernie sanders is leading clinton by 27 points right now in new hampshire, which is home to the second primary, right after the iowa caucus. sanders has 60% of likely voters. and clinton has just 33%. sanders was in iowa tuesday. here he's speaking with voters at a town hall meeting in fort dodge. he also made stops in carroll and sioux city. sanders told supporters that the best bet for keeping a republican out of the white house is to not vote for clinton. clinton will look to build support in the hawkeye state today. she has an event in burlington
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several republican hopefuls will also be in iowa today. donald trump has an event in norwalk this morning. carly fiorina is getting coffee this morning in guthrie center before heading to an event at the des moines botanical gardens. and rick santorum and mike huckabee will be campaigning in the western part of the state. shaina: more stories developing overnight. at least 21 people were killed in an attack on a university in pakistan. right now, we know the pakistani taliban have claimed responsibility. police in peshawar say gunmen stormed the campus, triggering a gun battle with police and army troops. a troops. officials say the attackers have been contained and four of them were killed. at least two of the victims in the attack were a student and a teacher. right now, michigan governor rick snyder is vowing to fix the water crisis in flint. you're looking at protests tuesday calling for snyder's arrest and resignation. in his state of the state address tuesday, snyder said he's asked lawmakers for nearly $30 million to replace plumbing in schools and pay for
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children who may be affected by the lead-contaminated water. you know it has been a rough stretch and we are excited to get to the 20's. metinka: it is a huge improvement and even yesterday the weather has settled down and snow has stopped falling. it has moved it to the east down through see on a satellite picture, holes are developing. your kids will need to dress warmly and bring the snow gear. midteens for recess, highs will feel more comfortable near 26 this afternoon. elizabeth: firefighters respond to a deadly overnight house fire. this time it happened in wauzeka, wisconsin, just across the stateline in northeast iowa. the home was fully engulfed in
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scene. once the fire was put out, officials found the bodies of two girls, ages 12 and 15 inside. their parents were at work at the time of the fire. firefighters say there is a major up-tick in fires this time of year because of space heaters in the home. they say never leave your space heater unattended or on at night. you should also keep it at least 3 feet from combustibles like drapes, blankets or furniture. also leave your space heater on a level surface to make sure it doesn't tip over. west des moines fire marshall mike whitsell says it's also critical to have the automatic shut off feature in case it does tip over. mike whitsell: that's one of the biggest things that i recommend having. does not have that feature on elizabeth: the u.s. consumer product safety commission says more than 25,000 house fires. shaina: a mother and her three children were killed in another one of those house fires over the weekend and a go fund me
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raise money for their family. we have gotten quite a few emails about gofundme pages, and if it's safe to donate to them. so we asked the better business bureau's wise giving alliance. they say it's important to do your research and look for projects that share updates. director of communications, ryan smith, says updates provide better transparency. ryan smith: it's relatively, maybe not anonymous it's not personable so you don't have -- personal so you don't have that connection with somebody. you want to read the fine print look for disclaimers understand any fee structures that might be included in your donation. shaina: when you create a gofundme page, 7.9% and $.30 of each donation is deducted from the amount raised. that's how the gofundme company makes its money. elizabeth: scam alert. tax filing season just started, and so have the fake calls. we'll tell you how to immediately know if the caller is a scammer. alyx: and i'm alyx sacks. when you get sick, you want to feel better fast. but doctors are now being told to hold off on prescribing meds.
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need to just wait it out. shaina: if you are heading north anywhere near corporate's would drives -- corporate woods drive, be careful. other than that, we haven't seen any other accidents. give yourself extra time. you can see it is snowy out there still. a lot of people going downtown, but it is not looking too bad but the intersections on and off
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, snow a roads and a low it -- the latest road conditions map showing mostly covered and even here in central iowa so be extra careful. the latest check shows flurries falling. the accumulations are done with,
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the feels like temperature is still four degrees. clear skies this afternoon. heading for 26 degrees today with quieter weather. we'll have a for snow in the forecast and we will time it out in your forecast. elizabeth: new recommendations are reminding doctors to only prescribe antibiotics when absolutely necessary. kcci's alyx sacks met with local doctors to get their take on the new guidelines. so alyx, is this a new concept for doctors? alyx: the dr. say it is not new. before it was a judgment call but now they have issued new guidelines. the cbc wants to cut down on prescribing antibiotics for common respiratory infections. they say about 50% of antibiotic prescriptions may be unnecessary. what won't get the meds? low-grade fevers, and other
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the goal is to prescribing antibiotics only when strep is confirmed for sinus infections . >> in the past where viral illnesses were not affected by antibiotics, what happens is we are not as immune to them as you might think but the bacteria are. you have bacterial infections that don't respond to antibiotics that would normally have responded to. alyx: so how should parents know when it's time to take their kids into the doctor? we have that answer for you in 30 minutes. alyx sacks, kcci eight news. elizabeth: thanks alyx. new this morning, des moines is making moves to become more competitive. officials with the greater des moines partnership announced tuesday they are teaming up with kansas city, st. louis, and omaha to form the heartland civic collaborative. the goal is to be more competitive in four main areas: transportation, entrepreneurship, life sciences and federal advocacy. leaders from all four cities say
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works for years. new this morning. des moines makes another list proving it's a great place to live. dell released its rankings of the country's most future-ready cities, and des moines came in at number 20. the top five are san jose, san francisco, washington, d.c., boston, and austin. economists looked at innovation, collaboration, and infrastructure to come up with the list. shaina: after last week's huge sell-off, wall street closed mixed tuesday. the dow rallied for a gain of almost 28 points. the nasdaq fell more than 11. and the s&p 500 was up a point. the nation's largest health insurer expects to lose nearly a billion dollars over the next two years, and it's blaming obamacare. united health says it lost close to half a billion dollars last year, and could lose even more in 2016. the company says many people are using a loophole to sign up only when they get sick. united health says it's considering dropping out of all obamacare exchanges in 2017. tuesday marked the start of tax
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already trying to take advantage of taxpayers. the u.s. treasury department issued a statement warning taxpayers about phone scammers who claim to be irs agents. officials say the callers are criminals who will say anything they can to intimidate you into sending them money. >> what should tip people off that this is a scam? >> the tipoff is, if you don't pay immediately, you're going to go to jail, that is the tip off. the irs would never make a telephone call like that. shaina: if you do get a suspicious call, the irs says you should just hang up. authorities say the scam started in india but it's been so profitable, copycats are popping up around the world. and one of the leading voices for female education in pakistan is spreading her message through fashion. 18-year-old nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai designed this scarf in collaboration with footwear brand toms. 100% of the sales from the scarf will benefit malala's foundation to support the rights of all girls around the world to have
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education. the scarf retails for $48 on elizabeth: hundreds of thousands of pets take to the sky each year. now one of the nation's biggest airlines is is joining other carriers to change the rules. >> good morning, we're checking our pet. elizabeth: starting in march, delta airlines will no longer allow larger pets to be checked onto their owner's flights. instead, they'll be handled as freight. that means they'll be dropped off and picked up at the airline's cargo facility and could end up flying on a separate flight that may arrive at a different time. airline officials say cargo facilities allow the pets to be cared for by professional staff at layovers but a lot of owners probably don't want to think of them as cargo. shaina: we may have's more snow in the forecast?
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yesterday, -- we picked up plenty yesterday. two inches of snow at the airport, isolated reports of three to the south. in des moines, flurries are flying and there are more across northeast iowa down toward the dubuque area. accumulating snow is done with as this goes to the east and takes wintry weather with it. but across the rockies, the next one will be quickly moving in. western iowa will deal with more snow creeping toward central iowa. even during the evening and overnight, a few more snow flurries. not much in the way of accumulations with very light snow like what we had yesterday with an inch or less across much of central iowa with up to two inches across western iowa
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after a couple of morning flurries we have clouds and 26 degrees. in wind chills will still be likely in the teens and that's where temperatures are heading for overnight lows. not quite as cold, we even have areas of fog developing especially tomorrow. heading for 28 degrees on your thursday. friday will be quiet. melting temperatures in the forecast with highs back into the 30's and toward next week, the weather looks a bit on the active side with snow coming in monday and again by wednesday and thursday. but at least no arctic snow. shaina: things are looking good on the road, back to being accident free but you want to give yourself extra time.
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it will be slippery. there's one at 700 mlk junior parkway and one at 50th and grand. there is a polk county sheriff's car at 1500 northeast 65th ave. and 4600 northwest 42nd avenue. elizabeth: executive action. the president's outlined new rules for guns, and today she will tell us how they'll be implemented. >> coming up, a new alliance of the gop. how their palin's endorsement
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why aren't passengers p elizabeth: welcome back to kcci. this morning, the attorney general of the united states is set to testify about the president's new executive actions on gun control. shaina: aixa diaz joins us live from washington with a look ahead. aixa: attorney general loretta lynch goes before a senate subcommittee today to discuss her agency's role in implementing new gun control measures. earlier this month, president obama announced steps to expand
6:22 am
lynch helped the president come up with ways to confront gun violence. she testifies in the first panel appearing before the subcommittee this morning. the second panel includes alabama's attorney general and the founder of "sandy hook promise", a group devoted to protecting kids from gun violence. elizabeth: aixa, the president's executive actions on immigration are also coming under the microscope with the supreme court agreeing to take it up. what can we expect to see there? shaina: aixa diaz, live in -- aixa: we will see whether he has the authority to protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. two federal judges have ruled on this casing the president does not have the authority. the administration appealed to the supreme court and justices will look at the case and arguments are expected in april of a decision coming down in june. shaina: aixa diaz, live in washington for us. elizabeth: more new stories
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in our next half hour, new information about the western iowa car crash that killed a campaign worker for ben carson. plus a big shift in new hampshire, why it could spell trouble for hillary clinton. and the developing story overnight, a terror attack in pakistan at a university there. the latest developments ahead. shaina: and it was like something out of a movie, only there was no script. actor jamie foxx turns into a real-life hero. how he saved a man's life with just seconds to spare, ahead. here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments
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>> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. >> i saw video of him last night, making yard signs. he was so energetic. shaina: new this morning. ben carson talks about the campaign staffer killed in an iowa car crash, and we have new details from the state patrol on what happened. elizabeth: officer injured. what a suspect did to him when he responded to a call for help. shaina: and were you up with a sick kid overnight? maybe trying to decide if it's bad enough to go to the doctor?
6:27 am
follow when it comes to prescribing antibiotics. what you need to know, ahead. good morning and welcome back. elizabeth: metinka is here as well, and i saw several cars in the ditch on the way to work this morning so hopefully people have a chance to take it slow. metinka: yeah and this morning we are waking up to snow-covered roads with no more snow falling. the rose look pretty wet here. watch for the slick spots. 11 degrees currently in des moines heading for a nicer afternoon and the weather will settle down heading for 26 degrees today. tomorrow is having more snow on the way especially for the western half of the state but it will generally be an interim less followed by melting conditions over the weekend. shaina: and we do want to tell you the roads are still a little tricky out there this morning. we shot some video while you were sleeping.
6:28 am
roads still covered in snow. you will probably slide a bit at intersections, maybe on hills. just give yourself a few extra minutes. the interstates are mostly clear, as you look live at i-235 at 42nd street here. traffic is picking up and people seem to be moving along without trouble. if you're driving out of town, you can see on, almost the entire southern half of the state is still partially covered. several tow bans also still in effect. a lot of cars in ditches, still. we also have just a couple school delays. central decatur lamoni and , mormon trail are both two hours late. you can find those on the bottom of your screen and online at elizabeth: the snowy roads also blamed for a crash that killed a campaign staffer for ben carson. new details and this new picture of the 25-year-old texas tech student, braden joplin. the crash happened on i-80 near atlantic.
6:29 am
van was westbound when it lost control on the ice, crossed the median, was hit by a pickup, and then went in a ditch. an emotional ben carson spoke tuesday at a nebraska hospital. ben carson: the thing that impressed me the most was how compassionate he was. elizabeth: the people in the pickup were a woman and three young children, they were also injured. the state patrol says it's still investigating the crash. carson's staffers say he will return to the campaign trail thursday. shaina: more commitment 2016 headlines. republican frontrunner donald trump got a big endorsement tuesday night in ames. sarah palin: so those of us who have gone through the ringer as mr. trump has makes me respect you even more. shaina: palin appeared with trump in front of a crowd of more than 1,000 people. she called trump a real conservative and blasted the gop for attacking its own frontrunner. palin's endorsement likely a blow to ted cruz.
6:30 am
bid for senate in texas. palin will join trump for two more campaign events today. and another blow to ted cruz, governor branstad says it would be a big mistake for iowans to support him. branstad says senator cruz has campaigned against federal subsidies for ethanol. elizabeth: so looking at the campaign schedule today. donald trump is still here in iowa. he will be speaking at an event in norwalk this morning. rick santorum and mike huckabee will be in the western part of the state. and carly fiorina will be in central iowa, with stops in guthrie center and des moines. hillary clinton is the only democratic candidate in iowa today. she will be speaking at an event in burlington. elizabeth: and after the iowa caucuses, comes the new hampshire primary. a new poll this morning shows clinton in trouble there.
6:31 am
clinton by 27 points. sanders has 60%. and clinton 33%. sanders' support has been growing since early december, when a poll showed him with a 10 point lead. shaina: and back to that developing story overnight, a total of 21 people are now dead in pakistan after gunmen stormed a university. police say at least two of the dead are a student and a teacher. several others are wounded. the attack happened shortly after the university opened for the day. the taliban has just claimed responsibility for the attack. michigan governor rick snyder says he's failed flint residents. he's pledging to take new steps to fix the city's tap water, which has been contaminated with lead. in his state of the state address tuesday, snyder committed millions in state funding. and is also deploying more national guard troops to help deal with the crisis. elizabeth: when iowa police officer is still in the hospital after he was seriously injured on the job. officer randy best -- randy vest and other officers responded to a domestic disturbance sunday. they say a man punched vest, he then fell and hit his head on a cement parking barrier. officer vest's condition is not known, but he is still hospitalized.
6:32 am
leytham pleaded guilty to stealing $70,000 from the city. leytham admitted she diverted city funds and wrote unauthorized checks to herself on the city account from 2001 to 2003. the judge still has to set a sentencing date. she now faces up to 10 years in prison. elizabeth: and iowa school and administrators say another year of stagnant education funding could have big impacts in the classroom. including increased class sizes, and less money for books and supplies. the linn-mar community school district is now encouraging concerned community members to send letters to lawmakers, asking for more than governor branstad's proposed 2.45% increase in funding. the superintendent says his will district will need an increase of 3.3% to maintain programs and staff. quintin shepherd: i think as a bare minimum we can ask our legislators to be leaders in this area and to choose an appropriate funding level that will allow us to do our jobs and
6:33 am
position where we have to crisis manage through funding decisions. elizabeth: this school year iowa districts received a 1.25% increase. elizabeth: nobody likes to be sick, but doctors are under new guidelines that may force more patients to just wait it out. alyx sacks is here with that new story. alyx, will this change how they -- and how do parents know when it is time to take the kids to the doctor? alyx: we want quick results and relief of symptoms. but a doctorate broadlawns medical center says ads need to go with their gut instinct. if you need to go to the doctor, go. dr. paul baumert: we would much rather see the patient, see the child, and try to work that out for the parent and give them some guidelines. if it's not antibiotics that are needed what other things can they do to make
6:34 am
the illness runs it's course. alyx: the cdc estimates about half of all antibiotic positions may be unnecessary. doctors with the cdc one to cut down on antibiotics for common respiratory infections. they are finding some superbugs are becoming resistant. they are asking for hard evidence before doctors stille prescriptions like a strep throat test. what won't you get an -- antibiotics for? low-grade fever, common cold, and bronchitis. elizabeth: it is no fun to be sick but there you go. ahead, how could he have survived? the very scary video and how that passenger is doing now. plus, he's played on a hero on-screen, now jamie foxx saves a man in real life. shaina: and keeping your personal info safe. the two passwords you should never use.
6:35 am
ahead on kcci 8 news this morning. before we go to break we want to check outside and look at the roads. this is i 80 and jordan creek parkway. just a bit slushy. maybe some ice so give yourself extra time. take it a bit slower. metinka: roads are slippery because we had one to three inches of snow yesterday.
6:36 am
metinka: good morning, some slippery roads due to the one to three inches of snow that fell yesterday. right now there are flurries left over in the metro and it will be better overall. highs to warm into the mid-20's near 26. make sure to bundle up as you head out and take your time on the roads. shaina: right now. look at this video in to the newsroom overnight, just incredible. a driver in brazil loses control. you see the car start to spiral in the air in slow motion and the passenger is ejected, flying 65 feet in the air. look at him spinning. can you believe the passenger is going to survive? he is in stable condition. officials said the driver was drunk.
6:37 am
and these new photos show the aftermath of a very scary car crash right outside actor jamie foxx's home in california. foxx says heard the crash, called 911, and rushed outside. he pulled the man from the burning truck, just moments before it became engulfed in flames. last night foxx talked with the man's father, who as you can imagine is incredibly grateful. foxx: his son's a fighter, and he extended out of the cabin, i pulled him out, and as we pulled him out, five seconds later, the truck goes up. >> he didn't have to do a thing. and you know, like i said earlier, i think we all hope we could do something when the time is there. foxx: don't look at it as heroic, i had to do something and it all just worked out. elizabeth: the driver is in the
6:38 am
police have also charged him with driving under the influence. shaina: such a crazy situation. to survive, let alone have jamie foxx pull you out. well also in the morning buzz, as you know, donald trump making headlines with sarah palin's endorsement. and there are plenty of polls out there showing where the candidates stand. elizabeth: we want to know if you are planning to caucus on caucus night, monday, february 1st. let us know now by calling or texting 200-1508, going to, facebook or twitter. this will update in real time as people vote. so far this morning the majority at 52% say yes. 44% are saying they aren't. 4% say not sure. shaina: that's more yes then we saw last time. special discovery in newton. a couple renovating their home
6:39 am
wall. kristina hokanson: he came in and said i have a treasure and he was covered in dust. i said what is it? he said a bottle with a letter in it. shaina: kevin brannen had found a message in a bottle, written more than 82 years ago in 1933. a 13-year-old girl named catherine anne bradley wrote she had read about putting messages in bottles in mysteries, so she wanted to try it, and asked whoever found it to 'hunt me up.' kevin and kristina did look her up, but discovered she died in 2014. the couple has been in touch with her children and plan to send a letter to them. i'm sure it will be an amazing experience. elizabeth: we are fast forwarding to today's technology and the list of 2015's most stolen computer passwords is out. you'll never guess what the most popular one is. 123456 is again in the top spot. the old favorite. the word 'password' is number two. remember the name of the list,
6:40 am
so if you don't want your info stolen, change your password to something harder. shaina: the a little more creative. and we wanted to tell you to look up in the sky over the month. you can see five planets together in the sky just before dawn. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter all visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise. hopefully we'll have some clear mornings to see the show. metinka will tell us about that and will have the snow totals next as we leave you with a look
6:41 am
>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, you are waking up to slippery roads because one to three inches of snow fell yesterday into the evening. we are reporting three inches while most locations in central iowa picked up an inch or an inch and a half. it has affected the roads.
6:42 am
blue, pink means partially ice covered. leave a safe distance and leave low beam headlights on. snow has pushed out of the state heading to green bay through detroit and eastbound and we are caught between systems. tomorrow, another one is heading our way. you might see sunshine and conditions will rapidly improve. tomorrow morning, more snow will fall across western and southwestern iowa and that will continue for the central and southern part of the state. another band of snow working through overnight and early on friday morning but this one will also eat a moisture starved system. we don't expect -- will be a moisture starved system. you don't expect much snow. upwards of two inches on top of what we picked up. today will be quiet, some
6:43 am
26, a lot of clouds. wind chill will likely have her in the teens but above zero. overnight, not too bad with areas of fog. tomorrow, flurries are light snow likely especially in the western half of the state heading for 28 degrees tomorrow and a light northeast wind. over the weekend, temperatures begin to head back upwards getting above freezing and that will be great especially with sunshine. next week, it gets unsettled with off and on snow chances but highs remain milder close to 30. shaina: it will be messy, give yourself extra time. we are starting to see as we get closer to the morning rush, a lot of crashes. normally on i near corporate woods drive, there was a crash.
6:44 am
there was a five vehicle in -- accident. 63rd and park on the south side. give yourself extra time. elizabeth: news here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect.
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>> we are mad and we have been had. this election is more than just your basic abc's, anybody but clinton. shaina: zero palin will be back on the campaign trail with donald trump. she endorsed him before crowd, calling him a real conservative. trump says he is honored to have her support and his first event is at 8:30 in norwalk. elizabeth: trump is in a tight race with ted cruz and another blow to the ted cruz campaign from governor branstad. he said it would be a mistake for iowans to support ted cruz because he is financed by big oil and opposes renewable fuel. shaina: ben carson will not be campaigning today after a
6:47 am
he was killed when a campaign van lost control on i 80 near atlantic. carson says he was most impressed i joplin's compassion. elizabeth: roads are still icy. the good news is the roads are for the most part ok. plows have been out trying to get side streets cleared but if you are trying to do driving and the southern half of the state, you will find some partially covered roads with a few slick spots. you see those indicated in blue. take it slow. metinka: some schools have been affected across the southern parts of the state otherwise kids will need to dress warmly. one to three inches of snow to roll around in an outdoor recess. it is 11 degrees in des moines heading for 26. it will be a quiet day today. tomorrow has more snow in the
6:48 am
highs over the weekend climb into the 30's with melting and next week looks unsettled with off and on chances for snow. shaina: give yourself extra time despite the appearance of normal drive times. it is slippery in certain areas and we are seeing the effects of that with a number of accidents on i-35 near corporate words drive. i wish 65 at vandalia shut down.
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