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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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>> you're watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: right now on kcci, blizzard warning. you heard the wind overnight now see what it's doing out there . we'll show you where driving could be dangerous this morning. eric: plus, what a game. the denver broncos win super bowl 50. we'll show you all the big moments as our scott reister was right there in the middle of it all. good morning, everyone, thanks for waking up with us on "kcci 8 news this morning." elizabeth: it's monday, february 8, more snow to talk about this morning, metinka. and it is blowing around. metinka: the wind is really wicked this morning, blowing in from the northwest at about 45 miles per hour. the wind in des moines is gusting to 38 miles per hour. they will be with us all morning long and into the afternoon.
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dodge into the metro, and we are only expecting about an inch total of accumulation, but it is enough snow aligned with the wind to create whiteout conditions across the countryside, even in the metro. a white knuckle commute for the shore -- for sure. eric: you will want to use both hands on the steering wheel this morning. an overnight blizzard warning means some parts of iowa are waking up to messy roads. take a look at all of the colors on the screen. here's the latest look at blue means partially covered in snow or ice, pink is completely covered. city. that means travel is not advised. be aware as you are heading out this morning. the big story this morning, there's a new super bowl champion. the denver broncos took down the carolina panthers last night here on kcci, final score 24-10. elizabeth: it really came down to defense. nfl mvp cam newton was shut down
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kcci's scott reister was there in santa clara for the big game. scott: it was a great matchup, the number one offense taking on the number one defense. it was no contest, the defense flat-out dominated. cam newton and the panthers never got going at all. they held carolina to a season-low, 10 points, sacked cam newton six times, for turnovers forced by the denver defense. von miller, two forced fumbles and two and a half sacks, he was the m.v.p., and the denver defense is what one super bowl 50 for the broncos. >> we know what type of team we are. we know what type of game we can play, and we focused around it. >> spending hours and hours with those guys every day this week,
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scott: the broncos claimed the lombardi trophy and james parents, -- james ferentz, on the broncos grabbing that lombardi trophy, and he is now a super bowl champion. it has been quite a week in santa clara and san francisco. elizabeth: thank you. the other big story of the game, will he retire? sports analysts around the country are waiting for that answer from denver quarterback peyton manning. he told reporters after the game that he'll make that decision, after he celebrates. >> i will take some time to reflect. i have a couple of priorities first. i am going to go kiss my wife and kids, hug my family, and drink a lot of budweiser tonight , so i am going to take care of those things first and say a little prayer, think the man upstairs for this great
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i'm just very grateful. elizabeth: coming up after 5:30, we'll continue our super bowl 50 coverage with a look at your favorite commercials, what you thought of the halftime show, and lady gaga's national anthem performance. eric: iowa hawkeye basketball is another big sports story this morning. in a poll released sunday, cbs sports called the hawks the number one team in the nation. and their win at illinois sunday , that is going to help them keep that ranking iowa was led . iowa was led by peter jok, who had 23 points. jarrod uthoff had a strong game as well with 18 points and 12 rebounds. and adam woodbury put up another 10 points and 14 rebounds. iowa won 77-65. a new ap poll comes out today, so we'll see how the hawkeyes do in that poll. elizabeth: back to the super bowl it wasn't just the carolina , panthers that had trouble in the san francisco bay area. shaina humphries joins us now, and shaina, the governor of north carolina had some problems there last night too? shaina: elizabeth, governor pat mccrory was leaving the super bowl when the vehicle he was in was rear-ended. officials say he suffered only minor injuries, and is expected
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the car he was riding in was totaled. governor mccrory later issued a statement thanking the panthers for putting north carolina into the national spotlight. developing around the world now in taiwan two survivors have , been found alive, two days after a massive 6.4 earthquake killed at least 37 people. this is video of a woman being pulled out of a toppled building early this morning. local media reports a man was also rescued, and another woman and an 8-year-old girl were found alive but trapped inside another building. more than 100 people are still missing. back here in the states, all eyes have shifted to new hampshire, where the presidential candidates are making their final pleas to voters today, ahead of tomorrow's primary. latest polls show donald trump leading there on the republican side, with ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, and john kasich all in the mix for second place. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is ten points ahead of iowa winner hillary clinton. voters and new hampshire are known for making their decisions last-minute so tomorrow could be
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eric: we will have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary from our own chief or. -- cynthia phone or. -- cynthia phone or. she got to new hampshire last reports tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. also make sure to follow her on behind the scenes look at all the action. back h he in iowa, the iowa democratic party is changing its count of county convention caucuses. party officials say hillary clinton is still the winner, but the allocation of delegates is different because five precincts calculated incorrectly. according to the iowa democratic party, mistakes were made due to human error. it is now on to the county conventions and march, or state and county delegates will be chosen. then, delegates will be elected to represent iowa at the democratic national convention this summer. elizabeth: the time is 6:07, luckily not a lot of snow but the wind makes the difference.
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the roads have a little coating of powder on them and the wind is very strong. this is what it looks like in allman this morning, a snow shower coming down. 19 degrees currently in des moines with gusts over 40 miles per hour through at least noontime today for the wind backs off a little bit. this is causing blowing snow concerns. back from norwalk, stuart, jefferson, and reports of wide-out blizzard conditions across boone county, jefferson county, and much of northern iowa. elizabeth: starting today, the iowa utilities board plans to hold hearings to decide whether to approve allowing the bakken pipeline through iowa. kcci's alyx sacks is at east court avenue now where the hearings are set to take place later on. what exactly is going to be
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alyx: they are going to be talking for three hours today, and tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, the over everything they have heard in regards to allowing some of this crude oil from the bok and pipeline -- bakken pipeline to go through iowa. they want to take the sweet crude oil and transported all the way from north dakota iowa to a hub in illinois. that could cost $3.8 billion, and it is controversial. some iowans are afraid of the environmental impact. some land owners do not want it coming through their land, at some business owners are for it. the utilities board will listen to all the issues. there will not be chance for new evidence, and they do not want signs, and they will just be
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4:00 today. they will have the hearing room available and if that is fall, conference rooms one and two will be open, and you can also access it by -- online. coming up next, when they may or may not make a decision, we will dive into that in 30 minutes. elizabeth: thank you. new details in an unusual des moines death investigation. des moines police confirm that the body found saturday afternoon downtown is former principal financial group ceo david hurd. hurd died after falling from the 22nd floor of the plaza condos downtown near cowles commons. police say it appears to be a suicide. no one on the ground was hurt. hurd was not only a well known businessman but also an active , philanthropist. community leaders say hurd played a big part in making des moines the city it is. >> it's thoughtful kind of people and especially really
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bring a spark and an idea to get things done and always looking for new things to work on to make the whole community better. elizabeth: hurd joined bankers life back in 1954. that company later became principal. he was first named president in 1987 and then ceo in 1989. after retirement, hurd focused his attention to community projects. eric: a house fire woke up a des moines neighborhood early sunday morning. >> well, we were sleeping and then all of a sudden we heard a big boom and we woke up and looked outside the window, because we thought it was a gunshot and we saw the house was in big flames. eric: fire officials responded to the 1500 block of 17th street before 3:00 a.m. on sunday. they say a man was inside the home cooking when the fire started. he was able to get out safely. when fire crews arrived on the scene, the home was fully engulfed destroying the porch
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elizabeth: calm before the storm. a blizzard set to blast the northeast we'll tell you which city could get the worst of it. plus, a new brewery's blast from the past. now you can sip some suds on a summertime staple. eric: you might need to change your lunch plans today. the reason every single chipotle will close their doors today ahead on kcci. shaina: if you are headed out anytime soon, the first thing you will notice is the wind. it will probably be blowing your car around a little bit. in certain areas, there is a lot of blowing snow and slippery roads. the dot is asking you not to drive in either direction on i-35 north of story city. other than that, we are looking pretty good in the metro. we will take a live look out at the road as more and more people are heading out. this is east 14th, things are looking pretty good and the metro. things are a little bit slick and very windy.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist
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coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, we have a lot of wind, a little bit of snow, and a lot of locations are reporting whiteout conditions. the snowflakes are flying and the winds are howling earlier this morning. they are starting to build to the south, just had a wind gust of 38 in des moines. very strong wind whipping all the snow right across the area from fort dodge across the metro to lamoni. we will end up with about an inch or less of snow, and the wind is wreaking havoc on the roads early this morning, and will be very similar throughout the afternoon. shaina: happening right now, new england is preparing for a major storm to hit later today. this is video from a snow storm that hit massachusetts and connecticut this weekend, and a lot of that snow is still on the ground. the national weather service says today's storm is expected
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inches of snow could fall in massachusetts. new hampshire may get hit as well, which could make it tough for voters to get out to vote for primaries tuesday. on the west coast super bowl , city is already being torn down. after nine straight days of football fun, the signs are coming down, some streets are reopening and police presence is , going back to normal. officers there say overall it was an easy week for them and people were generally well-behaved. only 12 arrests were made over those nine days and most of those were for public intoxication. eric: a new brewery in bondurant took advantage of super bowl weekend for its grand opening. reclaimed rails brewing company is taking the old and making it new again. and that includes the old log ride from adventureland. wood from the log is being used to build this deck. the owners say that 90% of their building materials are reclaimed, reused or repurposed. so using wood from what was once a central iowa staple just makes sense. >> it went right with the theme
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we've had a ton of support from the community because they got a lot of pushback to take down the log ride. it is so memorable and was such a staple of adventureland, so now you will be able to go out there have a root beer or a reclaimbe brewing beer out on the deck. it's going to be amazing. eric: the deck is expected to be finished in mid-march, just in time for summer. elizabeth: wall street will look to bounce back from a disappointing close on friday. the dow fell more than 211 points. the nasdaq lost more than 146 points. and the s and p 500 fell about 35. if chipotle is your go-to lunch spot, you'll have to try something new today. chipotle says all of its restaurants will close for four hours this afternoon for a food safety meeting. the move comes after an e-coli outbreak last fall sickened about 500 people. and if you have a broken iphone, it may not be as worthless as you think. for the first time, apple customers will be able to trade in their phones for credit
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apple will pay $50 for a five s, $200 for a six, and $250 for a six plus. eric: this morning, if you are heading out, you need to use both hands on the steering wheel. metinka: it is a white knuckle commute for sure. you can see reduced visibility all across the area, and the snow has been very light. it is the wind causing all of the headache. the strongest wind is building to the south, gusting to 45 miles per hour. lighter wind off to the east. the strongest winds will be building and throughout the morning hours. this afternoon will not be quite as blustery as it is this morning, but enough to create
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at or below three quarters of a mile in ames and in des moines, two miles. we have bands of light snow working through ankeny, new virginia, deck through panora and stewart, tracking in from the northwest. we will end up with light totals, but it is enough to coat the roadways, and the wind blows it back over the roadways. the worst travel conditions across i-35 northbound. those orange shaded roads, travel is not advised by the dot. do be careful as you are getting an early start, plan to take extra time to get to where you are going. the blizzard warning continues across northern iowa until 6:00 p.m. in polk county, we are under a winter weather advisory with a lot of snow and a lot of wind. this will continue throughout the afternoon, and the reason
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pressure and the difference between the low and high pressure is driving in all of the strong wind from minnesota. by 6:00 p.m., the snow begins to push to the east of i-35, ending up with about an inch or less of accumulation but blowing snow concerns. heading for 23 degrees. tomorrow will be windy and we will have wind chills below zero tuesday into wednesday. by next weekend, temperatures will recover a little bit. thank you -- eric: thank you. elizabeth: shaina is keeping an eye on the roads. shaina: the dot is advising no travel north of story city either direction on i-35 because of blowing snow, reduced visibility, and slippery roads.
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general, even in the metro. a jackknifed semi trailer on highway 69 in the southbound lanes just south of often, it is really backing things out -- south of all dan -- all dan -- ogden, really backing things up. 4200 north 27th street, 4200 northeast 94th avenue are the mobile speed units.
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nikole killion and new elizabeth: welcome back to kcci at 6:25. in commitment 2016, a final push. the candidates are grinding it out in the granite state with just one day to go before the first in the nation primary. nikole killion is live in eric: manchester, new hampshire with their last minute messaging. nikole, what's on tap on the trail? nikole: as you can imagine, quite a bit with most of the canada -- candidates having packed schedules trying to get it all in before the primary. heading into the fourth quarter, a super sales pitch.
6:22 am
have a good time watching it and then let's get to work on tuesday. nikole: marco rubio hosting a super bowl watch party now seeking to recover after a major fumble in an abc news debate. mr. rubio: this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. mr. christie: there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. nikole: rubio on defense. mr. rubio: well, actually, i would pay them to keep running that clip because that's what i believe passionately. nikole: chris christie on offense. mr. christie: you can't trust senator rubio to be the nominee of this party and that's what i was saying. nikole: christie, kasich, bush, and cruz, all trying to score over rubio who's second in the polls behind donald trump, tamping down expectations. mr. trump: i'd much rather win. i could say to you if i came in second or third i'd be thrilled, ok? nikole: also playing down the race, hillary clinton. ms. clinton: i know i have an uphill climb. >> bernie, bernie! nikole: who lags bernie sanders by double digits. mr. sanders: the path forward starts this tuesday in new
6:23 am
nikole: of course we are hoping to get some new poll numbers at some point today that could give us the final snapshot of the race before the voters head to the poll tomorrow. eric: you were here in iowa last week and you have been on the ground for a few days. is the mood different? nikole: there definitely is anticipation and excitement for tomorrow, especially for the candidates who are just ready to get those results. in terms of voters, it is interesting. it seems like a lot of them had pretty much made up their mind in iowa but in new hampshire, we are finding more undecided voters who continued to go back-and-forth, trying to get a feel for each of the candidates. there are quite a few people here simply to observe the process, and came from neighboring states along the east coast. they are just coming to check the candidates out and see what all of the hype is about.
6:24 am
experience for sure, call killian live in new hampshire. -- nikole killion live in new hampshire. we will have more of your days news stories coming up. there is a blizzard warning for some iowa counties. metinka tells us how long we'll have to deal with that. plus alyx sacks is live with an important decision facing state regulators. alyx: that's right, the iowa utilities board is trying to decide whether to allow oil through iowa. eric: plus, we are ranking year favorite super bowl commercials.
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning."
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>> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> go broncos. scott: what is your guess on how long it will take to find somebody from iowa or was raised in iowa? eric: it did not take long. elizabeth: we will talk about some of your favorite moments of the night just ahead. welcome back, everyone, i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: and i'm eric hanson along with shaina and metinka. we all kind of had a tricky drive to work. metinka: it makes a move -- a huge difference, those wicked winds will be with us all day. we just had a gust of 38 miles per hour in des moines, and that is not the strongest wind we have had overnight. in des moines at his 19 degrees, light snow falling and blowing all around. so far, the freeway is looking
6:28 am
road conditions. travel is not advised on a good portion of i-35 northbound. snow showers will be with us through about 6:00 p.m. off and on, and the blizzard warning continues to the north. a winter weather advisory for polk county and to the south. elizabeth: we do want to take a look at the statewide road conditions a lot of changes throughout the night. the big trouble spot spot , northern iowa just south of minnesota. travel is not advised. whiteout conditions up north, some very dangerous driving. we are continuing to take school delays into the newsroom, or than 50 right now. we'll keep the ticker up throughout the newscast. you can also go to eric: check this out denver , broncos fans pretty happy they are super bowl champs.
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panthers. as jamie yuccas reports super bowl 50 came down to defense. >> and the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. jamie: peyton manning and the denver broncos defeated the carolina panthers to win their third super bowl. linebacker von miller was named mvp. >> it was for coach phillips it , was peyton, d-ware and all of my teammates of course. jamie: peyton manning is the first starting quarterback to win with two different teams. but he wouldn't say if this really was his last rodeo. >> i want to go hug my family and i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight. jamie: the broncos offense exploded early while fumbles , plagued the panthers. the ticket was a golden one going for thousands of dollars. but fans say it was worth it. >> it is all about the broncos and manning.
6:30 am
the biggest names in pop music. lady gaga sang the national anthem. coldplay scored at half-time with an assist from beyonce and bruno mars. it was a golden night for more than 70,000 fans celebrating super bowl 50. jamie yuccas, cbs news, santa clara. eric: we're going to talk about the halftime show and rate the ads in just a few minutes in the morning buzz. by the way, houston, texas will post next year's super bowl. shaina: right now north carolina , governor pat mccrory is recovering after his car was rear-ended and totaled after the super bowl. the car he was riding in was leaving levi's stadium in santa clara when it happened. mccrory was slightly injured but declined treatment. the california highway patrol says the governor's vehicle was traveling on state route 237 when it was hit from behind. this is new video in passengers on a royal caribbean cruise say it was a stormy ride home. the anthem of the seas ship hit rough seas and high winds some chairs and things on the ship thrown about. no injuries that we know of.
6:31 am
away from the new hampshire primaries. voters there will go to the polls tomorrow. and republican donald trump says he doesn't need to win the granite state but would like to. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are avoiding making any sort of predictions about tuesday. our chief political reporter cynthia fodor is in new hampshire. watch for her coverage right here on kcci, facebook and twitter. elizabeth: moore big stories now des moines police continue to , investigate the death of former principal ceo david hurd. city leaders say he was a brilliant businessman who loved people. >> he loved this community. he loved the people, and he will truly be missed. elizabeth: hurd died saturday after witnesses saw him fall from the 22nd floor of the plaza building downtown. they are now investigating his death as a suicide. friends tell kcci that hurd was suffering from health issues which may have contributed to , his death. hurd's family has asked for privacy.
6:32 am
utilities board is holding public meetings to discuss whether or not an oil pipeline should be allowed through the state of iowa. kcci's alyx sacks is in downtown des moines where the hearings will take place. alyx, how soon could there be a decision? alyx: the board announced on friday that they may or may not make a decision during these deliberations, and they are going to last next four days, each three days -- three hours long and open to the public to discuss the issues with dakota access. the company wants to transport about 570,000 barrels of crude oil through iowa to a hub in illinois. it can cost about 3.8 billion dollars, and some land owners have already signed agreements with dakota access. today through thursday from 1:00 to 4:00, the iowa utilities
6:33 am
themselves, because it does impact everyone in the state and is controversial. the public is invited to be here today. there is limited seating, but they will have video playing in conference rooms 1 and 2. they will also have this open to the public online. live in downtown des moines, alyx sacks, kcci 8 news iowa's , news leader. elizabeth: your favorite super bowl ads are coming up eric:. plus, what you really thought of the halftime show. metinka: we have a little snow, just enough to create a blizzard across northern iowa. 64 schools have been affected. shaina: you are going to feel the wind as soon as you head out, slippery and some areas and reduced visibility to the north. this is i-235 at valley west drive, the commute is picking
6:34 am
people seem to be taking it a
6:35 am
metinka: good morning, at 6:41 we have an ongoing blizzard across the northern half of the state. 19 degrees with light snow in des moines, the wind chill at one above zero.
6:36 am
all afternoon, gusting to 40 miles per hour. highs today headed for 23 degrees with an inch or less of snow, but the wind will make a big difference today. >> and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air. elizabeth: lady gaga getting the party started at super bowl 50 with the national anthem. really getting great reviews for her rendition. she hit all the right notes. her outfit is also getting quite a few comments some comparing , her to one of the characters in "the hunger games," effie trinket. shaina: let's talk about the other big musical performance,
6:37 am
shaina: that was just a taste of the performances. coldplay, bruno mars, and beyonce came together for a big finale. some say they could not hear coldplay very well others say . others say beyonce upstaged the headliner coldplay. others say it was awesome. eric: we have a now poll up -- so what did you think of it? a lot of half say they did not like it, and the other half are somewhere between it was awesome and it was ok. you can vote by calling or texting 200-1508, going to or to facebook or twitter.
6:38 am
eric: now onto the commercials, we all had our favorites. a pretty spirited discussion underway on my facebook page. but here's what "usa today" ranked as the top five ads of the night. number hyundai's ryanville with five, ryan reynolds. number four, doritos dogs. number doritos ultrasound. three,number heinz wiener two, stampede. and number one? this is it. >> you look good. >> thank you. >> hey, so you're taking my little girl out, huh? oh, yeah. eric: yep, it was hyundai's first date ad starring comedian kevin hart as the overprotective dad. he just kept following along. elizabeth: the guy did not know what he was in for. we got to talk about another here that got some buzz online. singer steven tyler is the new face of skittles, literally. eric: this is a good one as well. elizabeth: the commercial features his portrait made out
6:39 am
eric: they kept singing a little higher and higher. shaina: well, it has been so fun to see our scott reister in the middle of all the super bowl madness. he was covering the game and decided to test the theory that iowans are everywhere. he wanted to see how long it would take for him to find someone from iowa in that big crowd. scott: what is your guess on how long it will take to find somebody from iowa or was raised in iowa? i am going to say 30 seconds. right here, five seconds, grinnell. eric: that is amazing. shaina: the first person to behind him. eric: that was amazing. shaina: you can find all of scott's reports online at, or on our kcci 8 mobile app. elizabeth: it was awesome too that the two stars of cbs late night, stephen colbert and james corden came on with new shows after the game.
6:40 am
from both shows. >> i have just noticed your late show is kind of new. you do not really have an animal expert yet. >> know, we do not have one yet. >> is that a great new pepsi can or what? >> it is beautiful. >> i know you will now. eric: i love his reactions. elizabeth: carpool karaoke with elton john, i am sure there will be eclipse of it on facebook all day long.
6:41 am
metinka tells us when these
6:42 am
kcci. >> weather is never more than
6:43 am
8 news this morning. metinka: the wind is terrible this morning, gusting right around 40 miles per hour in central iowa and close to 50 in the northwest. the stronger wind will continue to build to the south, causing a lot of travel headaches. eastern iowa is still pretty breezy but the strong wind has yet to arrive in the davenport area. blowing snow is a concern along with reduced visibility and slick roads. the wind will taper off a little bit as we head toward 6:00 p.m. or so, right blowing snow will remain an issue into the evening. take your time, we've early if you can't today. it may look innocent, but it is all of that wind that makes a
6:44 am
a lot of orange showing up across central iowa, travel not advised. be very careful. central iowa, partially snow and ice covered. the blizzard warning continues across northern iowa from ground county to the north. -- boone county to the north. the worst conditions will stay up to the north, but they will be very slick. the pressure difference between this and the incoming high cold from the arctic is creating all of the wind. snow will be with us into the afternoon hours, and most of it will advance by around 6 p.m. -- 6:00 p.m. 19 degrees now in des moines, the wind chill is close to zero. headed for 23 this afternoon. the wind gusting close to 45
6:45 am
then the snow moves out, and it will be cold with wind chills below zero through wednesday, getting better by the middle of the week. definitely -- eric: definitely a 10 and today on the road. shaina: the dmt is advising no travel in either direction on i-35 north of story city, so keep that in mind. and the metro, things will be a little bit rough on the road. we have a couple of mobile speed in around town from the sheriff's office, 4200 north 27th street and 4200 northeast 94th avenue. elizabeth: well, you can see this picture from the dot what it's like up north. we're just pulling in some video
6:46 am
to go. elizabeth: a blizzard on your monday morning. this new video taken just over the iowa border in minnesota, gives you an idea what it's like out there, blowing snow, whiteout conditions in some areas. eric: you can tell from the statewide road conditions things are not good up north.
6:47 am
purple area you see from north of story city all away to the minnesota border. we got an e-mail from highway seven east of manson. it is just plain not good. metinka: the blizzard warning continuing from her own county to the north through about 6:00 p.m. -- from boone county to the north through about 6:00 p.m. wind and light snow throughout central iowa. it is the wind that will gust over 45 miles per hour that will make travel difficult, if not impossible. eric: thanks, metinka. this afternoon, the iowa utilities board will begin considering whether to approve the proposed bakken oil pipeline. a controversial project because it would cut through 18 iowa counties. the board is going to hold public meetings today through thursday. those will be livestreamed on the board's website. we'll also be there to let you know what happens.
6:48 am
just about all of the candidates have packed schedules before the first-in-the-nation primary. polls show bernie sanders with a double-digit lead over hillary clinton. and donald trump leads the gop field, with marco rubio in second. our chief political reporter cynthia fodor will have live reports tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. shaina: things are going to be a little tough on the roads today as we have been telling you, very windy, and visibility is low, especially to the north. mobile speed units, 4200 northeast 27th street and 2400 northeast -- your drive times will probably be normal, but take it slow. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the
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caption content and accuracy. donald trump tries to hold up marco rubio ahead of the high stakes primary. we'll talk to them both live from new hampshire. nasa's going back to mars only on "cbs this morning." an inside look at the new rover that will explore the red
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we begin this morning with a
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