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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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mollie: and we begin with breaking news this noon out of glendale, arizona. that's where we've been following developments of a shooting at the high school there. right now dozens of worried parents are waiting at a convenience store for word about their kids after police say two teens were found shot. less than 20 months ago they had a press commerce is a 215-year-old girls are dead. they were found together with a gun nearby. the school remains on lockdown at this hour even the police say there is no longer an active shooter. they are not calling the incident a murder suicide at this point. you can look for updates on this developing story later today on the news at 5:00 and at our website, in commitment 2016 news, the
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candidates are dead even in the polls and used last night's debate to make the case they are the better choice to win the nomination. the republicans are focused on donald trump. weijia jiang has more from greeneville, south carolina. bernie sanders squared off in a debate on thursday night. >> senator center said that president obama failed the presidential leadership test. this is not the first time he has criticized president obama. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not a candidate. reporter: they are sending that message to african-american voters to make of the south carolina electorate. >> sadly, in america today, a whole lot of those four people are african-americans -- poor
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reporter: on the republican side, they were aimed at one man. donald trump. >> negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy. >> you can push down trumbull low-to-mid by electing someone who is a solid conservative. >> i'm a conservative person. bush says i do not believe he is a true conservative. . these people are stupid reporter: the republican candidates are prepping for more face-to-face attacks as they meet again for the cbs news gop debate this saturday night. weijia jiang, cbs news, south carolina. mollie: republicans will square off again during the next gop debate this saturday. at 8:00 p.m. iowa time. you can watch it right here on kcci. new at noon, des moines crews were out early trying to fix a water main break. it happened on southwest 12th street and watrous avenue around 7:00 this morning. water was covering the roadway and caused lane closures during rush hour.
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water works on whether it caused any service outages or boil advisories. lots of us are looking forward to the weekend let's check in . now with jason to see if we're in store for a warm up. the winds. are nasty right now jason: it's really taking down the field like temperature. when this starts the next this graphic, we know we have cold air. it will be again with us tomorrow morning as a temperatures will be dropping. the feel like temperatures are 20-30 below. we are not there yet. we sit in the single digits below. plan on this continuing into the evening hours. winds have been howling. upwards of 37 miles per hour throughout the day. we do have a warm up and store the more stances is -- snow chances of for that. i will have more that coming up just a bit. mollie: des moines police are asking for your help to find a wanted man.
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felonies including thefts, criminal conduct and parole violation. if you see him, you're urged to call crime stoppers at 223-1400. at the statehouse, a major shakeup could be coming to iowa's mandatory minimum sentencing laws. the new bill would cut mandatory sentences for some violent felonies, including kidnapping, attempted murder and second-degree murder. the state's mandatory sentence would be cut from 70% time-served to 30%. for example, a second-degree murder conviction carries a 50-year sentence, 35 years mandatory. if the bill is passed, an offender could serve 15 years and then seek parole. polk county attorney john sarcone is not backing the proposal. >> when they are in prison they are not making more victims. we have to be in a society protected from the violent criminals. mollie: the public safety board has weighed in on modifying the minimum sentences, but only for
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they recommend cutting the mandatory minimum for first-degree robbery from 17 years to seven years, and 7-3 years for second degree robbery. police in columbus, ohio continue to investigate a vicious machete attack on people eating in a restaurant last night. the suspect is dead and investigators are trying to determine if it was a random incident or possibly terror related. jeff pegues has the latest from washington. it's new at noon. >> he came to each table and just turning hitting them. reporter: witnesses described the bloody scene of the middle eastern restaurant in columbus, ohio last night. a man armed with a machete stormed in an march from table to table striking diners. >> there was a man on the floor bleeding. there was blood on the floor. it was awful. .
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say the suspect visited the restaurant and talked with an employee earlier in the day. police say it's not clear what the discussion was about. investigators say less than an hour later he came back and began his violent rampage. >> the second time nothing was said. reporter: four people were taken to the hospital, one in critical condition but they are expected to survive. the suspect fled and after a five mile car chase investigators say he got out of his vehicle armed with a machete and a knife. >> vehicle stopped. . he is trying to get out of the vehicle >> he lunged across the hood of the officer. another officer fired a couple down. investigators have identified the suspected attacker. investigators believe he may have traveled internationally to dubai in 2012. he has a somali background. investigation. investigators are concerned this
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the type of loan wealth working to stop. -- lone wolf terrorist attack. jeff pegues, washington. and what had a physical before he fled. the world health organization says it could be at least another year and a half before possible zika vaccine can be conducted. meanwhile the international olympic committee president says there is no intention by any countries to pull out of the olympics in rio de janeiro over concerns about the mosquito-borne virus. to washington now where a loophole in an 85-year-old tariff law that has failed to keep products of forced child labor out of the u.s. is about to be slammed shut. it's part of a bill headed for president obama's expected signature. the measure includes a provision that would ban imports of fish caught by slaves in southeast asia, gold mined by children in
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abused women in bangladesh. in world headlines, a temporary ceasefire in wartorn syria is set to go into effect next week. the deal will allow food and humanitarian aid to reach innocent victims in hostile areas. holly williams reports from along the syrian border. reporter: syrian civilians are once again paying with their blood as a regime clause back territory from rebel fighters. supported the russian airpower. this week regime forces launched an assault on a town which had been a stronghold for the rebels. some of them armed by the u.s. we met this man who runs a school in the town as he crossed the border into turkey. michelle again airstrikes are random, keith hold us.
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bodies lie in shreds on the ground. if the cease-fire plan does not succeed, 300,000 civilians could be cut off there as they were the regime. to death. tens of thousands have fled the new offensive and tried to cross turkey. turkey already has more than 2 million syrian refugees and is reluctant to take anymore. holly williams, cbs news, on the turkey syria border. mollie: five years has created europe's refugee crisis since world war ii. more than a quarter million conflict. still they come roses, , chocolates, dinner and diamonds. we'll tell you men out there what to expect to spend if you plan on going the whole nine yards this valentines day.
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cash, man-made diamonds are becoming more and more popular. we'll tell you how they stack up
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at noon continues.
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mollie cooney and meteorologist jason sydejko. mollie: part you ready? tens of millions of americans valentine's day. people who celebrate will spend an average of about $147 this weekend. that adds up to nearly $20 billion. anna warner looks at the numbers that will have some lovers seeing red. reporter: on valentine's day, more than half of men in relationships say they will buy flowers for their special someone. most of the year roses would cost a little more than $40. this romantic day is different. >> the price of roses, red roses goes up anywhere from three fold to fivefold. reporter: a typical valentine's day celebration, roses,
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and a nice dinner could set you back $512. it's actually the fourth most lucrative event on the retail calendar, behind only christmas, back to school and mother's day. >> it seems like there are a lot of people who say this is a set of holiday, it's a hallmark holiday. >> men hated because they feel obligated to top themselves. women hate it because they always hate begets they get or it somehow does not live up to expectations. nobody is happy. reporter: restaurants raise prices to take advantage of dinner dates. valentine's day dinner at a two michelin star restaurant in new york city is $175 per person. on other days it is just $99. >> 75% of people said they do not want anything for valentine's day. when asked again in the same survey, 25% of them admit they lied. reporter: they really wanted
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>> if your wife says she does not want some the for valentine's day, don't believe her. mollie: thousands of people will get engaged on valentine's day and most will involve a diamond ring. now there is a new type of diamond on the market that is a diamond on the market that is a 100% real but costs significantly less. the reason? they are man made. one company called pure grown has its gems developed in a singapore lab. the process uses carbon and other gasses to create diamonds in a high-pressure chamber in about 12 weeks. pure grown diamonds ceo says the gems are eco-friendly conflict free and 30% to 40% cheaper. experts say you can tell the difference between real and man made by using an infrared light. time to check back in with the man who matches his map. jason: if you do that on purpose? i tried to. i just figured it was going to be cold and this could potentially warm some hearts. is close to valentine's day.
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jason: i try. it's good to be fashionable with the map behind you. cold continues to filter in. we will continue to see temperatures drop throughout the day. if you're heading out, pack our next is what shirts, extra blankets, whatever you choose to wear. when advisory for the northern portion of the state. this is out from 6:00 p.m. tonight until 8:00 tomorrow morning. a significant amount of time we will be sending with feel like temperatures below zero. please, if you are heading out, bundle up. toss a couple of extra blankets in the car. these are sustained wind speeds. we saw gus upward of 36-37 miles per hour. now we have sustained winds in the mid-20s. these will be backing down but it will take until early tomorrow morning until we can see any really insight -- relief in sight. this was that cuddy's campground.
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there -- out there. you can head outside right now if you like a peek at the sun. the clouds cleared out early run. we have an area of high pressure that's in helping to break some of those apart and dive southwards. any cloud cover is run lamoni towards sheridan. that will continue to push southward. if you're looking for sunshine, i know it is windy and cold, but you go outside and used there but the sky for a bit and you feel the sun on you, i think it makes the windchill of six degrees field that are. -- feel a lot better. temperatures down into the single digits below before even reach midnight. well below that tomorrow morning. 13 below. this will be the coldest air we have seen in des moines or iowa in a month. another reason to bundle up it for heading out. high-pressure continues to sink down. you can see what is behind it.
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crying for spring. we will get a taste of winter and a very snowy way through portions of your weekend. if you would like to get out and enjoy some sunshine, today will be the day for that. you can see the clouds building as we head of the afternoon. and especially evening hours tomorrow. the snow begins to develop the portion of sunday. it will push out as we head into the evening hours on sunday and eventually clear out. but not before leaving its mark. we have no pinks on this map. we do have snow totals to the northeast of around 3-5 inches. a bit of a chilly one today. a little bit of blowing snow to go along with it. if you would like to see the sun, today will be the day. clouds build tonight. 4 below tonight. when chills dropping into the 27 30's below for northern portions of the state. you look at the weekend and we build in the snow. we are back to freezing on
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mollie: just in time to cuddle up all weekend. perfect. thanks a lot. coming up, fans of buddy holly have a chance tonight to relive the songs and story of the 22-year-old rising star who died 57 years ago this month near clear lake. we'll tell you about the
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sherman >> buddy holly! >> if he knew peggy sue you know what i feel blue my peggy sue mollie: buddy holly and the these as we knew it. now you have a chance to relive that moment in history. tonight is our chance to see the buddy holly story in des moines. we just happened have buddy holly with us. thank you so much for coming in. tell us about this. you have been traveling all over the country. what is it like to play buddy holly?
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me my cousin play this character. when i was younger. inspired me to get into theater in the first place and now it has come full circle. i'm 25 years old and i'm the one playing him. i'm hoping that i have met some want to do theater and do this stuff now. that is the reason why. music. what do you like about him? what is so appealing. it's big in london. guest: there are so many factors that go into why he is so popular. there's something about his primal, simple way. it's so easy to listen to. you feel like you have noted for your whole life -- known in your whole life. there was also something to be
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underdog. he grew up in the south and not wanting to do country music. pushing his rock 'n roll. that was such a big, difficult thing to do at the time. considering how the adult america felt about rock 'n roll. that rebel streak that people associate with. he made himself. he was a very smart guy and a very -- he knew what he wanted. he took it and he got his. that is special. 22. just a few hours north of here. will you be able to visit? through on our way to dubuque. i have never been there. really. it's so exciting. mollie: what are we going to see tonight? guest: we will see his rise.
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it's a musical. it shows you his rise from this young 17-year-old coming up from taxes and wanting to do his own thing and then getting there. and the apollo theater concert he played. in act two we see his romance and at the top of his game. he had always number one hits and his albums sold through the roof. you see how the crickets as a group form. at the end of the show the audience becomes like his audience. mollie: you will sing is out of here to the commercial. let everyone know -- 8:00 tonight. you can get more tickets. singh is a way.
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jason: our chilly day continues. thankfully the sunshine will continue as well. temperatures dropping to the single digits by 10:00 p.m. we get wind chills in the double digits below zero. eventually we will be in the middle of a warm-up. that will be the latter half of the weekend after chances for a thursday and friday. mollie: just in time.
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this >> thomas: uh, you're -- you're in labor? >> caroline: oh, my god. i don't know. ooh! ow, ow! that was a really strong one. >> thomas: um... >> caroline: this can't be happening.
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>> thomas: uh... >> wyatt: delete it. >> steffy: [ voice breaking ] how could he say those things? >> wyatt: because he's moved on. and it's time that you do, too. >> liam: i'm only gonna say this once. stop calling. get a life. don't ever call this number again. >> liam: is that the prank caller again? i thought we -- thought we handled that. >> quinn: uh, we did. i don't think it's going to be an issue anymore. >> liam: oh. good. i thought -- 'cause you were playing the recording. >> quinn: no, i just wanted to hear it again because it worked so well. >> liam: stern, protective husband voice. >> quinn: scaring away all the riffraff for me.


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