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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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>> it was normally at nighttime. >> you see the girls going from truck to truck. laura:laura: in small towns from osceola, a string of prostitution arrests. senator kevin kinney knows a lot about human trafficking. the retired johnson county deputy give speeches across the state. >> it is a form of modern-day slavery. laura: to educate about the stings he's busted and about the children he's rescued. >> it was very gratifying. laura: that's why he is behind a new bill that would create an office within the department of public safety were several agents would focus on human trafficking. >> it is a way to effectively combat human trafficking by setting up a task force. >> some of the most formidable ages are 11 to 14. laura: senator rita hart is behind another bill that adds
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that means more training for educators and other mandatory reporters. >> trained on what to look for, how to know and how to ask the right questions. what the criteria might be that would help understand that this child is being affected by human trafficking. laura: they say these bills are no-brainers. exists. senate but they need to go through the house. office. hart says her bill uses resources we are to have. also a protest against the governor's plan to privatize medicaid. chet culver along with health-care providers and medicare clients staged a rally in the rotunda. they fear problems when private companies take over management on april 1.
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elizabeth: a des moines mother speaks with kcci about her sons frightening experience at school when a student found a gun on the playground of part of new elementary. des moines public school officials don't know if the gun is connected with the shooting tuesday night in the school's parking lot. eric: police say someone shut darius coulter. they say he was with a group trying to buy marijuana when someone pulled up and started firing shots. medic sound him a few blocks away from the school. he said he had to run to find a house for he could call 911. so far, no arrests. elizabeth: emmy victor spoke with a mother who says her mother was on the playground wednesday and another child found a gun. emmy: samantha russell was outside parkview elementary school to become percent from recent -- recess. >> she had something blacken her hand. i looked at it and i said that's not right. i looked again and i was like, oh my goodness.
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emmy: love the shooting that happened on school property tuesday night, she called the school to report what she saw. >> my son is in kindergarten, what if he picked it up or another student tried to shoot it? emmy: the gun was given to a teacher and the incident has been a hot topic since. >> kids in my class were talking about it. emmy: other parents felt uneasy about the shooting. already holding discussions with their children. >> we drill it into her chin -- into her to make sure she knows it could be dangerous. emmy: some are worried and violence is spreading to this part of town. >> a lot of people have been here for years and have young children and this isn't what we want to see on the south side. elizabeth: des moines public school officials say the gun was a bb gun and it did not go off. no students were injured. it is therefore: 34 and we want
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metinka: it is the way and making a big difference. producing wind chills in the teens and the 20's. nothing bone chilling but you will notice a chill to the air. highs today will be in the low 30's across northern iowa and upper 30's for central and in and southern iowa. the air pushes back into the state and we did -- get back into the 40's or 50's for the weekend. eric: des moines is at its highest, rate in 20 years. now the police chief is finding an unusual way to combat filing crime. ryan smith shows how the community's top cop is doing community outreach. ryan: the untimely death of harrison jim. >> -- harris. >> inspiring local hip-hop
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>> it's all about how you feel about the music. >> he was at one time left for dead in chicago and has dedicated his life to keeping the getting environment out of central iowa. >> everybody goes through something. it's how you come out of it. i want to teach people how. ryan: the video taking center stage in the des moines police facebook page. promoting the songs peaceful message. >> to be able to use his talents in this way, i think it helps our community across the board and his heart is in the right place. ryan: dana wingert admits wills lyrics are making an impact. >> that talent can reach people we wouldn't reach through our normal means. he can reach them for music. ryan: the chief is stepping in himself, making an appearance in
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a track encouraging unity among pulleys, communities, and everywhere in between. >> i'm done with people saying all whites, all caps, all blacks are bad. stott -- stop saying everybody and start giving names. eric: he will not be wrapping or freestanding in the music video but it will be released on social media on tuesday, march 1. elizabeth: president obama is said to be moving forward with a nominee for the u.s. supreme court. senator charles grassley is speaking out for the first time since refusing to consider a nomination. cynthia fodor has the latest on the supreme court vacancy. cynthia: according to a cnn source, governor brian sandoval is being fitted for a nomination. he is a former federal judge considered a moderate republican. >> it is not an issue about who
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this is an opportunity for the people to have a voice in the choosing of the next supreme court justice. cynthia: iowa senator charles grassley who heads the senate judiciary committee says he will not hold confirmation hearings that whoever president obama chooses. >> i have a responsibility to see were my colleagues are. we have to consult with each other as you can't have a chairman of the committee going one direction and 10 members of his caucus going the other direction. cynthia: the president says it would be difficult for republicans to explain blocking the nomination. president obama: i recognize the politics are important because the easier thing to do is to give into the most extreme voices within their party. cynthia: a new tv ad by justice, not politics is airing here this week featuring sandra day o'connor calling for an immediate important --
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>> i think there needs to be somebody there now to do the job and let's get on with it. cynthia: the ad asks iowans to call grassley to ask him and remind him the nation looks to iowa. elizabeth: the senator's office says it is working with the white house to seven time to meet likely early next week. cnn sources say they will make the decision on a money soon. eric: one of the biggest events at wells fargo arena is three weeks away. the precautions already underway in des moines for the ncaa men's basketball tournament. elizabeth: per a push back.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. it is a chilly start at 32 in des moines. no precipitation or fog. brisk wind from the northwest at 15 miles per hour. enough wind to make it feel cooler. wind chills 10 degrees colder than the actual temperatures. grab warmer coats. the brisk wind will be with us through the afternoon. highs will be cooler than they should be in the upper 30's with temperatures will recover and
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highs will jump into the mid-40's and over the weekend, 50's and 60's are on the way and the mild weather continues for the start of next week. elizabeth: the men's ncaa basketball tournament will take over des moines in three weeks. eric: marcus mcintosh has more on the security efforts underway surrounding defense like that in des moines. marcus: events -- precautions have been in place for a few months of the wells fargo arena. they are using a metal detecting wand on everyone entering. >> that has transitioned over to a lot of other events. we have a want for the iowa barnstormers. marcus: members of the greater dm convention and visitors bureau make sure that a safety particle is in place. >> making sure the effort is coming in need to be on top of their game and want to hit their peak as emergency responders, as a community, we need to be prepared as we can be. marcus: the training session to
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understanding about responsibilities and communication between elected officials, the operation center, and first-time responders. when it comes to the ncaa hoops tournament, visitors will have to pass by metal detectors and other it protocols designed to blend into the background. >> we want to make sure that this is a safe and secure event and to meet expectations. marcus: expectations about not feeling insecure about your safety. >> it's important for people coming to wells fargo to feel comfortable. marcus: when it comes to the tournament, everyone will be ready. >> this is a game day for area responders and the community. eric: chris connelly says stepped up security like those metal detectors are already at events link the iowa wild games and they will have them ready for the ncaa men's basketball tournament. elizabeth: what happens if the st. patrick's day parade is not on st. patrick's day? we will find out in a few weeks. todd magel has more on the big
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todd: it's a des moines tradition. the st. patrick's day parade has marched through downtown for more than three decades. but this year it will be on st. patrick's day. the parade moves to the day after which is friday, march 18. why? the ncaa basketball tournament comes to town on thursday, march 17. >> it will be cold have put things coming but it could create a lot of congestion downtown. todd: so greg at the greater dm convention and visitors bureau went to work and asked saint patrick to think about moving their historical celebration. >> this was like moving christmas. >> it was like that with some people and i totally understood that. march 17 this st. patrick's day. >> once i explained what's going on they all came around. todd: he says they came around more quickly thanks to a $10,000 payment from downtown des moines leaders.
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parade and its charities. >> we are friendly so we need to work with people. todd: now they will have two days to celebrate, think of it as an extra dose of luck. elizabeth: ironically this year's parade grand marshal is greg edwards, ceo of the convention and visitors bureau so hopefully no hard feelings about the change. eric: we are waking up to 32 degrees, it will market much warmer than that.
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we >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. it will be another cool and breezy day. temperatures close to freezing, will probably lose a few more degrees closer to sunrise and not work -- recover much. the wind is making a huge difference. coming out of the northwest adding a chill. 15 miles an hour. you will notice it on the road. tomorrow the wind shifts to the southwest and this is the warmer direction. those will build in for the weekend and bring warmer temp's. it is feeling colder than the actual temperature so went to -- wind chills are in the teens and the 20's. overnight if you're having
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to the fast moving center to the midwest, that is going to the south. there are a few holes in the clouds but there's a lot of flooding across the midwest. at least we are not dealing with this huge mess. severe weather concerns along the eastern u.s. and into the northern u.s. followed by winter storm warnings still continuing near the great lakes. client weather comparatively here in the midwest. high pressure will build in over the next several days and that will scour out the clouds. warmer air tomorrow remains to the west of the wind shift line. we will start to pick back up coming from the southwest allowing the warm temperatures to come in especially on saturday. toward sunday, the cold front will be across the dakotas and that will be sleeping through the state. tomorrow highs will be where they should be a few degrees cooler in the 30's with tomorrow
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toward saturday it looks gorgeous with 50's and 60's across the state. des moines at 32, the wind chill at 22 because of the brisk wind. highs today won't be a whole lot different from temperatures now heading for 37 supplant on it being cool at busy. -- and breezy. sunshine in the afternoon with highs in the mid 40's and the weekend looks fabulous with 50's and 60's on the way with a slight chance for a stray sprinkle late sunday afternoon and early next week. elizabeth: scammers trick a man suffering from ptsd and a brain injury and to paying $1000 for a therapy dog that doesn't exist. eric: kim st. onge explains how it happened and how to avoid becoming a victim. kim: mike desperas paid almost a thousand dollars for a puppy he hoped would be his new friend. he found her on a website called
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>> $400 to get a beautiful dog. a dachshund puppy that was 12 years -- 12 weeks old. how strange. kim: the owner who claimed to be a -- in oklahoma with a promise to ship the dog in a few days by paying somebody in massachusetts. >> they sent me a text saying they needed $725 more for insurance that was refundable. kim: mike was forced to borrow money from friends after the owner requested more money for vaccines and a cage. mike was devastated when he realized he'd been scammed and was out $975. >> it's something that i need. i need another docs and -- doxen. kim: i got the same reps -- response from the scammers.
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losing their best friend. >> if one other person doesn't fall for this, because of me speaking out, then that's better than nothing. eric: the des moines better business bureau suggested not sending or wiring money to people you don't know. be aware of ads with multiple misspellings or grammatical errors. a lot of these come from overseas.
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why metinka: you are waking up to another quiet day although it's chilly and 32 in des moines. we have a brisk wind from the northwest and wind chills from 15 degrees to about 20. added for 37 this afternoon and temperatures won't get a chance
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across the area and warmer air will start to move back in. above average tomorrow and the mid to upper 40's and 60's over the weekend. toward next week, monday looks good but by the middle part of the week tuesday into wednesday we have a chance for rain or snow. >> we want to bring it to more of ames. eric: a barbecue joint that has been in campus town for three decades is moving out. you may know it as battle's barbeque. elizabeth: the owner will say goodbye to their campus town location because another business has spot appeared vanessa peng -- has bought it. vanessa peng shows us why. vanessa: time is running out. >> we need to move shop or call it quits. vanessa: battlecry smokehouse, formerly -- formally known as battle cries barbecue has been there for 15 years.
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>> i've been coming here since it was on its initial location on heyward. years. vanessa: two years ago, comment go bought the building. >> i love this place too much to let it go. vanessa: the owners plan to move out of campus town but they will open a new restaurant somewhere in ames within the next year. >> campus town is a fantastic place but unfortunately at the moment it's not a place were we can grow the business. >> the type of people that make it to campus town are basically students and it's hard to get a family crowd or an older crowd to come in because the traffic is hard and is not a lot of parking. >> they tell me the new restaurant will be bigger than the current spot with the bar and a new menu. they will have burgers, salads, and desserts. in addition to the menu. >> i would definitely go and
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elizabeth: the new restaurant will be called battle cry iowa smokehouse and bar. the owners hope to move and by the end of march 2017. comment go says they have no specific plans for the current building. eric: two full hours of today's top stories are coming up. information on a double murder in des moines.
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and a shifted foc news. elizabeth: charges filed. the man is finally behind bars in connection to a double murder from last november. what took so long for authorities to charge him. hawkeyes. butwhat went wrong in the game against wisconsin and how players are focused on their future and opportunities.
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elizabeth: it is thursday, february 25. we are focused on the weekend warm-up but we have another cool day to get through. metinka: we need to bundle up. 32 in des moines but the breeze makes a big difference. coming from the northwest at 15 miles an hour making it feel like 22. no fog to worry about what those kids will need to bundle up for outdoor recess. temperatures will fall a couple more degrees closer to 30's so they will need warm coats and mittens. a high near 37 which is a few degrees shy of the typical hide. we all make up for it for the next several days with 40's on friday with 50's and 60's on the weekend. eric: new information overnight. charges are filed in a months old double murder case in des moines. emmy victor is live in des moines with more. remind us about this case. emmy: this stems from a double murder have been following since


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