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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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had injuries so severe, they sought out medical treatment off-site. danny: four officers in a knock-down, drag-out fight with some inmates. ryan: this is the aftermath for one staff member -- a bruised eye, several cuts, and abrasions to his face. danny: it's just a matter of giving the officers the tools that they need to do their job safely. ryan: danny homan is union president of afscme iowa council 61. his concern? correctional officers are not equipped with pepper spray. instead, resorting to brute force, when an inmate becomes violent. union leaders saying tonight warden patti wachtendorf is not doing enough to keep staff safe. danny: this warden out there says, "you can't do it," because they're women. somebody ought to take a look at the pictures of the officer that got beat up. he's got some pretty good welts. ryan: according to afscme, there have been 16 inmate assaults on prison staff in one year. department of corrections officials could not verify those
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a spokesperson did tell kcci, " the department of corrections is committed to operating safe and secure facilities, and will continue to work to improve our operations for the safety of all." danny: if those officers would have had mace on their body, they would have been able to deescalate that situation a lot quicker. and without staff being punching bags for inmates. ryan: the doc not commenting tonight, when i directly asked about staff members not being armed with pepper spray. we also learned staff and supporters will march next wednesday, in a correctional officer safety campaign. steve? steve: thank you, ryan. we do have a warm weekend ahead for us. kurtis, what can we expect when we wake up tomorrow? kurtis: it will be cool. if you are an early riser, do not expect a big warm up early. 9:00 a.m. is 47. southwest wind will pick up, bathing in sunshine.
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60's about from ames to lamoni, council bluffs. some colder 50's, still nice in mason city. back up to dubuque, south wind. 15-25, seeing gusting around 25. but they will warm us up into the 60's. sunday, 56. there is a chance for a few sprinkles, and wind moving to the northwest. and he gets gustier. steve: thanks, kurtis. a windsor heights developer, who kicked out a number of long-time tenants, is looking for new renters. retailers were told to move out of the apple valley shopping center last fall, to make room for an aldi grocery store. the windsor heights city council denied that plan in november. so, now, realtor steve scott says bringing in new tenants is already in the works. steve scott: it's in-demand for restaurants. the area is underserved by restaurants, banking. we've got a lot of interest from financial institutions. steve karlin: the new retailers could be open for business this fall. stacey: warren county voters get
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next tuesday. right now, sales tax in warren county is 6%. the local option sales tax would increase it by 1% -- making the total tax $.07 per dollar. if approved, the tax increase could bring in a lot of money. the city of carlisle could see $190,000 in the fiscal year. but the tax could also impact business owners. kelly: so, say you did a million dollars in sales. that's $10,000 that you're going to have to come up with. andrew: it's important for them to make that decision, as to whether they would like to see things improve in their community and allow the city to grow. stacey: if the local option sales tax does pas, it would go into effect on july 1. steve: an important celebration today, and a fresh start, for the iowa air national guard. it is the 75th anniversary of the 132nd fighter wing. two months ago, pilots again began flying missions out of the base, without ever seeing the aircraft. they are flying remotely-piloted
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all over the globe. col. ford: when aircraft over in theater take off and get up in the air, we'll then take over control of the aircraft and fly the mission, until it's time to come back and land. being conducted out of des surveillance and cybersecurity john deere is cutting 100 workers from two iowa plants, on april 1. the company says 80 of those jobs will be cut at deere's davenport facility, the other 20 at its dubuque plant. job reductions are connected to deere's forestry and construction division. stacey: right now, three iowans have tested positive for the mosquito-borne zika virus. all three are women and traveled to countries where the virus is present. and tonight, the cdc reveals details about the other infected woman here in the u.s. the cdc says it's confirmed nine pregnant women with the viurus. of those cases, two women had healthy babies, two had miscarriages, and two terminated
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one child was born with severe microcephaly, a condition that leaves babies with abnormally small heads. the zika virus has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in brazil. steve: new at 10:00, new charges tonight in yesterday's workplace shooting in hesston, kansas. a woman in kansas is now facing charges for supplying cedric ford, the suspect in the shootings, with an assault rifle and a pistol. ford was a convicted felon. on thursday, ford stormed into the factory where he worked. he shot 14 people, killing three, before he was fatally shot. in commitment 2016 news, donald trump received a high-profile endorsement today that has surprised almost everyone. while on the democratic side, the candidates are down to the wire in south carolina. weijia jiang has the latest. gov. chris christie: i proudly say i endorse donald trump for president of the united states. weijia: former gop presidential
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he's the only one who can defeat the democrats. gov. christe: who is the best person to keep hillary clinton from ever getting inside the white house again? this is the best person to do that. weijia: ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement, during a campaign stop in nashville. but later, he played it cool. sen. ted cruz: well, listen, i think the endorsement was, no doubt, troubling news for the rubio campaign. sen. marco rubio: what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. weijia: marco rubio has been attacking trump since thursday night's debate. but the billionaire businessman fired back. donald trump: once a choker, always a choker. it never, ever changes. weijia: the republicans have their sights set on super tuesday. but the democratic candidates have to make it through the south carolina primary, first. sec. hillary clinton: hello, south carolina state! weijia: hillary clinton is expected to easily win south carolina, but she's campaigning there until the very end. sec. clinton: we are fighting to break down barriers, wherever they may be. [cheering] weijia: rival bernie sanders
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sen. bernie sanders: what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities. weijia: south carolina voters head to the polls saturday, with their priorities. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. steve: donald trump says it's too early to say whether he would consider christie as a running mate. >> our phone line rang, from noon on a saturday afternoon non-stop until 8:00 that night, fulfilling orders. stacey: it's a business owner's dream come true. and it happened to a small, family-owned des moines restaurant this month. steve: plus, big class sub-state showdowns. the 4a boys are just two wins
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andy garman has tonight's announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. wesad news for doughnut-lovers. steve: oh, we've got some sad news for doughnut-lovers. we've learned that donut king on grand in west des moines has to close by march 20. the building is going to be torn down, to make way for new development. owner lou king says he hopes to reopen somewhere else. a customer has started a
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the new location. a longtime, southside des moines restaurant is now doing big business all across the country. stacey: all because of attention it received during the iowa caucuses. kcci's mark tauscheck explains. mark: journalists covering the caucuses three weeks ago dumped a lot of money into the pockets of des moines business owners. >> when we're done, we just pull them out of here and drain them off. mark: but when everyone left, the money faucet didn't turn off for everyone. >> seconds after they were off-air, the phones started ringing non-stop. [phone ringing] [laughter] mark: smitty's, a pork tenderloin institution on the southside, received more than it's share of attention during the caucus cycle. al roker from the "today show," bloomberg television, and fox news all walked through the front door. >> 20 seconds after i was on camera, our phone lines lit up for nine hours straight. mark: for a family business that
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advertising, this was another world. >> honestly, it was like we went to survival mode. let's keep answering the phones. let's get through this. mark: in a typical year, smitty's might mail 25 boxes of a dozen tenderloins. in the past month, they've mailed 75, to customers in 32 states. >> and then, we place it inside the cooler to be shipped. you and mark: locals don't blink an eye at the enormous undertaking. how many tenderloins you put down in your life? >> a whole bunch, that's all i can say. mark: these out-of-towners are stunned at this giant piece of deep-fried, breaded pork on the cartoonishly small buns. the question from every visitor? how, exactly? >> you just have to go for it. it's so big. [laughter] mark: 15 minutes of fame during in the caucuses has turned into a pretty good run. >> just before the super bowl, i had a guy from california call and offer me $300 to have them overnighted. he wanted them so bad. mark: mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: smitty's employees pack
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pounds of dry ice, to ensure they arrive fresh. steve: the whole smith family, dad and grew, they are really nice. so is the forecast. kurtis: i heavy know were there. a powerful lunch. downtown skycam route, here is what is left of the snow moon. a few clouds out and about moving through quickly. 38 degrees, not much of a windchill. feels-like 36. much colder to the north, cool in fort dodge -- 31 in ames. 34 in ottumwa. sunshine comes up at 6:53. i want to point out it will be cool in the metro. covering around freezing. but then that late february sunshine warms us up, 9:00 a.m. is 37. noon is 58. southwest wind gusting to 23,
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but look at that temperature. 63 degrees. the record for the day is 68, not that far from that. 56 at 6 p.m. sunshine goes down at 6:02. we saw the clouds on the sky camera, nothing on the clear from south dakota back to kansas. 70's out west, folks in kansas city are 67. 53 in chicago. pretty nice weather across the entire midwest. a boundary to the south, a cold front dropping in on sunday. i think northern iowa will feel the brunt of this -- knocking temperatures down to the 40's. a wave of energy will provide maybe a few spotty showers on sunday. here is your timeline. right through noon tomorrow,
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sunday starts off with sunshine, except for northern iowa. again, i chance along that front for a few light showers. front. monday starts out with just a little bit of sunshine. later that day. on monday, it will also be mild. clear, southwest wind and 5-10. so nice. sunday is mid-50's. i do want to point out that extreme southern iowa may hold on to 60. wind is gusting around 30. monday is 60 degrees. that will be nice. tuesday, a system to watch. greater impact for the south. more 30's and 40's next week. stacey: the countdown is on. night. why celebrities, awards show producers, and party planners
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steve: oscar gold fills tinseltown this weekend, as the red carpet is rolled out for the 88th annual academy awards. stacey: but, as teri okita reports, amid the preparations, protests are also planned for hollywood's biggest night. teri: hollywood certainly knows how to throw a party. at the governor's ball venue, the champagne is chilling, artwork is up, and wolfgang puck's famous feast is being prepared. wolfgang: we flew in 40 crabs -- 40 whole, big crabs. each one costs like $450-$500. teri: experts expect plenty of surprise winners on sunday, including best picture. tim: i've been at "variety" for 30 years, and i don't remember an oscar race that was more confusing than this year, because the big prize is really up for grabs.
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this could finally be leonardo dicaprio's year to take home gold. runner for best actress, but there's no clear-cut favorite in the supporting actor and actress categories. it's hard to talk about the oscars this year, without in nominees. protests are planned here in hollywood, and across the snoop dogg is the latest celebrity to speak out. saying, "the oscars weren't made for us." gray says the industry needs to change, out of self-preservation. tim: the film industry is at least 20 years behind what television is, and they're going to have to catch up, or people are going to stop going to movies. teri: the controversy could be a dark cloud hanging over hollywood's brightest night. teri okita, cbs news, los angeles. stacey: and comedian chris rock is getting his jokes lined up. some critics say he should have stepped down as host. steve: others say he is the perfect choice to get people talking about the diversity
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announcer: from iowa's sports
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andy: good evening. welcome to the final friday night hoops of the season. hard to imagine, we are out of weeks here. a week from tonight, state semi finals for the girls. boys follow the next week. tonight, state semifinals for 4a for the boys. the pick of the action, roosevelt and valley. our first stop of the night, nice moving. quinton curry, easy inside. roos came in on a six-game winning streak. ethan shafer trying to bring them back. nice drive, finishes high off the window. but his team still trailed big. valley put it away like this. curry with the big stuff. valley wins, 51-27. quinton: we are working really hard, playing great defense, great offense to we are
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andy: let us stay in west des moines, dowling catholic maroons taking on urbandale. quarter. kyle hart, 3. roads looking too good. brendan dougherty nails the 3, off the inbounds play. dowling rolls, 69-34. up at hoover high school tonight, the huskies playing host to fort dodge. winner moves on to the semi. quinn, wide open from the art. this was a low-scoring, tight affair. fort dodge with the answer. kyle beisch, nba-range. knocks down the long three. second quarter, that was wilson inside. gets the baby hook to fall. hoover wins, 46-33.
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final game of the season. and that is tyler maschoff, corner 3. ankeny up, 8-7. tyreke locure, lay-up. coming right back, though. and here comes the other end. good finish. north was up, 14-13. ankeny started to pull away from there. trystan cummins for 3, and the foul. cyhawks win, 76-46. centennial and a southeast polk, connor cullen drives for 2. centennial up, 33-27. southeast polk's keegan van kooten, bucket and the foul. draws the contact. centennial too much in this one. they had a good game.
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jaguars win, 62-57. bob: i told our guys, it's going to be a war. we got to play one possesion at a time. this time of year, it's all about survive and advance. and we advanced. and we got one more game, for sure. so, we're going to give it our best shot. andy: one more game involving central iowa teams up in ames. waukee and ames. the finals are on tuesday. women's college basketball tonight. four teams are within a game of the lead in the missouri valley. one of those, the drake bulldogs in the pink for cancer awareness. and the dogs moving it really well. these are second half highlights. that was too easy. you cannot leave her open. ramblers struggling this year. bulldogs not. nice passing here.
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91-61, drake. also in the valley? northern iowa knocks off bradley, 65-41 the final. panthers continue to lead their league. welcome back, barnstormers. arena football is back. the indoor football league kicking off the home portion of the schedule. facing green bay, you know the fans were going all out. so were the stormers. the former cyclone, the easy pick six. a little celebration, as well. 14-0. and iowa, look at this final score, 73-21. points on the board in a big way. they are 2-0. on the ice tonight. grand rapids beats iowa. good game for the des moines
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that is the finalat's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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stacey: nationally-known christian singer michael w. smith was in the metro today. before singing at a concert tonight, he sang for church leaders from more than 60 churches in the des moines area at a unite in prayer event. iowa home care in west des moines hosted the event, in hopes of bringing different religious denominations together to pray for the community. >> that they are able to come together and pray together,
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stacey: this is the first year for the unite in prayer event. a cat -- yes, a cat -- is in trouble tonight for calling the police. steve: big trouble. this naughty cat somehow dialed 911 last night, from the ames pet hospital. ames police posted this picture on their facebook page. they say officer vander zwaag made the cat promise to never call them again, unless there's a cat emergency. burglar nearby. a cold one tonight, warming up quickly. south wind will push temperatures up, down to 32. the high tomorrow is 63. 63! it is going to feel so good. it is a lot. 50's on sunday. monday near 60. does the few sprinkles sunday. colder in northern iowa on sunday. the system to watch on tuesday,
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it does get colder next week.
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steve: >> jon: stephen colbert!
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: thank you. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody. thank you. thank you, sir. thank you! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: hey! thanks so much! welcome to "the late show," everybody. i'm stephen colbert. now, a couple weeks ago... thank you so much. i don't know, friday night, wonderful to be here on friday night. thank you so much for being here. a couple of weeks ago, if you guys watch the show on a regular basis... do you guys watch the show? ( cheers and applause ) that's good to know. that's good to know.


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