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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning Saturday  Me-TV  February 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am CST

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we already have the sunshine out. just a great start to your weekend. we will definitely feel the warmer air by this afternoon. 31 in des moines, 32 in ames. mid-to-upper 20's to the south and east. the wind today will be a little bit strong, especially as we go through the afternoon hours, at hour. by 1:00, 62, a bit windy. the 8 day forecast. alyx: big news on the republican side donald trump stopped his friday, with a high-profile endorsement. on the democratic side, the south carolina. cbs' weijia jiang has more from the white house. mr. christie: i endorse donald trump for president of the
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weijia: former gop presidential candidate chris christie and worst donald trump, saying he's the only one who can defeat the democrats, mr. christie: who is the best person to keep hillary clinton from ever getting in the white house again, this is the best person to do that. weijia: ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement during a campaign stop in nashville, but later, he played it cool. mr. cruz: well, listen, i think the endorsement was, no doubt, troubling news for the rubio campaign. mr. rubio: what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. weijia: marco rubio has been attacking trump since thursday night's debate. but the billionaire businessman fired back. mr. trump: once a choker, always a choker. it never, ever changes. weijia: the republicans have their sights set on super tuesday, but the democratic candidates have to get through the south carolina primary first. ms. clinton: hello, south carolina state. weijia: hillary clinton is expected to easily win south carolina, but she's campaigning
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ms. clinton: we are fighting to break down barriers wherever they may be. weijia: rival bernie sanders also held a rally at a university. mr. sanders: what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities. weijia: south carolina voters head to the polls saturday, with their priorities. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. alyx: donald trump said it's too early to say whether he'd consider christie for a running mate. the iowa caucuses are over, but their economic effect is lingering at least for one smitty's tenderloin shop on army post road has sent packages of their famous tenderloins to customers in 32 states in the past month. all because they were featured on several national tv networks including fox news, nbc, and bloomberg television. the free advertising made for an especially memorable weekend before the caucuses. >> 20 seconds after i was off
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, for nine hours straight. >> as soon as i'd hang up with one customer, the phone would ring again and they would say, i just saw you on fox news. i want to place an order, i'm in alaska, or california or alabama. alyx: smitty's uses fed ex air to ship their pork tenderloins customers can get a dozen packaged in dry ice for $95. a woman has been charged with providing firearms to the gunman who killed three people and injured several others in kansas. sarah hopkins was charged with one count of knowingly transferring a firearm to a convicted felon. hopkins gave two weapons to cedric ford, who was fatally shot by police during the thursday shootings. prosecutors say hopkins knew ford wasn't allowed to have a firearm. right now, three iowans have tested positive for the mosquito-borne zika virus. all three are women who traveled to countries where the virus is present. the cdc says it's confirmed nine pregnant women with the zika virus in the u.s. of those cases, two women had healthy babies, two had
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one child was born with severe microcephaly, a condition that leaves babies with abnormally small heads. the zika virus has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in brazil. a fight at the women's prison in mitchellville injured four corrections officers. now some are now calling for increased safety measures for prison staff. four officers helped break up an altercation tuesday in the dining hall. afterwards two of the four staff , members needed medical treatment. one man suffered a bruised eye and several cuts and abrasions to his face. union leaders say that could have been avoided if staff were allowed to carry pepper spray. >> if those officers would have had mase on their body they would have been able to deescalated that situation a lot quicker and without staff being punching bags for inmates.
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been 16 inmate assaults on prison staff in one year. department of corrections officials could not verify those numbers this weekend. a spokesperson did say " the department is committed to operating safe and secure facilities and will continue to work to improve our operations for the safety of all." a windsor heights developer, who kicked out a number of long-time tenants, is now looking for some new renters. retailers were told to move out of the apple valley shopping center last fall to make room for an aldi grocery store. the windsor heights city council denied that plan in november. now realtor steve scott says bringing in new tenants is already in the works. >> it's in demand for restaurants. the area is underserved by restaurants. banking, we've got a lot of interest from financial institutions. alyx: the new businesses could be open as early as fall. an important celebration friday, and a fresh start for the iowa international guard -- iowa national guard. it was the 75th anniversary of the 132nd fighter wing. two months ago, pilots again
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off of the air -- off of the base. they are flying remotely piloted drone aircraft called, reapers, all over the globe. >> when aircraft over in theatre take off and get up in the air, we'll then take over and. fly the mission until it's time to come back and land. alyx: the other two missions conducted out of des moines are intelligence surveillance, cyber security operations. a: 06 on a beautiful saturday morning. bring the jacket, but you will shut it. -- shed it. frank: we have clear skies, a lot of sunshine. there is some purpose -- precipitation to the north and west that will be sliding through. 37 already in des moines, 34 in knoxville. mid-30's around waterloo and webster city.
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if you consider the average high temperature 40 degrees, we are close to that for your wake-up temperatures. a great travel day all across the midwest. the week ahead, we do have some changes but a good stretch of weather for the next few days. we will drop a little bit on tuesday, back in the 30's, and looking at a chance of some snow. alyx: the dreaded s word. it is a three on three basketball tournament with a twist in urbandale. no one has an advantage, right? marcus: that is right. it is going to be a lot of fun for everyone. the first tournament game starts at 9:15 and the championship is later this afternoon. we will talk to the executive director, melissa.
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specifically for kids and adults with special needs, whether they have a physical, cognitive, or emotional need. marcus: this is the third year of the wheelchair basketball. tell us how it started. >> we wanted to put together an event in our community that was a little different. we put everyone in wheelchairs, able-bodied. they know they will play in a wheelchair today. marcus: how exciting is it, you have doubled the number of participants since last year? >> and turned into a two day event this year. yesterday we had a corporate day, and today the public tournament. we are thrilled with the response. marcus: you are drawing people from the eastern part of the state, aren't you? >> we have wheelchair basketball teams coming in and playing with us today.
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>> it will go directly towards our program development for courage league. a wide variety of programs are offered, over 35 on a weekly basis. marcus: it is free to come in and watch? >> yes, we are at 4405 101st in urbandale. marcus: the temperatures are going to increase. the tournament officially starts at 9:15. we will have much more from current league sports. i am marcus mcintosh, kcci 8 news. alyx: straight ahead, farmers market feud. why some ames business owners want to see the farmers' market pack up shop. and what city council members plan to do about it. plus, defying the odds. how a special little girl is
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by storm. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning
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meteorologist metinka slater. frank: good saturday morning, welcome back at 8:13. these temperatures feel pretty good. you are still going to need a jacket, not bad. 37 in carroll. made it up to 49 yesterday in des moines. it is going to be a little warmer than that just in time for the weekend. a whole lot of blue sky and sunshine. i put the barbecue graphic up. maybe it is time for some grilling this afternoon. 1:00, low 60's. it is going to be a great day to be outside. >> it does not help it. it cuts off a lot of customers on saturdays. alyx: should it stay or should it go? some small business owners say the ames farmers' market is hurting their business. they want it moved from main street and now the city council
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this coming tuesday. kcci's vanessa peng shows us more. vanessa: some brick and mortars on main street want the tents and booths gone from outside their windows this summer. >> it's like cutting me out of business for a month. vanessa: rick swank of swank's jewelry started a petition to have the ames main street farmers' market moved. the market is held saturday mornings may through october. swank says for 26 saturdays, his customers can't find parking or an easy way to weave through the crowds. >> if somebody wants to come to my business, they cannot get here at all on saturday. vanessa: swank wrote a letter to the city council. the city council will take up the topic at their next tuesday meeting in march. >> there's no foot traffic brought in to me. they're staying out there, they're doing their market thing and that's where they're at. they're not shopping. vanessa: just down the street from swank's at cooks' emporium, they're seeing the same problem. >> my business, which is normally saturday is our busiest day, is much less busy than it would be otherwise. a very few people maybe wander in and then say oh, isn't that
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vanessa: other businesses say they're happy for the jump in foot traffic. nearly 80,000 people check out the farmers' market a year. >> people will even if they're just walking by, will look in the window just to see what's going on inside. >> it should stay, i think. i know there are some businesses that speak contrary but i think it lends something to the city of ames. i can't really see any problem with it. alyx: according to the mainstream cultural district, 11% of businesses they surveyed don't support the farmers' market current location. show jumping is in her blood and soon the entire world will know her story. how she's defying all odds to chase her dreams. >> i competed in my first horse show when i was 4-years-old, i've grown up with it, i've never known anything else. >> genevieve has grown up on the horse farm. when we brought her home from the hospital, we brought a pony into the house for her.
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can remember, genevieve is heading to south florida to represent team usa in an international show jumping competition. >> it was a very big deal. it was a long shot. >> right now she's riding as the number one ranked 12-year-old and she's ranked number three in the fei children's ranking list, and only four riders are selected from the entire u.s. and that's all the girls who aspire to be show jumpers in this age group. >> having just turned 12, she will be one of the youngest in her age class guiding a 1500 , pound animal over a wooden rail. >> you have to be able to trust your horse that they will help you out when you really need it. >> for genevieve, that trust has to go a little deeper than most. >> i don't have depth perception. i've never known anything different and i've always just kind of done it. >> some may call that a
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>> there are very few people that have that same problem. >> not genevieve. >> i think it forces me to have a better connection with the horse. >> without being able to see how far away from a jump she is genevieve has to rely on other , senses. >> i feel what the horse is feeling, and when they have options maybe i could go deep or , go long, i just, i find the right one. >> she counts off the distance between jumps before age competition. but once she's on the horse, it's all about her and her horse. >> i do my very best to give them all i have. alyx: lessons i think we could all take with us. at 12-years-old, genevieve is too young for rio at 2016. but she has her sight set on the 2024 olympics. time now, 8:18 on a beautiful saturday morning. frank: a little bit of wind to deal with, but thankfully it
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check out this meet texture from orient last week -- this neat picture from orient last week. 37 in des moines, 37 in carroll. you're are going to need the jacket this morning, but seasonably, we are well above average. the city looking at the ok. southwest wind at eight right now. the pressure is on the high side. it is going to be perfect, you are going to love it. 4:00, 63. we call back down to the low to mid 50's this evening, but that is still above our average high temperature of 41 degrees. our overnight temperature will be warmer than our average high. the next system we are watching is just off to the north and west.
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way as we head into the day tomorrow. the temperature just a few degrees cooler than today. north platte, 73. close to 80 degrees in dodge city, kansas. a lot of us will be hanging out in the upper 50's and low 60's. high pressure in control, it will be a bit breezy, but all in all, not bad. high pressure on the backside brings north out of -- wind out of the northwest, so a few degrees cooler to end out the weekend. we are going to show you the system that will be moving through later today. it is sunday that the system will be cruising through, bringing a few clouds, maybe a few isolated showers off to the north. you can see were that cold front is by later on tomorrow afternoon, it is pretty much out of here, but it will switch the
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63 your high temperature today, a warm and windy day. the wind will be out of the southwest at 15 to 25. 45 is the low tonight. sunday, 56, monday, 59. we are keeping an eye on tuesday . that is where the temperatures will tank back into the 30's. a chance of snow on tuesday. andy: it is the final friday night hoops of the season.
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from all of the 4a games. andy: good morning, everybody. hope you are having a fantastic day. last night we put the bow on friday night hoops for the season. from here on out, it is state tournament play on friday evenings. let's check out the final highlights, beginning with valley hosting roosevelt. quinton curry making it look easy inside. it is a tough bucket that he simply knocked down. roosevelt came in on a six-game win streak. trying to bring the rough riders back, nice ride for the defense. valley would put this one away. tigers win 51-27. >> we are doing all right, we are doing what we need to do. doing all the things we have been taught all year.
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great defense and offense. andy: the other west des moines schools, dowling catholic hosting urbandale last night for the state semi final. kyle hart for three for urbandale. the jayhawks were down 19 at that point. doherty nailing the three. dowling rolls 69-34, the final. hoover high school, the huskies playing host to fort dodge. last night, one team moves on to the substate finals. three, a great-looking shot. fort dodge answering from long range as well. showing off his nba range right here. this was a low-scoring affair early on, just four points at the end of the first quarter. over in the second quarter worked it inside. a little baby hook in traffic. hoover would end up winning
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the north high polar bears visiting the ankeny hawks, one team moving on to the substate finals. turned into that three and knocks it home. ankeny had an 8-7 lead. north would find a way to answer, playing defense on the other end. with a block shot, tyreek, circus finish. north up 14-13. ankeny finding ways to answer. tristan comments for three. plus he got fouled. ankeny up 19-14. they win 76-46. centennial playing host to southeast polk in a 4a semi final. connor collins driving for the tough two in the lane. his feet go straight up and knock it home. southeast polk, putting in the foul inside. rams making a run as you knew
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just enough on the home score, jaguars win 62-57 the final. centennial onto the substate finals. >> i told our guys, it is going to be a war. we have to play one possession at a time. now it is all about surviving to advance. we advanced and we have one more game for sure, so we will give it our best shot. andy: the only other game last night involving central iowa teams, ames beat waukee, 64-46. women's college hoops last night, drake bulldogs playing host to loyola. drake just a game out of first place in the valley, but behind three other teams. that kind of year so far. their preseason player of the year in the conference with an easy backdoor cut. drake was rolling, nice ball movement. all the way around the horn, into the hands of paige greiner,
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three-pointer. drake wins by 30, 91-61 over valley. the panthers are the half game player of the field. the iowa barnstormers are back home. last night, game two of the season, game one of the home season against a way overmatched green bay team. that is been 10, a former cyclone with the awesome pick six. bonus points for the dance. barnstormers win 73-21. on the ice last night, grand rapids beat the iowa wild 4-1. the bucs win at home, 4-3 final over sioux falls. plenty of hopes action to talk about coming up tonight.
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enjo >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. alyx: right now on kcci,
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democratic candidates are looking for votes in the south carolina primary. plus, zika fight. the cdc is closely monitoring those affected. how it has affected pregnant women in the u.s., and how many iowans have been infected. marcus: i am marcus mcintosh in urbandale at courage league sports. everyone will be playing from a wheelchair. that story coming up. alyx: it is eight: 31 on saturday, february 27, meteorologist frank scaglione sitting by. a warm-up on the way. frank: 49 degrees yesterday, which is well above average. today we are in the 60's, and some changes in the 8 day forecast. let's talk about a beautiful weekend.
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37, your wake-up temperature in des moines, wind out of the southwest. at 32. waterloo and north of highway 20, 32 this morning. a beautiful day. 4:00. way. alyx: first to commitment 2016 news, south carolina spotlight. today, it's the democrat's turn -- it is the democrats turn to head to the primary polls in the palmetto state. nikole killion is in washington with a breakdown. nikole: palmetto primary, where democratic demographics present a key test. >> being able to win the minority vote in big numbers is critical for democrats. nikole: analysts say african americans are anticipated to make up over half of south carolina's democratic primary voters. a constituency that could be
8:33 am
after losing the state to president obama in 2008. >> in 2008, barack obama cleaned up with african americans, won a huge majority, obama did in that election. now, african americans like hillary clinton. mr. clyburn: we need a real fighter. nikole: clinton has already secured the backing of prominent south carolina congressman jim clyburn, and courted communities of color with appearances by mothers who lost sons to gun violence. but bernie sanders has rolled out his own big endorsements from actor danny glover, to director spike lee, who cut this radio ad. >> when bernie gets to the white house, he will do the right thing. nikole: hoping to chip away at clinton's support. >> if for some reason bernie sanders soars in south carolina, it's a real headache for hillary clinton. nikole: most polls show sanders trailing clinton by double digits in south carolina, but the vermont senator insists he's not writing off the state. in washington, i'm nikole killion.
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grabs in today's south carolina democratic primary. we'll have complete analysis from the primary tomorrow morning live from washington, right here on kcci. and on the republican side, south carolina senator lindsey graham says his party has lost it, and calls donald trump a "nut job." meanwhile new jersey governor and former presidential candidate chris christie has endorsed donald trump calling , him the best republican candidate to lead the country and beat hillary clinton. christie dropped his own bid earlier this month following a disappointing finish in new hampshire. the endorsement is the first for trump from a sitting governor and former rival. right now, an update from the kansas shooting. a woman has now been charged with providing firearms to the gunman. three people were killed and several others were injured at the kansas factory. 28-year-old sarah hopkins was charged with one count of knowingly transferring a firearm to a convicted felon. prosecutors say hopkins knew cedric ford was a convicted
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to the zika fight the cdc says , doctors are continuing to monitor two u.s. pregnancies which so far appear to be without complications. >> this is more than we had anticipated. alyx: the cdc has confirmed nine pregnant women with the virus. of those, two women had healthy babies, two had miscarriages, and two terminated their pregnancies. and another child was born with severe microcephaly, a condition that leaves the babies with abnormally small heads. the zika virus has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in brazil. so far, three iowans have tested positive for the mosquito-borne zika virus. all three are women who traveled to countries where the virus is present. more big stories this morning, some are now calling for increased safety measures after a fight broke out at mitchellville's women's prison, that injured four officers. >> it's just a matter of giving the officers the tools that they need to do their job safely. two of the four staff members injured needed medical treatment off-site.
8:36 am
several cuts and abrasions to his face. according to afscme, there have been 16 inmate assaults on prison staff in one year. staff and supporters plan to march next wednesday in a correctional officer safety campaign. 8:36 on a bright saturday morning. frank: a whole lot of blue on this map behind me. that means cooler temperatures to start the day. 37 in des moines. off to the north, mid-30's. mid-jacket weather this morning, but you can lose that coat by the afternoon. clouds off to the north and west will be streaming through the state as we head throughout the day, tomorrow a few more clouds, but temperatures feeling pretty nice across the midwest. st. louis close to 40, 29 in bismarck.
8:37 am
63 today. sunday, 56. alyx: the girls state basketball tournament starts monday, and the courage league three on three wheelchair basketball tournament starts in just a few minutes. marcus: we are here live at courage league sports and -- in urbandale. competitors are warming up in the background. i am here with the executive director, talking about how much fun this is. whether you walk or not, you will be playing from a wheelchair. melissa, this is an exciting time because we see the people in the background having fun. what can people expect when they come out? >> they will come out and learn things from a new perspective. we will put all of our competitors in chairs and play
8:38 am
we have a course here and are ready to go. marcus: it is not easy. for people who normally walk around, it is not as easy as they think it will be. >> you will get really worn out. we will play eight minute halves, but it will feel like 30. marcus: there's also a dunk contest. >> we are putting a twist in this year, so we can lower our feet. we will put people's creativity and talent to work to see what they can do from a dunking perspective in a chair. marcus: tell us about courage league sports. >> it is an adaptive league for children and adults, no matter
8:39 am
we are at 44045 104th street. marcus: the basketball tournament start at 9:15 and the final games take place this afternoon. if you want to, come check things out. it is not as easy as you might think it would be. i am marcus mcintosh, iowa's news leader. alyx: you have to work on that jump shot from the wheelchair. after the break, it is time to
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today is national strawberry frank: welcome back, and good saturday morning, 8:42. check out this live shot from our jefferson webcam, looking great. temperatures not looking bad for your morning wake-up, 37 and in ames. good morning, fort dodge, you are at 36. we do not have any clouds in the sky and will not but we will have a few more this afternoon and tomorrow. your 1:00 temperature, 62. a whole lot of sunshine. alyx: it's time to get cooking with chef andrew.
8:43 am
strawberries, piecrust, and a torch? chef andrew: this beautiful pie. alyx: why did you choose strawberries? chef andrew: today is national strawberry day. i thought it would be a good topic to talk about. i am excited for summer to come around. alyx: 60's and the forecast today. chef andrew: i made the crust and base already, so that is a basic graham cracker crust with butter, sugar, and sliced alm onds. the filling has three-quarter cup of lemon juice and condensed milk. you bake that for 30 minutes at 325. then we are going to top it off with some of the fresh strawberries. we have a little bit of sugar
8:44 am
and orange look or -- liquor. the orange flavor will help out as well. a little different spin to put on their. you could to -- you could do orange juice or orange zest. it is good to go just like this, and it smells amazing. just going to top the pie. alyx: beautiful strawberries. chef andrew: as many as you want . and then on top of that, today we are going to do kind of an italian style meringue. take some whites, about three of those, and half a cup of sugar. you warm in the egg whites over a double boiler until they are lukewarm, then we whip them enable with your mixer just in a bowl -- in a bowl with your mixer.
8:45 am
place that on top of our strawberries. alyx: no perfection needed here. chef andrew: absolutely, that is half the fun. every time it will be a little different. really beautiful. then you can place that in the oven under a broiler for about 30 seconds or so to top it and make it this nice brown color. alyx: this is the fun part. chef andrew: you can take a torch and kind of brown that off. it looks kind of like toasted marshmallow. alyx: it will add a difference in texture, bright color for the table. chef andrew: you will get some different flavor with that smokey, the eggs and the sugar are caramelized. it is perfect.
8:46 am
strawberry day. coming up next week, we are going to be grilling. chef andrew: i have been talking about grilling and i am ready to do it, so we will do a grilled sirloin salad with lots of fresh vegetables.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. frank: welcome back. my buddy is at it again, check out the shot he got last week. it is a long exposure shots of the iowa state capitol building. golden, that is the word i thought of when i saw that picture. not that many effects on that picture, just a long exposure shot. wake-up temperatures equally as good as that picture, 37 degrees. look at knoxville, 41 degrees. that is our average high temperature. our downtown skycam, we are seeing the sunshine, beautiful city. the wind out of the southwest at eight.
8:50 am
38 degrees at 9:00, 63 by 4:00. just in time for the weekend, a nice evening with temperatures in the mid-50's by 7:00. we have beautiful blue skies all across the state. there are some clouds to the north and west and we will have to keep an eye on those as they slide through the state on a frontal boundary at the tail end of the weekend. 76 in dodge city. kansas city, close to 70. most of us make it into the mid-60's. high pressure in control. we are going to watch the system out to the west sliding in. we could see a little bit of a breeze today and tomorrow, and the frontal system will bring us cooler temperatures for the end of the weekend. here's future cast, starting things out looking great, no
8:51 am
it will be a bit breezy. noticed a few more clouds by tomorrow. the wind will switch out of the north and west. i think you will like this weekend, 63 our high temperature in des moines, a little breezy this afternoon. tonight, 45 degrees. look at sunday, 56, a few more clouds. monday, back near 60, and then things start to slide. we are back near 40 for the end of the week. alyx: we are very excited to have singer-songwriter matt van with us. by day, you are a pharmacy student at drake. by night, you are a musician. how do you balance it? matt: it is easier than it sounds. when you are passionate about
8:52 am
alyx: so you are passionate about both? matt: yes. alyx: what type of music do you play? matt: acoustic singer-songwriter stuff. i like to sing original songs and have a good time. alyx: if people want to get a hold of your music, how can they do that? matt: i released an album on itunes recently. alyx: congratulations. matt: thank you. alyx: you mentioned you like original pieces so you are going to be playing an original. matt: i will be playing a song called i don't want to.
8:53 am
i just want to kill sometimes but time has the upper hand i do not want to fall into that trap, do not want to fall like the other man i just want to be someone but the world is just too big i do want to get lost in memory i do not want to be too comfortable and young, i do not want to be too careful what a dangerous state of mind, and i have not got the time see these go by, and i find everything has passed me by not this time
8:54 am
cut down the tree, at least that's what they said to me but i do not even mind, what good is a lemon when i'm choking on the rind? i do not want to waste my time getting wasted every night, but i do not want to go down without a fight i do not want to be too comfortable, i am young, i do not want to be too careful, what a dangerous state of mind and i ain't got the time see the years got by, i am dammed if i wake up on a day in july and find everything has passed me by nothing is fine, no can't you see this isn't me?
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wait and see what my life brings at the ripe age of 23
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comfortablternet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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marcus: i am marcus mcintosh line and encourage league sports in urbandale, we are about 10 to 15 minutes away from the . participants from last year. they also had a corporate day that took place yesterday. the thing about this tournament is, everyone who participates must be in a wheelchair, whether you are able-bodied or challenged. there are teams as far away as cedar rapids to get in on the competition. actual wheelchair basketball teams from cedar rapids coming to have fun. at 9:15, the first tournament game begins, and the champion be
8:59 am
a slamdunk competition will take place so it is going to be a lot of fun. people are warming up and getting ready for a big day and a lot of fun. 4405 121st street. the second annual three on three wheelchair basketball team -- tournament. it is going to be fun, check this out. all of the money raised goes to courage league sports mo: welcome to "the henry ford's innovation nation." i'm mo rocca. now let's get ready to roll!
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straight, giving thumbs up to safe strolling, pumping pedals to pull water from air, and grinding grain in the middle of grist next on "the henry ford's innovation nation." shoulders back. stand up straight. these are the loving words that almost all parents impart to their teenagers at some point. let's face it. posture is a big deal. it keeps your spine healthy and in line. it shows the world how confident you really are. now there is one innovator who wants to keep all of us standing at attention, and let me tell you, she's no slouch. here is alie ward. can i let go now? this is really exhausting. alie: when we feel good, we sit a little taller. respect and pride and purpose can make us do that.


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