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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,,,,,,,,,, >> stitch: max wasn' t in the bathroom. i checked with everyone. no one saw him. >> abby: how could he just disappear? he was right here. i mean, where would he go? we should have never have turned our back. we shouldn' t have looked away. >> stitch: abby, it' s all right. >> abby: no, it' s not all right. your son is missing. >> stitch: and we' re gonna find him. let' s go. >> kevin: i may have discussed the project with someone else. >> jack: you just finished telling me you didn' t think billy would be on board with me, his brother, funding this project in billy' s name. the first sign of trouble, you go pitching this to other investors? what kind of businessman are you? >> kevin: it' s not like i went to the gc buzz. >> jack: so the investor came to you?
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this on the down low. >> jack: out of loyalty to billy, of course. >> kevin: jack, i wasn' t looking for a bidding war. >> jack: well, you got one. so who is this other investor? >> victor: well, jack, that would be me. >> paul: okay, so, if we go with your theory that billy' s hit-and-run was an accident and the driver wasn' t aware what happened, don'
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some point he might have noticed the damage to his car? >> dylan: maybe, maybe not. but it has been plastered all it' s pretty hard to miss. >> paul: so they might be covering their tracks, afraid to come forward. >> dylan: well, then that makes our innocent driver not so innocent. >> paul: unless they were too busy to notice. you know? two people on their honeymoon? >> noah: i can get the analysis done on the mining project, but it is gonna take a couple of days. >> luca: we don' t have a couple of days. >> noah: take that up with research. that' s what they told me. >> marisa: hey, if i can help -- >> noah: it' s covered. it' s covered. [ door opens ] >> adam: okay. where' s victor? we' re supposed to have a meeting. >> luca: he' s probably at the hospital checking on his ex-son-in-law. >> noah: hey, uh, adam, has there been any update on billy? >> adam: no, last i heard, he' s still in surgery. >> marisa: everyone' s praying that he'
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>> victoria: so, how is he? >> dr. dellafield: there was severe damage. right now, billy has very little brain activity. >> jill: oh, doctor. how' s billy? oh, my god. no, don' t. >> victoria: no, he' it' s okay. >> jill: oh, thank god. >> phyllis: he suffered cardiac arrest during the surgery. he has very little brain activity. no, that' s not possible. what does this mean? oh, god. he can still beat this, right?
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>> additional sponsorship provided by... many cold medicines may coricidin hbp relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. coricidin hbp. m sorry. >> stitch: okay, you checked the roof? >> abby: yeah, and the gym, and i talked to the manager, and i asked everyone that i saw. >> stitch: so did i. i went floor to floor. damn it. where could he be? >> abby: if he left the building, then he didn' t go far. >> stitch: he could be anywhere! i' m sorry. it' s just -- [ sighs ] look, he doesn' t know anyone here. he doesn' t know the city. if anything happens to him -- >> abby: no, he will be okay. we' ll find him. >> dylan: abby and stitch? you think they ran down billy on their way to their honeymoon? >> paul: well, accordingly to several guests, they left early. >> dylan: yes, before they cut the cake, to be exact. >> paul: right. which fits the time frame we determined billy was struck. >> dylan: [ sighs ] okay, paul, there' s no way that stitch would do that. he would not run somebody over and just take off, and i'
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just saying that because i' m his best friend. >> paul: i understand stitch is not that kind of guy, but still, we have to think about all possibilities, right? so let' s look at this. we' ve got two people, very excited on their honeymoon, getting ready to go, and they don' t put two and two together -- that they are responsible for hitting billy. what were they driving? >> dylan: i-i don' t know. >> paul: what kind of car? >> dylan: i don' t know. were they driving? >> paul: no. they were in a stretch limo. >> dylan: okay. [ sighs ] >> paul: you know what? we should at least talk to the limo driver and see if he saw anything. excuse me. [ telephone rings ] yeah, chief williams. >> abby: paul, you have to help us. >> paul: abby? >> abby: it' s stitch' s son, max. he ran away. >> dr. dellafield: the cardiac arrest is a serious setback. i' m sorry i can' t give you any
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machines are keeping billy alive right now. >> phyllis: what now? >> dr. dellafield: he' s in recovery. we wait, hope for improvement. i' m sorry, i have to go. i' ll check in with you later. >> victoria: maybe we shouldn' t have gone ahead with the surgery. maybe we should have just waited. >> phyllis: it was the right decision. >> victoria: maybe we shouldn' t have gone with the surgery at all. maybe dr. neville was the answer. >> phyllis: victoria, beating yourself up is not going to help this. >> jill: my son could have died. i should have been here. why did i let you talk me into leaving? i should never have left. >> victoria: you needed the rest. >> jill: i could have rested here. >> phyllis: jill, tell me, honey, what would that have done? would you have gone in there in the operating room and kicked some ass, tell the doctors where to put what? >> jill: he would have felt my presence here. he would have known that i was fighting for him to wake up as hard as he is. >> phyllis: he' s feeling that right now. i'
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>> jill: god, i hate this. i hate this waiting, this not knowing. >> victoria: i really thought that billy was gonna make it through this. >> noah: billy loves his kids. and victoria. >> marisa: and billy' man. >> noah: what if he doesn' it? >> marisa: hey. you can' t think like that, okay? >> adam: uh, listen, there' s really nothing we can do for billy right now, so i suggest we get back to work, all right? if you two don' t mind, i' ve got a few things i would like to discuss with luca privately, so if you could just take your work to your office, you know, if possible. i' ll buzz you when victor' s
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let me ask you a question. you think that' s a good idea -- eyeballing the two of them every move they make? you think that' s smart? >> luca: just interested in the conversation. >> adam: yeah, well, you won, right? she' s your wife. you came out on top, so drop the jealousy, okay? focus on the plan. we don' t need a lovesick puppy ruining the whole thing here, okay? >> luca: please. don' t worry. i want this as badly as you do. >> adam: good. all right. that' s what i like to hear, so give me the good news. what do you got? what do you got on your old man we can use moving forward? tell me. >> luca: i' m tracking some promising leads, but i need your help. >> adam: you need my help? what do you need my help with? re the potential investor? victor while billy' s body was being thrown in the ambulance? i didn' t run to anybody. >> victor: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. i actually heard about this deal from someone much closer to you. your wife.
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phyllis told you. >> victor: she mentioned his project in passing, so i was curious. then i sought out kevin. >> jack: you' re amazing, you know that? my brother is fighting for his life in that hospital, and you show up, the dutiful father there for his poor daughter, making all the right sounds, all the while sniffing for opportunity, preying on other people' s vulnerabilities. >> victor: your wife ain' t a wallflower, now is she? >> jack: her thoughts were on billy. you took advantage of that. >> victor: she and i were discussing what your brother was up to. >> jack: and you couldn' t wait to rip the deal out of billy' s hands, could you? >> victor: there was no deal in place! that' s why i sought out kevin. he' s considering my offer. >> kevin: well, technically, i am considering considering your offer. >> victor: you' re considering considering? now, you know you would be better off with newman, wouldn' t you? >> jack: i don' t really expect you to show an ounce of
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s hopes and dreams, but you -- you know better. you know how much this project meant to billy. you' re the one that told me about it. and now you' re negotiating with victor newman, of all people? >> victor: your brother, billy boy, is lying in a hospital bed with his hopes and dreams. you know why? because you refused to give him a loan. you didn' t give him a dime when he came asking for it, did you? now, who' s responsible for billy' s hopes and dreams being dashed? to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics.
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who turned down your project already once. now, let me tell you what it takes. a project of this magnitude takes vision, pragmatism, intelligence, not sentiment and guilt. that' s all jack has to offer. >> jack: all it a soul and enough human decency to stick to your wor-- [ cellphone rings ] i got to take this. phyllis, anything new? >> phyllis: you need to get to the hospital. it' s billy. it' s not good. >> jack: i' m on my way. don' t make up your mind. talk to me before you make any decisions. >> kevin: you can give me the infamous death stare all you want. i'
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>> adam: marco annicelli. marco annicelli. i don' t understand. >> luca: marco is the key to ruining my father. >> adam: and you got this little tidbit from marisa? >> luca: this tidbit is exactly what i' ve been looking for. >> adam: all right. gold star to your informant. >> luca: yeah. i need more. marco told me he was calling -- >> adam: whoa, whoa, hold on. what do you mean, he told you? you had a conversation with him? >> luca: yeah, the conversation was short. we were cut off. a real conversation needs to happen. that' s why i need to know where he is. you must know where victor stashed him. >> adam: listen, luca, when it comes to marco annicelli, we got to tread carefully. he could light a match to our entire plan. >> luca: yes, i' m aware of that. but it doesn' t change the fact that i need to talk to him. and since he could be in any prison anywhere in the world, an exact location would be very helpful. >> adam: you' re gonna have to find another way to get it, because there' s no way my father gives away that kind of information. >> luca: my family was marco' s
11:18 am
t know this? it' s something my family has kept very, very quiet. >> adam: yeah, well, understandably so. >> luca: yeah, so this information is very critical to bringing down both our fathers. that is still the end game, right? >> adam: yeah. yeah, absolutely. okay. i' ll find out where he' s at, but if we find him, he' s a wild card, you understand that. >> luca: but he' s my wild card. >> abby: oh, paul. >> paul: abby. >> abby: we turned around, and he was gone. my god, i' ve been a stepmom for like two minutes, and i' ve already lost him. >> paul: okay. calm down. >> abby: who does that? i' m a complete failure at this. >> paul: just tell me what happened. >> abby: [ sighs ] we looked everywhere. we asked everyone. max has completely vanished. >> dylan: okay, where is stitch right now? >> abby: a clerk thought he saw him go out a side door. stitch went to go check it out. >> paul: okay. >> dylan: oh. hey. hey. what? nothing?
11:19 am
>> abby: oh, my god. i am so sorry. >> stitch: [ sighs ] hey, look. kids do this kind of stuff. he can' t be that far, right? >> abby: what kind of mom fails on the first day? >> paul: listen, abby. you' ve got a lot of years to be a great mom to max. let' s find him first, okay? so, what does he like to do? >> abby: he doesn' t know the city. >> paul: well, what about australia? what did he like to do there? did he go somewhere where he felt safe or...? >> stitch: i don' t know. my own kid, and i don' t know what he likes, what he dislikes, you know, or where he would go. >> abby: stop. it' s not your fault. >> stitch: the hell it isn' t. even if jenna didn' t want me to have anything to do with my son, i should have fought for it, gotten to know my son. maybe then he wouldn' t have run from me in the first place. >> phyllis: called jack, traci. ashley' s phone went right to voicemail. >> victoria: thank you. >> jill: good. they all need to be here. >> victoria: we can' t think like that, jill. billy'
11:20 am
t mean that. i mean he needs all the strength and love and support he can get. >> jack: hey. >> phyllis: oh, thank god you' re here. i' m so glad. >> jack: i, uh, spoke to dr. dellafield on the drive here. >> jill: so you know everything? >> jack: not the news i wanted god, what i wouldn' t give for billy to walk in this room right now and say something completely inappropriate to remind us all not to take ourselves so seriously. >> jill: that sweet son of mine. no filter whatsoever. he certainly knows how to shake up a room. >> phyllis: i wonder where he got that talent from. >> jill: [ laughs ] when he wakes up, i' and tell him he' he' ll love that. >> jack: look. given everything that
11:21 am
s chances -- we may soon be faced with some pretty difficult decisions. >> jill: no, no. >> jack: we need to talk about it, jill. >> jill: no! >> jack: we need to talk. >> jill: no, i will never give up on my son! never, never, never! do you hear me? absolutely not. you never know when it'll be your moment to shine. so don't trust your smile to any regular toothpaste. improved crest 3dtwhite brilliance removes 5 times morerstains than the red box. try the whole collection for a smile that gets you noticed. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early
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>> kevin: billy is my partner. i' m holding out for him to make a full recovery, and you can say you knew us when. >> victor: billy may very well walk out of that hospital and get a check from his brother jack, okay? then the question will be -- how long is he gonna hold onto that check before he gambles it away? then who will be your partner? gambler? a bookie? a loan shark? >> kevin: i' m not gonna change my mind. >> victor: [ chuckles ]
11:26 am
kevin. you have a choice -- a choice of intelligence... one of sentimentality. always thought you were rather bright. don' t disappoint me. you have a nice evening. >> jill: there is no way in hell we give up on billy. >> jack: no one' s giving up. we have to consider the possibility that we may be asked what billy would want. >> jill: [ inhales sharply ] dr. dellafield gave him a 50/50 chance of survival, okay? now, those are odds that my son would take, and he' d come out the other side laughing at our fear, so we don' t give up. >> phyllis: it was 50/50 before the setback. >> jill: so we pray harder, okay? my son will beat the odds like he always does.
11:27 am
too, jill. but there is a very real possibility here billy won' t win. >> jill: i don' t want to hear this. >> jack: listen, billy lives large -- all or nothing. if he can' t live life on his terms, is it really fair to consign him to limbo? >> jill: my god. you' re building a case to take him off the machines. >> phyllis: that' s not what he' s saying. >> jill: well, it sure as hell sounds like it. >> phyllis: we need to be prepared, that' s all. >> jill: prepared. oh, i should go out and buy a plot and a headstone. "rest in peace, billy. i' m so sorry we gave up on you." >> jack: that is the last thing i want. this is the last thing i want to be talking about. but the doctors may give us the call. who decides? how do we decide that? >> victoria: billy already made that decision. a couple of years ago when
11:28 am
he said if something like this ever happens to him...end it. he wouldn' t want to live like that. >> abby: may he went to another restaurant or a store? i don' t know. that would be me. um, little boy. let' s think. arcade, a skateboard park, somewhere warmer like a theater. >> paul: stitch, is max still wearing the same outfit he had at the station? the red coat? >> stitch: yeah, he is. >> paul: all right. we' re gonna get a description out. >> dylan: these are all a good place to start. >> abby: well, none of it' s good unless you can find him. >> paul: we will. [ cellphone rings ] >> kevin: hey, boss. what' s up? >> paul: yeah, you got your computer nearby? >> kevin: you have to ask? >> paul: yeah, i guess i don' t. listen, i need you to check out all the traffic cams and surveillance feeds around the athletic club and the park, say, the last 30 minutes. >> kevin: why? what' s up? >> paul: we got a missing boy --
11:29 am
s son. his name' s max. jacket? >> paul: okay, you' re good, but not that good. >> kevin: i' ve got eyes on him at crimson lights. >> paul: okay, keep him there. he' kevin has him. he' s safe. >> stitch: thank god. thank you both. >> paul: all right. i wish they were all that easy. listen, i have to get back to the department, so go pick up your son. >> stitch: yeah, i may never let him go. look. look. i' ll go get max, okay? and then we' ll be back here soon, all right? >> abby: no, i-i want to go with you. >> stitch: i need to do this alone. >> noah: 50/50 chance -- that' s what they' re giving billy. >> marisa: yeah, and he' ll be one of the lucky ones. >> noah: maybe his luck ran out when i hit him with my car. >> marisa: hey, you can' t think like this. his family flew in a top surgeon. he' s getting the best possible care. we have to believe he' ll be fine. >> noah: and what if he isn' t? what then?
11:30 am
ll -- >> victor: you stick to your story, okay? >> noah: i' ll keep quiet for now so that i don' t make things worse for victoria, but if billy doesn' t make it -- >> victor: nothing needs to change, noah. >> noah: i' ll be a murderer. >> victor: it was an accident, okay? and a confession will not help you. >> noah: you know, maybe adam can hit somebody with his car and then live a lie without breaking a sweat, but that is not me. if bill doesn' t make it, i' m coming forward. >> victor: do me a favor, honey. talk sense into my grandson, okay? [ door opens ] didn' t i tell you last time that if you ever meet in my office, don' t do it unless i' m here, right? >> adam: right. see, the way it works is you scheduled the meeting. it' s not our fault that you' re late. luca, do you mind stepping out for a second? give me and my father a chance
11:31 am
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>> jill: how dare you presume to speak for my son. you decided to kick him out of the house. you decided to divorce him. you sure as hell won' t be the one to decide whether he lives or dies. >> jack: that is not what victoria is saying. >> jill: i am his mother. i will make this kind of decision, and i am not giving up on him. >> victoria: it' s not what i want. it' s what billy said. >> jill: [ scoffs ] yeah, at the time, in the moment. i' m sure when -- when phyllis woke up and strong and as alive as ever, he changed his mind. >> victoria: i want him to live as much as you do. >> jill: yeah, but the clock' s ticking, right? you' ve put an expiration date on my son! god! why am i the only one who thinks this? re not giving up. m sure that you' re glad nobody gave up on you, jack, when you were in your coma, or you, phyllis, ' cause neither one of you would be standing here arguing this if they had. >> jack: i'
11:36 am
i -- i should never have broached the subject. it is the prayer of everyone in this room that this becomes a moot conversation. >> victoria: dr. dellafield. have there been any changes? >> dr. dellafield: there' s been no improvement. in fact, billy' s condition has deteriorated. if he continues to fail at this rate, you might have to consider taking him off life support. >> victor: why do you care about marco annicelli' s whereabouts? >> adam: because he' s the one thing out there that could bring you down. i want to make sure that threat is taken care of so that it doesn' t come back to bite you -- now or in the future. >> victor: well, i took care of
11:37 am
>> adam: whoa, whoa, whoa. you took care of business. what does that mean? luca just had a conversation with marco. that sounds like a loose end to me. >> victor: all right, well, then i suggest we pay some more attention to marco. um, i' ll give you the information you need. >> noah: if billy dies, victoria' s life will never be the same. my life will never be the same. >> marisa: [ sighs ] luca. is the meeting back on? >> luca: i' d much rather have dinner with my wife. >> marisa: sounds great. i' m starving. come on. >> abby: because he hates me. that' s why you want to go without me. >> stitch: he' s overwhelmed. his mom just died. he traveled halfway around the world, and i' m practically a stranger. >> abby: and you married the woman that max blames for his mother' s death. >> stitch: a woman that he'
11:38 am
learn to love just as much as i do. let me do this. let me talk to him, let him know everything' s gonna be all right. it' s -- it' s gonna be all right, abby. >> abby: go. go get max. the sooner you get him, the sooner everything will be all right. >> stitch: i love you. >> dylan: you all right? >> abby: i, um -- i was upset. i-i got up from the table, and stitch had to get up to come wrangle me. max ran away because i was making this all about me. this is all my fault. ben probably regrets marrying me. >> dylan: no. he loves you. >> abby: i know he does. but what if that'
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11:41 am
>> jill: he still has a chance. he' s young. he' s strong. we can get him all the help he needs. >> victoria: i don' t want to hear any more about a prognosis. i just want to see him. >> dr. dellafield: of course. just know that after the surgery, he' s bandaged up. he' s on a ventilator now that' s breathing for him.
11:42 am
oh, billy. oh, billy, my sweet boy. [ cries ] oh, baby. >> dylan: stitch is in this for the long haul, okay? he' s dedicated to you, to your marriage, and to your new little family. >> abby: and stitch will be the greatest dad ever. which means that he will put max first. he has to do what' s best for max, and that is clearly not me. >> dylan: yeah, but you -- you guys can do this together. >> abby: max ran away because he can' t stand to be near me. >> dylan: no, he ran away because he' s afraid and he' s confused. >> abby: so am i. i don' t know anything about kids, and i proved that today. >> dylan: well [chuckles] neither did i. i mean, really, you just kind of
11:43 am
but you' re gonna enjoy every second of it. and bright side for you -- no diapers. you' better. >> dylan: all max needs right now is time to grieve, he needs time to adjust to his new life. you know, in a few months, you' re gonna look back and laugh that you were ever this freaked out. >> abby: well, thank you for this, but you don' t know that for sure. >> dylan: well, i do know stitch. and i know how much you and max and i know how much he' s gonna fight to hold on to both of you. >> kevin: hey. you seem like a smart kid, even though you' re about to chow down on some stranger' s half-eaten dessert. any chance you know how to get
11:44 am
"zombie dragon 3000"? >> max: anyone can do that. >> kevin: that' s the thing. i, uh -- i' m not so good with computers. think you can help me out? >> max: okay. >> kevin: oh. wow. you' re good. >> max: it' s easy. >> kevin: for you. you got any superstar tips? >> max: rule number one -- never leave a man behind. >> kevin: even if he' s weighing you down, costing you the battle? >> max: you gain life points looking out for friends. that' s how you win, right? >> kevin: yeah. thanks for the reminder. >> max: yes! >> kevin: way to play, my man! good job. >> max: hey, dad.
11:45 am
this is so thoughtful. is there a special occasion i don' t know about? >> luca: no, no. we' ve been so busy lately. just wanted to have a romantic dinner with my wife -- you know, nice bottle of wine, view of the city. >> marisa: cheeseburgers? >> luca: [ laughs ] whatever makes you happy. >> marisa: [ sighs ] your wife appreciates it very much. >> luca: good. i' ve been so busy with adam on a special project, you' ve been putting in a lot of hours. >> marisa: yeah, i' m -- i' m really excited about working with chelsea. >> luca: oh. will you have time? from what i' ve seen, your thing with noah seems to take up every spare second. >> marisa: [ scoffs ] there is no thing with noah. we work together. that' s all. >> luca: so when did it become part of your job description to cover up your boss' grandson' s crimes? >> marisa: uh, i don' t know what you' re talking about. >> luca: i think you do. do you get a bonus for aiding and abetting vehicular assault?
11:46 am
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americans... ...
11:48 am
getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients it supports bone health with calcium and one a day vitacraves gummies. >> kevin: you' ve got a smart kid. rematch. i' m gonna hold you to it. and for the record, your dad -- he' s an awesome guy. >> stitch: thanks, kev. >> kevin: yeah. >> stitch: hey, come here. i am just glad you'
11:49 am
you okay? >> max: yeah. >> stitch: hey. you got to promise not to run off like that again, okay? you' re lucky kevin found you. he works with the police. >> max: that guy' s a cop? >> stitch: not exactly. i' ll tell you the whole story over a hot chocolate some day. so, how about you talk to me? tell me why you took off. >> max: i don' t want to live with you. i want my mom. i want to go home. >> stitch: i get that. i was looking for a home for a long time. and you know what i learned? i learned that home is family -- people who love you, like abby we' re your family now... your home.
11:50 am
us a chance. what do you say, champ? can you do that? >> max: [ sighs ] i guess. >> stitch: come here. >> jill: [ sobbing ] >> jack: jill. jill, come on. come on. come on.
11:51 am
>> victoria: don' t you even think about dying on me. out, and you' re not a coward. you owe me, billy abbott. if you love me as much as you say you do... you' ll wake up. please, god. please let him wake up. please let him wake up for me and for johnny and katherine. please let him wake up, god. please, please, please. please let him wake up. please let him wake up. please. [ sobbing ] >> marisa: noah had nothing to do with billy' s accident. why would you say that?
11:52 am
the reception, i followed you to the garage. i saw everything. >> marisa: there was nothing to see. >> luca: you know, i thought we' d reached a point in our relationship when you felt you could be honest with me. instead you' re conspiring with noah, protecting him. why? >> marisa: because noah is not a criminal, okay? he got into his car and took off. he hadn' t even known he' d hit billy unt-- >> luca: i knew it. >> marisa: you didn' t see anything. >> luca: i' m sorry. it was the only way to get to the truth. >> marisa: and the truth is, it was an accident. >> luca: oh. you think billy' s family will feel that way? >> marisa: no, luca. >> luca: or the authorities? >> marisa: you can' t say a word. >> luca: it' s the right thing to do. >> marisa: i' m helping you with marco. >> luca: i appreciate that, but i see no reason not to be a law-abiding citizen. >> marisa: if you go through with this, it' ll blow your deal with adam. his loyalty is to his nephew, not to you. so you can say goodbye to taking over your father' s company. >> luca: i' m willing to take the risk.
11:53 am
risk me? because if you turn in noah, you' ll lose me for good. >> adam: you want me to give this to luca? >> victor: you bet. >> adam: uh, you know, he' s gone. we' re alone. you can speak freely. >> victor: you sure he' s still in the dark? >> adam: absolutely. yeah, he' s in the dark. you and i do a good job of putting on a show of hating each other. what' s with the marco info? what is this? >> victor: the key to our success. >> adam: the rope for luca to hang himself. >> victor: that peacock will go up in flames before he realizes that you' re a double agent. cheers. >> adam: cheers.
11:54 am
"the young and the restless"... >> kevin: you ask what i want to become. a man who can say no to an offer from victor newman. >> nikki: i saw you with devon when the clock struck 12:00. >> hilary: i saw you, too -- with neil. >> jill: please come with me to the hospital and heal my son. >> dr. neville: there' s no point. -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures television and cbs, inc. weather alert remains in effect after an icy storm this morning. and how the weather proved crucial for police after another pair of smash and grabs overnight.
11:55 am
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