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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,,,,,,,,,,,, >> dr. neville: it' s good news. it' s fantastic, actually. according to your blood panel, your body is absorbing the drug protocol. [ sighs ] oh, well. excellent. good work, simon. thank you for that resounding approbation, ms. abbott. >> ashley: good work, simon. >> dr. neville: ashley, look at me. ashley! what' s wrong? >> ashley: nothing. i' m just focusing on something else. >> dr. neville: mm, see, here' s the thing. if you lie to me, i can' t treat you. i mean it. i have to know anything. i-i-if you feel bad, if you have a headache, if you spike a fever, hell, if you even have a mood shift, i need to know about it. it' s all part of the equation.
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m just really tired. i' m exhausted. [ voice breaking ] i feel worn >> dr. neville: all right. all right. all right. >> ashley: i' >> dr. neville: it' s okay. too much of a beating. so, we -- we have to dial back on protocol. >> ashley: how long is this gonna take? >> dr. neville: don' t worry. we' ll find a balance. you have to be able to function and let the compound do its job. >> ashley: how can i keep this from my family when i feel this way? >> dr. neville: at the risk of don' t keep it from them. >> ashley: i' m not telling them. they have enough to worry about right now. >> jill: you know, i' ve been here for days just willing his eyes to open. just a finger to twitch. but nothing happens. the machines just keep going up and down, up and down, and he just lies there. >> lauren: billy is not gonna give up. >> jill: what if he doesn' t wake up? i brought him into this world. i gave him life. and if he doesn' t wake up, if he
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too, to him. it' s all my fault. >> victoria: okay. then we' ll have lunch next week. thanks. >> victor: sweetheart, aren' t you done for the day? >> victoria: i just have three more calls, dad. dad -- >> victor: give me that. come here, my darling. >> victoria: it' s only 10:00 a.m., and i have a really long call list. and i-i really need to play some catch-up right now. >> victor: is this really working? are you doing this to keep your mind off billy? t you go back to the hospital? >> victoria: what do you want me to do? you want me to go back by his bedside? why don' t you make up your mind >> victor: you' re overworking yourself. why don' hospital now? m thinking about what billy needs. you know what he needs? he needs a machine to pump his heart and to fill his lungs, and he needs a machine to keep him in this limbo that he doesn' t want to be in. and dr. dellafield is gonna want i don' t want to make that choice, dad. >> victor: come here. t have
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>> victor: come here, my darling. just cry, okay? just get it all out. >> victoria: [ sobbing ] >> neil: any change in his condition? >> nikki: not since the surgery. >> neil: wow. victoria must be absolutely climbing the walls. >> nikki: she is beside herself with worry. >> neil: yeah.
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totally helpless, you know, wanting nothing more than to fix it... >> nikki: she' s also torturing herself with guilt. >> neil: victoria? why? why? she didn' t do this to him. >> nikki: well... billy asked her if she would give him another chance, and now it might be too late. >> neil: right. that' s the danger, isn' t it? when you' re young, you think you have time to fight and lay blame and let the other person come crawling. and you tell yourself you can have what you want eventually. [ sighs ] >> nikki: you know, uh, that wishful thinking isn' t just for the young, you know? [ chuckles ] >> neil: yeah, but i-i look at hilary and devon. [ sighs ] somewhere deep inside, she -- she has to love him. she' s my son' s wife. they need to be together. hey. are you still onboard to help me make this happen? >> nikki: look...
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s eve kiss just to help you out. but this is a very dangerous game we' re playing. >> neil: yeah, i know -- >> nikki: as my friend, i need you to promise that i' m not gonna regret it. >> devon: hey, hilary. hey. i just heard about this new diner that truckers give five stars. do you want to check it out with me? >> hilary: truckers? >> devon: yeah. those guys know their food pretty well, you know? >> hilary: [ chuckles ] >> devon: i just -- it' s -- it sounds like it' s a good place. >> hilary: [ chuckles ] or maybe you just don' t want me going into the dining room. >> devon: well, no. i mean, hey, i just though it was a cool spot. if you' re not interested in going, then that' s fine. >> hilary: okay. i' m going into the dining room now. >> devon: hey. neil and nikki are in there. >> hilary: and? >> devon: and i didn' t want you to be uncomfortable, because i know you saw them kissing on new year' s. >> hilary: okay, they' re friends. i' m not gonna freak out over a harmless kiss. >> nikki: i am telling you... [ speaking indistinctly ] >> neil: yeah. i know, i know.
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s gonna wake up and sign a check. >> kevin: [ sighs ] >> mariah: are you actually thinking about saying "yes" to victor? >> michael: saying "yes" to victor about what? >> mariah: look, you' re going to need legal advice if this it doesn' t. >> michael: if what happens? >> kevin: i am on the ground floor of something really incredible -- internet security. >> mariah: a game changer. mark zuckerberg, steve jobs game >> kevin: and don' t make faces or sound skeptical. this is real. tell him. >> mariah: it' s really real. >> michael: it must be if victor wants in. >> kevin: he does. badly. the thing is, it' s supposed to be billy. >> mariah: kevin is honoring his agreement and waiting till billy wakes up. >> michael: that is a noble sentiment, and i am impressed, but you might want to make other plans. kevin, the reality is billy may never wake up. >> mariah: he has to. he' s got -- he' s got victoria and the kids waiting for him. >> kevin: and redemption. >> michael: well, i wish it was that simple. but we have to deal with the reality of the situation and all of the repercussions. >> kevin: so, what?
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s up to you, but take it from the voice of experience -- if you do business with victor, you will be at a distinct disadvantage. >> kevin: how so? >> michael: he will get the credit and the glory and the money and you will get whatever' s left. >> mariah: which is what? >> michael: nothing. >> victoria: we have no idea who was driving the car. the police have ruled out his bookie, but they could look into other known suspects or maybe another bookie or somebody that hated billy. i don' t know. cameras weren' t up and running in the garage at the time, so... we may never know who did this to him. >> victor: yeah, unfortunately, that' s true. >> victoria: you know, he was trying, dad. when all of this happened, he was trying really hard to put his life back on track. maybe he was doing it in the dumbest possible way, but at least he was trying. maybe you'
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t have paid off, but... >> victor: well, we never know that, do we? all i know is that jack should have respected his brother enough to fund his project, you know? >> victoria: you can' t blame this on his brother. >> victor: well, but i do, in a way. anyway, [clears throat] this was billy' s dream, so... maybe someone can support the dream, you know? >> victoria: you mean his family? >> victor: no. maybe... i or we can come up with the funds. >> victoria: are you talking about for his memory, dad? >> victor: no, that' s not what i' m saying. anyway, let' s not talk about this anymore, okay? enough business now. why don' t you go to the hospital, be with billy? >> victoria: [ sighs ] are you sure? >> victor: yeah.
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t you go, all right? >> victoria: [ sighs ] dad... >> victor: yes, my sweetheart? >> victoria: thank you. >> victor: i love you. >> victoria: i love you. >> lauren: billy is in that bed because some heartless coward s who' s to blame, not you. >> jill: yeah, but the surgery was my decision, you see? and billy went in to cardiac arrest while he was on the s my fault. >> lauren: no. stitch and dr. dellafield both right decision. they couldn' t predict that there were gonna be complications, and neither could you. wisdom. >> jill: it was wrong. look at him in there!
11:14 am
i should have gone with my gut. and said, "she' and it' s because of dr. neville." that would have been the right >> lauren: no. anything could have happened if you had gone in that direction. and you know that! >> jill: my baby' s life is ebbing away, and i' m watching it happen, okay? i want to grab him and pull him back! i want to scream at him, "don' t leave me!" >> lauren: sis... >> jill: no, no, no. i can' t. this is not the time for tears, not now, not ever. watch over my boy, and you call me if anything happens. >> lauren: well, wait. where are you going? >> jill: if i can' back to the living, i' m getting somebody who can. >> dr. neville: what would it billy? nothing except for maybe the it' s always the same damn story. "oh, sure. let' s fix him by cutting him open. let' s disrupt his blood flow, his oxygen intake. let' s saturate his body with hard-core sedatives. yeah, that' ll fix everything." never mind me with my
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i wish billy could have been part of the solution, but at least you are here. you are here, ms. abbott. we are going to put you right. >> ashley: and if it doesn' t work? >> dr. neville: well, it might not. i mean, it probably won' t. uh... i mean the first time. i mean, when you were running jabot, did you get everything right the first time, every time? no, you didn' t. so, you picked yourself up. you retooled. you tried again. that' s exactly what we will do. this is science, therefore... that is how we roll. what? what? >> ashley: hilary, billy, me. >> dr. neville: i don' t un-- i don' t know what you -- >> ashley: science projects. i' m just your damn lab rat. when we're making mashed potatoes, and add a packet of hidden valley original ranch. it becomes the first thing
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11:19 am
>> neil: ...things. things like a benefit, you know? that' s all. both. >> hilary: okay. [ chuckles ] uh, nikki, uh, i' m really sorry to hear about billy. it' s an awful situation. >> nikki: oh, thank you very much. we' re all trying to stay hopeful. >> neil: hey, guys, excuse me. um, i have a business call to make. >> nikki: oh. go right ahead. >> hilary: of course. >> nikki: so, hilary, i hope the new year is treating you well. i saw you with devon when the clock struck 12:00. [ chuckles ] >> hilary: i saw you, too. with neil. >> neil: i' m supposed to be on a business call, so i want you to stand here and make me look good, all right? hilary' s in there with nikki. >> devon: all right. this whole setup isn' t even working, okay? she just dismissed your guys' kiss, said you' re nothing but friends, so if that doesn' t convince her, what' s going to?
11:20 am
s gonna get it. >> nikki: one little new year' s eve kiss, and of course, victor finds out about it. he gets jealous. can you imagine that? he knows how close neil and i are. [ cellphone chimes ] >> hilary: go ahead. you can get it. i' m sure it' s probably important. >> nikki: no, i' m not getting it. i know exactly what it is. it' s victor checking up on me. he' s become the prince of paranoia. [ chuckles ] i am going to just touch up my lipstick here. never know who you' re gonna run into. [ chuckles ] there we go. >> kevin: oh, that' s the wrong table. that' s not for me. >> victor: oh, yes, it certainly is. >> kevin: [ sighs ] of course. you' re behind the "top of the tower, 12:00" secret
11:21 am
>> victor: [ chuckles ] sorry about the cloak and dagger, but you know, sometimes, discretion is the better part of business. >> kevin: [ sighs ] >> victor: thank you, sir. uh, would you kindly ask the chef to send out today' s tasting menu, all right? >> kevin: victor, you can get me fed and boozed up all you want, but i cannot cut you in on this internet deal, so... i don' t know. maybe we should cut this lunch short. >> victor: why would you want to cut that short, kevin? you told me that you want to remain loyal to your deal with billy abbott. and i respect that. it. we don' t know if he will survive. even if he does survive, do you want to do business with a man who owed money to a bookie, who was roughed up by him then hit by a car? you want to business with the same old billy abbott who drinks and gambles?
11:22 am
be the same old kevin fisher? cheers. >> ashley: you don' t care. there will always be somebody who needs a cure, right? some other desperate soul that you can poke and prod and then toss away. >> dr. neville: stop it. you' re wrong. absolutely wrong. my patients are never guinea pigs or lab rats. they' they' re people. they think, they feel, they love, ache. they have every right to their fear and their memories and their hope. and it is my job, mine, to make sure that that doesn' t slip away or is lost. sometimes -- sometimes, that job is daunting. it is frightening. it' s frustrating. it' s graceless. but it' s what i do. and while i admittedly don' t have the world'
11:23 am
bedside manner, i make up for it in other areas. i' m good at it, maybe the only thing i' m good at. but isn' isn' t that why you put your life >> jill: oh, good. you' re here. >> ashley: my god, is it billy? >> jill: yes, of course it' s billy. his condition is the same. >> ashley: i' m so sorry. he doesn' t deserve this. >> jill: no, he doesn' t. what is it gonna take? i' m sorry. i am so, so sorry. i should have trusted you. a thousand apologies. but please, please, come with me to the hospital and heal my son. >> dr. neville: there' s no point. i mean, the chart i looked at -- that was before billy underwent surgery, before he crashed on the table. now, i-i don' t know what i could do for him. >> jill: fine! come with me. >> dr. neville: no, i can' t. the protocol that i' m working on -- it' s too important. lives depend on it. i-i can' t just walk away, not right now. >> jill: you'
11:24 am
kidding me. what? you' re gonna stay here and play with your beakers and your test tubes while my son needs you? oh, my god. you really are a charlatan. what, the odds are just too high or you can' t be bothered? >> ashley: jill, that' s not it. >> jill: well, then, what is it, ashley? you tell me. why are you defending this man who won' t save your brother? >> victoria: where' s jill? >> lauren: she went to go find a miracle. demand it, actually. >> victoria: wonderful. [ sighs ] >> lauren: she' s sure she can will it into being. >> victoria: i look at him in there. he' s so still. you know, billy is terrible at being still. he' s always running around the house, chasing after the kids and everything like that. that' s how i see him. [ sighs ] now i' m wondering if maybe it' s over. maybe he' s already gone. [ crying ] i don' t know what to do, lauren. i don'
11:25 am
t know how to show him that i love him. do i let him go? though i know that' s not what he >> lauren: you don' t have to decide that now. >> victoria: dr. dellafield says lauren, he wouldn' t want this. he would not want this. he would hate me if he knew that this is how bad things were. >> michael: hey. >> victoria: hi. >> michael: look, victoria, i don' t know if this makes things harder or easier, but that choice -- that decision -- it' s not yours to make. i try hard to get a great shape. this...
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will continue.,,,,,,,, >> lauren: is that really necessary right now? >> michael: given the conversation i just walked in on, i' m afraid so. >> victoria: what is that? >> michael: billy' s health-care power of attorney, notarized at the same time he did his will. it' s legal and binding, putting all health decisions in one set of hands were this situation
11:31 am
he named jack, victoria. >> victoria: not me. >> michael: no. not you. he wanted to spare you from exactly this situation. >> victoria: deciding whether or not to keep him on the machine. billy already made that decision. he wouldn' t want a life like this. >> ashley: jill, i' m defending dr. neville because he does care. he' s a brilliant scientist. he' s probably an even more brilliant doctor. but...billy' s my brother. this makes me so sad. if dr. neville is telling you that the window has closed to helping him, then he can' t help billy. he can' t, and that breaks my heart. >> jill: oh, does it really? it breaks your heart, huh? you seem awfully willing to let him go. >> ashley: i just trust his medical opinion, jill. >> jill: yeah, well, you make perfume, okay? you' re not a doctor. you' re a businesswoman. i' m so sorry if billy' s illness is gonna affect your fiscal bottom line. >> dr. neville: all right, all right. that' s enough. you can'
11:32 am
start berating my... my -- my partner that way. look, the staff at memorial told you that surgery was the only answer. you made the best choice you could. and on a different day, under different circumstances, billy would be awake. but it didn' t play out that way. and i' m sorry. i cannot fix it now. >> jill: you won' t fix it now. [ voice breaking ] fine. you just go to hell. go to hell. i will find somebody else who won' t turn their back on a person when they need them. and you, ashley -- have fun in your lab coat. >> dr. neville: that woman is like a human sledgehammer. you do know how sorry i am about your brother? i mean it. ashley. ashley! all right. okay. it' s all right. you' re fading too fast. i' ve got to get you out of here. >> kevin: really? this is what you do every day? >> victor: [ chuckles ]
11:33 am
s not a bad life. i mean, if that' s what you' re into. >> victor: could be your life, you know? i mean, i respect your loyalty to billy abbott, but, uh, to reach your full potential, you need to partner with someone who has already reached his. >> kevin: my full potential? >> victor: yeah. it' s about your life, about what you want, and about what you want to become. >> kevin: first this, then tequila. then who knows what. to us. >> mariah: to you. >> kevin: ready? >> mariah: don' t you know by now? i am always ready. >> kevin: then let' s get to it.
11:34 am
>> kevin: this is the life -- big, fancy office with my own foosball table. just like i always dreamed. >> mariah: and all because you revolutionized the internet. >> kevin: crazy, right? i knew it' d be huge, but billionaire huge? >> mariah: i always knew, kevin. i always believed in you, even when i was making fun of you over and over again, constantly. for that, i apologize. but i won' t apologize for this. whoo! >> kevin: yeah, but i' m winning at literally everything else. >> mariah: true. >> michael: kevin? uh, forgot those contracts you requested. >> kevin: excellent, michael. i' m so glad i was able to employ thing. >> michael: well, i am so glad that, in spite of your massive recent success, you' re still so down-to-earth. >> kevin: so true. what is this? >> michael: oh, that' s the paperwork regarding your proposal to buy brazil. >> kevin: it' s not too much, is
11:35 am
no, no, no, no. hardly. too much is never enough for the most successful person that we know. >> michael: oh, and fenmore just loves the island you bought him for his birthday. i' m just saying. >> kevin: see? that' s what makes it all worthwhile -- sharing my wealth with the people i love. sharing my wealth. [ chuckles ] >> victor: uh, the bubbly getting to you or what? >> kevin: huh? >> victor: huh? >> kevin: no. >> victor: oh. >> kevin: no, i' m riveted by all this. >> victor: you are? >> kevin: but you asked what i want to become. >> victor: uh-huh. >> kevin: and the answer to that is a man who can say "no" to an offer from victor newman. >> victor: [ laughs ] eucerin intensive repair doesn't just moisturize dry skin, it intensively repairs it. with a unique triple action formula that exfoliates hydrates and fortifies skin. leaving it looking healthy and radiant. with intensive
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>> victor: so, that' s your goal, huh? to be able to say "no" to me? that means you really mean "yes." >> kevin: [ sighs ] as enticing as the offer of being partners with you is, i promised billy. >> victor: i can' t tell if you' re stubborn or naive. >> kevin: i think both. >> victor: kevin... use your brain. for you to make this kind of lucrative offer to billy abbott in his present condition -- and who knows what he will be like when he comes out of it, if he comes out of it -- doesn' t make any sense. i can provide you with all the
11:40 am
infrastructure for sales and distribution right now. >> kevin: and what would your role be? >> victor: i' d control the whole damn thing. >> kevin: there it is. so, you' re the king and we' re the peasants. >> victor: now, wait. i can eventually provide you with that crown that you want. that is what you want, isn' t it? you want to wear the crown of a king, don' t you, hmm? >> kevin: no. thank you. i respectfully decline. and tell the chef -- next time, i' d prefer a different sear on the fish. >> victor: okay, now, now, not so fast. you hesitated before you declined. now, both of us know what that means. and by the way, this fish was exactly how i like it. >> kevin: thank you for lunch, victor.
11:41 am
>> neil: hey. sorry. sorry it took so long. >> hilary: no problem. was your business call productive? >> neil: yeah. yeah, i hope so. >> nikki: oh. i' m so sorry. you' ll have to excuse me. i-i have someplace that i have to go. it was good to see you. >> hilary: you, too. >> nikki: bye. >> neil: yeah, bye, nikki. yeah, let me, uh -- let me get the check. >> hilary: no. nikki already signed for it. perks of having a rich husband. >> neil: yeah, but there' s a lot more to nikki than just being married to a rich, powerful man. good to see you. >> hilary: neil, wait. um... what are you doing later? ' cause i was hoping that we could chat about something. >> neil: actually, um, i have plans. could take up the rest of my day. >> hilary: oh. okay. >> neil: what' s wrong? >> hilary: i'
11:42 am
jabot lab, and, no, i wasn' t gonna see dr. neville. i was putting together a proposal for jack. and i was hoping for your guidance. you know, you know the way my mind works and how to put my thoughts into words. >> neil: [ chuckles ] yeah, well, um, i wish i could help you. maybe another time, all right? >> hilary: well, it needs to be tonight, but thanks, anyway. >> neil: it means that much to you, huh? >> hilary: jack -- he' s had enough bad news lately. and everyone needs something to be excited about in this new year, to give them hope. that' s what this was about. >> neil: okay. we' re gonna have to hurry up, all right? i can spare a little bit of time before my meeting. >> devon: hey, jill. i got your message, and it sounded urgent. is it billy? you all right? >> jill: oh, god, devon. it' s so awful. the doctors have done all they can for him, and now they' re
11:43 am
re talking about...these machines that he' s on. >> devon: jill, i' m sorry. listen, you know, there are other doctors and there are other specialists, so if you want, just tell me and i' ll get a jet. i' ll have them flown out here. i' ll pay them anything. >> jill: that is so sweet of you, but, no, there is a doctor, and he is local. and he works miracles. >> devon: it' s not dr. neville, is it? >> jill: yes. that' s the one. >> devon: okay. i know that i' m -- i' m funding his research, but the guy' s a maniac. you don' t want billy' s life in his hands. >> jill: well, if you believe that, why are you paying him? >> devon: because hilary asked me to. did you already go to dr. neville? >> jill: yeah, i just came from there. i was practically on my knees begging him, and he refused me. he said now that billy has been in surgery, there' s nothing he can do for him. he just -- he' s gonna stay there and focus on his damn research. >> devon: i really hate that guy. >> jill: well, then help me! please, help me! tell him you' ll pull his funding if he doesn' t save my son. >> devon: jill, it'
11:44 am
simple. i... >> jill: why? because of hilary? >> devon: in a way, yeah. >> jill: all right, devon. this is your money. this is katherine' s money. katherine would want billy to have every chance. you know that' s the truth.
11:45 am
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regerts? sorry, i was eating a milky way. (inspirational music) (special effects) lisa! what took you so long? (laser blasts) duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices, so you can power imagination all day long. (duracell slamtones) >> dr. neville: it' s all very illicit. i registered you under a nom de plume. [ chuckles ] you rest, i' ll monitor you, and the staff will assume i get my kicks slinking around corners.
11:48 am
m not one of your coma patients. >> dr. neville: oh, just my luck. a patient who can talk back. you need to rest. >> ashley: but you see, my mind is racing. my body' s just so exhausted. >> dr. neville: it' s a good thing i have a powerful sedative -- something guaranteed to put you to sleep. >> ashley: isn' t that gonna mess with the protocol? >> dr. neville: oh, i don' t think so. boys and girls, we are going to study the effects of elastin peptides. >> ashley: hmm? >> dr. neville: exactly. good observation. stop talking. "elastin peptides, as opposed to brittle peptides --" [chuckles] little medical humor there. there' s no such thing. >> jill: i did it. i did it. i found a way in. >> lauren: into what? >> jill: into a miracle. i saw devon, and he' s gonna speak to simon neville about treating billy. the brilliant bastard blew me off, but he cannot ignore the
11:49 am
>> michael: all right, jill. jill, i' m afraid you went through a lot of trouble for nothing. >> jill: we have to try everything, michael. i mean, i don' t for one second believe this man' s ego is gonna let him fail. if he wants to prove he' s the best of all time, great. let him prove it by treating my son. >> victoria: jill, that' s not what michael' s saying. you may be billy' s mother, but the decision about what happens to him isn' t up to you. >> victor: hi, bonnie. is mrs. newman at home? she has a luncheon date with who? okay. thank you. [ cellphone rings ] >> nikki: neil, finally. >> neil: it'
11:50 am
>> hilary: really? >> neil: yeah. you' ve done your homework, obviously. but the proposal is really only, what, 75% of the way there. >> hilary: well, what am i missing? >> neil: you know, jabot isn' t the same company it was when you were here. market perception has changed, so adjustments have to be made for projected earnings. >> hilary: [ sighs ] you' re right. i...should have anticipated that. >> neil: you know, if you want to make an impact on jack and have him pursue this, you have to dot your "i' s," cross your "t' s," line everything up. jabot doesn' t have the capital that it used to, so if jack says "yes," then... >> hilary: he has to say "no" to someone else. this has to be completely compelling, no possible way he could say "no." >> neil: that' s right.
11:51 am
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>> jill: i know what you said about billy not wanting to live this way, but that is my point. because once dr. neville gets here, billy won' t have to live this way. >> victoria: that' s not what i meant, jill. >> jill: sweetheart, i know you love him. but you' re not married to him. these are not your decisions to make. >> victoria: michael, would you please talk to her? >> jill: what? >> michael: listen to me. billy signed a legal and binding health-care power of attorney. >> jill: let me see that. >> lauren: let me talk to my sister. >> michael: okay. >> jill: oh, my god. jack? it' s jack' s call if my son lives or dies? >> lauren: it was to spare you and victoria, so you wouldn' t have the weight of these decisions on your shoulders. >> jill: i want the weight! i want the decisions. [ voice breaking ] he' s my son! >> victoria: it was billy' s choice, okay? he chose jack, and now jack will have to take into consideration
11:55 am
s why billy chose him. >> kevin: was there news? >> michael: no change. which means there' s gonna be a great deal of end-of-life discussions. >> kevin: end of life? well, that makes it sound like he' s not gonna -- he' s not gonna make it. >> michael: that' s what i was trying to tell you. >> kevin: oh, i was -- i was thinking about business before, but... i don' t know what to say. >> michael: no one does. >> dr. neville: "the end." >> ashley: simon? >> dr. neville: i' i' m not going anywhere. you go back to sleep. >> dr. neville: that' s the plan, ms. abbott. we' ll get there. you trust me? >> ashley: i do.
11:56 am
your mission -- frankly, you have no choice but to accept it -- is to get better. okay, ashley? >> victor: what were you doing upstairs? >> nikki: well, what are you doing here? >> victor: were you meeting with neil?
11:57 am
"the young and the restless"... you' re just the same bitch that you always were. >> victoria: billy made his wishes clear. a life spent on machines is no >> jill: don' t let him die! >> jack: you' re pleading with me like it' s my decision. it is not up to me. -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures television and cbs, inc. next at noon, what defense attorneys want to keep out of the trial of a woman accused of
11:58 am
unborn child.
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