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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 22, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,, ,, >> victor: thank you. i trust the accommodations are to your liking. >> natalie: [ scoffs ] which part -- the part where i didn' t get my laptop as requested so i couldn' t work on the prototype, or the part where there was no phone so i couldn' t reach kevin, or the part where the door was locked from the outside? >> victor: i am so sorry that you were inconvenienced, okay? >> natalie: i' m surprised you didn' t throw in handcuffs and a blindfold. >> victor: you' re funny, aren' t you? >> natalie: well, that' s what i am, right -- a prisoner?
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>> natalie: and you' re making a deal with the kidnappers -- my life for your sons, which wasn' t the deal. >> paul: victor' s not running the exchange. we are. >> dylan: so, we' re setting up a dummy ransom exchange tonight. we turn over the girl. adam gets returned to victor. hopefully, we get the kidnapper, and everybody goes home safe. >> chelsea: and victor' s agreed to this -- working with the police? doesn' t really sound like my father-in-law. >> dylan: well, it did take a lot of persuading, but i think he understands what' s at stake. >> chelsea: okay. so, what happens now? >> dylan: uh, now we' re just, you know, scouting a location, you know? it' s got to be in the public, a lot of activity. we want the kidnappers to have a false sense of security, because if they feel safe, this will go down without a hitch. >> chelsea: i just wish there was more i could do to -- hold on a second.
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>> how are you feeling? >> adam: well, you know, i' m kind of tied up. hey, i tell you what. why don' t we do this -- why don' t you stop pretending like you care how i' m feeling, and i' ll pretend like i' m not gonna come after you when this is all done. how about we do that? >> breakfast soon. >> adam: oh, good. i' ll take the eggs benedict. that sounds great. >> yeah, that' s not happening. >> adam: you know what? why don' t you just, uh -- just tell me why i was grabbed, huh? >> i just do what i' m paid to do. >> adam: who'
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>> phyllis: oh, i' m sorry i' m late. >> jack: hey! and yet you weren' t there when i woke up this morning. where have you been? >> phyllis: i have such a busy schedule. i had an early hair appointment. that was the only time regina could fit me in. >> jack: you look ravishing, as always. >> phyllis: i' m guessing billy is back from the brink is the reason for your beautiful, gorgeous smile? >> jack: full recovery. he' s moving back in with victoria and his children. he' s ready to take on life. billy' s in a very good place. >> kevin: not anymore. >> billy: [ gasps, groans ] >> victoria: it' s okay. >> billy: [ groans ] >> victoria: billy, it was just a nightmare. >> billy: [ panting ] >> victoria: it' s okay. >> billy: it was real, vic. the car, the -- the one that hit me. i remember. >> victoria: do you remember
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but if we never find out the truth, i really don' t care. i have you again. >> billy: [ sighs ] >> victoria: that' s all that matters to me. and tomorrow and the next day. not our past. just you and me and the kids and our future. >> billy: i got a lot to make up for, vic. >> victoria: but you also have a lot to live for. birthday parties and making paper airplanes... watching me burn cookies. >> billy: [ chuckles ] >> victoria: who knows? maybe one day, we' ll take a vacation. >> billy: yeah. jamaica sounds real nice right about now. >> victoria: [ scoffs ] been there, done that. >> billy: [ chuckles ] >> victoria: i think we should broaden our horizons, maybe. >> victoria: when you' re 100%, that is. but for now... just take a walk in the park,
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go visit dee dee' s tree. >> billy: i' d like that. [ sighs ] there' s a lot of things i got to fix. >> victoria: yeah, i know. you will. >> billy: little harder now that the one thing that i had to prove that i' m not a screw-up is in victor' s hands. >> victoria: what? who cares about that? billy, you came back to us. you came back to all of your friends and family that were praying for you around this bed. that' s what defines you -- your love and your strength. that' s who you are, not some business deal that you lost. >> billy: i lost to victor. look. listen to me. i-i know how lucky i am to be here right now. i realize that. i know the future that i want. i know the life that i want to live, and it' s with you, and it' s with our kids. but there is --
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victor tries to screw over the abbotts. >> jack: this is your idea of welcoming billy back to life -- announcing that you gave his deal to victor? >> kevin: i sold billy out. i wanted to tell him face-to-face to give him an opportunity to punch me. >> jack: you should' ve waited till he was stronger. >> mariah: did you think victor was gonna keep this a secret? kevin did the right thing. he manned up before victor went public. >> phyllis: i agree. better for billy to hear it from kevin than one of victor' s press conferences. >> mariah: yeah, complete with gloating and probably a marching band. >> jack: billy still has a long road ahead of him. if this sets him back in any way, any way at all -- >> kevin: if it' s any consolation, victor bounced me from the project, too. >> jack: wow. this story just gets better and better. >> mariah: yeah. and the cherry is that it could all blow up and rain down cyber ashes on everybody because adam is being held ransom in exchange for the brainiac that' s behind it all. >> phyllis: ransom? >> jack: wait, adam was kidnapped? >> kevin: there it is. not a secret anymore. >> mariah: oops. >> kevin: can you please keep that on the down-low? adam' s life may be in danger, and we don' t need victor blaming
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blame for adam' s life being in danger is the person he should never have gotten back into business with in the first place. >> paul: i' m chief williams. while mr. newman is accustomed to calling the shots, he will be taking a back seat to the genoa city police department on this matter. >> victor: now, paul, you and i know that i will not take a back seat to anyone where my son' s >> paul: well, it' s a good thing we have the same goal, then. plan? >> natalie: i got the gist, but i could use some details. >> paul: we are playing it as a >> natalie: i don' far. t really matter whether you like it or not. but i can assure you, you will be safe. >> victor: paul, may i have a word? >> paul: of course. >> victor: would you kindly take the young lady to the reception room? make sure that she' comfortable. don' t escape. [ scoffs ]
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>> victor: now, this exchange is a cooperative effort, isn' t it? >> paul: it' s a police effort. the fact that i' m letting you have a front-row seat, victor, is because adam is involved. but let' s have an understanding. i am in charge. >> victor: all right. you' re the chief of police, so you' ll be in charge. but i trust that you and your plan will keep my son safe. if he should get hurt, i want you to know that no one will be safe. >> chelsea: i' ve started a new bridal line. i mean, it' s not even close to being finished, but i was gonna do a pop-up show sometime soon -- you know, like a preview of what' s to come. what if i just moved the show up? what if i just did it tonight? that' s plausible, isn' t it? >> dylan: i mean, it' s, uh, public, you know, plenty going on. fashion crowd -- definitely not threatening. >> chelsea: you' ve never been at fashion week, have you? >> dylan: i' ll leave the fashion end to you. >> chelsea: [ sighs ] >> dylan: so, uh, top of the tower, 9:00 p.m.? i mean, that gives us enough time to get everything ready. >> chelsea: okay. so, then, all i have to do is -- is do it. >> dylan: what about you? does it give you time to get everything together?
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ll do whatever it takes. so, um, let' s see. uh, the hem on this one is not ready yet. but we can fix that. and then, this one doesn' t have the beading yet. this -- no, this one won' t work. i need more. >> dylan: okay, you know, it doesn' t have to be perfect. >> chelsea: no, the night has to be perfect. adam' s life is on the line. i need him home, dylan. i need him home. >> dylan: just take a breath. >> chelsea: i don' t have time to breathe right now. i don' t have time to breathe or think. i need to work, and i need to get all of this done, because if i -- >> dylan: hey. hey. s how we' re gonna get this done. i' m just scared, dylan. i feel like i just got my husband back, and now i might be losing him all over again. >> adam: is there a name on the check? >> cash. >> adam: yeah. good man. good for you. cash. i love cash. make it difficult to write off doesn' that' s what this is, right -- business?
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well, i tell you what. i got a long list of enemies, so why don' t you do me a favor? instead of having me guess, why don' t you just tell me who it is? >> you know, i can kind of understand why you' d have a long list of enemies. i don' t even know you, and i' m sick of you already. >> adam: well, i' m an acquired taste. tell -- tell me what the ransom is, all right? what is it? i' ll double it. i' ll -- i' ll double it. i' ll throw in an extra 10% ' cause i like the cut of your jib. how' s that sound? >> [ chuckles ] i don' t work that way. >> adam: really? oh, a kidnapper with scruples.
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every casserole deserves a shred of authenticity, every sandwich a slice of legit. natural cheese off-the-block, 100% real. sargento, we're real cheese people. >> kevin: so, now you know. but you don' t, if anyone asks. >> phyllis: oh, we understand. the details. >> jack: every time adam trusts victor' s gonna be a father to him, this happens. he gets caught in the middle. he' s used as pawn. >> phyllis: do you know anything about the other investor? >> mariah: he' poor sport. >> kevin: i got nothing.
11:18 am
s not exactly a sharer. i can tell you that the police are officially involved. >> kevin: i' m not at liberty to say. >> phyllis: but there is a plan, >> jack: let' s not pressure secrets. as long as paul' s involved, i have every faith that adam will be fine. >> kevin: jack, i am sorry about this. if i hadn' t gone to victor, if i' d come to you, if i' waited -- t. and this is where we are. my brother gets hit before he ever stands up. >> phyllis: when you went to billy and told him that you took the deal to victor, how did he react? >> kevin: he was understanding. but he was slammed. i do feel horrible. >> jack: i got to see billy now. >> phyllis: not without me. >> jack: okay. >> victoria: okay. forget about the deal, billy. >> billy: [ chuckles ] >> victoria: think of it this way. you came up with this amazing project that my father had to steal. and he only goes for the best
11:19 am
>> billy: that' s supposed to make me feel better? >> victoria: no. this is. >> billy: that' s working. so does that mean you' ll focus on our future and how lucky we are? >> billy: no, you can focus on kissing me, because i' m out of practice. >> victoria: i can definitely do that. >> billy: [ sighs ] did you tell me a story when i was out -- something about a...frog? did you call me a frog? >> victoria: i said you were a prince. >> billy: okay. >> victoria: [ chuckles ] >> billy: well, this prince is definitely missing his tadpoles. i' m overdue for some sweet, little hugs and some sticky kisses. and i can' t wait to hear katie
11:20 am
>> victoria: her first word. how did you know that? >> dylan: adam came back to you after he almost died in a car wreck. he got hit at the courthouse. he came back to you. he was in the newman tower when it went up in flames. he came back to you. a kidnapper? this is nothing. >> chelsea: [ sighs ] i really want to believe that. >> dylan: well, you should believe it, for connor. s crazy, you know? the second he walked out that door, i knew he was in trouble. i knew it. i could -- i could, like, feel it. [ sighs ] we have that kind of connection, you know? i' m sure you and sharon have the same thing. i swear, i can feel him even when he' s not with me. but right now, all i feel is... trouble. >> dylan: i made you a promise. i intend to keep it.
11:21 am
s coming home. >> chelsea: [ sighs ] yeah, well, i' m sure all sharon wants right now is for you to be home playing with sully, instead of risking your life. >> dylan: yeah, well, i' ve been in a lot scarier situations than a fashion show. we have a plan. we' re gonna follow it. everybody' s gonna go home. >> chelsea: and how many of your missions could be blown up by a wild card? >> dylan: you talking about victor? i' ll make sure he won' t be a problem. >> victor: you and our security team met with the police about how the exchange will go down? >> it' s all in order, mr. newman. >> victor: yeah, we can use the police manpower, but listen to this. you follow my orders. i don' t care what paul williams tells you. you come to me first. is that clear? >> yes, sir. >> victor: all right. and keep this area secure. no one unauthorized walks in here, especially not that girl, all right? >> natalie: a message just came
11:22 am
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will continue.,, ,, ,,
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>> billy: i don' t know. maybe i dreamt it, katie calling me dada. either way, it was the sweetest word i' ve ever heard. >> victoria: no, i-i remember exactly where we were when she said it. we were at crimson lights, me and the kids. and my mom was there, and you definitely weren' t around. she just sort of said it out of nowhere. >> billy: hmm. >> victoria: maybe i told you, and then, somehow, you heard it. >> billy: well, if i was gonna hear a voice in the depths of unconsciousness, it would be yours. very nice to see you, but your timing sucks. >> jack: we could come back later, uh... >> billy: no, no. you' re here. welcome. not much of a host. i mean, we can share what' s left
11:27 am
d like. >> jack: well, nice to see my little brother hasn' t lost his sense of humor, even after an apparent visit from kevin. >> billy: yeah. the deal. i' m over it, jack. what' s a billion dollars, worldwide recognition, maybe a couple stadiums named after you -- who needs it, right? i' m going home with the most beautiful woman in the world, and our little girl' s first word was "dada." >> jack: life is good. >> billy: damn right. >> victoria: maybe i can make life even better by getting us some more pudding cups. i' ll see if i can go bribe the nurse. >> jack: [ chuckles ] so, how you doing? >> billy: great. much better once i get out of this hospital gown. [ cellphone chimes ] >> jack: oh, sorry. i have to take this. hold that thought. hello? yes. [ door shuts ] >> phyllis: life is good. babies' first words bringing sunshine into our lives. you got the love of your life. >> billy: [ chuckles ] >> phyllis: you know, it'
11:28 am
if you want to drop the act. i know that you are happy to be back among the living, but i also know that you are still mad as hell at victor. >> natalie: what' s your next move? [ cellphone rings ] >> victor: excuse me. yes, paul. >> paul: victor, i' ve got you on speaker with dylan. i assume you' ve read the kidnapper' s latest? >> victor: oh, so now my computer' s linked to police headquarters. >> paul: well, you want it done right, don' t you? >> victor: yes. i think the kidnapper' s anxious. time and place. >> paul: dylan? >> dylan: ransom exchange takes place tonight, 9:00 p.m., top of the tower, chelsea' s fashion show. >> victor: wait a minute. chelsea will be involved? >> dylan: well, the fashion show part was her idea. >> victor: but i don' t like that idea. >> paul: [ sighs ] i don' t, either, but it works perfectly with our plan. >> victor: paul, listen to me. you'
11:29 am
danger, as well. >> paul: the gcpd has taken every precaution to ensure the safety of not only adam but chelsea and natalie, as well. victor? >> victor: paul, i don' t like it because there' s no room for error. >> paul: no, there' s not. but that' s the plan. and they' re waiting for a response. >> victor: [ sighs deeply ] it' s done. >> paul: thank you for cooperating. >> victor: so, you' re upset you don' t have your computer back? >> natalie: no. i' m just wondering the same thing you are. are you gonna double-cross the cops?
11:30 am
>> what the hell? >> adam: it' s all right. don' t worry, you big baby. i' m not gonna tell your boss, all right? >> i was warned you were slippery. >> adam: really? >> yeah. >> adam: so the big kahuna knows my m.o., huh? >> [ sighs ] >> adam: come on. give me a clue. you' re not gonna tell me who this is? nothing? >> don' t push your luck, newman. >> adam: you married? got any kids, anything like that -- a family? i got a wife and a son, beautiful little baby boy. he' s great. my wife right now is probably shaking down every cage in town, wondering where i am. she' s worried about me. you know, that' s what she does -- she worries. hey. hey. why don' t you let me use your phone, all right, and make one phone call, just tell her i' m okay so she doesn' t worry? just tell her that i love her? no -- no tip-offs, no secret code, nothing. i'
11:31 am
her, tell her not to worry. [ door shuts ] >> adam: when i was fighting my way back to you and connor, this is the moment i thought of -- this exact moment right here. so, why don' t we toast to -- >> chelsea: perseverance? >> adam: i was gonna say to you, actually. you' re what got me through. [ glasses clink ] >> chelsea: mmm. >> adam: this is so nice. there are not words that could describe how i feel right now. >> chelsea: so then stop talking. >> adam: that' s a good idea.
11:32 am
>> chelsea: well, good to know there' s a cop at the door. >> victor: he works for me. well, i' m glad to see you' re >> victor: i' m working with the police because you went to them. >> chelsea: yeah, because you were of no help. >> victor: listen. the exchange is happening in my building, okay? my son. paul and dylan may think they run the show... but they think like civil servants, not like a father. >> chelsea: that' s right, the father who managed to allow his son to get kidnapped. >> victor: you' re not blaming me for this, are you? >> chelsea: yeah, i am blaming you. you may have kept adam out of prison, but you' ve created a whole new one. i mean, all he ever wants is your love, and it' s always just out of reach. and now this. now this. he could die, victor.
11:33 am
would sacrifice my son for a business deal? are you serious? you' re making me angry now, so kindly get out. >> chelsea: i' m sorry, all right? i' m just -- i' m scared. i need to make sure that you have adam' s best interest at heart, that you will put him first. >> victor: don' t you come in here and accuse me of things. he' s my son, my blood! i' m not gonna sacrifice him for a damn thing! every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
11:34 am
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>> kevin: hey, what' s the latest on the ransom exchange? is it still a go? >> dylan: [ sighs ] >> paul: how do you know about that? >> dylan: well, they wanted to put an apb out on natalie, and i couldn' t let that happen. so i had to fill them in, and i explained that the situation is very sensitive and they need to keep their mouths shut. >> mariah: and we double-pinkie-promised not to t have to worry about us. >> kevin: so, what' s the next step, and how can i help? >> paul: okay. you know, i, uh, appreciate your it' s strictly need-to-know. >> kevin: absolutely. wait for me outside? >> mariah: you' d be surprised at how large my need-to-know is. >> paul: okay. i' m not gonna share any information with you or with you. >> kevin: but i work here. >> paul: you' re not a cop. >> kevin: natalie is my partner. >> mariah: was your partner. >> kevin: look, i' m in the middle of this. i have been from the beginning, and i' m gonna see it through. >> paul: it' you' re done. >> kevin: paul, i can help you. here. i don' t want you complicating things. do you get that? >> adam: [ shouting ] so, what' s i' m guessing you tagged my old
11:37 am
well, let me tell you something. dear, old dad' s liable to keep your ransom and tell you where to stick it. how does that sound? >> chelsea: you' re right. adam is your son. and when he wants something, no one gets in his way. no matter what, he -- he always finds his way back to us. >> victor: okay. [ door opens ] >> natalie: really? a guard outside the ladies' room? what do you think i' m gonna do -- flush myself to freedom? >> victor: [ chuckles ] chelsea, this is natalie. >> natalie: [ sighs ] good. another person to hate me. >> chelsea: you' re the person responsible for adam' s kidnapping? >> natalie: i' m a victim, too. >> chelsea: uh, no, you' re walking around, while my husband is god-knows-where, all because you' ve decided to stiff your partners. >> natalie: it was a misunderstanding. and if it' s any consolation, i' m now being used as bait to get your husband back. >> chelsea: do you understand that i' m going through hell right now because i' m worried for my husband' s life, all because some little sociopath decided to scam her partners? >> natalie: i don' t need this. enjoy your drama. i' m out. >> victor: you'
11:38 am
anywhere. >> natalie: you said you' d protect me. >> victor: while the exchange is being arranged, all right? >> natalie: well, i' m not feeling the love. you want to save the man unlucky enough to be married to you? go get him yourself. >> chelsea: i will drag you out there by your hair. >> victor: whoa, whoa. chelsea, one second, please. let' s look at this calmly and rationally, okay? >> chelsea: calmly and rationally? look at her! she doesn' t care if adam lives or dies. she practically has "con artist" stamped on her forehead. >> natalie: you don' t know what you' re talking about. >> chelsea: yes, i do. i know your type. let me guess -- it' s all about you and no one else. it' s never your fault. if you don' t do it, somebody else will, so it might as well be you. >> victor: chelsea... natalie is a brilliant computer hacker. she had nothing to do with adam' s kidnapping. so we need her to get him back safely. >> chelsea: my son is 2 years old. and he doesn' t know where his daddy is. he really misses him, so do you want to be the one to tell him why you won' t help us? >> victor: natalie, you told me
11:39 am
you know what it means for a child to grow up without a father or a parent. will you help us? >> billy: when exactly did you start knowing me so well? >> phyllis: well, just about the time when you and i grabbed victor' s tail and held on for dear life. >> billy: look where that got us. >> phyllis: bruised. wiser. but ready. >> billy: for what? >> phyllis: well, for the future, whatever that holds. >> billy: are you working on something, phyllis? >> phyllis: jack' s concerned about you. he really wants to believe that you are over victor and the lost deal. >> billy: i am. i' m focused on my family, the people i love, my friends, not the lying, cheating, scum-of-the-earth billionaire who snaked the dream out from underneath me. >> phyllis: [ sighs ] there he is. there' s the billy i know and love. you know, life...
11:40 am
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11:43 am
we get it. the crunchy bar was too hard. the nature valley crunchy bar. still crunchy. now easier to bite into. >> jack: wow! miracle worker. >> victoria: well, you know, sometimes when your family donates millions of dollars to the hospital, they give you extra pudding. >> jack: ah. >> victoria: yeah. >> jack: billy seems to be at peace with the project, with victor. is he really doing okay? >> victoria: [ sighs ] i think he' ll be okay. i think this was a real wake-up call for him.
11:44 am
against victor. >> victoria: i know that he -- he' s pretty sure he' s been given a second chance to get things right and to have a family again, so i have to believe that love wins. >> jack: i' m on the side of love and hope. i' m glad you and billy finally have a chance to be happy together. >> phyllis: well, it' s really simple. good things happen to good people. bad things happen to bad people. >> billy: except when they don' t. >> phyllis: there is such a thing called karma. maybe it' s time that karma decides to kick some butt. >> billy: so the universe will reward the good little boys and girls, take the "kick me" sign off my back? >> phyllis: [ chuckles ] you have been down before. you always come roaring back. why should this time be any different? [ door opens ] >> jack: pudding! >> victoria: pudding cups? >> phyllis: oh. sorry. >> jack: sorry. >> phyllis: yay. >> billy: thank you. >> phyllis: oh, i love butterscotch. thank you, but i' m gonna have to pass. >> victoria: oh, really? >> phyllis: thanks. >> jack: wait. you' re off somewhere? can i drop you someplace? >> phyllis: no, thank you. enjoy your pudding.
11:45 am
>> victor: i give you my word that i will protect you. >> natalie: because i' m money to you. >> victor: well, in a manner of speaking, you are, because anyone who' s instrumental in saving my son will be very nicely rewarded. >> natalie: what' s your kid' s name? >> chelsea: connor. >> natalie: he really misses his dad? >> chelsea: yeah. >> natalie: let' s do this. >> chelsea: [ sighs ] thank you. and you' re welcome. uh, i really need to go over the fashion show logistics. >> victor: oh, yeah. of course. >> natalie: fashion show. okay. i' ll be on the computer. >> victor: keep an eye on the lady. thank you. >> chelsea: i don'
11:46 am
>> victor: you think i do? >> chelsea: oh, that wa-- that was all an act? >> victor: i don' t believe a word that girl says. >> paul: we cover all exits and entrances at the top of the tower. we make a sweep every half hour. i' ve saturated the crowd with plainclothes, and, uh, i' ve got four unmarked cars ready to roll just in case. >> dylan: the kidnapper won' t get that far. >> paul: that' s what i' m counting on. but you know something, dylan? it' s all gonna go down very fast. we' re gonna have one shot at this, and the stakes couldn' t be higher. we' ve got at least two lives in the balance. >> dylan: well, i made a promise to chelsea. and i intend to keep it. >> paul: well, it' s a very solid plan. and good work. there is, uh, really just one variable that concerns me. >> dylan: victor newman. i' m hoping that he' s desperate enough to back off so we can actually do our job. >> paul: yeah, well, i know victor newman. and somebody threatens his family -- he becomes judge,
11:47 am
re not gonna put natalie in harm' s way, but he won' t have any qualms at all about throwing her under the bus. >> dylan: well, then we can' t give him the chance to do that. >> paul: right. we do have one thing in our favor. natalie could provide victor newman with a very hefty payday. that does give him a vested interest to keep her alive. >> dylan: well, if, uh, victor' s greed keeps him in line, i' m all for it. >> paul: all right. let' s put this in motion. oh. you' re still here? >> kevin: yeah. why? do you need my help? >> paul: for the last time, kevin, we have the situation t so i don' t want any crazy plans. is that understood? i' ll take that as a yes. and i don' t want to see you anywhere near the top of the let' >> mariah: i' m so, so sorry about all of this. you totally deserve to be the >> kevin: it' fault. i messed everything up. >> mariah: excuse me. it was not your fault. it was miss "kevin hashtag nice
11:48 am
>> kevin: look, natalie is a handful, and she' s made some mistakes. but i' m worried about her. >> mariah: because she' s been such a good friend and partner, and incredibly cooperative. oh, and she' s got all that frilly lingerie in her backpack. >> kevin: natalie' s first investor kidnapped somebody to try and get her back. her new investor is victor newman. these are people who take extreme to the next level. and natalie is caught in the middle. i don' t want her to get squished like a bug. >> mariah: okay, i can' t believe i' m saying this, but, yes. i' m -- i' m kind of concerned. i mean, if victor is the good guy in all of this -- [ computer chimes ] please, can that be news that doesn' t suck? >> kevin: here' s hoping. [ sighs, sniffs ] natalie. are you okay? >> natalie: the good news is i' m alive. the bad news -- i don' t know how long that' s going to last. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet.
11:49 am
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11:52 am
>> billy: something happen to phyllis while i was under? did she have a religious experience or...go gluten-free? >> victoria: nothing i can think of. why? >> billy: can i convince you to work your magic on the hospital staff one more time? >> victoria: do you want more pudding? >> billy: no. i need you to be persuasive. i need you to get me out of here. >> dylan: plainclothes covering the elevators, exits to the stairs, and then i got a few
11:53 am
kitchen, the restrooms. uh, am i missing -- am i missing something? >> paul: no, no. you got it covered, son. you' re...thinking like a cop. >> dylan: okay. why don' t you look happier? >> paul: well, um, the truth is i couldn' t be happier or more proud, as a father and a boss. but i guess as a father, as we enter into this, i' m, um, a little apprehensive about your welfare. >> dylan: well, the way i see it, father and son working together only makes us stronger. you got my back. i got yours. we make sure we both get out of here in one piece. >> kevin: do not worry. chief williams has a plan. and he didn' t tell me what it is, which means it must be good. >> natalie: he says it should go like clockwork. and victor promised i' d be safe. they both did. >> mariah: victor promising. yeah, see, right there -- that' s
11:54 am
for the sharp object in your back. >> kevin: not helping. >> natalie: he needs me. >> mariah: victor doesn' t need anybody. >> kevin: can we have this conversation later? >> mariah: no. we can' t. kevin has only tried to help you. and he' s out in the cold now because you decided to screw him over just like your other investors. >> kevin: mariah, focus! chief williams is solid. but whatever happens tonight, be prepared for anything. and remember, mariah' s right. victor is just as dangerous as the kidnapper. >> chelsea: is this really a good idea? we' re depending on some flaky cyber nerd neither one of us trusts to get adam back? >> victor: chelsea, i promise you your husband will be home alive and safe, all right? if i have to sacrifice that girl in the process, i will do that. >> chelsea: i just want him home. >> victor: i understand. so you give the best fashion show of your life. >> chelsea: yeah.
11:55 am
s life depends on it. >> it' s going down tonight? what' s the plan? yes, ma' am. i' ll take care of it. >> adam: "yes, ma' am"? >> next on "the young and the restless"... >> paul: nothing is gonna go wrong. >> kevin: i don' t trust these kidnappers, and i sure as hell don' t trust victor newman. >> victor: you stick to the plan, you' ll be all right. >> natalie: that' s easy for you to say. you' re not the one about to be offered up as bait. it' captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures television
11:56 am
next at noon, with only days till the afc championship, see how the broncos fans are
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