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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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,, happening right now on the cbs 4 morning news we are just three days away so let's go outlive to san francisco with a look at what's in store for today. good morning, guys. >> good morning. you know, we've been doing this countdown for weeks. it's getting a lot easier to deal with and this morning a lot of the fans going to start rolling in from denver. we expect the bulk of the fans come had in today and tomorrow. >> i've had so many people message me saying that they're coming today or know people that are coming today. yesterday
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lot busier around here. >> and we're going to give you the flavor of san francisco ahead this morning. we're going to take you to a bakery, we're going to see the sea lions. and you did some special stuff yesterday too. >> yeah, i got to go behind the science. >> of course we have all the latest coverage on the broncos ahead of the big game with carolina. so let's find out about the weather of there's a little coating i notice of some rain out here >> weighed brief little rain shower that rolled through last night and right now skies clear and i know it's cold in colorado there. s it is cold not as crazy as it was yesterday and you're looking pretty good for sunday. but for uss here in the mile high city this morning we are looking at mostly clear skies and as a result that's the
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it's the 9 now at city park, and we have 19 in westminster. as we go through the day we're going to see increasing clouds. the bigger story was from last night was the wind that was just kicking up on the west side of town. it's still going about 14 all the way up to 34 miles an hour and that extends up into the mountains. i think we'll see that stick around for most of the day today the way things looking right now. high today should be about 34 degrees it looks like and we'll see increasing clouds later today ask a chance of snow later tonight. let's get a check of traffic now. good morning. a couple little trouble spots as you head out the door. first i band to show you the drive i-70 and airport boulevard is not too bad. you can sea the highway isn't that a great sign this morning? we've got a trouble spot blocking off a ramp i-70 east bound watch out for that
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from an earlier accident is at the intersection of i-25. >> you get underneath i-25 there, your next stop it's right at alameida. the as you head up into the high country you're going to be fighting the winds snow. this morning thousands of people who had surgery at swedish medical center could soon return to get their blood tested because they may have been exposed to a dangerous >> reporter: nearly 3,000 swedish medical patients learning they may have been exposed to possible disease. this after the hospital says a former surgical technician may have been day he cigaretting drugs for himself. englewod police say rocky allen is the technician and now a named person of interest in the case.
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licensing records allen was suspended in late january for removing a syringe and replacing it with another during a surgery. that powerful pain-killer was found in his system along with marijuana prompting a larger investigation. >> that's very disappointing news. >> an attorney that represented more than a dozen people involved in a similar case at rose medical center five years ago. surgical tech parker was convicted of stealing that similar liquid pain-killer and leaving her syringes behind. she infected 18 a patient and was sentenced to 30 years are in prison. >> the patient that i represented really worked hard to put in safe guards to prevent this from happening and to hear that this may endanger a whole other set of patients is very disheartening. >> allen is currently under investigation by police and he has not been charged. police
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the city of denver is handing out warnings to homeowners and businesses with snow and ice still on those sidewalks. and those warnings could soon turn to fines. >> reporter: that's the sound of man against mother nature as we dig out after this winter storm. >> they have a tendency to clog up and stop and go. >> but it's a necessary evil. >> as waiting for the sun to do the job for you could end up costing you. >> if they don't remove by tomorrow afternoon it will be a $150 fine. >> from the moment the last flake falls denver businesses have four hours to clear sidewalks, homeowners have 24. >> our inspectors will check and also respond to complaints. >> foster says inspectors also issue a warning first since the start of winter season the city as foster are says most know as
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something that needs to get done. >> it's a piece of cake. >> the city has a snow buddy program that puts volunteers in touch with the elderly or disabled that cannot shovel on their own. well, the broncos will be playing their game in california and thinking about owner pat boland who's here in denver fighting the effects of alzheimer's are. the team president mr. boland would not want the game to be about him. players have been taught what he stands for about the coach. >> a the lot of young players, a lot of players in that building who never of got the opportunity to see what a great owner he really is, and so i told him a little bit about that and then i told him how much he would love this team, and as i said
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hard they for you to and conducted themselves this year >> he says he is proud of the broncos for the way the team has this season. he says many doubted them along the way but he never did. let's go back outlive to san francisco and i'm sure you've done a lot of fun things out there. can you tells us about some of it? >> well, you know, we've made our way around town. we're started to go feel our way around town and try to figure out how to get here and there, and find all of the things that they have to offer here had in san francisco. remember there are basically two cities involved here you have santa clara where the game is and you staying in san francisco. we have the restaurants here and the night life here and then you have super bowl city where we we also experienced pier 39 and a special place that makes a san
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>> there's a big produce isn't there? >> it takes us three days to make a loaf of bread. >> we have a starter since 1849, 167-year old starter. we need to feed it with flour and water and rest 24 hours every time we do that and then we make the dough, and then another 24 hours it goes to sleep again. so that's how you get the real flavor. >> all the way down from idaho, just to buy a sour dough football. >> there's only three bakers, i've been here 37 years and my job is to make sure we take care of the starter, the mother, i'm going to go away one day somebody going to come in forever and that mother is going
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>> it's like the queen in a bee hive. >> absolutely. >> what do i want to order. >> a sour dough football. we're famous for that. >> they love to be famous for that. that place just up the road there from pier 39 and then you get to see alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. so much to see around this tub and in so many different areas. >> thank you very much. that bread making is truly an art. thank you for that. >> oh, it is. it really is. >> well south west airlines and cbs 4 getting people pumped for this weekend's big game. and we're live downtown with a closer look to today's drive to the championship pep rally. and you are decked out in the broncos gear. i love of it.
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right in the center of the rink on the 50-yard line as you say sponsored by south west airlines. they tell me they started pouring this ice about 4:00 last night. we'll show you the rink. this is something you definitely want to put on your to do list today. this is free and open to the public. it to celebrate our wonderful denver broncos and get this skate rentals just $2. we're going to keep panning i spy a zamboni machine that looks like a south west airlines jet, i'm going to have to do some schmoozing to see if i can get a ride. we'll talk to a couple of different people and play a game that you can play too when you come down here later this afternoon. >> okay. hold onto that hat when you jump on that thing okay? >> i will. >> again the drive to the championship pep rally is today at noon. we will be live
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time to check in with dave and you're tracking even more snow. >> yeah a chance of snow tonight coming in for denver. no snow for the super bowl they're expecting 73 on sunday. i wish we were there. what do you think? >> indeed but the broncos and that's what's important. take a look at the drive northbound we've got the a closure. you're down to just one lane us a get past alameida. they've got a lot of cones up. you can turn on our partners for the very latest traffic and cbs 4 weather together every 10 minutes on the 10s. one year after winning their first championship the broncos were looking to go back to back in 1999 against the falcons. their second championship came a lot easier than the first. the broncos dominated the falcons.
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the second quarter when elway he through for over 300 yards and became the oldest,, ,, (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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good morning, we are live in super bowl city in san francisco this morning behind me the the ferry building right along the waterfront as san francisco gets ready for the the fans who will roll in for sunday's game. this morning the broncos thinking about getting to cam newton. he was sacked 30 times this season and that's not too bad they have a chance of getting there. let's peek at the weather back in denver it's not quite as nice
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it's 10 degrees right now. we've got the a lot of es showing up around the city. one of our weather watchers from yesterday when the sky was just brilliant blue out there. our big story is the wind on the west side of town. it's the going 21 at evergreen. 28 in blackhawk. last the night we had up to 60-mile an hour gusts of wind and it was really kicking up up there. temperature wise it's cold in greeley, 7 in fort collins. and eastern colorado way out there they have a wind chill advisory going on until 8:00 this morning. richard hoffman our weather watcher in loveland 9 degrees. we're going to have
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here is our next little system it's a very weak cold front that will blast through later tonight. so we'll see increasing clouds as the day goes on. you can see it here, sunshine this morning, here come the clouds by noon the western side of the map is filled in with clouds and then afternoon. after about 3 we'll be soaked in with clouds and then late tonight watch what happens issue see a few of the little white blobs, we have a snow. but you might face that tomorrow morning as you head out to work. temperatures today 20s and 30ses in the mountains in the west and we'll be in the 30s and 40s across the eastern plains. there. overnight a few flurry and 48 tomorrow. 49 and warming up on saturday, on sunday still a cool down expected but i'm
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forecast so 39 degrees. you may have to wear your bronco sweater instead of your t-shirt and monday 47 degrees partly cloudy skies. so right now all things considered looks like a good super bowl weekend >> absolutely and we'll have a flurry of denver defense. i-76, i-270 we had an earlier stall that's still trying to get out of the way there. so watch out for that. up into the high country dave 's been tracking the higher winds for us and it's going to affect the drive as you travel along highway 103. i-s 6 and also going to blow that snow around. highway 93 had to be the shut down for a portion of time. there's that stall i was talking about we also have a portion of ramp blocked off east bound i-70. watch out for that. you can still exit there we've just
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a 30 second super bowl spot has hit the $50 million up 11%
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one of the massive numbers associated with the big game. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> with ads spending topping $4 million, how will the host city fare? >> a lot of people complaining because it cost them nearly five million dollars in police and transportation services. visitors expected to spend $220 million during the week and check this out the state of california stands to collect millions of dollars from something called jock tax. this tax is anyone who earns income outside of the state in which he files taxes. it's calculated boot the number duty days a a player spends in any game function that's correct includes practice, training, playing and even meetings. so even if you're an injured player and you're traveling with the team you have to pay whether you play or not.
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13.3% tax on the nearly 200 active broncos and panthers, players, coaches and other personnel. >> let's talk more about the super bowl market indicator, which team could be better for stocks? >> all right. this is going to be bad news for you guys. i don't want to push too much about this, but investment side of your body should be rooting for the panthers. here's why: when the winner comes from the national football conference like carolina the dow rises. when the victor is from the american football conference like the broncos it rises by just 3.6%. it's the a silly stat. we don't want you to trade based on the outcome. there's a couple of recent outliers that throw the indicator on its ear, 2008 the
5:22 am
the afc ravens won and the dow soared by 26%. so maybe a broncos win will show us that the dow will soar, you never know, but don't trade on any of this please. good luck. >> spirits in dow will will soar for sure should the broncos win. thank you very much for that. >> take care are. let's get back to san francisco our drive to the championship continues and we're up bright and early. >> reporter: well, thank you. i brought many accessories with me for the week. and i know a the who of people heading to san francisco and santa clara today. so don't forget to pack lots of layers for you because once it gets into the evening hours it does cool off a little bit especially when you're near the water. so you may want the sweat shirt or jacket. but if you are coming out to california expect really nice weather. we had a little rain roll through last night but now smooth sailing we're looking at
5:23 am
it will be in the 60s in santa clara if that's where you're going and slowly throughout the rest of the week we're going to get warmer and plenty of sunshine. by super bowl sunday in santa clara we're looking at the 70s potentially. i know it's different across the country and obviously a little colder in colorado so let's check back in with dave. good morning. >> good morning. i can't wait to see 70s back here at home. if you're traveling no real big huge issues as we look at the weather map for you. i'm thinking the only thing that may slow you down is we will see some snow from a system coming in it in wyoming. and a little bit of snow up south of minnesota over the great lakes as well. the only thing you've got to watch out for here now is a little by of ice on some of the side the streets and the wind in the the foot test hills and the mountains might be
5:24 am
it's the still rocking and rolling up there. yeah, both hands on the steering wheel and be prepared for lower visibility. i-70 as you head out to airport we've got the a little trouble spot at peoria where a portion of ramp is blocked off. time now for the the sports break. >> broncos getting back to work yesterday practicing for the second time this week. manning taking snaps on john elway's old campus. you may have seen osweiler standing behind manning there. he is in his back-up role again. if the broncos should win the super bowl hopefully history remembers role that broc played winning some big games while manning was hurt helping team get the first round bye. every week it seems like
5:25 am
big play when it mattered most. >> let's play together and play and fight for the entire game 60 minutes even in overtime, and if we keep fighting keep doing it together then eventually we can come out on top. >> we won as a team, you know, when it took everybody in this room to get the wins when i was playing. so it's certainly not because of myself, it the because of this team, and we're all very thankful to be here and live in this dream >> later today broncos and panthers will meet with the media for the final time this week before the super bowl on sunday. we'll have all your
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,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, ,,
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a happy thursday everyone. here's a live look from our mousetrap camera this morning. traffic is moving pretty steadily. 10 degrees in denver it is cold still but we do begin to thaw out today. let's continue our drive to the championship. we know lauren is having some fun out in california, look at this. we wonder if she'd be on sidelines this weekend cheering on the broncos. let's go back to san francisco and check in with her. i think you have another talent. >> you know, i have to get the toe point down a little better but they taught they the hip pose. >> the cheerleaders were there yesterday and they were so nice. i asked if i could take a picture. and they said do you
5:29 am
i do. there is so much to do at the nfl experience. it's at really great time. there's lots to do outside in the city of course, of course we're here at super bowl city. a lot of fun activities well. it was a little cool yesterday with the clouds and the chance for rain. we're looking at a great day today, partly sunny skies temperatures in the 50s so if you're heading out to san francisco or santa clara it's going to be a really great week, we're looking forward to some pretty nice weather around here. we have more behind the science of super bowl coming up in just a bit also check in with dave. we finally going to warm up in colorado. only problem today in fact it was an issue last night and the winds how woulding on the west side of town. they had to close it because the winds were going 40 to 60 miles an hour
5:30 am
26-mile an hour gust necessary golden and then you get you up into the mountains a little higher it's a little bit stronger up there and what we're looking at the is winter park had a 52-mile an hour gust earlier going on this morning. so it's still kicking in gear there. currently temperatures now look like a little warmer than this time yesterday morning 13 in city park now 14 in erie he to get you going. right now richard hoffman has 9 degrees. for the most part the in denver we're mostly clear and today i'm looking for a high of about 34 degrees. by noon we'll be 29 and we could see increasing clouds this afternoon with a chance of snow later tonight which we'll talk about a little more detail coming up in just a little bit. it doesn't look like a huge chance but it is there. let's check traffic. good morning. good morning. it's going to be good to be up above that freezing mark today. the side streets will thank you. this is
5:31 am
all volume that we have already and we've got a little trouble spot at peoria a portion of that ramp in that east bound direction is blocked off. it looks like a new accident close tore i-270. and still some we have a water main break that's blocking a portion of lanes in the northbound direction right there at alameda. now, that's going to be a headache for morning computers this morning. if you're about to get in our car you can turn on our partners for the very latest in traffic and cbs 4 weather together every 10 minutes on the 10s. thousands of people who had surgery at swedish medical center could soon return to get their blood tested because they may have been exposed to hiv,
5:32 am
>> reporter: well, swedish medical center has already contacted patients asking them to get test and it's the nearly 3,000 people so they of course hoping to hear from more this morning as they continue to get the word out about this situation. now, the colorado department of public health is investigating a drug swap at swedish. the agency says a former are employee may have switched out drugs prescribed for patients and taken them for himself. this may have exposed some patients to different diseases including hiv, hepatitis b or c. any have said former technician allen is a person of interest. while state records show he has been suspended he hasn't been charged or arrested. according to medical records allen was suspended for switching a syringe with the drug felt knoll which another was being used during surgery. that drug is a pain killer and while he was tested for that drug it showed
5:33 am
as well as for marijuana. so swedish says they haven't heard from any patients yet that have been exposed but of course they do want to hear from anyone who had surgery at swedish between august 17th of last year are and so if you think you may need to get in contact with swedish we have the right to die bill is once again an issue for lawmakers in colorado. it will have a hearing in the house with possibility of advancing. a senator democrat from colorado springs is co-sponsoring bill. those against the bill say it could still be abused. >> i determined if i've ever had an opportunity to give people a people a chance to choose the way that they die if they're terminally ill and suffering ex
5:34 am
i would have loved to have my sisters and dad's fishing buddies and hunting buddies gathered together around the bed and said good-bye properly. >> i want my choice. your heir can administer it the way i read it the bill allows direct administration of the lethal dose. >> yesterday colorado's republican controlled senate rejected the legislation. today the mogg -- monguls motorcycle club. the man killed is identified as victor mendosa, six other people were hurt when a fight broke out between two motorcycle clubs during an expo, meanwhile the owner is expected to meet with police and national western officials to talk about ways to prevent violence in the future. there is a deadline today involving a $63 million unclaimed lottery prize.
5:35 am
ticket was sold back on august 8th and a neighborhood of officials say no one has claimed the prize but a lawsuit has been filed by miliner. he says the lottery rejected his ticket because it was too damaged and he wants a judge to declare him the winner. let's go back outlive to san francisco, and allen, i'm sure you've met a lot of interesting people and done a lot of fun things out there. what's going on this morning? >> you know, i love to visit, i love to tour and i love to just stop and talk with people and meet them and ask them about the super bowl and a the lot of them fired up about it. there is a little bit of apathy in some places from some folks but all around the city the whole idea of having this big game, the 50th super bowl here electrifies the plays.
5:36 am
incredible sites as people get excited about being here. welfare them involves the fragile environment. >> that's called king of the dock. i'm talking with laura hill and she's with the organization that looks out for the health the bay and the environment. and tell us about sea lions and what they are doing. >> they are so playful. they like to play king of the dock where they push each other off the platforms and pile on top of each other. extremely social animals >> is there a particular reason they group like that? >> it's totally for sun bathing and to keep them warm. they prefer to be lying next to each other for warmth. so they're very well adapted to this cold water. it's not too uncommon for us to see them out here that have been entan angled in plastic or fishing line. so a
5:37 am
center is to look out for the well-being of the sea lions. they love the seafood just like all the visitors from around the world. they don't have to worry about predators too while we do see sharks at the bay they don't stay here to too long. it's pretty great. >> they always attract a big crowd right there as people look at the sea lions, and you know, understand that this is still an ocean environment in the bay. and of course when you have a large city you're always worried about pollution that might get too the bay. they're watching for it here and they love the sea lions in san francisco. >> so much natural beauty. thank you for that. and today people can get pumped for this weekend's big game right here in denver.
5:38 am
closer look at today's drive to the championship pep rally at south west rink at skyline park. the it looks beautiful out there. >> you know, the excitement level at cbs 4 it's the off the charts and will is another group of people in denver just as excited as we are. i'm joined by alyssa, and she's from southwest airlines. >> we are so excited our denver employees today throwing a pep rally for the city of denver to send the home team onto the big game. it starts about noon to about 12:30 and we'd love to invite everyone to come down. we'll have give of aways and we'll have an ice challenge that i know you're going to demonstrate in a little bit. >> what if i don't own any ice skates. it's free to get on here. >> we'd love to invite everybody to come down if you wear your blue and orange gear skate
5:39 am
>> we'll do some more activities as we go deeper into the morning here. so i also going to be awesome it's the pep rally for the drive to the the championship. >> again the drive to the championship pep rally is today at noon. we will be live (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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good morning, our strive to the championship continues this morning.
5:41 am
things about being a broncos fan is of course the fashion, i love how you're wearing the orange and blue and your nails decked out in broncos colors. >> yes, i got it before i left of the you have to have all the good stuff before you head into the big super bowl and i have more orange and blue in my suitcases and hanging in my closet right now. it was a little tough to find some orange and blue around town but definitely seeing a lot more flood into super bowl city and into san francisco. it's been a lot of fun to see all the fans. they're so pumped and excited. now, one cool thing we have been in super bowl city that's where we broadcast from and it took a long time to get prepped. the broncos new they were coming here about two weeks ago but cbs sports and cbs they've known for a little bit longer they were coming to san francisco. >> i came out here the day after the super bowl in new york so
5:42 am
>> how did you come up with all of the stuff that's here? >> we got out here with a group of people and brain stormed, hey what what would look cool, which shots do we want. what can we do with the space. so the idea of field, idea of the set that looks out into the bay, the idea of the zip line were thingsed that were kicked around while we were onsite. and then we were able to make it happen. >> not only do they use this area for the zip line you can see behind us and the leap which is a fun thing to do but they also use this for cbs sports as part of their set so they can show you game plans and help explain the game just a little bit better. >> we're doing 14 hours of live television a day from san francisco. >> about how many people did it take to build this city. >> a few hundred you up here, between production, operations and technical folks. >> now, after two years of planning when you finally see it
5:43 am
>> to see the planning and the execution come to fruition is very satisfying. we have a long way to go before the end of the week and the game but we've got a big playground to mess around and have our shows with. >> now, i'm standing behind the science here is robert, he's one of the main people who helped put this altogether, and he said literally 6 a.m. the day after the super bowl in new york he got on a plane to come out here and start planning everything that we're standing on, everything that we've been looking at. so it's been a huge production and am of people that have been here putting this altogether make smooth these has been incredible. so it's really been pretty epic around here and we've had great weather so far. weather has not ban factor, but i know it's been very cold back home in colorado, and dave, i heard you say it's going to be above freezing today. so that's pretty nice.
5:44 am
one thing we do have is a lot of wind that's been blowing. right now gusts in golden at 26 miles per hour. last night they had to close 93 because the wind are were so big up there, widther park has a 52 mild an hour gust right now. and i think that will continue throughout the day. now, we don't have any advisories in colorado but you just go up into wyoming just outside of the foothills, there's a blizzard warning through 11 o'clock this morning for 40 to 60-mile an hour winds blowing that wind around and travel along i-80 another blizzard warning out here and advisories for the winds that are a little less. southern wyoming just getting pound western district wind this morning. colorado temperatures go we are 8 below in greeley. it's the 27 in boulder. but
5:45 am
wind chill drops below 0 for many communities. our weather watcher has 12 below this morning. sat right and radar together shows a few clouds in the mountains otherwise it's the mostly clear across the eastern plains, high pressure is over most of the nation's mid-section here albeit cold high pressure. a front is now moving into why only manipulating here and sections of utah. that will be that will eventually move into colorado ask that plays out in the future cast forecast. by noon western colorado will be socked into clouds and later in the day we'll start to see some snow flying in the mountains. who to 4 inches and we may have a few flurries pop in the denver metro are area overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. that could make things kind of slick around here. we've got to watch for that. temperatures today 30s and 40s return across the eastern plains so a little warm up here with 20s and teens in
5:46 am
denver 34, 14 the low tonight, 38 tomorrow and the sun should break through tomorrow and by the time we get to saturday 49 degrees a little cooler for super bowl sunday at the 39 but i've taken the the flurries out of our picture for super bowl sunday so that's one thing to look forward to along with the big bronco win of course. >> exactly. i-25 and 110th as you make your way southbound plenty of space between these cars and that's lead to go some great drive times right now, solid green. a couple of trouble spots one right at i 270, and this is a ramp that's partially closed due to an earlier accident and that will get in your way this morning i-70 in the east bound section of peoria. we had a water main break and the lanes blocked off only the left lane gets by and the right lane that's blocked off along alameda that is in the westbound direction. let me
5:47 am
country, dave's been tracking this high winds through mountain foothill drive, it's going to affect highway 93, also some lower visibility. but i-70 through georgetown and with that you're going to have blowing snow so do take care. we'll be right back.
5:48 am
,, ,, what's with him? your family's finally thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila
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part of our morning team is in san francisco at super bowl city and you have been soaking everything that san francisco has to offer. >> i would say soaking it up is really a good way of describing it, because you can really get a lot by osmosis here in san francisco, you can get the feel of what's going on in the city and the excitement about the game ahead. you know, there are broncos fans here from all over the country. we met a few, as a matter of fact on the plane i talked with some folks that had come out from denver. they had won their tickets last year before they even knew, of course the broncos would be in the
5:50 am
from places like california it's a matter of keeping the faith. out here >> we are. i was born in denver, and i came over here with my family. so -- >> this is 49ers territory and raider nation territory, are you okay out here? >> it it don't matter. >> i'll it tell you this: help is on the way. a lot of fans tomorrow. many of the people i spoke to who are lucky enough to come out to the game said they'll get here on friday. that's the going to be a big day for arrivals, but you know, if you come in on thursday you have the option of doing a lot more things and there's so many things to do. we'll show you more of them coming up in our next hour this morning. >> all right. can you give us a little taste of what's to come later today? >> well, you know, a little bit later on today my photographer
5:51 am
getting us on the air we're going to go over to china town that's our plan but in our next hour we're going to show you a bakery, a wonderful bakery that creates a classic san francisco food, and we'll visit with the sea lions, it's the all to come. >> all right so many great qualities about that city. thank you very much and great to see that orange and blue out there in cali. >> there it is. well, the broncos taking part in likely the most expensive sporting event in history. now, the average ticket price for this sunday's game is around $5,000. that's far more expensive than last year's super bowl, and several hundred dollars more than the current record holder. if you're just joining uss 10 degrees in denver. coming up next thousands of surgical patients urged to get tested after possibly being exposed to dangerous viruss
5:52 am
also as the zika virus continues to spread in florida how research nurse colorado helping in that,,
5:53 am
,, ,,
5:54 am
,, ,, ,, this morning a warning from swedish medical center to thousands of people who could have been exposed to hiv. hepatitis b or hepatitis c. now, these people will return to swelled dish to test their blood. and a live look as we finally begin to thaw .
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