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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am MST

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olivia wilde everybody! we'll be right back. ( applause
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,, ,, >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my next guest is the chief international correspondent at cnn and the anchor the "amanpour." please welcome christiane amanpour. how is everything in the world of international news? >> everything in the world of international news is very bad. >> stephen: yeah.
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>> stephen: you have said whatever the medium, one of your goals is to make foreign news less foreign. >> yes. >> stephen: how-- how do you do that? because they got the accents and everything. >> they have the accents and sometimes they have their own language, which is kind of extraordinary. >> stephen: how to you make someone here in america care. >> often, particularly now, it's coming here to america. >> stephen: not if trump has his way. not if trump has his way. he's going to build a war between the united states and syria. ( laughter ) >> and that will help that's how we try to make the news less foreign, telling those kinds of stories. >> stephen: is there a story happening internationally right now that we americans don't know enough about, something that's happening that other countries are carrying about that we haven't heard about yet? >> well, look, you pretty much know about everything. but the big story that we have to get fixed is syria and all these poor refugees who are, you know, really, really in terrible hardship. and i think being really
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hardship and their humanity just being completely sort of denied is pretty sad. >> stephen: it seems like it got to some point-- at a certain level people want to throw up their hands. why trump's message is appealing is because he says, "just keep them all out" because there is so much fear associated with it. how do you think that situation got so bad? >> i'm pretty strong, have very strong feelings about this. i think, you know, the west didn't do what it could have done early enough. >> stephen: by "west" you mean america? >> well... perhaps. >> stephen: everybody else is kind of like-- >> being the most important country in the world. >> stephen: everybody else is like gladys knight and the. is. everyone else is the. is. >> everyone says, "we couldn't have done anything." and i actually think we could have done something because very early on you could have intervened in any number of ways that would have been a whole lot less painful than they are now. and it wouldn't have been an invasion, and it wouldn't have
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could have really contained and stopped this before we had hundreds of thousands of people dead, before we had millions of refugees, and before we now have terrorism in europe, in the united states, and, you know, i do believe, unfortunately, a very important chance was missed in that regard. >> stephen: you've interviewed every major world leader. who has impressed you more than you thought? >> well, going all the way back now several decades, somebody was an amazing, amazing interview. he was king hussein of jordan, a very strong ally of the united states. he made peace with israel, a really brave, brave man who had these incredible policies and had the courage to enact them. and making peace with israel, if you're an arab leader, is not very popular, as you can imagine. and he was amazing. and he actually treated us journalists as if he kind of really wanted to talk to us and as if we weren't dumb. >> stephen: is that unusual for
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>> yes, because many people like to do the whole spin cycle and, you know, have their talking points. and he talked to you as if you were a sentient human being. that was quite refreshing. >> stephen: anybody disappointed you? anybody give you, like, a really weak handshake? >> oh, the handshakes. >> stephen: give you a fish or something like that. >> there have been dead fish. there have been rotten fish. there have been sweaty fish. >> stephen: give me a hint. who is the worst handshake? somebody dead. >> i can't-- he's a dead fish. he's with the fishes. ( laughter ) but the worst for me was when i would interview, let's say the iranian leaders. like i get this amazing scoop, and i'm psyched and i stick my hand out and their hand is here because, no, they cannot shake hands with a woman. >> stephen: but you have to know they're going to do, that right? why can that surprise you? >> it's their religion, well, you forget. >> stephen: that shocks you? >> you forget. >> stephen: you forget? >> yes, it didn't happen before the revolution. >> stephen: before the
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>> no, i remember shaking a lot of hands in iran before the revolution. that's probably why we had a revolution. oh, you have a good, good, good handshake. >> stephen: thank you. >> i like that one. >> stephen: can you stick around? >> yes. >> we'll be right back with christiane amanpour. sfx: cell phone vibrates. yeah? (sigh) you're okay... he's okay, he made it! jason.. what do you mean? we were very bad boys. alexa what's in the news? alexa: here's the news, "alec baldwin and jason schwartzman were seen mooning paparazzi. baldwin threw his shoe at photographers before making a run for it". my poor cashmere socks... alexa, will you order another pair of brescianis. reordering bresciani socks. okay listen... can you send some lawyers or something? (moaning) ...alec? (music) woman: i' ll never remember all the projects,
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) >> stephen: we're back with christiane amanpour. christiane, i understand-- i heard this from my little research package here, while you're a well-known journalist now, you say you're an accidental journalist, what does that mean? >> well, after the revolution in iran, we didn't have any money and we didn't know what to do. in any event, my parent were stuck there and we were in england and my sister decided to sign herself up to a journalist college in london. after a couple of months she decided this was not for her. so i went back and said can we have our money back, please, because we cannot afford to throw it away. they said no, and i said i can take the course instead? and that's what i did and that's how i became a journalist. ( applause ) >> stephen: wow. and you got hooked. >> i got hooked. >> stephen: you got totally hooked. >> i got totally hooked.
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united states of america, and joined cnn and sort of, you know, scrambled my way. >> stephen: are you reporting all the time. are you always in that mode, looking for the story. >> always, even right now. >> stephen: right now. >> right now. >> stephen: even this second, today? >> in fact today i found some incredible scoops right here in the united states. >> stephen: really? >> i did. >> stephen: a crisis? >> a bit of a crisis. you could call it that. >> stephen: i'd love to see it. >> i brought some tapes. i brought some reports. jim? dawn has broken and in a constant stream they come, here, to the 11th floor kitchenette, the beleaguered "late show" production staff escape from their toil, however briefly, to rifle through these drawers and cabinets in a desperate search for carbohydrates. and, sadly, for those hoping for cinnamon toast crunch, it is already too late.
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cup and, apparently, healthy snack, but in reality, processed peach cubes drowning in heavy syrup, dooming these lost souls to return here hour after hour, trapped in a heartbreaking cycle of sugar crash and sugar craving, from which they will never break free. anderson? as you can see, the "late show" graphics department is a veritable wasteland of unwashed hair and snack ref use. the stale odor of cheetos, red bull, and sadness fill the air. sleep deprived, they dutifully carry out their superior's orders, graphically adding donald trump's hair to any animal you can think of it. ( laughter ) never thinking to ask the question, "why?" wolf? >> stephen: okay, christiane amanpour, what's her deal? she's impressive, like? she's got, line, nine emmys, right? >> i think it's nine. i have interviewed her before
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from england or london. >> born in london, she started at the foreign desk at cnn in 1973, and covered the revolution in romania in '89, the first gulf war and the war in bosnia. >> stephen: you're going to have to go right now. >> anderson? >> stephen: so who is next? >> olivia wilde. >> stephen: okay. >> i have 11 emmys. ( applause ) >> stephen: beautiful work. >> thank you. >> stephen: beautiful work. >> stephen: tragic situation. hopefully something can be done. >> it was hard. but i was glad to bring that news to the world. >> stephen: stay safe out there. christiane, thank you. christiane amanpour, everybody, we'll be right back. applause
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,, ,, ,, & ( band playing ) >> stephen: welcome back, everyone. let's hear it for jon batiste and stay human. jon, thanks for being here. jon, this is a big day for you and the band. these guys have just released a
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here on the show called "the late show e.p." what's on here, jon? >> jon: the theme song is here "humanism." the intro, your opening music. >> stephen: okay. >> jon: and we have four other songs and a bonus track. >> stephen: you guys are in luck, because you're finally going to hear and enjoy what i get to hear every night. it's incredible. go get this. it's available for download now. applause ) >> stephen: how is your mardi gras going so far? >> it's killing. >> stephen: have you found the baby? have you found the baby yet. >> jon: not yet. after the show. >> stephen: you also have taught me a little bit about jazz since i have been here listening to you, and also because early or in the year you and i went down to new orleans, and i met this man when i was down there.
11:21 pm
>> jon: that's michael polera. he was my high school jazz instructor. >> stephen: what is n.o.c.a.? >> jon: new orleans center for the creative arts. >> stephen: this is where you learned to jazz it up. >> jon: yes. >> stephen: and i asked him when i was down there to explain you and to explain jazz and to explain you and jazz. >> jon: yeah, i remember that. and let's take a look, jimmy jazz. mr. polera. >> yes, stephen, you can call me mike. >> stephen: thanks for talking to us today. >> my pleasure. nice to have you here. >> stephen: what i do need to know about jon? what kind of student was he? >> anything you showed him, he would master it and say, "what's next?" i think at the end of his two years, maybe i didn't have anything that was next. >> stephen: i want to know, in high school, did he do, like, the, "hey, yeah, that's deep, you know, mike." or was it, "mr. polera, i was
11:22 pm
modal scale to do that?" >> modal scale, i'm impressed. >> stephen, of course, because i'm jon batiste and you have nothing to teach me anywhere. was he like that or like this? >> he's become a bit of a hipster. >> stephen: give me the variation on yeah. give me the yeah, you don't really want to do something. >> jon: yeah...... >> stephen: yeah, that you enjoy what was said to you. >> jon: yeah! >> stephen: give me yeah confused. >> jon: yeah? >> stephen: what is jazz? >> in its most basic sense i would say it's improvised music. >> jon: luis armstrong said if you have to ask you will never know. >> stephen: could it be that he didn't know what jazz was and he was trying to hide it by answering that question that way? >> no. >> stephen: is jazz short for something? jazz ma-tazz? no? did it change its name when it
11:23 pm
was it jazzenberg and became jazz later? >> no. >> stephen: did you also teach jon jazz hands? >> what is jazz hands? >> stephen: that's it. pop the hip. come on, make it sexy, right there. yeah. and then ah! ah! you're very good. >> thank you. >> stephen: he's got it. can it be taught? can jazz be taught? or do you have to be born with, like, a special, like, spark? >> yes, you can teach it. >> stephen: let's do it. ( applause ). >> jon: that was nice, man. we had a good time. >> stephen: so y'all taught me a little bit about jazz. >> jon: right. >> stephen: and after that, i attempted-- i got a trumpet. >> jon: yeah. >> stephen: and-- ( laughter ) it wasn't that funny.
11:24 pm
>> jon: yeah, you put a good effort in. >> stephen: "a" for effort. and i attempted my first jazzing. jim? yeah laughter ) laughter
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: yeah! i jazzed a little. something-- something came out. ( laughter ) congratulations on the albem,
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with prism tv from centurylink. >> stephen: in honor of the release of "the late show e.p." and the 52nd anniversary of the beatles' television debut on this stage at the ed sullivan theater, now a special performance from our friend, jon
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blackbird fly
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into the light of the dark black night blackbird singing in the dead of night take these broken wings and learn to fly all your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise you were only waiting for this moment to arise
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for this moment to arise ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: jon batiste,
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is available for download now. that's it for "the late show." tune in tomorrow when my guests will be ben stiller, senator bernie sanders, and a performance by drum tao. now stick around for james corden. good night! captioning sponsored by cbs media access group at wgbh >> reggie: are you ready to have some fun
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don't you worry 'bout your hang-ups and fears 'bout to set you right it's the late, late show (cheers and applause) >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, all the way from kensington, give it up for your host, the one, the only james corden! (cheers and applause) >>james: good evening. welcome to the "the late late show"! thanks for being here! i appreciate it! good evening, everybody! you all look so happy to be here! some more than others. (cheers and applause) i think i know why. it was in the news this week that two behavioral scientists
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netherlands have conducted a study proving the existence of the phenomenon we know as "resting bitch face." (laughter) if you don't know what resting bitch face is, it's when your face for no reason whatsoever looks like you just got a parking ticket. (laughter) it's sort of... (laughter) the researchers have discovered that "resting bitch face" can be traced to two different things. it's either: a: something in a person's face is relaying greater-than-usual amounts of contempt or b: that person is a bitch. that's right, resting bitch face. is real, and men do it, too. the difference is when women do it, we say it's "resting bitch face," and when men do it it's
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look at bond, that bitch. and me, look at that! double-o bitch! but there are ways to avoid resting bitch face. your resting face should be happy and inviting. take this stock photo of a random guy we found on the internet: his teeth are showing, his cheeks are raised. he looks like a friend to everyone. we should all try to look more like that. he's who? ohhh. right. okay. i've got to do more research. now someone whose face has come under a lot of scrutiny lately is presidential candidate ted cruz. writing in "psychology today," a neurologist at george washington university said that ted cruz's face is notably unsettling and exhibits atypical expressions.
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what's not to like about this face? (laughter) it's like a bad high school yearbook photo where the photographer was like, "chin up just a bit. ok, now look extremely constipated. perfect." i mean, he looks like a balloon two weeks after a party. the neurologist who conducted this study has said that he's never actually seen a conventional smile out of ted cruz. to be fair, the neurologist who did this study was ben carson. i mean, you have to be really weird looking to be the weird looking guy in a presidential race that also includes this face. actually, let's see how donald trump described ted cruz in a recent msnbc interview where he
11:39 pm
response. >> ted cruz. i was going to say n.s.a.y, he's not really n.s.a.y. he's been very nice. he goes on and off. i'll say nasty. >> james: i think what we've just learned is that donald definitely doesn't have resting bitch face. he has active bitch mouth. shall we see who our guests are tonight? in the purple room, she just earned her first oscar nomination for her brilliant performance in quentin tarantino's "the hateful eight." the beautiful and talented jennifer jason leigh! (cheers and applause) hi, jennifer, how are you? >> i'm great! how are you? >> james: how nice to see you! thank you so much for coming to see us! we are huge fans of yours and your brilliant movie. >> thank you. i'm happy to be here. >> james: jennifer jason leigh has a face that you could never
11:40 pm
face. oh, look at that! that is a resting bitch face! jennifer jason leigh, everybody! (cheers and applause) >> james: in the orange room, you know him from "true blood," and the "magic mike" movies. he might be the best looking man i've ever had on the show, including myself and reggie in this, the one the only joe manganiello is here tonight! (cheers and applause) hey, joe, how are you? >> good, you. >> james: i'm very well. ire giving us resting bitch face. >> yeah. >> james: look at that smile. he can't rest that bitch face for long. >> whatever. >> james: show us though pearly whites, joe. look at that! thanks for being here. joe manganiello, everybody!
11:41 pm
in the red room tonight, the irish singer/songwriter who won an academy award for the movie "once." the brilliant, glen hansard! (cheers and applause) hey, glen, how are ya? nice to see you! >> you, too, brother! >> james: are you good? tiptop. >> james: see, the irish can't have a resting bitch face, can they? look, come on. >> a drunken bitch face. >> james: you just look drunk. glen hansard, everybody! (cheers and applause) in the blue room tonight, so exciting, ladies and gentlemen, we have the denver broncos m.v.p. of super bowl 50, the one, the only mr. von miller is here tonight! (cheers and applause) oh! there he is! how are you, von? >> i'm doing good. >> james: thank you so much
11:42 pm
it means the world to us you came here. how are you feeling after the game? >> i'm sure excited. i'm still running off the victory fuel. it's been great. >> james: we're so excited you're here. i can't wait to meet you. mr. von miller, the super bowl m.v.p.! reggie, are you ready? he's reggie watts, i'm james corden and this, this is "the late, late show." roll the titles. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by cbs the late, late show, oh, oh the late, late show, ooh the late, late show, oh, oh the late, late show oh, oh the late, late show >> james: fun show tonight! wow! m.v.p.s all over! what are you doing, reg? what are you eating? sherbet? >> magic -- what's sherbet?
11:43 pm
is sherbet a thing here? you know what sherbet is, right? you know what sherbet is? it's sherbet. you do know. yeah, it's like a sugary -- what do you call that thing? a fun dip. what do you dip in a fun dip? sherbet. the english call it sherbet and you call it fun dip, right? same thing. all right. how long we got, rob? do you want to see some magic? (cheers and applause) >> james: all right. okay. hold on. don't roll away, you. what can i do? right think. what sort of -- what sort of trick can i -- can i do? can i try -- i know, try to make a ball appear, yeah? (cheers and applause) all right.
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my magic pen. i need silence if i'm doing the magic. okay? (cheers and applause) not impressed enough? this isn't funny. it's magic. (laughter) i'm doing magic hagar. is this not good enough for you? no? (cheers and applause) here you go. (cheering)
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jason.. what do you mean? we were very bad boys. alexa what's in the news? alexa: here's the news, "alec baldwin and jason schwartzman were seen mooning paparazzi. baldwin threw his shoe at photographers before making a run for it". my poor cashmere socks... alexa, will you order another pair of brescianis. reordering bresciani socks. okay listen... can you send some lawyers or something? (moaning) ...alec? here we go. ah man, who invited these guys? hey clay, it's cool if we order
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s time for you guys to make the right call. we're having digiorno pizza, tfresh-baked in my own oven. t okay. it' s not delivery, it' s digiorno. what could be hotter than a new mom? nothing! how about special guest joe manganiello? my life' s a mess, and i have nothing to offer anyone. i love him.
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,, ,, (applause) >> james: welcome back! hey! guys! who would like to meet the super bowl m.v.p.? (cheers and applause) ladies and gentlemen, here from the denver broncos, please welcome 2016 super bowl champion and m.v.p. mr. von miller!
11:50 pm
(cheers and applause) >> james: von miller, everybody! how are you? thanks for being here! we really appreciate you coming down! now, two nights ago you were named m.v.p. at the super bowl! (cheers and applause) absolutely incredible! i've got your stats here. it was two and a half sacks and two forced fumbles, which honestly sounds like my sex life. (laughter) house of it?
11:51 pm
-- how was it when you won? what have you been doing sense? >> i spend all the time with my teammates. with we put in all this work together, i wanted to celebrate with the guys. >> james: how did you celebrate on super bowl night? >> it was different for me. i spent a lot of time with my mom. she's been to every single game i've had. track meets, basketball. it was a moment i had with my mom. >> james: i love that. you are renowned as much for your playing as your incredible sense of style. look at this guy. (cheers and applause) >> i have some pictures of some looks where honestly i feel like if i tried to pull them off, i would look like i'm trying to go through some kind of breakdown. but you, look at this. this is the coolest look i've ever seen. on the red carpet, he looks good. (cheers and applause) just waiting to board the plain, he looks good.
11:52 pm
this might be my favorite. look at this. double denim. where does your style come from? where does it come from? >> i mean, it's me. it's von. that's all i know how to be is totally unique to myself. i'm just trying to be me to the fullest. that's where it comes from. >> james: you have a fantastic array of glasses which i'm sort of thinking about getting into myself and i thought i've got some here that we could maybe try out together and see which way you want to take your look and where i should take my look. do you know what i mean? like, i think now you're the m.v.p., now you're just the main dude, you can rock something like this. let's see what these -- let's see what these look like when they're on. (cheers and applause) yes! yes! (cheers and applause) those feel good?
11:53 pm
>> james: look good? yeah, yours look good, too. >> james: mine is phantom of the opera chic and yours is an elton john throwback. you make those work. this is something that would be good for you. maybe i should go for this look. sort of prep it. oh! yes! i mean, because then you could become a thing, the ice cream guy, you know, von, 2016, cool, baby! one more you've got your eye on. you can take all of these with you, von. you can rock them. very nice. >> i could have worn these anywhere. >> james: reg! i mean, seriously! (cheers and applause) >> reggie: yeah, yeah, that's pure illness. >> james: it's incredible. i don't know anyone who could -- you should take those with you.
11:54 pm
>> i am. >> james: von, tell me, when you knock the ball out of cam newton's hands, what are you thinking? are you, like, yeah! (laughter) don't even try to throw that! >> yeah, that's 75% of it, but the other 25 -- you know, i'm just trying to make a play for my teammates. seeing the guys celebrate and my coaches go crazy, that's what i do it for. >> james: when you're playing toward the end of the third quarter and you know you've had a good game, is it in the back of your mind thinking, i could be m.v.p. today? did it even enter your head? >> i'm thinking of what dance moves i can bust out later (cheers and applause) dancing. you have got some incredible dance moves. take a look at this.
11:55 pm
>> it's in the hips. >> james: i love it! now, let me tell you, i didn't grow up here, so n.f.l. and things wasn't on tv when i was growing up. then i saw "the blind side" and i was, like, oh, man! if i had been brought up in america, i could have made it! because i'm a big unit, i'm light on the toast. you see what i mean? >> that's what it's all about. >> james: i know you've got a bad knee which you hurt in the game two days ago, but would you be able to show me a couple of moves so i could maybe work out? >> yeah. (cheers and applause) >> james: let's go ahead. give us something here. show me what i should be looking to do. will you start it off? (cheers and applause) >> let's slow it down. (cheering)
11:56 pm
and then like this. (cheering) >> james: so, obviously, everyone was talking about the dab this year. the dab was huge. i think you could take it to the next level where it could be von miller's sherbet dab. you've just taken someone down, bang, yet you stand up, sherbet dab in the show. you love that? >> i like that. >> .>> james: okay, so you've just taken someone down. bang! get out of down! oh, it's nice! oh, beautiful! beautiful moves! (cheers and applause) beautiful moves! now, the big news is -- the big news is, von, you are a free agent now. will you be staying with the broncos, do you think?
11:57 pm
>> that's what's i'm thinking.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm


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