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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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[applause] >> o'dell: this is the 2016 "grammy red carpet live." the countdown has began to music's biggest night. the nominees are gathering. who will take on trophy for record of the year and what will be your favorite moment? now to get up close and personal with all your favorites. your host nancy o'dell and kevin
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>> o'dell: welcome, everybody, to "grammy red carpet live." it's going to be such an exciting night. >> it's music's biggest night and we're thrilled to bring you all the action from the red carpet. >> o'dell: we'll talk about all your favorite stars and take you back stage of the grammy awards. >> you cannot miss. this by the way, look who we have for the first{vo interview, you are performing tonight! >> i am. >> o'dell: you're doing a tribute to lionel richie. >> yes, i'm going to sing "hello" with bunch of other performances. >> o'dell:. >> o'dell: when you heard what you were going to be doing on your grammy day why, what was your reaction?
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i always wanted to wait to go my first time until i was performing or presenting. so i'm here and i'm excited. >> and then you also are heading out on tour. let's not forget about that. >> the turnout tour with nick jonas. >> o'dell: and you have an incredible video. >> from my single, yes. i'm very excited about that. >> o'dell: very busy laidy. yes. ou enjoy tonight, and as we like to say, break a leg. i'm going to run out for a second and go down to the middle of the carpet and start meeting and greeting people as the stars arrive. i'll see you. >> o'dell: we're not alone. we're capturing all the action. on the carpet from "csi: cyber" is our good friend shad moss. shad, how's it going down there? >> i'm right down at the inner red carpet, it's crazy, it's
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this is my type of thing here. i love. this let's get the party started, shall we? >> so i was walk down the red carpet behind sam hunt and i noticed every woman turned her head to look at you. the reporters, the jaded old reporters, they turned to check you out, nominated, you're performing with carrie underwood. how excited are you to be here? >> i'm pumped. this is sort of a chance for us to celebrate all the cool things that happened last year. i'm really excited to be performing with carrie. i'm going to rehearse a couple of times. she's a phenomenal talent. >> tell me about the suit. it's doll che col. doll chae gabbana.
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more springy. >> i hear you. you came, no date. >> my manager is here, one of my good buddies. he is technically my date but i don't have a lady friend joining me tonight. >> ladies h he's here by himself. sam hunt. >> how are you? doing great. how are you? >> i bet you're doing great. four nominations. >> we won, already. it's done. >> you added a show to the grammies. congratulations. >> thank you very much. i should say congratulations on another lit ail ward you're about to receive. >> the best one of all. you don't know yet. maybe a punishment. i don't think so. ready? have you got the nursery ready and a new name? >> we're not ready. our house is still being renovated.
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>> o'dell: how about names? not yet. >> o'dell: i understand president obama actually said he was going to give you tips for raising girls. did he give you the tips and what were they? >> he said be prepared to be wrappedi|,x around their little finger as a daddy. yeah. >> o'dell: well, there you. go have a lot of fun tonight. okay? hope you get it done soon and prepared. easy, breezy. epidural! and make him change diapers. have fun. >> moss: you see who i'm here with? we're going to talk numbers. three nominations tonight, already took home one, congratulations. so two! >> best album and best recording of the year. >> moss: how do you feel? good. it's going on the mantelpiece. >> moss: i got a glimpse at rehearsal.
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without giving the people too much to talk about, tell us what we can expect. >> we're doing dances. our song is a great song. anybody can do a great song and classy. the performance is really classy, stripped down and i'm going to show you what we can do producers. >> go ahead, get in there, do your thing. be expecting a high performance. >> great. the performances i enjoyed from two years ago was casey muse graves. it was stripped down and simple. you're back nominated for best country album and here's the thing, stiff competition. >> this is the craziest category ever. i'm a fan of everyone in the category, so, you know, it's fun to be nominated. >> kevin: you co-wrote all the songs on that album, correct? >> yeah, except for the willie
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way before i was born. but, yeah, song song writing is first and foremost for me. >> kevin: what are you wearing? >> air many. air armani, lubiton heals. >> kevin: you jumped in on the fashion. good luck. casey musgrave. >> o'dell: you guys already con a grammy! congratulations! >> thank you. >> o'dell: that's got to feel good, walking on the represent carpet, holding the grammy. it gives you a little swagger and relief. >> yeah, we're so thrilled. >> o'dell: for your song, there was controversy. does this validate the song to you and the fact you got so many nominations for it?
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it's a beautiful song and so relatable. we've always been rejected and wondered why. and you look at that other person and think what does she have that i don't have? and i think people really deeply song. >> o'dell: does that mean we'll be seeing more edgy >> probably. we're writing! >> o'dell: any girl crushes you have going on tonight? any musicians you would like to see? >> bonnie rate just walked by and i almost died. >> o'dell: grab her. good to see you. have fun tonight. >> kevin: "grammy red carpet live" will be right back. only cbs.
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>> o'dell: welcome back, everybody, to "grammy red carpet live." >> the clock is ticking and it's getting crazy behind us. the limos are backed up, people are making their way into staples center and we have lot of folks to talk to. >> o'dell: like charlie. three nominations. crazy. >> isn't it? >> o'dell: i know that when you were little, your mom told you you were going to be taking her to the grammies when you grew up. did you bring your mom?
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we're both wearing sparkles tonight. i said, oh, my gosh, we're matching, so it works out. >> out. you're a jazz pianist. you had a monster hit. >> all the stuff i learned at conservatory, all the jazz stuff on the piano is all implemented in "see you again" so we're pushing music in a way. >> o'dell: where did you learn to bee bop. >> i have been doing it all my life. you know, it's the pre-grammy get-down. >> kevin: we'll keep it moving. charlie, good luck tonight, three nominations. >> o'dell: good luck. tell your mom we said hey. (cheers and applause) >> how you doing? great. >> moss: nominated. congratulations.
5:13 pm
what inspired you to do that? >> it was first place grammy nominated. it was crazy. my grandmom was one of the first female cops in world war two. she inspired me. >> .>> moss: anybody you excited to see on performance nights? >> all my dogs and my friends. >> moss: go ahead and get up there! he got something special planned for everybody! we've got so much more on the way! this is how we're doing it right here! red red carpet live! be ready!
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>> o'dell: our next guest is the host of cbs's late late show and he's coming with a very special friend on the way to the awards tonight. >> oh, my goodness! this is a nightmare! i'm supposed to be talking to kevin and nancy on the red carpet! now i'm miles away and freaking out! >> it's not that big of a deal, dude. >> not that big a deal, did you just say? >> it's not that big of a deal. we're looking stupid. i said i'm wearing why. don't wear the same as me. look at you. >> i thought it would be cool. we look like a pair of waiters on a cruise ship. moisturize. did you bring my moisturizer? i left it at your house last night. can you apply it?
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it's going to be pandemonium when i get out of the car. i want to look my best. thank you. you know the spots. yeah. >> you want me to rub it in? that's right, thank you. me and you. we're at a place now where we finish each other's -- you know what i mean -- sentences! that's the one, sentences. because every time i'm about to say something, you just -- say it! >> yeah. there it is. since we're stuck here, should we listen to some music? >> i'm down. yeah? . >> here we go. pfeiffer the white gold this one is for good girls, masterpiece styling wiling
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(cheers and applause) >> we're right here at the grammys! stand up on your feet!
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i'm looking for somebody! >> i'm from pennsylvania. >> moss: all the way from the east coast! you're heading to l.a. now. come on with me (you're going to go ahead and step right here, follow me. stand right here in front of us. right on the red carpet. look good! look good! this is what we do, man. make more noise, all my people over there! that's right, grammy red carpet live! we'll continue only, cbs!
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jm (cheers and applause) >> kevin: just take a look at the empire state building all in gold all to honor our grammy ceremony tonight. thank you big apple. a lot colder in new york city than l.a., about 80 degrees. right now hanging with a guy who owned the night last year. four grammy wins last year for sam smith. i just want you to look at this guy. workouts? what are you doing? you look incebl.
5:21 pm
but i'm just not eating like a pig anymore, basically. >> kevin: are you writing new music? >> yes, i'm not there yet, but i'm enjoying myself, taking time, seeing my family, trying to get back to normal so i can write something relatable, hopefully. >> kevin: you are presenting tonight but who are you exciting to see? >> i can't wait to see the david much. i can't wait to give away this award because i can't wait to see who's winning it. >> kevin: i can't wait to see your weight loss system, the sam hunt system. >> o'dell: what was your reaction when you got the news. >> about the mom nations? >> o'dell: yes. i was going to abby rose
5:22 pm
traveling across london and we found out. i saw a blog posted about the nominations. i didn't know they were that day. suddenly, we found about the nominations, and they said wait till you see the other two. we had no idea about the other two. the driver had beers under the seat, so it was convenient. >> o'dell: i can imagine there was celebration you needed to do. tori kelly, you're performing with her and friends with her. how's that moment going to be? >> very special because we both started out in a similar way, just a voice and guitar, a very sort of stripped-back thing and that's what we're doing tonight which is very cool. i guess being comfortable in our most familiar environment. >> i know it's going to be fantastic as always, so many great moments on the grammys and i know you will be one of them.
5:23 pm
>> o'dell: you pretty much do this every day and now you're becoming known for your fashion. i like the outfit you chose for tonight. >> i just wanted to keep it simple. >> o'dell: i like the blonde hair as well. i understand you have a new job in addition to everything else we were talking about as the new face of cover girl. >> that is correct. it's a beautiful thing. it's beautiful to be a part of a brand that really, i think, at least, highlights beauty and different forms of beauty. they've opened the doors up to what a cover girl is.
5:24 pm
girls, it's all these beautiful different types of women and i love being a part of that new tradition. it's really cool to see. i'm super excited. i'm fully cover girled out today. >> o'dell: it looks marvelous, i must say. >> thank you, thank you. >> o'dell: in add addition, you have a new album dropping this month. >> very, very soon. i have been working on music for the past almost three years, just developing and finding out what i want to be, what i want to talk about, what i want to sound like, and, you know, it's kind of starting to happen. >> o'dell: i can't wait. many me, too! >> o'dell: i look forward to seeing your commercial. i think it's airing during the show. that's going to be a lot of fun. good to see you. have fun tonight. a lot more red carpet action coming up live from the staples center. it is "grammy red carpet live"
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>> kevin: welcome back to "grammy red carpet live." everybody buzzing at the staples center. everybody getting ready for music's biggest night. >> o'dell: it's going to be fun. >> kevin: it is. look who's going to be joining us. >> i was wearing white, he's wearing white. i did a quick changeup. how are you doing? >> o'dell: you were fighting over what you were wearing. >> that guy is a nightmare. >> kevin: is he go-to for karaoke in the car? , for everything in my life. i have to persuade him to not let me to perform tonight
5:31 pm
without me and i said you should do it. he just won one! it's amazing. >> kevin: his first ever. it's incredible. >> kevin: the car pool karaoke is such a beloved thing. do you have a dream person other than bieber. >> anybody who comes along, he's got lots of hits. beyonce, bruno. >> o'dell: not a bad bunch of names. i like it. >> kevin: we'll work on that for you, james. thank you for stopping by. it's been great. i love the change. >> is it all right? does it get your approval? >> kevin: we're waiting for our ride. >> anytime. there's room in the back. see you later. >> moss: this man standing to my left needs to introduction whatsoever.
5:32 pm
how you feeling? >> thank you so much. >> moss: grammy, two nominations, talk about it, my man. >> it's good to be in great company. you know what i'm saying? it's our family, the people we grew up listen upping to, the people people we're watching now to be part of the community, to be honored and to be noticed by the community is an honor. >> we have so many stars in the building. it's a list. anybody you excited to see tonight? >> kendrick, adele, i think it's going to be an insane show. i'll be performing as well. it should be fun. >> moss: you were fast, you were moving. >> yeah. >> moss: we met in the hallway. (cheers and applause) >> o'dell: look who we have with us now. nominated tonight for country solo performance carrie
5:33 pm
you look gorgeous! >> kevin: carrie, the dress is stunning. but, hold on, tell the story behind this incredible piece of jewelry. was that a gift? >> it was a valentines gift. >> o'dell: really? yes. >> o'dell: nice husband. yes, he is. >> kevin: wow! we've worked with them on lots of stuff, and very nice. >> o'dell: what was the moment like when you opened that up? >> it's just, like, wearing it for no reason. i'm in my pajamas, like, in my room, like, just hanging out wearing this. >> o'dell: i don't blame you. i'm not just going to save it for red carpet. >> kevin: got to make the -- >> o'dell: got to make the most of it. >> yeah. >> o'dell: did you give sam any advice? >> he doesn't need advice from me. he's been doing great. it's cool to be able to perform with him.
5:34 pm
i'll be crossing my fingers. i voted for him, so... >> kevin: we'll see how sam does. good luck to you. great performance. what a gift! i mean, every husband in the world is, like, oh, no! >> o'dell: good job, hubby. congratulations on everything. so good to see you, always. have fun tonight. >> thank you! >> moss: let's take a look at some of the nominees for record of the year. >> o'dell: who will take on gram where for record of the year? deangelo and the vanguard, three nomination tonight. up town funk. won three grammies this year. gifted singer/song writer sup for three awards as well. blank stage, hillary swift. this superstar has been nominated for this award three times in the past.
5:35 pm
this soulful smash is nominated for best pop solo performance. >> one of the real revelations is you watch and see someone really blossom is -- has been tori kelly. you've done your share of shows and put in your amount of work. what does it mean to be at the grammys and perform tonight? >> being on the carpet is already, like, a dream to me. i feel like -- i made my album and it felt like ten years in the making, in and out of the industry, so being here is just such a celebration of the year i just had and just i'm so grateful just to be here. >> kevin: please tell me what you're wearing because the dress is magnificent you. kind of floated down the carpet. >> thank you. i feel really good in it. >> kevin: tell me a little bit about the performance.
5:36 pm
james bay who i'm a huge fan of, and we both have been very comfortable with our guitars. it feels like the type of performance where it's organic and we're true to who we are as artists. it will be fun. >> kevin: this is her time, tori kelly. >> o'dell: i'm with lionel richie right now who i'm going to say is big man at the grammys. boy, you are being honored all over the place. >> we have finally made it. i don't know what happened but all of a sund they found my name somewhere in the cards. >> cards. >> o'dell: person of the year and tonight a tribute by amazing artists who would be sing your songs. did you have a say on who would sing them? >> i didn't really. i got the calls. lou bryant said, i got to do it, lionel, and the rest, and it was a scuffle. i'm happy to have them on board.
5:37 pm
one of your famous, famous songs amongst many. adele. >> yes. >> o'dell: have you had a chance to meet adele yet? >> i have not. i'm here to meet her backstage. i'm looking for her. my opening line is going to be "hello, it's me." she's going to be "no, no, is it me you're looking for," thank you very much. >> o'dell: you're going to have to do a matchup. >> it's coming. >> o'dell: confirmed it. lionel richie. >> love ya. >> o'dell: thank you very much. >> moss: how's it going down here? (cheers and applause) >> how you doing? >> moss: i'm blessed. speaking of blessed, how did feel to win three grammy awards in one night? >> it was wonderful after being nominated so many times and finally winning and one being album of the year for a dance
5:38 pm
>> moss: it gets more amazing because you have another hot, amazing album coming in. can you let us in on what's going on with the new project? >> a new chic album coming with sir elton john,, it's going to be crazy. >> moss: i love it. you never know who's going to stop by right here and talk to you. we have so much more to go. i'm going to let you get inside it. it's real crazy. >> kevin: we only have a few minutes left of "grammy red carpet live." here's what it takes to walk the red carpet. >> it's so exciting to be front and center with the pap ratsy. i have celebrity tips on how to see the spotlight. find your light.
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>> kevin: welcome back to "grammy red carpet live," everybody. we have a lot of stars to speak with as they make their way down the red carpet. >> we're just moments away from the start of the show. we do not have a red carpet moment to waste! >> moss: where's my boy rocky right here. moms is with us! speaking of all the things you've got popping up, right before we went on air, i had to congratulate you, mr. g.q. smooth, doing all that, i seen the picture with naomi campbell, man. let's talk about the evolution of style, man, and the culture, and you're behind it real heavy. >> it's really progressive now. people are enjoying what we're
5:44 pm
people are taking it in and appreciating it, rocking with it, you know. >> exactly. tonight? we have a lot of performances and people to see. >> excited about seeing the weekend. >> yes! >> moss: let's keep the show moving! what else do we have in store for the people at home? >> if there was a song, an anthem for this year, it was definitely uptown funk, and this man had a lot to do with it. you guys are nominated for record of the year but this is a once in a lifetime song, isn't it? >> you never really know nat when you're making it but we all had a great feeling when we came out with it. we worked very hard. we had such talented producers and arrangers. it's been amazing. >> kevin: what was it like playing the super bowl 50 when that deejay booth popped up half
5:45 pm
took over. what was that like? >> it was the most incredible feeling. i've never seen at the many people, played for that many peernlings let alone the people watching at home. beyonce and the dance smashed it on the finale. >> kevin: good luck tonight and congratulations. uptown funk, great song. >> thank you, man. >> o'dell: i'm with the hollywood vampires now. i'm not going to introduce them individually. i know you know who they are. everybody is so excited about your performance tonight. this is first time you have performed together as a group. >> on television, yeah. we did rockin' rio and some other shows, but have to ut them on tv, so should be fun. >> o'dell: what a way to choose, first time on tv for the grammys. >> it was either this or the muppets.
5:46 pm
>> this is the first time america will see the hollywood vampires which is very exciting and with the classic rock coming back the way it is, i'm glad we're able to represent them. that's really a great thing. >> o'dell: absolutely. people will be surprised, johnny, at your musical skills. what you will be doing up there, you will have the electric guitar. what are you going to show everybody? >> well, basically, i'm representing the very lucky. i'm the guy who somehow ended up playing in a band and having the opportunity to write songs with joe perry and alice cooper, so i'm just going to be the guy up there who's very lucky to be up there. >> o'dell: how did the band form? >> he's great, man. >> o'dell: he's a modest johnny depp, right? >> yes.
5:47 pm
trump on funny or die. >> he threatened to do that and we said how about no tonight, okay? >> o'dell: you have fun on your first televised live performance. >> you could be a vamperella. >> o'dell: i like that. see ya. >> kevin: congratulation force your work in the movie selma. you just took home a grammy. it was been quite a run for you. >> incredible feeling. i want to thank john legend and everybody who participated on selma and i want to wave to my mother because she told know wave to her. >> o'dell: your mom is an in-- >> kevin: your mom is an incredible woman. she helped shaped you, a principal for 17 years. >> yes, my mother instilled a lot of love in me and to go for everything i dreamed of and i love her, man. and i've got to say, this grammy is special because i've given
5:48 pm
and now i get to take this one home. >> kevin: this one is for you. already taken home one grammy, good luck for the rest of the night. >> thank you, the thank you. >> o'dell: i have with me a very excited l. king who has two nominations and now your first grammy. >> yes, i'm very excited. i never thought they would let me through the doors and they have to because i have two nominations. >> o'dell: you also have something else to be celebrating because you just got engaged. >> i did! a very brave scottish man who is taking a plunge and marrying me and we're very much in love so it's a really happy time right now. >> o'dell: but you're on tour. how can you possibly plan a wedding? >> well, he's coming with me, and we're not going to have a normal wedding. we just want to have a big party to celebrate our love and, you know, it's my first wedding, so i don't know how to do it. hopefully, we do it okay. >> o'dell: i think based on everything that seems to be
5:49 pm
do all right. congratulations on everything. good to see you. have a fun time tonight. >> kevin:. >> moss: let's get a preview of who's up for album of the year tonight. >> the competition for album of the year is fierce. alabama shake has never won a grammy and earned four nominations tonight. the butterfly. kendrick has the most nominations this year, 11. travelers, the stapletons, debut album won four grammy nominations tonight. 1989 taylor swift, this superstar's nominated for seven grammys this year. taylor has earned seven grammy wins. beauty behind the madness, the weekend, following a sensational
5:50 pm
tonight. >> a couple of years ago i saw this amazing vocalist performed and she said one day you will be interviewing me. here is andra day. two nominations. what is it like being here? this is the dream you dremped. >> it is. it's a thrill and overwhelming. i'm here with my parents. they keep me calm and grounded. it's gratifying. 13, 14, 15 years of work to lead up to a moment like. this i'm honored to be here and excited. >> kevin: that dress is amazing. >> this is a michael costello design. i had a vision. >> kevin: the vision worked all the way around. if you get a chance, please check out this lady's music. it is a revelation. andra day, congratulations.
5:51 pm
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let' s get it on... go to, and try it for free. where will you get it? >> moss: best new artist nominee, let's take a look. >> o'dell: grammy for best new artist. will it be courtney barnett? james bay? sam hunt?
5:54 pm
or megan traynor? >> kevin: this is the holding room where artists come before they hit the stage and behind is mission control where the production team sits. >> o'dell: now i'll be talking to the man who will guide us through entire evening, the host of this year's grammy awards with the fifth year running ll cool j.
5:55 pm
>> kevin: are there any last-minute preparations or down here? >> i just say a prayer, brush my teeth, wash up, jump on stage, do what i do, bow tie fresh. >> o'dell: you have been in the rehearsals and i know you've said there will be performances tonight on the grammys people will be talking about for weeks to come. >> i think lady gaga's performance is unbelievable. it's going to be a lot of fun. seeing johnny depp rocking guitar is really crazy. this whole show is just, i think, a lot of fun. i want everybody, get your family, get grandma, get the little kids, it's going to be amazing. justin rock, this whole thing is amazing. >> kevin: you have a day job. how are you balancing all this
5:56 pm
>> i love my cast and my crew and this is an amazing show to be a part of as well. i love music. back in the studio with jim johnson now, i'm working on new here. i get up for this. this is just something that excites me. the passion, the enthusiasm, the energy is in the air, the electricity, it's magnetic. i love it. >> o'dell: major high-tech cameras, too. you can see the grammys like never before. >> we have the live streaming grammy cam so you will see the winners, backstage, welcome to our world. >> kevin: shad moss is hanging with the audience. >> o'dell: how's it going? >> moss: i like to be in the midst of everything. i have selena right here. everything good is this. >> i can't complain. i'm with you. >> moss: oh, i like that! okay!
5:57 pm
we've got so many things going on, all these beautiful people, it gets no better than this! less than two minutes away! this is so monumental! george, how you feeling today? >> great, what's happening. >> moss: ready? i'm always ready for it. >> moss: we are always ready! we're definitely going to tear the roof off, the ladies are ready, the left side is ready, gets no bigger than this, almost time, the stars are here, the band the coming the lights brighter, what more do you want? it's getting ready to happen! the 58th annual grammy awards are getting ready to start! >> moss: whew! you want to dance a little bit? don't be nervous! it's just live tv!
5:58 pm
it's just live tv! this is how we do it at the grammys, baby! you got to get ready! we're going to have a wonderful show and i'm happy to be your host with ll cool j! i'm getting lost! it's going down! i'm out of here! i'm going to dance all the way back! how you feeling? >> good. awesome. >> moss: he's awesome! let's get ready for the grammys! ll cool j is about to take the stage and it's almost about that time right -- about -- now! (cheers and applause) whoo!
5:59 pm
>> kevin: almost time to go. we are backstage and here is taylor swift. >> o'dell: just a prelude. amazing! seven, six, five, four, three, captioning sponsored by cbs cheers and applause ) >> looking at it now it all seems so simple we were lying on your couch i remember you took a polaroid of us then discovered


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