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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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in humanity and in spirit, pulls me through even my darkest days. >> jurors returned the guilty verdict this morning. >> the trial lasted less than a week. guilty on six charges, including attempted first-degree murder. she could get more than a 100 years in prison, at her sentencing next month. our lauren dispirito reporting from the courthouse again in boulder and lauren, you were there when wilkins talked about the verdict. >>reporter: yes, she had a statement prepared that she wanted to read to reporters that were gathered, she also took a few questions, and during that time, she described what it has been like for her over this last year, she striked feeling that even -- described feel she was prepared for what might happen today, it was much more emotional than she had expected frng it had just never entered my world view that someone could be so cruel and value life so little. >>reporter: with her mother and father by her side, michele spoke of the anguish she's
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>> i do not hate dynel, but i am angry for all of the pain she has caused, the deceit and selfishness. >>reporter: she's still healing and grieving, the attack by dynel lane that claimed the life of her unborn baby. >> i may never get an explanation from her, sxut i have come to discover that i really don't want anything from her. >>reporter: for wilkins testifying in court was one of the hardest parts of the trial. the guilty verdicts against lane, are vind kating. >> i think afterwards i felt some release, which i fully don't understand yet. it's still all the healing is still happening. >>reporter: healing that's happening with the support of those who know wilkins best. and many who don't know her at all. wilkins says the findings a guest her attack had a triumph for the entire community.
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me to survive this and to thrive in the midst of a dark and trying time. every dollar, every smile, every prayer, has been a comfort. and a hug to you. thank you. >>reporter: wilkins also thanked her doctors and surgeons at longmont united hospital who she says because of she does have the option to one day again have children, if she chooses. but she says right now, she is breathing aurora and she is focussing on her own healing. live in bould e lauren dispirito -- boulder, lauren dispirito. a preschool scrambles to put children in the basement after spotting someone trying to break into the school. happened this afternoon at the catholic charities day care on 128th street in -- 28th street in denver. all of the children are safe. >>reporter: karen, that is certainly the great news tonight.
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at catholic charities a few minutes ago. parents tell me quick work by denver police and the staff here, may have prevented a tragedy. around noon, a man described as acting erratically tried to enter the building, the staff told him to leave. he wandered around to the school building and entered. the school went into the emergency protocol. police were called. and dozens of kids were escorted by the teefrps into the basement. all but three or four went denver police arrived within minutes. found the man outside of the school and arrested him. parents were immediately called and staff members -- no staff members or kids were hurt. >> due to the quick thinking of staff, he was locked into a room that he couldn't gain access to the main facility where the children were already in the lock down room. >>reporter: sounds like the school did everything right? >> yes, they did and i congratulate them because most schools, don't do things ard
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-- according to what they should do. i'm glad that all of the kids are safe and hopefully, whoever did it, they're in jail. >>reporter: that suspect is in police custody right now, his name has not been released. we'll have much more on this developing story, including angry parents here who say this incident never should have happened. live in denver, tom mustin, cbs 4 news. a busy stretch of federal boulevard in southwest denver back open again at this hour, the officers closed the road after firefighters in the area reported hearing shots fired. from chopper 4, we were able to see one person taken away by the police. officers have not told us why that person was taken away. two schools were placed on lockout during the investigation. new developments tonight, involving the shooting that injured a female denver police officer. officer rachel eid was released from the hospital last night.
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shootout at 35th and lowell yesterday afternoon. police say one of two suspected burglars carjacked a woman and led the police on a chase, one suspect was taken into custody. police say the other died from multiple gunshot wounds, the coroner confirmed him as gonzalez. >> fortunate that you know, it wasn't more critical than it was. any time that someone has a gunshot, it's critical l and a long process going forward with that. >> police say both suspects do have a criminal history. more reports of tests coming back positive for former patients at swedish medical center. after a former surgical tech rocky allen was fired. allen's accused of switching needles to get drugs. rick sallinger at swedish now with the new information, so,
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tests been linked to the allen case? >>reporter: not yet, jim, and in fact, three attorneys told us that a total of 6 of their clients have been informed that their test reports are positive, but it's not clear why. >> these are patients that had surgery at swedish medical center during the time period that rocky allen was a surgical tech, they were tested buy bilab core, and they have tested positive for blood born path generals. >>reporter: attorney says those clients are being retested, no make sure that the results were not false positives. the task then becomes determining where that contracted the viruses. rocky allen was fired and later federally charged after he was found taking fentanyl from this operating room. >> if rocky allen was able to gain access to fentanyl, then somebody at swedish medical center must not have been following the federal and state
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>>reporter: those rules require that medications be kept under lock and key until use. but rocky allen was fired for similar activities then hired at different hospitals in different states. steve summer, the president of the colorado hospital association, suggests a federal system is needed to track such firings. >> the only hospital that was able to take this person out of the system, identify a report, was at swedish, i'm thinking this case, the system worked well. >>reporter: the system where allen would not report to jobs and firings on his resume, not detected until now. the colorado department of public health says it will not make public the test results until its investigation is complete. and that could take months. in the meantime, it reminds people, there are ways to get
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cbs 4 news. new video tonight shows the damage to the school bus that caught fire. douglas county school bus had finished dropping off studentss to tour a museum. no was one was hurt. the engine caught fire. developing tonight, homeowners considering legal action after the city of boulder refuses to take the blame after a big water main broke that break last monday flooded more than a dozen homes, real mess. now, home owners are being told it's up to them to pay for it. cbs 4's mark taylor in boulder tonight, what about homeowners insurance, most people have it? >>reporter: flood insurance is the big question, here, this area is not a floodplain, so most of these home owners didn't have flood insurance. the city says it's up to them to pay for it. it's been up over a week since this incident happened, but you can see families here still cleaning up. and tonight, they're meeting to
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>> we're not in the floodplain, we didn't flood in 2013. >>reporter: dan is one of more than a dozen home ownerss whose house suffered thousands of dollars worth of flood damage. this, after a water main broke on february 15th. >> it's probably maybe 6, $7,000. >>reporter: now, being told by the city, who built an and operated that pipe, that it's up to them to foot the bill. >> the city is saying, you know, this happens, and we're sorry. and we can't do anything about it. >> it was a typical break, one that happens on average around 70 times a year. around boulder. >>reporter: benner win says the water main broke due to corrosion and pressure and it's impossible to predict where a water main may break. >> the evaluation the city performed with that determination was that the city is not liable for the damages that were caused by the water main break. >>reporter: public works has on going water main replacement program, replacing 20,000 feet of pipe every year. >> we certainly nabld, this is a very -- understand, this is a
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circumstance for property owners in the area. >> to me, the city is not serving the residents. >>reporter: he calls the city's reasoning unacceptable. >> the city of boulder does not maintain its water mains, i mean, that's absurd. >>reporter: now, the city has said it's not their fault, the city said they can try again, they can file a claim -- [ inaudible ] paying for somebody's damages. mark taylor, cbs 4 news. coming up on cbs 4 news at 5:00, the president's plan to close that detention center at guantanamo bay. colorado's possible role in his plan and the harsh criticism it's getting tonight. >> for anyone trying to avoid debt or get out of it, go on oi money diet and take a break from spending. >> sunshine returned quickly today, you can see just a little
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leaving, but look to the west, high pressure holding, that means another good week ahead and with sunshine comes warmth. >> with so many different ways to get around these days, there's a new,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, is the economy rigged?
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in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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the latest now on the controversial plan by president barack obama to close the detention center at guantanamo in cuba. >> 91 detainees held at guantanamo. 56 would be moved from cuba to the u.s.. the administration has identified 13 locations that could house them, including here in colorado. >> it's counter productive to our fight against terrorists. because they use it as prop recruit. more over, keeping this facility open, is contrary to our values. >> what he is now proposing to do is in direct contradiction with the role of the american people. >> hear what colorado senators
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are saying about bring inging prisoners here to colorado. some studies ho the average american household carries more than $15,000 in credit card debt. that can be financially damaging. cbs 4 show us the diet that can help. >> one way to save money is to eat at home rather than order out. >>reporter: making pizza, is one of her treats, during her month-long money diet. >> is it easier than a food diet? >> i think so. >>reporter: instead of fasting from food, cross and her family take a 30-daybreak from spending. >> we don't have pizza delivery, we don't go out to dinner, we don't buy things. >>reporter: she developed the idea 7 years ago for her blog, happy, simple living, now, it's growing in popularity, there are challenges and money-saving tips.
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to think, i think, is to go on a scavenger hunt around your house. >>reporter: using those things at the back of the pantry. >> it's a foot massage, i don't use it often. >>reporter: rediscover your library, you will not believe some of the things we found, this solar powered light and this electrical meter which helps you understand how much power you're using throughout your house. >> the biggest surprise for me has been how much money i can save if i'm not giving it away and spending it on impulse buys. >>reporter: she has saved as much as $1,000 in a month. >> what i try do is apply the money in a place that will make my net worth go up. >>reporter: that would be either paying down debt, or investing in savings. britt moreno, cbs 4 news. >> you can go to for more money-saving tips from
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>> eat more pizza, i knew that was part of the cure. there are a lot of ways to get around denver and a new trip planning app puts the options at your fingertips, go denver will provide public and private transportation options into one app, giving uz yooers different ways to -- users different ways to get from here to there. mayor hancock announced the new app today at union station. >> this is a great way to save money, it's a great way to figure how to move faster through the stay city and do it in a very green and efficient manner. >> the app will also provide city officials data driven feedback. into how denver can improve its transportation infrastructure. all right. ed, our winter blast moved in and out quickly. >> that's right. we see the sunshine today, here all over northeastern colorado. snow lingering over southwestern sections of the state into new mexico, there's a cold front that put us in the 40ss today. here's the rest of our storm, and down here, it is warmer, so it is showers and can thunderstorms. and they've got pretty good
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all of the red boxes you see, those are current tornado warnings, in effect right now. the orange boxes are severe thunderstorm warnings and the advisories. and as you take a look. watch how these tornado spottings continue to pop up over the last three or four hours into southeastern sections of the state. yes, it has been pretty volatile down there. we're talking snow. here's the way it went from the weather watcher, 7 inches in conifer. ouray had 11.5 and clear creek canyon 16.5, take a look at this. denver, an inch and a half. so we got 1-3 as we thought. allen spak, though, 13, 15.5 in black hawk and look at pine cliff. 20 and a half inches of snow. we did 43 and 42 today after starts of 2 and 29. 48 and 21 would be normal. we're getting close. you can see 72 and 4 below are
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40 and 40 right now. north 13 for the winds, 24% humidity, a teddy brom -- steady barometer. the bench, and here's the amount of snow on that ruler, a 13 inch mark there. a foot of snow there. pretty shot here from steve. take a look at this glorious shot from rocky mountain national park. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the teens and 20s over the eastern plains, above and below 0 marks for the high country. out west, temperatures in the 20s. little bit. 30s, 40s, 50s for the eastern plains. and out west, temperatures in the 30s, 40s, nearing 50 degrees. here is your improving forecast. for tonight, clear skies. cold, though, 20 and 18 for the overnight lows. 49 for the highs. we don't do a whole lot better
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friday, 57, look at saturday. >> yes. >> 68 degrees, with sunny skies, that's the down slope push we get from the next system coming our wie. could bring rain or snow showers. cooler. >> down slope pushess, we like those. >> sounds fun. george carl is back at the pepsi center. >> how did you drive into work today? probably not like
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cruised to an easy win against the nuggets r, not exactly what michael malone was hoping for in his first return to sacramento, the shoe is on the other foot. sort of. former nuggets head coach george carl is back in denver, first time in season, but not the first time since he took over in sacramento. that happened last april. george received the nice reception from the home crowd that night. being back at pepsi center sure meant something then, but what about the second time around? >> i woke up this morning a little nervous, butterflies. walking in, it was nice. it's my favorite building in the world. >> you want to win that as soon as you can, and tonight, you know, go fight, and then see where it goes. >> rockies shortstop reyes will miss -- the criminal proceedings
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reyes is charged with domestic abuse and his trial is skeej yuled on april -- scheduled on april 4th. they've averaged only 69 wins in that time, and haven't finished higher than 4th in the nl west. second year general manager jeff has been asked several times, just what is his plan to turn this franchise around. he won't discuss a timetable, or even wins and losses right now. >> our focus is not necessarily from day one on any sort of, you know, win total or anything like that. it is how can we possibly mutt together a -- put together a team that can play the best baseball, most consistly from the start of the season to tend of the season. we'll go from there. >> and finally, how do you treat yourself after signing a 75 million dollar contract? well, for new york met, how
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this is sal, cruised into work today at the mets spring training facility. it cost him $68,000. not the most expensive ride. he dropped ,, (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) hey candidates,
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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brought to you by: . i love those sunshines. >> it's going to get better, plenty of sunshine. we keep warming up, looshg at saturday, 68 degrees, keeping that sunshine going, sunday, a
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around. >> brisk overnight low tonight. >> yeah, lit be cold. but -- it will be cold. normal. >> pelley: dangerous weather >> pelley: dangerous weather hits the south. millions of people in five states are on alert for tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika in the u.s., spread by sexual transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out? wait till you see. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tough day is turning into a rough night in much of the deep south.


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