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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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,, ,, good morning everybody. today is thursday, february 24th. thanks for joining us this morning. let's find out about the forecast today. i have a feeling we are starting the warm up lauren has been talking about. >> good morning, we are starting off with mild temperatures. it's mild out there with calm winds and a little breeze. still going to be gusty in passes and some of the high
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much calmer outside today. 39 miles per hour gusts along bertha pass. 18 in akron. 19 in greeley. high country better than yesterday. 16 in steam boat and grand junction. we'll still see plenty of sunshine today. looking at 20 degrees around 8:00 a.m. by noon 44 and we spend in the afternoon in the upper 40s. we will get even warmer tomorrow. excellent start to the morning commute. usual slow starts for construction. look at i-70 and chambers, all those headlights for 4:30 in the morning. here we are across the denver
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little slow as you approach i-25. i-70 and havana is still closed. thank you joel. let's get to this big story we have been covering since yesterday. a park county sheriff's deputy in critical condition at saint anthony's hospital in lake wood. a third deputy had his ear grazed by a bullet. a third year veteran died in the shoot out. colbie martin was shot multiple times in the lower extremities. his condition was critical. captain mark hancock had his ear grazed by a bullet.
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gathered at the plat canyon community church in bailey. it was a grieving evening. >> he was a good man and deserves to be up there and there's a message that i've always said." unless a man be born again he shall not see the face of god". he was born again and gave his life for our community. it's a tough day for people in clark county this morning. we have learned more about the shooter also part of an anti establishment movement. >> reporter: martin worth spent many years in a battle with his mortgage company. he explained why he didn't make
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which he eventually lost. >> i did not pay mortgage to a bunch of crooks. >> reporter: he took on battles with the government filing this federal complaint in 2013 in an effort to have state forclosure laws appeal appealed. he began a verbal battle against police when he ran for senate calling them "a danger to us all" and "because i write such things cops want me dead". he was shocked to hear his friend was involved in a deadly shoot out with authorities. >> i don't believe what the cops say. >> when worth opened fires on wednesday morning he believes he was acting in self defense. >> the way i see it martin had
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he did what he did. >> this was not the first time worth was involved in a deadly violent incident. worth was acquitted for the 1994 killing of his fort collins neighbor and this happened over a chess game. we have the latest developments on the park county shooting on cbs news this morning and you can find the info at the district attorney says no reason for charges against sergeant tony lopez jr. who was shot six times. wood. wood then car jacked a woman and led police on a chase before he was caught. wood's injury is minor and he's charged with attempted murder. there's a new push at the state capital to restrict the
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failing a ban on cameras until the last legislature. representative steve la boss is pushing a bill to allow them only on main roads and not on local streets and neighborhoods. they say the cameras benefit communities. in aurora tickets pay for victims of abuse and domestic violence. >> it's not lining anyone's pockets going towards greatly needed services that help the community. >> the bill passed committee yesterday and moving to the house floor now. hannah is live on the floor at the new york stock exchange, good morning, hannah. >> reporter: good morning alan and brooke. the price of oil turned higher yesterday.
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ladies, go ask for a raise. one in five human resource managers admit women earn less than men in their companies. men are three times likely to earn six fight yours. an australian cyber security researcher found a way to hack into a hybrid's temperature control and review the driving record. there's no safely threat and a new app for the leaf will be lawn ched soon. target racked up over a billion dollars in on loin sales for the first time. facebook users can do more than just like a post. the social network rolled out "reactions". you can now express sadness or anger on a post.
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smart phone and on a desk top just hover over. >> more options are always good. >> absolutely. a monk's outbreak here in positive. all of them were previously vaccinated and you think six cases might not seem like a lot but it's actually triple the average number of cases. the mumps cases were discovered here at the adult care urgent care clinic. >> they had low grade temperatures. >> reporter: health investigators believe the source of the infection is a person who moved to colorado from iowa. that person is thought to have spread the virus to three friends and two health care workers who treated them at the
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>> not having a high awareness that mumps is in the community leads to other spread. >> reporter: you may think if you have been vaccinated no worries but infectious disease expert says all six patients had been immunized. the vaccine is only 80% affect tive and it can wayne after 20 years. >> we are waiting on further guidance from the cdc. >> reporter: some can have serious complications. >> some are inflammation of the brain or testis which can lead to fertility problems in men. >> reporter: kathy walsh, cbs 4 news. dr. young says wash your
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symptoms, call out of work and stay home. back to back nights for the clippers. kenneth drives the lane and finishes strong. 21 points and 11 rebounds at the night. this monster slam right there and second nuggets game of the season, they win 87-81 in los angeles. straight to the shoot out. shark's goalie is undefeated in shoot outs this season. not anymore. nathan mckinn up first. they had a chance to win.
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basket and goes home after the shoot out. red wings at coors field on saturday night the stadium series game and the alumni at coors tomorrow night. >> i've seen the rink and it's pretty cool having it in the middle of the field. >> it will be a fun night. search and rescue teams are working around the clock to survey damage of the storms hitting the east coast. the latest on that coming up.
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in crisis heal their skin.
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at least 8 people are dead along the east coast. yesterday the system triggered a string of deadly tornados, strong winds, and drenching rain. here's don champion with the latest. >> reporter: as the dangerous storm system moves up the east coast state police in virginia honed through rubble with flashlights overnight. after a tornado ripped through the tiny farming town. >> look at that. >> reporter: benson donald survived and some of his neighbors did not. >> he said he's about to die. >> reporter: elsewhere in virginia dozens of buildings were reduced to rubble and several reported tornados touched down in pennsylvania and the carolinas. this dairy farm was demolished in seconds. >> we're thankful we lost no animals and no one was hurt. >> reporter: the storm also brought heavy winds and strong
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here in new york. in the dc area cars got submerged in flood water. >> when the water is this high it's scary. >> reporter: powerful winds also caused thousands of power outages in the north east. windy conditions are expected to stick around today before the system moves out to sea. i'm don champion, cbs4 news. tuesday at least three people were killed. they are still looking for missing people. our weather is turning nicer for the weekend. >> winds will be much calmer in the foothills today. much of an improvement. very high elevations could still see gusty winds. not totally done with the wind.
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19 in greeley and 23 in fort collins and 27 in boulder and 14 in aspen and 16 in steam boat. the denver area more here, 25 downtown and 22 in staple ton and 22 in castle rock. on our radar there are clouds out there this morning moving out to the eastern plains and few clouds in the high country and looking at a nice start to the day and lovely afternoon as well. lunchtime we're clear and sunny and temperatures in the upper 40s and a nice sunny afternoon as well. overnight tonight skies are clear and tomorrow we get even warmer around here. it's going to be a nice friday. might try to play hooky tomorrow. 50 in denver. 48 in greeley and 47 in burling ton. 49 in fris co. 42 in aspen and 52 in grand
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noon today 44 degrees and 49 by 2:00 and 46 by 5:00. tomorrow we head towards 58 degrees and should be really nice outside. saturday some areas will get in the 70s. it will be windy. sunday and monday in the 50s and 60s. monday night and tuesday morning we're watching for the chance for rain or snow. >> good morning, got the usual slowing down i-25 and 110th. look at all these cars on the road at 40:40 in the morning. the left lane is causing slowing. take a look across the denver metro area. similar situations. of course got the closure at i-70 and havana. a fire bus school droifr
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>> she crashed a school bus full of children while she was allegedly under the influence of drugs. >> reporter: this bus crashes in boulder county last december. >> five kids were hospitalized and two were seriously injured. >> coming around the corner and it tipped one way. >> she told police she ingested six prescription drugs. that ins department. >> we have seen marijuana and thc is the biggest culprit. >> reporter: denver public schools has overseen random drug tests in the last years. 500 in all and five have came
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not only do you not meet standards but you're participating in substance abuse and can't work here. >> reporter: in the last three years two other drivers were fired for positive drug tests. jefferson county has had two positive tests in the last three years and aurora has one. douglas county had a total of five in the last three years. >> if a person does that, i'm ashamed of them and i think they are ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: john adams, president of the union for bus drivers, says he understands the need for testing. >> the folks applying these jobs truly care about what they're doing and they know better than to go out and do something that would jeopardize themselves and
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>> burr's lawyer says she takes prescription drugs for few bro mie alga. her lawyer is confident she will be acquitted. here in indianapolis this weekend they are waiting to see what peyton manning is going to decide. once a decision is made, denver can solidify a position that's shadowed in uncertainty. >> it's about him taking his time to work through things and think through it. no hurry here. we want him to enjoy what took place and we'll go from there. nothing has changed from that standpoint. there's time frames in our business but we went through this last year and we'll stick to it. >> reporter: john elway is
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combine later today and he will be asked about peyton manning as well. ,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, (phone ringing) you can't deal with something,
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presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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we take a look at the many loves of trump. >> reporter: we aren't just talking about his wife. >> i love my kids. >> i love the beetles.
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the donald's latest love left some dumbfounded. >> we won with highly educated and the poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: it was mocked on twitter "make america dumb again". >> we won with women. i love the women. >> reporter: why stop at love? >> i cherish women. >> we love nevada. i love las vegas and i love the country. i love the new york times. >> it's the kind of love that worries the participant. >> love the muslims. they are great people. ripping us. >> reporter: there's one sure way to win trump's affection.
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because he loves trump. >> reporter: he ex-processes his devotion to a cookie. >> i love oreo's. i'm never eating them again. >> reporter: he's boycotting nabisco because they are moving jobs to mexico. >> i love you folks very much. >> reporter: for the donald, love is blind. >> whoever it is in this room, i love you. i everybody loves me. well, a clock is ticking for a woman in maine who needs a kidney. she put signs in her yard and her car and everywhere she could asking people to get tested to
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>> i'm amazed at the number of people who don't have a clue who i am but they are willing to give a piece of their body to save me. >> that surgery is,,
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,, ,, moreno. >> and i'm alan gionet. deputies recovering. position. storms along the east coast turn deadly. the damage. several people come down


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