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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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>>reporter: some of those who are opposed to vaccinations are fearful of the state getting hold of the names of those who have opted out. for fear it's a step towards tracking them down. brought her son josh to the hearing, she says he has a vaccine induced brain injury. >> designed to circumvent the law, protecting privacy and bully people into every vaccine on the market. >>reporter: jack scenes remain as controversial as ever at the skate capitol. rick sallinger, cbs4 news. neighborhoods are left in ruin after violent storms swept over the east coast: the storms blew the homes off their foundation. that twister in es sex county, virj, injured dozens of people. no one was killed, but the neighbors say there p a lot of close calls like this church, stood for a 140 years, now leveled. >> they were supposed to have
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in the hospital for something else. >> we'll survive it. we'll get over this. >> a twister blew through a mobile home park in waverly, virginia yesterday. 3 people died there, including a 2-year-old boy. a passenger who took a rough ride on a royal caribbean cruise ship is filing a class action lawsuit against that company. claims royal caribbean knew or should have known about that major storm in the atlantic, that battered the ship two weeks ago. cruise line cancelled the trip and returned to new jersey, the 4500 passengers did get a refund and half off a future cruise. apparently, nevada governor brian sandoval doesn't want a seat on the supreme court. one of president barack obama's potential nominee says he doesn't want the job for life. the veteran's administration is apparently in the hotel bez, but that will likely end soon.
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introduced an amendment that allows the v.a. to sell pershing hall, a 5 star hotel, the v.a. owns in paris, pershing hall was a memorial for u.s. soldiers who fought back in world war i. the building is now worth up to 100 million dollar. coffman's amendment will allow proceeds from the sale go to v.a. construction projects here in the u.s. and it did pass unanimously. prescription drug prices can take a toll on a family's finances, even if you have insurance. but our cbs4 investigator brian maass found a way to serve, even with your prescription coverage. >> with a hidden camera, we went shopping. at pharmacies around town. >> give me a couple of minutes and i'll give you a price. >>reporter: at even the pharmacy workers were even surprised by the discounts we found. >> for the same prescription, for 30 days at a time. >> yeah. that's going to save me $600. >> that's right, $600 less than insurance.
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the new app and can website that's empowering the consumers their medications. >> so they don't have to go in just unknowingly pay whatever they're told. >> brian explains how to use this app so you can find prescription discounts tonight at 10:00, only on cbs4 news. a lot of interest in that. a woman says she was tricked by a man pretending to work for microsoft. >> she happeneded them $200 and almost gave them more money. what the company is doing to stop the scammers. >> warm here in the southwest and this warm weather will slowly be coming our way as we heard towards the weekend.
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keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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we've been hearing from a lot of viewers getting hit with scam phone calls. irs. get taken in. >>reporter: nancy's computer is
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refuses to use it as people posing as microsoft services accessed it remotely. >> they had software to put on my computer to fix it. >>reporter: she paid $200 for the supposed software. >> they were very urgent on the phone, it had to be handled right now. >>reporter: she suffers from severe migraines and gets caught up in the moment. >> i was being sick. >>reporter: she works on her boyfriend's computer, but her experience with the scammers wasn't over. >> they called me up and say there's a problem with the software. they need to refund me the >>reporter: they asked for her refund. later from western union, saying out of your account. >>reporter: they were able to stop the transaction and keep her from becoming a victim again. >> consumers worp hard for their money and -- work hard for their money and we don't want them to lose their money. >>reporter: western union has
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>> western union saved me and saved me $600. >>reporter: you can visit for tips from western union on how to protect yourself from scams like these. eds,, is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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some story, a woman in peru is 35 pounds lighter after a successful surgery. >> doctors removed a massive tumor, it had been growing inside of her for the past 8 years. covering the world for you, the tumor on her overri caused her constant pain. she's recovering after a 3-hour procedure and ready to pursue her dreams of pursuing accounting. the site of a plane crash in nepal. the wreckage was found, in a remote wilderness area wednesday. the plane lost contact 8 minutes
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>> the indian city joining the war, against selfies. that's after a string of accidents that have made india the world leader in photo related deaths. they will patrol selfie hot spots to remind people to be aware of their surroundings. tell you what, not just there, we're hearing about it all over the place. >> the weather will be nice all into the weekend. >> we like you. >> we all like you, ed. >> we have no preg weather problems right now, it's been dry, and kind of sunny all day long, so it's been pleasant. here in february. as we take a look at the doppler 4,000, it backs that up. there's nothing going on. the whole western half of the u.s. is under the influence of the high pressure ridge. temperatures just about where we were yesterday, and just about normal for this time of the year.
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and we see a warmer southwesterly flow push up over saturday. this is what's left of our storms right now, just snow, all of that moisture into the cold air, from the great lakes, all the way into new england, just pushing snow out to the coast. now, let's go back to sunday, at little system down here. monday, 3:30, we started to see the snow here, that gave us the snow overnight and an inch or two in denver, up to 20 inches in the foothills locations, as we put in this in motion, you can see how the storm comes out of our area with showers and thunderstorms. they continue to crop up in tuesday, we had the killer tornadoes and they have a strong line of showers and thunderstorms over the southeast. now, here's that system that came out just ahead of this one. watch how the two kind of meet up, and kind of merge, and that's why we had all of the rain and snow and now, it is just cold air and snow, lingering.
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look at the rest of the nation, very nice and calm and quiet. we've got a fire weather watch, already been posted for saturday. for south-central colorado. and that goes from all the way down to trinidad, and then that's means high fire danger, 48 and 47 are the highs today. 52 and 23. we're downtown, 49 and 21 would be the norms and 74 and 11 below are the records. 46 and 38 now. east 9 for the winds. 33% humidity with a steady barometer. phil, the breckenridge from the air, you can see the weather great shot of breckenridge with the snow on all of the runs and you can see this from lori in winter park, look at this one pass. that. the eastern plains. gunnison. teens, 20s to 30 degrees out west. we start to warm it up tomorrow. 50s and 60s out east.
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out wechlts temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. denver's forecast, for tonight, clear skies, we'll see 29 and 27 the overnight lows. then for tomorrow, mostly sunny, milder, 61 downtown, 59 officially out at the airport. saturday, there is that 70-degree reading, you can see 58 on sunday. we'll keep the sunday sunshine around. 49 on tuesday with a chance of rain or snow showers. had a great school visit with all of the 5th graders at maple grove elementary in golden, our dave stopped by with all of the weather gadgets, he brings thermers and wind gauges and weather balloons, easy day. and he likes to experiment with the tornado machine. and he makes it snow a polymer and water, just like that. shooting the video. >> i wonder if tammy cleaned up? >> thanks, ed. an exciting new rock duo obsessed with the past, is one option if you're a music lover this weekend, kbco's brett
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>>reporter: the rock duo best coast is so enamerred with the music of the past, they released their first singles on cassette tape only. a dynamic and exciting band. we have a great opportunity to see them at the blue bird theatre this saturday and sunday night before they graduate to the beer venues, which they will. ricky lee jones, has always had a great relationship with colorado, in fact, back in 2000 rocks. find out about this these shows and a lot more. go to we will, brett. a plan to bring a big music festival to a rural area has people fired up. >> some people don't want all of backyard. >> this is just a field. it's all it's before been.
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>> i don't know why it has to be here. >>reporter: and lots of upset neighbors. >> one of the photographs they use in the neighborhood has got my house in it. >>reporter: the owner of this property along with music festival org niersz want to bring a -- organizers want to bring a music festival. they expect 20,000 tickets will be sold. . >> well, i haven't talked to a soul so far, that is happy with this situation at all. >>reporter: neighbors are organizing to put pressure on local leaders to not allow the concert to be here. >> this little street out here, just little two lane county road. it's not built for 20,000. >>reporter: the projected sales tax has the local business owners excited at the proz spekts. last year, the same organizers put on the gentleman of the road tour.
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announced the lineup yet, but the event yet. county commissioners will have the final say on the go or not. that vote is expected next week. reporting in buena vista. i'm matt kroschel. >> they have moved the meeting host the festival again. america. >> walmart is on that list.
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,, ,, good news for your 401(k), stocks moved up as companies rebounded, the dow gaining 212 points, the nasdaq up 39 and change, the s & p gained 21. results lt. cited internal documents from the past 12 years. the defective air bags can explode and cause injury r or death. now involves 14 vehicle manufacturers and millions of vehicles. apple is asking awe judge to vacate a court order to help the fbi access a cell phone, the government is asking apple to
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one of the san bernardino shooters, the fbi is seeking, quote, dangerous power, through the courts. the fbi director disagrees. >> court can ask us to write this piece of software, think about what else they can ask us to write. >> the san bernardino litigation is not about us trying to send a message or establish some precedent, it really isn't. it's about trying to be competent in investigating something that is an active investigation. >> it is willing to take this issue all the way to the supreme court. new information on the most hated company in america. well, a retail industry study put abercrombie and fich, the customers surveyed said it had negative experience at those stores. walmart is second on the list.
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upstate, new york super market chain, people love that show. it's like a cult following. >> jc penney will start slashing prices. >> the store plans to sell clothess for a penny, unveiling a new slogan called get your penny's worth. the arizona line of products, it
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,, ,, ,, breaking news out of kansas, a man opens fire on his coworker at a factory in hesston, at this point, we don't have an exact number of those killed, but the sheriff says as many as 7. he started firing from his car at other vehicles before going into his work place which is excel industries, he shot up to 20 people before he was shot can killed by the officers. we will have the latest on this
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people in park county are remembering a deputy killed in a shootout with a homeowner. that starts the reporter brief tonight. >>reporter: in park county where staff and students are mourning the loss of a beloved coach. corporal nate carrigan was shot and killed while serving a high-risk eviction order at a home north of bailey, he was a deputy of 13 years with the park county sxhaufs was also a well-known baseball and football coach with the platt canyon school districk, grief counselors were on staff today helping the students and faculty, law enforcement escorted his body today along 285, in lieu of flowers, his family is asking that the donation go to a scholarship set up in carrigan's name at bank of the west. >> i'm howard nathan in longmont, a dog owner faces a $30,000 fine after her dog thes reportedly attacked a mailman. the mailman was lucky two neighbors were working with concrete, one of them had a shovel.
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the other, an 84-year-old man was armed with a trowel. he waved it at the dogs and called 911. the owner of the dog says they've never tis played aggressive behavior her dogs are around kids all the time, she says the gate the dogs used to escape the yard will be fixed. they tried to contact the post office to be apologize. 70 onrd sa, 58 on sunday. a little change on tuesday. >> how about that? . >>,, rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency
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